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New-In-Box: 2002 Ducati 998 with 1,700 Miles!

2002 Ducati 998 R Side
Built between 2002 and 2004, the Ducati 998 was the last hurrah for Tamburini’s masterpiece. It might look like Ducati simply bumped the displacement and changed the graphics, compared to the 916 and 996, but there was a subtle evolution that took place throughout production, with Ducati developing race specials with revised engines and frames that trickled down to production models.

2002 Ducati 998 R Side Naked

In this case the 998 got the updated frame from the 996R, allowing a larger, more efficient airbox and different injectors to be used for a significant increase in power compared to the 996: 123hp versus 112 from the earlier model. A good chunk of that performance can also be attributed to the use of the Testastretta narrow-head engine that was introduced in the 996R. That engine had more oversquare dimentions for a genuine 998cc of displacement, a rare moment of truth-in-advertising. Bodywork is also subtly different to wrap around the revised mechanicals.

2002 Ducati 998 Clocks

Today’s example isn’t quite “new in box” but it’s just about as close as you’re likely to get. Take a look at the shot of the underside of the tail, and note that the original tires are included!

From the original eBay listing: 2002 Ducati 998 for Sale
Regarded as one the most iconic motorcycle designs ever the Ducati 998 you see here is completely OEM just like it came off the showroom floor in 2002 with stock exhaust.  I have kept the OEM tires on the bike just in case anyone wants them for collector status.
Except for original tires this bike is turn key condition.  It starts, idles, accelerates, shifts and brakes perfectly.  All indicators work and no electrical problems what so ever.  All gas lines have been replaced including quick disconnects with metal vs original plastic prone to cracking/leaking.
All stock OEM stickers are in place including reflectors both front and rear
Originally sold by Fay Myers its a single owner bike!  Never left outside always stored in doors.  It is the definition of living a pampered life.
ONLY 1,754 miles!
We always use the words rare or limited but when’s the last time you saw a truly unmolested Ducati Superbike with no aftermarket anything?
I’ve tried to show every angle of the bike its engine and bodywork.  Nothing needs to be hidden the bike is in fantastic shape as would be expected with only 1,754 original miles.
– Both Keys
– Tool kit
– New filter
– Fresh oil
– New battery
– Clean & clear title

2002 Ducati 998 Tail Underside
Of the 916-era Ducati superbikes, the 998 is generally considered to be the most fully-developed, and I’m sure that bikes like this will command the kind of money the seller is asking in the not-too-distant future. The question is: is the seller just jumping the gun a bit in terms of pricing? Does the fact that the 998 is often considered the best rider of the bunch mean make the low mileage and pristine condition irrelevant? Is it just too yellow?

2002 Ducati 998 R Side Engine

There’s been no bidding activity yet so, although this bike is literally so clean you could eat off it and even includes the original tires, the $8,000 starting bid may just be a bit of a stretch.

Sometimes, a lack of interest simply means that a very niche machine hasn’t found the right audience, even though the price is appropriate. In this case, I think it indicates that the seller is aiming too high for the current market. It’s a very nice example and certainly valuable, just not yet $8,000-starting-bid valuable. Yet.


2002 Ducati 998 L Side

New-In-Box: 2002 Ducati 998 with 1,700 Miles!
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We should all age so well:
Fresh 1995 Ducati 916 with 7850 miles

Has it really has been over 20 years since the 916 debuted?  Back in 1995 the blood beauty from Bologna Italy appeared in the USA and was a sensation, a bike that tempted with a form that couldn’t possibly match the function…but it did.  The shape became a signature for Cagiva (who owned Ducati at the time) and was replicated in the lineup via the 748/Cagiva Mito and continued on in the 996 and 998.

The Tamborini penned design was so iconic that it still appears in lists of important designs in motorcycle history by authorities like the Guggenheim Museum.  In a retrospective on the 1990s, Motorcyclist magazine simply stated, “1994: Ducati 916 debuts. Did anything else happen that year?”

Note: The 916 was introduced in 1994 but didn’t become available for sale in the USA until 1995, so even though this is 1995 model it is a first year edition in the USA – Marty


1995 Ducati 916 (Cagiva stamped) for sale on eBay

This lovely survivor appears to be a basic 916 edition, which is also referred to as the “Strada”.  It isn’t as exotic as the SP or SPS versions that followed it so it probably won’t appreciate in value dramatically and it lacks the refinements of the 996 and 998, including most significantly the better riding position.  Also even though it has some Cagiva stampings on it, the VIN# leads me to believe this is not an early Varese produced model.

On the plus side condition looks to be quite good, it has under 8,000 miles and I am pretty sure there is a Bimota in the background so it seems safe to say this one is owned by an Italian bike fan and possibly a collector.

cagiva merged

According to the seller has had some recent services.   However I don’t see any mention of fresh tires/rubber or the all important belt maintenance so some additional monies would probably be needed to get this one back on the road.

Here is what the seller has to say;

  • First-year-in-the-USA unmolested Ducati 916 in excellent, low mileage condition.
  • Almost completely stock
  • Starts immediately and runs perfectly.  Brand new lightweight Lithium-Fe battery just installed
  • Oil & filter changed, forks serviced 30 miles ago.
  • Sargent seat
  • Termi mufflers (stock Ducati mufflers included in sale)
  • Evoluzione clutch slave cyl and braided steel brake lines are the only mods done to this survivor bike.
  • Some very small flaws- typical scrapes on the wheels due to tire changes, a small and barely noticeable ding on tank, very small chip on the tank about 2″ in front of the gas filler.


Is this clean early edition 916 worth the $7,000 USD asking price?  Well the last one of these we had on RSBFS looks like it went for about $6,900 USD so the price is right in line with that one. However right now prices for these seem to be a bit all over the place; I found the following current listings with a range from $4,000 to $16,000 for a couple of SPS editions.

I know some would make a case that the 916/916SP/916SPS and later 996 amd 998 appear here on RSBFS so often that they aren’t really rare sportbikes.  This one looks to be in very good shape but it isn’t completely stock, the seller indicates a few minor blemishes and it is the Strada model which does not seem to be highly sought after by collectors.  But the 916 was probably THE bike that took Ducati from being a still struggling mid-level manufacturer to object of lust for a generation.   I think this one might appeal to someone who originally lusted after one and couldn’t afford it at the time…perhaps good for weekend rides and then life as a living room object d’art the rest of the week.


We should all age so well:  </br> Fresh 1995 Ducati 916 with 7850 miles
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This Is Not a Road Bike: 1997 Ducati 916SPS for Sale

1997 Ducati 916SPS R Side

This is not a road bike, that much is obvious at a glace: slick-shod, missing lights and signals, with just that big, redline-less tach and smaller temp gauge to distract the rider from the really important things like speed, speed, and more speed. Which is good, because this Ducati 916SPS was designed with speed foremost in mind. Although it was originally a roadbike, this particular bike has been turned into a dedicated track weapon.

1997 Ducati 916SPS Dash

While 916 variants are generally dime-a-dozen on eBay, that’s a function of how long the body style was in production, the number of variants available, and the fact that people buy these just to have, for a time, that pinup-quality machine in their garage, all the while putting very little mileage on. It takes skill and dedication to extract the real potential of a 916: they’re uncomfortable and don’t suffer fools gladly.

1997 Ducati 916SPS R Clip On

But while garden-variety 916’s aren’t all that hard to find, this SPS is a rare bird indeed. One rung down from the homologation “R” machines, the SPS featured lightweight wheels, better suspension, an adjustable head, carbon bodywork, and an uprated 996cc engine that later became the standard model in the Ducati 996.

1997 Ducati 916SPS R Side Detail

If you’ve never noticed, many serious sportbikes of the era have these sort of simple, modular dashes that have the tach and temp gauge on a separate pod from the speedo and idiot lights so those superfluous bits can be easily removed for dedicated track use, as can be seen here.

From the original eBay listing: 1997 Ducati 916SPS for Sale

From my personal collection, this 1997 Ducati 916SPS motorcycle was prepared for race track in category Superbike. Just performed with coupon distribution transmission belts. It has many parts of the model racing Ducati 916RS racing. Wheels Marvic magnesium from 16.5, suspension Öhlins, tank and many parts carbon, slipper clutch, brake back even handlebar, change racing, racing valves, cams racing, electronic unit, SBK, etc. Bike is in Italy.

1997 Ducati 916SPS L Clip On

While there are some translation errors, I think you get the gist of what’s being offered here. Obviously: “brake back even handlebar” refers to the billet rear brake lever mounted on the left handlebar, which is a pretty cool update. Interestingly, this SPS also looks like it has a 16.5″ rear wheel, something I thought was exclusive to Moto GP bikes and not found WSBK machines. I’m also not sure what’s up with the “Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed” title status. Is this a former road bike that’s been crashed and turned into a track bike? Considering that the seller is looking for $16,500 Buy It Now price, I’d hope not.

1997 Ducati 916SPS Rear

Obviously, this bike isn’t in perfect, collectible condition, and I personally don’t like those curved Marvic wheels, but this bike looks ready to hit the track. So, do you buy it for historic racing? Track days? Without any race history and in non-original condition, it’s collectibility may be limited. On the other hand, there are plenty of folks watching this listing, so I’ll be curious to see if the seller gets their asking price for this well-used bit of Ducati history.


1997 Ducati 916SPS L Side

This Is Not a Road Bike: 1997 Ducati 916SPS for Sale
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Featured Listing: 1998 Ducati 916 SPS #279

Update 4.20.2015: Now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller. -dc


In addition to their 900SS/SL Featured Listing, Black Label Meccanica is also auctioning this gorgeous 1998 Ducati 916 SPS. Check out these start up videos of this SPS:

1998 Ducati 916 SPS for sale on eBay

As you may have noticed from the video, this one has been considerably upgraded by Ferracci from the beginning and sports a 1026cc stroker kit! Here is the description from the seller:

This stunning example of a 1998 916 SPS is available for your consideration. VIN# ZDM3SB5V7WB000666. Plaque Number #279. Engine Number SB5000730.

This one has only 2289 original, documented miles on it. The original owner took deliver of this bike in November of 1998 from Ferracci , drove it for 49 miles. He then commisioned Ferracci to build the bike into one of their 1026cc stroker, fire breathing monsters on 11/11/1998.

Here are some a list of the work done at Ferracci.

Renthal Quick Change rear sprockets carrier
Ferracci billet lightweight flywheel
High Pressure fuel regulator
Ported and Polished heads
Stage 3 Eprom Chip
Corse rearsets
37mm Intake valves
31mm Exhaust valves
54mm Ferrracci Forza full stainless system
Ohlins shock revalved
Hyperpro spring
Ferracci Billet clipon handlebars
98mm 12:1 Compression piston Kit
FBF PowerCrank 68mm stroke
Ducati Performance Carbon Fiber underseat oil vent tank
MS Production Carbon air intake runners
Stage 3 Cams
Pankl Titanium rods
Carbon Fiber MS Production Swinagrm Cover

I have all documentation from the build, Dyno sheets, Original cover and bag as well as the owner’s manual and front and rear stands. A total of over $17k in receipts. These receipts do not include the cost of the Dymag carbon fiber wheels or other items that were later purchased.


Going back through the archives, it’s interesting to see just how many comments note that the SPS is a real track weapon and that it isn’t well suited for the street. Just the recipe sportbike fans drool over when it is still equipped for the street. I can only imagine how much more dangerous this one is with the Ferracci upgrades!

RSBFS would like to thank Nick Anglada and Black Label Meccanica for helping to support the site with another Featured Listing. Please contact me if you’re interested in selling your prized sportbike!


Featured Listing:  1998 Ducati 916 SPS #279
Ducati March 25, 2015 posted by

Red Rider – 1995 Ducati 916

1995 Ducati 916 on eBay


We all remember the first time we saw one.. in print, in person, online…  The Ducati 916 made us all stop and stare.  It made us all think that maybe form is more important than function.  I mean, if it looks this good, who even cares how it rides, right?  But then a funny thing happened… it ended up performing as beautifully as it looked.  The Ducati 916 and it’s evolutionary siblings, the 996 and 998, went right to the front of the World Superbike results and pretty much stayed there for the better part of 10 years.


This particular 916 is listed as a “first year” in the auction, however 1994 was the first year for the 916.  It appears to have some pretty standard modification including the Termi pipes and 5 spoke Marchesini wheels.  Those are easy enough to change back if originality is your end game.  There’s a lot of interested parties, with 50 watchers already.  If you want to add yourself to that list, check out the eBay auction here:  1995 Ducati 916 on eBay

From the seller’s description:

First year Ducati 916 monoposto. This bike was built in the Varese plant after the Bologne fire.    Showa forks and Maxtor shock.  Stainless steel Termignoni exhaust system, Merchesini 5 spoke wheels.  New Michelin Pilot tires, new battery. Top end checked over the winter with a couple of new rocker arms installed.  Rear stand and head stand included in sale.  Its fast.  It has a P8 computer and Ohlins steering damper.  Body work is beautiful.

It should be noted that the seller also states that this is a “Varese” build and the VIN would appear to support this claim.  Early Ducati 916 production took place at the Cagiva factory after a fire at the Bologna facility.  Whether this adds or detracts from the value is up for debate… but it is an interesting bit of history.


Mike M.

Red Rider – 1995 Ducati 916
Ducati February 24, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: Very Early Production 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto “Varese”

Seller reports that this bike has sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Ducati 916 Varese For Sale

It’s no secret that for many visitors (and contributors) of this website, the Ducati 916 is a bedroom wall icon that holds a special place in our virtual or actual collections. However the 916 has been a relative collector’s bargain and only recently has the market shown signs of an uptick in value. While the later evolution models of the 996 and 998 still command a bit of a premium, especially with the limited edition SPS and R variants, there is also a cult following surrounding the very early production 916 units for the 1995 model year.


Just as the 916 was set to debut for the 1995 model year, there was a fire at the Ducati Bologna factory. Rather than miss the launch, construction of these very first 916’s was done in the city of Varese. Because this wasn’t the planned production facility, the units manufactured at this factory were largely hand assembled, adding to their panache and folklore today.


It could be argued that being hand built, especially in Italy, they could actually posses more human error than would be found in normal assembly line construction. Then again, that just adds to the character of these earliest bikes as well.


This particular example looks like a carefully ridden rider that has been well looked after, and is just about to start appreciating – significantly. It’s nearly all stock and the few modifications that are in place are tasteful and period correct.

From the seller:

I am offering this Iconic classic in amazing condition including the original owner’s manual, rear stand and original tool kit. This bike has been extensively gone through mechanically. This bike is one of only 793 total monoposto units built between 1994 and 1995 to be imported into the US… The only years these were available with the Magnetti P8 computer and the billboard graphics was 94-97. Later years went to lesser graphics and the 1.5 ECU.

This bike I purchased last October and have acquired interest in other bikes since then. Cosmetically I have done nothing more than to wash the bike and correct minor flaws! This 916 VARESE Model is harder to find than the Bologna models. This bike has a Production date of 11/94 more detailed pics can be sent by email. Mechanically I have done the following as the bike sat for over for almost a year from the previous owner.

1. All filters were replaced and oil was changed
2. Most of the hardware was replaced with new yellow zinc plated hardware as they were from the factory
3. Injectors were replaced. tank was drained and treated before fresh fuel just added on 1/15/15.
4. New Battery also added 1/15/15

What’s NOT original on the bike??

As I am not the first owner I can only provide you with what I have done or what you see in the pictures.

1. Original clutch slave cylinder was replaced with an aftermarket unit
2.Original exhaust slip-ons were replaced with Termignoni carbon fiber half system
3. Windscreen is an Original Ducati part but not the correct one for this year
4. Complete SAMCO hose kit (yellow)
5. Obviously the tires are not original but I highly recommend that the new owner replaces them as they are over 2 years old

I have additional pictures and I am more than willing to share those with any interested parties. I also have the following.

1. Original owner’s manual in good condition
2. Original tool kit
3. Original rear stand

All the work was performed by me or the local dealer. A short history of who I am can be found on the internet by searching my name (Nick Anglada) . I have built countless custom bikes, my work has been featured in over 100 magazine articles internationally, televison as well as having guest wirtten tech articles for motorcycle magzines in the past 16 years .


For what it may be lacking in total originality, it certainly makes up for in asking price. At just $8,250 buy-it-now on eBay, this represents what we have seen in recent months for any exceptional and original 916. Being an early Varese model only ensures that this example should continue to receive attention for years to come.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Nick Anglada and UsedDucatiParts for supporting the site with another Featured Listing. Good luck to buyers and seller.


Featured Listing:  Very Early Production 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto “Varese”
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Still Stock: 1995 Ducati 916 Strada with 8160 miles

Here is an opportunity for someone to get what looks like a nearly bone stock Ducati 916.  The most pristine versions of these bike only seem to come up for sale at this time of the year so if you want to obtain one of these, it might be now or wait till next year.

916 1

1995 Ducati 916 for sale on ebay

In case you have been living under a rock/in a cave, the 916 was probably “the” bike that introduced Ducati to an entire generation of motorcycle riders.   It won pretty much every magazine’s Bike of the Year award for 1994 and Ducati sold out its entire US production before any actually arrived in the country.

Even though its been 20 years since its introduction it still appears in the top lists of important designs in motorcycle history by authorities like the Guggenheim Museum.  In a retrospective on the 1990s, Motorcyclist magazine simply stated, “1994: Ducati 916 debuts. Did anything else happen that year?

916 3

According to the seller, this one was traded in by an older gentleman.   The 916 had a pretty aggressive riding position so if this one was owned by someone a bit more mature this may explain why the mileage is so low.  It would also help explain how the owner resisted the temptation to modify the bike (such as this example also for sale on ebay).

Here is what the seller has to say about the bike:

Acquired the bike last year from an older gentleman who decided it was time to sell as he was getting a bit to old to handle the sporting characteristics of the Motorcycle.

He had owned the bike for many years and had spent a lot of money on upgrades including a reverse shift pattern, different exhaust as well as suspension.

I had the bike fully serviced last summer with all fluids, plugs and the battery changed.

916 2

Aside from the sellers comments, this one looks to be pretty much stock except for the heat wrapping on the exhausts and a few pics of what looks like replaced parts (bonus points to the seller for including pics of the “extra bits”).

916 4

So whats this 916 worth?  Well this version was the base version (I think also known as the Strada but I’m not sure about that).  A lot of collectors prefer the SP/SPS or RS versions of the 916 or perhaps the later 996/998 which looked pretty much the same.  From what I was able to find out these “base” 916’s seem to be a little less desirable but still look stunning, a tribute to designers Massimo Tamburini and Sergio Robbiano and their team at the Cagiva Research Centre.

Prices for these seem to be hovering around the 7,000 USD mark so the asking price of 6900 USD is right on but it would likely need some new rubber and perhaps a belt service.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for someone who always wanted a 916 to pick one up and just enjoy it without having to worry about resale value.


Still Stock:  1995 Ducati 916 Strada with 8160 miles
Ducati September 11, 2014 posted by

Gilding the Lily: 1999 Ducati 996SPS

1999 Ducati 996SPS R Side

Look, they made a lot of Ducati 916/996/998’s over the years, and while they’re truly iconic machines, they’re also kind of cliché, especially in stock form. Not that I don’t love them to pieces. I have every intention of owning one at some point.

Part of the reason for their ubiquity is the fact that they adorned the walls of every adolescent petrol-head and had a spot in the fantasy garage of every adult biker, so images of them are pretty much everywhere, often with naked models draped over them in suggestive poses. But as many as they made, the entire production of Tamburini’s masterpiece is still just a drop in the bucket, compared to all the GSX-R’s and Ninjas that were built. So while the 916/996/998 may seem cliché, they’re still quite rare in actual fact.

1999 Ducati 996SPS L Rear

Unleashed onto a completely stunned world in 1994, the 916 redefined sex on wheels for a generation of bike-enthusiasts. With an uncompromising ass-up, head-down riding position that made absolutely zero sense unless you were hanging off at more than 50° lean, nearly graphics-free flanks not quite hiding the signature trellis frame that flew in the face of beam-framed homogeny, and tucked-under-the-tail exhausts that roasted your ass, but provided nearly infinite cornering clearance, the blood-red 916 looked like nothing else on the road.

It was, in fact, so iconic, that it completely doomed the 749/999 bikes that followed, in spite of their being completely excellent motorcycles, and far more comfortable than their predecessors. The follow up 1098 took a step backwards in terms of design, looking like a softened and modernized 916. Basically, it was Ducati ripping itself off.

1999 Ducati 996SPS Front

While standard 996’s are currently the bargain of the 916 range, this is much more than a standard bike. Short of the homologation “R”, the SPS was the highest-spec bike in Ducati’s stable at the time, with lightweight wheels, an uprated engine, improved suspension, and an adjustable steering head. The 996 featured the same engine as the earlier 916SPS that actually displaced 996cc’s [are you still with me?] but with less weight, it generally feels [and is] much faster than the listed power would suggest. In typical Italian style, power quotes vary a bit, but let’s say “more than 120hp with a fat wedge of torque.”

1999 Ducati 996SPS Front and Dash

This particular example is probably making even more than that…

From the original eBay listing that reads like a Ducatisti Christmas wish-list: 1999 Ducati 996 SPS for Sale

Up for sale is a super clean and un abused 996 with only 45 original miles most of which are from dyno tuning. However, this is no ordinary 996, this bike has been fully modified with all of the best parts money could buy. Bike was purchased and immediately transported to Fast by Ferracci to have the engine blueprinted and all of the best parts installed. below is a list of what is done to the bike (take note there will be a different auction resembling this one for its sister bike, do not confuse when bidding)

Engine was blueprinted and below parts were installed
Ducati performance RS camshafts
custom head gaskets to set squish
5angle valve job with ported and polished heads
Ducati performance Titanium valves
titanium connecting rods
Pistal racing high compression piston kit with matched nicosil coated cylinders
lightweight flywheel
micro polished lightened and balanced crankshaft
custom tuned chip for ECU/ignition advancer and retarder and performance plugs and wires
fast by ferracci full stainless exhaust
STM EVOLUZIONE slipper clutch
titanium bolt kit

carbon fiber parts include,
full airbox and intake velocity stacks (ducati performance MS Productions) very expensive.
intake runners
dash cover
key guard
air dam
undertail and plate hanger
swingarm cover
rear extended hugger/chainguard
front vented RS type fender
bike also has Ducati Performance Marchesini Magnesium wheels

title is free and clear and fuel pump and filter were just replaced with new belts and oil change.

this bike screams and is built by the best to run for a long time, engine build was the best mixture of performance and long life that could be bought.

1999 Ducati 996SPS Pipes

Starting bid for this is $15,000, with no takers as yet. Given the level of investment, this bike is probably worth it, although that price is more in line with the far rarer and more exotic “R”. This should be more than a mere “parts hanger” because, while Fast by Ferracci may have a somewhat spotty reputation as a dealer, their ability to build a race bike is unquestioned: it’s right there in the name! They’ve been racing Ducatis in various levels of competition for many years with quite a bit of success.

1999 Ducati 996SPS Airbox

What’s just a shame is the 45 miles the bike has covered since being built. Why spend the money to put something like this together, then let it sit and collect dust? But while the current owner may be missing out, you can throw a bid out there and get a seriously trick Italian superbike for the price of a new R1.


1999 Ducati 996SPS L Side

Gilding the Lily: 1999 Ducati 996SPS