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3 – 2009 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory race bikes for sale!

3 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory Race Bikes for sale!

That’s right, you can own the same Factory supported RSV1000R’s that Chaz Davies and Aaron Gobert used in the 2009 AMA season. All three have been gone through with fresh motors and suspension by KWS, and are ready for the track. Make no mistake these are factory race bikes with all the trick components that are not always available to the general public. Some of those components are KWS Super Bike spec motors cranking out 140hp, Millennium Technologies adjustable triple clamps, top of the line Ohlins forks and shocks, Millennium Technologies quick change brake hanger (just in case you need to change your rear tire in 13 seconds), 5.5″ rear wheel, a nice sprinkling of exotic Brembo brake components, Kevlar fuel cell, and some really trick Millennium Technologies rear sets.

The 2010 season is drawing near and I can only imagine Chip would love to move these to a good home. The price is $14,985.00 per bike. If you consider the 2010 RSV4R’s have a retail of $15,999.00 and $20,999.00 for the RSV4 R Factory, KWS is practically giving them away. Imagine showing up at your local track day on a Factory Aprilia racer and blowing past your buddy on his 1098 or pulling the trigger on one of these in a regional Heavyweight Twins race. They wouldn’t know what hit them!

You know the one thing I haven’t mentioned is the super cool paint scheme on these bikes. Can a race bike look any better than these?

Heck, if racing isn’t your thing you can poke around on ebay, buy some stock parts and put it on the street as a sleeper.

You can contact Chip at 843-552-7177 or chip@kwsmotorsports.com

There are more pictures available on the KWS Motorsports site and I would recommend checking them out. They are pure eye candy!

If you’ve got an extra 10 minutes to spare check out this video. You can listen to the guys at KWS talk about developing the RSV 4R into a competitive racer. You can also listen the sweet, sweet music the Leo Vince exhaust makes.



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