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Ducati May 3, 2012 posted by

Doug Polen was here: Autographed 1993 Ducati 888

For Sale: 1993 Ducati 888

Update 5.3.2012: Somehow this bike only got to $5600 the last time it was listed. Mike notes originally (5.2.2012) that the bidding was up to $8500 on a no reserve auction previously. Buy-it-now has been lowered to $9495 from $10495. Links updated. -dc

How much does “star power” add to the resale value of a bike? I’ve always wondered that, as this is not the first 888 posted on RSBFS that has been signed by Doug Polen (here is another one). Personally, the thought of someone getting near my beloved bike with a magic marker brings up arguments of justifiable homicide, but for others the draw of a famous signature brings added value and distinction.

This particular 888 looks to be in decent shape given the mileage – 16,000+, meaning that somebody actually rode the thing! As RSBFS readers might know from my previous posts, I’m not a big believer in buying a bike and storing it for future value. For me the value is in the ride, and this 888 has certainly returned some value to the owner.

There are a few mods listed in addition to the Doug Polen signature. Again, the jury is still split on what value these mods add. If this were a sub-1,000 mile bike, then I would say the mods would detract from the collectability of the bike, and thus the value. However given the mileage, the added displacement differentiates this bike from other higher-mileage examples, and may actually help the value. What do you RSBFS readers think?

From the seller:
1993 Ducati Superbike 888 desmoquattro
Doug Polen Autographed.
16904 miles
Engine upgrade (916cc) @ 16238 miles.
Crankcase / Cylinders / Pistons / Crankshaft
Complete light weight Clutch
Heavy duty Race cylinder STUDS / Valve Job
All gaskets & seals replaced.
New Michelin Pilots @ 16681 miles
All maintenance and upgrades done at Fast by Ferracci from 2005 to present.

The 888 was an evolution of the ground-breaking 851, and itself became the jump-off point for the iconic 916. There is plenty of performance here to keep up with more modern machinery, and it is hard to argue with the good looks bestowed upon this series of bikes.

This auction started out in the $5k range and is currently up to $8,500 with light bidding. There is no reserve in sight, so this one is going to a new home at market value at the end of this auction. For your chance to jump into the fray, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!!


Bimota March 25, 2012 posted by

Monday Mailbag and What are You Shopping for this Spring?

Good morning! Here’s the latest submissions, Facebook spots, and reader rides to go with your morning coffee.

This week I’d like to hear what readers are shopping for this spring and see if we can’t find some good examples for the blog. Leave a comment below, no registration required.

Have a great week,


First up is a reader ride from Ayden with his 1989 Honda MC18 NSR250. Located in Santa Barbara, this bike has less thank 7k miles. Good luck with the sale!

Next up is this Bimota Tesi submitted from Peter. As with most Bimotas this one has hardly been touched with just 88 miles. Buy-it-now is at $36k.

Also in the nearly new category is this 1994 Ducati 916 with just 388 miles.

I know Rem will dig this one, a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 with less than 10k miles. Thanks for the submission Ryan.

And here’s a complete looking Yamaha FZR400 spotted by Garrett on Craigslist for just $1850.


Bimota February 26, 2012 posted by

Mailbag: Reader Rides and Sightings

The mailbag is bursting at the seams this week and with it are lots of readers rides and choice spots from around the world. Without further ado:

Tom has been cruising for finds and spotted these lovely homologoation specials and very rare birds. Thanks Tom!

A brand new Honda NR750 for just 105k GBP

Or how about a brand new RC45 for 39k GBP

Or a zero mile Mondial Piega for 17500 GBP. I’d never even heard of this one but there’s a nice writeup with the listing.

Ducati F1 750 Monjuich for 17k GBP

1992 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited for 28k GBP

{I’m going to need a cold shower now after that batch!}

Several folks emailed to alert us to this very rare Honda CBR900RR Fireblade TT100 Evolution, also in the UK, for 16500 GBP with 886 miles. Thanks guys!

Let’s keep the rare bits rolling with this Yamaha FZR750R OW01 forwarded on by Jeff. This one is for sale in Ohio with 12k miles for just $17500.

Robert emailed us his original owner 1993 Honda CBR900RR that’s now available for $6k with 20k miles. Great looking ride, good luck with the sale!

Spotted in our own RSBFS Classifieds is a 1988 Ducati 851 Tri-Color. Has been in storage for some time with just 400 miles, asking $29k.

Jay just got this Ducati 916 in on trade with lots of upgrades and carbon bits.

Dan alerted us to two of his Suzuki’s last week and this week he’s got an SB6 for us priced at $9999 with under 9k miles. Refreshing to see one that’s been enjoyed a little bit!

Finally, Brian spotted this amazingly clean 1984 Honda Interceptor 500 with just 2k miles for $3900. Nice to sprinkle in something that anyone could afford!

Have a great week everyone and if you have a bike for sale or spot something of interest, shoot us an email!


Ducati November 28, 2011 posted by

Fast by Ferracci – 1998 Ducati 916 Corsa

There certainly are not too many of these about.  A 1998 916R which apparently is a Corsa factory bike.  Now that would be tough to believe except this is a FBF bike but for those who know about Eraldo Ferracci and his relationship with Ducati, there would be little doubt that this beauty came from the Corsa part of the factory.  While designated a 916 the engine is actually a 996cc unit which eventually was in all the bikes and they became the 996.  The seller has very little to say about the bike however a look through the pictures and you can see loads of carbon fibre, Ohlins, Brembo monoclocs etc.  I love the picture of the shower injectors, these were designed to supply the engine with fuel in the upper rev ranges in order that it could make the high end power it needed to.  The 916 Corsa was never road legal unlike latter R designated bikes. This bikes had 60mm throttle bodies and made 151bhp at 11,000 rpm straight from the factory, while weighing 155kg (342 lbs) dry.  As for rare, according to Ian Falloon, only 18 of these bikes were made in 1998.  It really is a part of Ducati history.

The seller only has a little to say:

Fast By Ferracci ’98
Factory Ducati Corsa 916R
Wide Adjustable triple tree. Shower injectors.
Thumb brake
PI Research LTD Data Acquisition sys. / Marchesini / Ohlin’s / Brembo
Magnesium, Titanium, Carbon Fiber

The auction can be found here on eBay.

You can see the bike running here and if I am not mistaken the grey haired gentleman is Eraldo himself:

At $28k this is not cheap but compare that to 999R prices.  Ok so this is not road legal but even so what a bike for the money.


Ducati October 29, 2011 posted by

King Carls’ Replica: 1998 Ducati 916SPS Foggy Replica

King Carls’ Replica:  1998 Ducati 916SPS Foggy Replica

I admit, I kind of get overwhelmed by all the different Ducati variants: SP’s, SPS’s, 916’s that aren’t 916’s and on it goes.  All the red starts to blur together.  I will also admit I didn’t even know these replicas were built but what a cool story led to their manufacture.

The story floating around the internets is that Ducati wanted to modify the frame on the 916 factory bikes for racing.  Well,  rules are rules and they had to make 200 available to the public.   I guess the public just meant Britain as they got all 200.  The story I read also claimed 202 were actually built, one for Carl himself and one for the Ducati museum.

One of the bonuses of the new frame was increased area for a larger air box.  More air=more HP.  Air boxes are boring, what else do I get?  A full titanium exhaust system, altered fuel injection mapping,  Marchesini wheels, carbon-fibre seat unit, carbon swing arm protector and color matched mirrors.  Thank God it has color matched mirrors!  Guess you also get bragging rights over your “mates” with just a boring SPS.

Sorry to say, this bike is still in the UK for you U.S. based Ducati men.  She sports 6,500 miles and the seller says the limited edition cover and stand is included.  Asking price is 13,999 British Pounds.

I read a few threads debating if a Foggy replica is worth the extra money.  Stickers are easy to put on and most of the extras can be purchased.  To a loyal Ducati fan though nothing can replace the real thing.  Number “2” that was meant for Carl himself went up for auction back in April and sold for 27,000 British Pounds.

The bike is listed as a classified ad so it is ready for an impulse purchase, click carefully.  If you want to display it for yourself you better click here.


Ducati September 8, 2011 posted by

A thing of beauty – 2004 Ducati 998S FE

The Ducati 916 has many times been voted the best looking bike of all time.  Over the years the engine was increased in size where it ended up at 998 cc.  As the new 999 designed by Pierre Terblanche was being released, the venerable 916 family was going away.  So here we have the final edition of the line which was released in 2004.  There were 981 of these bikes made and to find an example with such low miles is a real bonus. The engine made a claimed 136bhp and was in fact the testastretta unit that had previously been used in the R bikes and included Ohlins front and rear. The seller states that there were 112 of these bikes produced and that is true for the California model in Red.  In total 419 biposto and 562 monoposto bikes were made.  Oh and by the way only 1 was ever produced in any other color than Red and that would be the sole Black one delivered in Europe.  I would love to know the story behind that!  Personally I don’t think you can find a more beautiful bike than the 916/996/998 line.

The seller gives us some nice history.

1986 miles

This is a  chance to own a rear piece of Ducati history. 1 of the 112 of these very rare and limited pieces of super bike history that were imported into  the United States. 2002 was the last year of the legendary 916 design  super bike series. In 2004, after countless awards and championships,  Ducati built a very limited run of special edition 998s Final Editions  to pay tribute to the icon that had created history in every aspect of  the motorcycle industry.

This Ducati is and absolute must see  piece of art and perfection in every way. It is a one owner bike. This  bike and sale includes all parts, accessories, Ducati Performance cover  and pitbul rear stand. This bike has been upgraded with Ducati  Performance R-cams, ECU, Akrapovic’ full titanium exhaust system,  Pipercross air intake system and custom tuned by the legendary Tom  Manley. Tom has completely performance tuned this bike’s valve train,  fuel injector patterns and engine timing producing incredible  performance gains. Included are all the custom tuned fuel mapping data,  software and dyno recordings. All engine and chassis mods are bolt on  and all the original parts have been packaged and retained to provide  absolute factory stock authentic value. I purchased a second solo tail  section and custom painted the matching white classic ducati number  plate theme, pin striped, labeled and clear coated for a perfect long  lasting finish. I have added and swapped out the shields/guards with  carbon fiber and again have packaged and retained all of the original  take-off parts. I have added Cycle Cat titanium rear set foot pegs which offer infinite adjustability and fitting look to Ducati styling. I have added a rear license plate relocater kit and integrated the rear turn  signals into the classic ducati tail lamp unit for the ultra clean look  and again have packaged and retained all the take off components. I have installed an updated cooling fan switch kit for improved cooling and  temp control along with the kickstand bypass switch kit. This bike is  built by Ducati with Ohlins performance front and rear suspension as  well has an Ohlins steering stabilizer. The front Ohlins forks have been serviced and tuned by a trained Ohlins technician.

This is an  absolutely flawless show piece of Ducati super bike history with  incredible collector value. This bike offers every aspect of the  ultimate Ducati look, sound and stunning performance. I purchased this  bike new and it has been a prized show piece and always stored in my  climate controlled shop on display.

Please feel free to ask any  questions and completely understand how pristine this rare Ducati is.  You can email me at or call me at 218-686-4397.

This is an absolute must see motorcycle, but the buyer is responsible for  any shipping arrangements and fees and must be paid for in full  before the title is signed. I will accommodate in any way I can.

Jump right over to the auction on eBay here

This bike has had some very nice period upgrades done using Ducati Performance parts and I love the fact that the seller retained the original parts as well.  A beautiful and rare bike with a documented history means this is going to command a good price.  Naturally they don’t come up very often but I would expect around the $13000 mark maybe even higher for the right buyer.  Either way great value.


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale March 10, 2011 posted by

Italian Connection: Rare bike collection for sale in Italy!

For Sale: Ducati TT1 F1 NCR 900ss 998R NCR Evoluzione 888 916 Honda 250GP CBX RC45 Lambretta

RSBFS was recently contacted by an Italian entreprenuer who was putting his collection of rare racebikes and streetbikes up for sale. And what a collection! Above witness a Honda 250 GP racer (left) as prepped by HRC and ridden by Stefano Caracchi, a Ducati 888 NCR Superbike (middle) also raced by Stefano Caracchi, and a Ducati 916 that won the 1995 San Marino GP in Monza with Pier Francesco Chili aboard! And that is just the start of this amazing private museum.

If you like the racebike them but are more intereseted in street legal machinery, then how about this flawless Honda RC45 – better known as a RVF750R to some. Developed by Honda as a homologation bike to qualify for the Superbike World Championship, the European versions were good for a reported 118 horsepower!

If Ducati is more your speed (pun intended), how about this NCR Ducati 998R. According to the seller, this bike was the number 1 996R. It was used by Ducati for internal testing and media events. It was then sent to NCR, and was transformed into the original and unique 998R NCR Evoluzione.

What collection would be complete without the iconic Ducati 900ss? This particular bevel twin was prepped by NCR specifically for endurance racing and includes bigger valves, bigger carbs, a Conti silencer and Campagnolo alloy wheels.

According to the seller, only 7 of these Ducati TT1 F1 NCR exist! These were first produced for Mike Hailwood, and the initial 2 bikes were delivered directly to Hailwood (to commemorate his Isle of Man TT victory and the World title). This particular bike is the third one built by NCR.

In a collection of this caliber, this CBX looks positively pedestrian – although it is certainly a rare and desirable bike. This bike just does not quite have the same racing history as the others in the collection. It is in fully original condition and looks perfect.

And if all of the above beasts are too much bike for you, then here is a wonderful little Lambretta Innocenti Li125. This 4-speed scooter was introduced as a 1959 model.

From the seller:
My business activities require my full commitment and I have very little time to dedicate to my passion and to take care of my unique collection. In addition, my family does not share my same passion for motorsports and has other interests. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of having to witness the slow but inexorable decline of my “creatures”, I have decided to sell my collection. I hope that you will take care of my “precious” masterpieces.

Tel. +39 0731 245999
Mobile +39 348 3962712 (only in italian)

For more information and tons of pictures of these fabulous bikes, please visit the seller’s website (available in both Italian and English). Good luck to the seller – these beautiful bikes certainly deserve a good home. If you are interested in any of the bikes you see here, please contact the seller at the above address and tell him you saw it on RSBFS!


Ducati December 22, 2010 posted by

The Other Senna Replica: 1998 Ducati 916 Senna #297

The Other Senna Replica:  1998 Ducati 916 Senna #297

It might not be one of Ducati’s more popular limited edition models but it sure is a pretty bike.  This one hasn’t seen a whole lot of use to ruin those good looks.  I had almost forgotten about these bikes since the introduction of MV Agusta’s Senna model. 

Looks squeaky clean to me.  I wasn’t up on the proudction subtlties of a 916 Senna and found this great explainer from  and I couldn’t explain it better if I tried:

The great Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna was a friend of the Castiglioni brothers, and an owner of an 851. Only a few months before his death in 1994 Senna agreed to the production of a limited edition 916 Senna, with the profits going to the Senna Foundation. The Senna 1 appeared for 1995, and setting it apart from the regular 916 was the black and gray color scheme with red wheels. Apart from steel Pankl con-rods, the engine specification was that of the 916 Strada, while the chassis was similar to the 916 SP. This included the solo seat, aluminum rear subframe, Öhlins shock absorber, and fully floating cast-iron front brake discs. Also shared with the SP were adjustable brake and clutch levers, stainless-steel brake lines, and carbon-fiber front fender, clutch cover, chain guard, and exhaust pipe insulating panel.

Because of production difficulties there was no Senna for 1996, but another series, the Senna II, was produced for 1997. These were virtually identical to the earlier version, but were painted a lighter gray. The final series was produced for the 1998 Model Year. These bikes were painted black and featured a carbon-fiber airbox and exhaust heat shield. The Senna missed the mark as a limited edition model because it was not quite as exclusive as anticipated, and only provided the performance of a 916 Strada.

It’s a bit confusing, the auction states the bike has 1000 miles on it yet it looks to me the odometer has a big goose egg.  The Senna was kind of an odd mix, lower spec engine with higher spec chassis components.  I can see why it wasn’t a huge hit.  Everyone wants a high spec engine, Ducati of all manufacturers should know that.

Here are the details on the bike up for auction:

This bike is in mint condition like new from Ducati’s showroom floor.  From what I know there are only a handful of these Senna’s in the US.  I am the original owner, and I have all the accessories that came with the bike new; Extra Exhaust, EPROM Chip, Rear Stand, Cover, tool kit, manuals, and I’m throwing in two new oil filters, Ferodo CP911 front brake pads, and two new Pirelli Dragon tires.  It breaks my heart to be selling this georgeous bike.  The buyer will need to handle all shipping details and payments for shipping.  I strongly advise the new buyer to not ride this motorcycle on the current tires mounted to the motorcycle.  These tires are the original Michelin TX15/25’s and that makes them 12 years old at least and though they look like they are in good condition they should be ditched for safety and the new Pirelli’s mounted.

Did you know the profits went to a charity?  I sure as heck didn’t.  What do you think she is worth?  I did come across a VERY similar bike listed for $22,000.  I freely admit I don’t have a clue if that is a realistic price but it does seem high if this wasn’t a very popular model.  Tuck that info away for your bidding strategy.  .