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Four-Valve Founding Father: 1991 Ducati 851 for Sale

1991 Ducati 851 R Front

Introduced in 1987, the 851 was a huge leap forward for Ducati, adding four-valve heads, liquid-cooling, and fuel-injection to their 90° v-twin. The resulting engine was good for a claimed 93hp at the rear wheel and was dubbed the “Desmoquattro” for obvious reasons. The new bike allowed Ducati to again be competitive in racing, and was followed by a bored-out 888cc version known, shockingly as the “888.” 1991 Ducati 851 Tank

Interestingly, the new superbike was styled by Pierre Terblanche. For all of the controversy surrounding his tenure at Ducati, people often forget that he also designed the Supermono and the restyled Pantah-engined 900SS as well as the 999/749. The 851 isn’t pretty in the same way as the 916, or as aggressive as the new Panigale, but it looks simple and purposeful in a way that some of his other designs were not, and has definitely aged well. 1991 Ducati 851 Dash

It’s not completely clear, but I’m assuming this bike is based on the Strada version of the bike, not the higher-spec SP. Those front calipers, while not original, should provide plenty of stopping power. And the Giacomoto Spagetti exhaust is more than just a pair of slip-ons and should provide enough boom to annoy neighbors two towns over and help produce some legitimate power gains.

1991 Ducati 851 Front Brake

The add doesn’t mention if he has the original parts, other than the pictured original wheels, but that information would just be a quick email away.

From the original eBay listing: 1991 Ducati 851 for Sale

The bike is 24 years old, I have had it almost 24 years. It has a few scratches and the front of the forks have some marks from the salt air [I live and ride on the coast] it is a beautiful bike and it shows very well. The registration shows it as a 90 sold in 91, I believe it to be a 91.

  1. 903cc
  2. high compression pistons
  3. SPS cams
  4. light flywheel
  5. Barnett Clutch
  6. magnesium side case
  7. single seat tail [aluminum subframe]
  8. ISR Calipers
  9. Brembo GP brake and clutch masters
  10. floating rotors
  11. Brembo 4 piston rear caliper [probably from a small cc gp bike]
  12. Giacomoto spagetti exhaust
  13. magnesium wheels [original white wheels included]
  14. Sato adjustable clip ons
  15. tool kit and steering damper [not shown]  

I have had the bike for about 20 years, I believe I am the third owner. Engine work done by Evoluzione, runs great, do not ride much,I am 72. I will be selling my other Italian bikes. If this add seems a little lame, its my first attempt on Ebay Motors. Any questions please ask. $1000.00 to my paypal account on completion of sale, the rest wire transfer to my bank. The mileage is approximate, the magnesium wheels do not have a speedo pickup. Once again, clear title, registration is current.   

1991 Ducati 851 R Side

This isn’t completely perfect, low mileage, or original, but that shouldn’t deter buyers: the updates are all appropriate, although the ISR brakes might cause some controversy, and the bike has obviously been owned by an enthusiast.

1991 Ducati 851 Rear Brake

19,000 miles shouldn’t scare anyone off: Ducati engines are generally very durable when properly maintained and this one appears to have been shown plenty of love. It’s hard to see the exact condition of the paint from the photos, but it looks very clean and well looked-after.


1991 Ducati 851 Wheels


Four-Valve Founding Father: 1991 Ducati 851 for Sale
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Cared-for Classic – 1992 Ducati 851 Superbike

The first Ducati with 4 valves per cylinder, fuel injection, and water cooling, the Desmoquattro 851 was introduced in 1987.  Along with winning a lot of races and national series, continued development brought home the World Superbike Championship in 1990.  Handling improvements paved the way to subsequent wins with the 888 and 916 models.

20150331 1992 Ducati 851 right

1992 Ducati 851 Superbike for sale on eBay

20150331 1992 Ducati 851 left front

The seriously oversquare 92 x 64mm pistons deliver 105-odd horsepower ( a lot of different figures are quoted ) at 9000 rpm, with 53 ft-lbs. torque.  Showa forks at a 24-degree rake and 94mm trail make the 851 happier in high-speed sweepers than snapping through the esses, more stable than maneuverable.  Brembo 320mm dual disks are up front, with single 240mm rear.  Showa suspension front and rear, along with 17-inch wheels from Marvic.

20150331 1992 Ducati 851 front 20150331 1992 Ducati 851 binnacle

20150331 1992 Ducati 851 right front  20150331 1992 Ducati 851 right rear

This one has seen almost 15,000 miles, but a lot of TLC also, from the eBay auction:

It’s time to sell the weekend morning time machine. I’ve owned this Ducati for several years now and have really enjoyed it. This bike really captures the spirit of the early 90’s superbike era when racers like Roche and Polen were racking up race wins on similar bikes. No stories with this motorcycle sale.  I’m simply looking to find another great home for this classic Ducati and move on to other endeavors.

Low miles  – only 14,877

Clear title

Very nice condition – not a museum piece, but shows only minor wear

Full service October 2013 (Valves and belts, clutch inspected and cleaned clutch bearing replaced, grease and adjust steering head & swing arm bearings, electrical system check, compression leak down less than 10%)

Less than 500 miles since last service

Michelin Pilot Power tires installed recently

Motorcycle runs and rides great.

Termignoni carbon high mount exhaust

Passenger pegs and low mount Gio Ca Moto exhaust included

Please feel free to ask any questions or request additional photos before bidding

Additional parts:

Ohlins steering damper

Carbon vented clutch cover

Original owners manual & Service manual

20150331 1992 Ducati 851 left tank 20150331 1992 Ducati 851 left seat cowl

20150331 1992 Ducati 851 spare mufflers 20150331 1992 Ducati 851 spares

The body is all business and in great shape, I love the intakes on either side of the headlight.  Some years had part of the lowers painted black, extending the angle of the exhausts forward.  Owner’s and shop manuals, as well as a few spares.  Along with recent tires and service, the condition indicates many happy miles for the next owner.

20150331 1992 Ducati 851 owners manual 20150331 1992 Ducati 851 shop manual


Cared-for Classic – 1992 Ducati 851 Superbike
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Tipping Point: 1991 Ducati 851 Strada


The Ducati 851 was the evolution of the Pantah-based “rubber band” motor series that paid out most handsomely for Ducati. Simultaneously adding liquid cooling, a 4-valve desmo head and fuel injection, the 851 significantly raised the performance game for the Italian brand and launched a new all-out attack into Superbike racing. This evolutionary series laid the core foundational roots for the bikes to follow: 916/996/998/999/1098/1198. Only the Panigale (with its all new “superquadro” powerplant) breaks with the formula started by this iconic machine, the 851.


1991 Ducati 851 with 3,526 miles for sale on eBay


From the seller:
only 3,526 miles. virtually spotless original bike. looks factory/showroom brand new. never raced, dropped or ridden in the rain. new tires, tune up, belts, and all fluids changed.

Ferracci slip-on pipes
Ferracci Chip
Ferracci Airbox Mod
Zero Gravity Windshield
Corbin Seat

included are the original pipes, seat and windshield, plus a new rear side panel, shop manuals, box of oil and filters

wicked fast, adult owned. needs a home where it can be appreciated.
none nicer, this is a near perfect bike.


Ducati 851 models are booming L-twins with a rev range much higher than the air-cooled desmo-due mills that came before. Torque is plentiful, but real power is pushed higher up the power band. Yet for all the performance, these are still very tractable and reliable machines. Taller riders might want to try the cramped cockpit on for size – all others would likely find this to be a comfortable ride. The Strada model is the base, and offers two-up capability under the faux single seater tail cover. While the least collectible of the models, there is plenty of performance and good looks to go around (not to mention the Strada examples are far less expensive than homologation examples). This 851 has but some 3,500 miles on the odometer – barely broken in by Ducati standards – and has enjoyed a recent service including belts. The seller is asking a pretty high $11,500 BIN, but appears open to reasonable offers. Check it out here. Good Luck!


Tipping Point: 1991 Ducati 851 Strada
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Something Special: 1989 Ducati 851 Factory Superbike Prototype for Sale

1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike R Side Front

1987 saw the introduction of a new four-valve, water-cooled L-twin engine in Ducati’s new 851. While the air/oil cooled two-valve motor was and continues to be a motor with impressive tuning potential and durability, it had hit its performance limit in racing, and something new was needed to compete against the four-cylinder bikes from Japan. The liquid-cooled twin was based generally on the air/oil cooled motors: the clutch covers are even interchangeable. But the new engine could rev higher and breathe better, and this meant that Ducati could once again compete on the world stage. Displacing, strangely enough, 851cc’s and producing nearly 100hp in roadgoing trim, the bike challenged the high-winding fury of the fours with a thundering midrange, while the narrow engine allowed for slipperier aerodynamics.

1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike R Side Rear

Some bikes look great, no matter what paint scheme, like Ducati’s 916: in nearly any color or race-rep scheme, it always looks terrific. Some are best as roadbikes, like the Triumph Daytona 675: the missing headlights on track bodywork give the bike a sort of blank look to replace the smirking catlike face of the stock machine. Other bikes look much cooler in track bodywork: I really dislike the design of recent GSX-R’s in roadbike trim, but somehow that bulging fairing center that replaces the headlight on an aftermarket fairing gives the bike an aggressive, shark-like aspect.

With slab-sided bodywork and rectangular headlight, I always feel like the 851 just looks dated as a road bike. As a race bike though, it looks brutal and purposeful and this example is much, much more than just some battered privateer 851 racer…

1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike L Side Stripped

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Ducati 851 Factory Superbike Prototype for Sale

Fresh from over 20 years of ownership by Mario Calonaci is this Ducati 851 works SBK 1990 prototype. He was a works Ducati mechanic for Giancarlo Falappa, season 1990, 1991, 1992 (and later in SuperSport with Gia.Ca. Moto Ducati 748 with Casoli) but his experience is impressive! He was partner of Segoni and was the mechanic for all his bikes through all the Endurance competitions in the 70’s, then 2 years in Formula One, etc… Unbelievable…

The bike is amazing even if conditions are a little scruffy (stored since 1991, untouched!) as from every detail you see it is a real prototype- hand built!

It has many AMAZING details…such as the casting of the engine cases is marked 1987!!! Please note that production of 851 started in 1988, these are proper early prototype cases (you see also from other details).

Very rare front brake calipers like only the 1990 works (the 1989 were same shape but more gold)-magnesium Marchesini wheels-only works 1989/1990 magnesium yokes made by Marchesini forged (this one marked 20) the following ones were production made by Ohlins-MagnetiMarelli/Weber elettronics with Raychem (f1 silver cables) wiring with position of the CPU on the back, from 1991 they were in front close to the dashboard-all bottom of engine cases machinered for lightning reasons (!!!)-engine cases casting 1987 as only the first racing serie bikes had-amazing unique prototype swingarm!-rear metal subframe, only 1989/1990 works, from 1991 was alluminium-alluminium Termignoni silencers, from 1991 works were carbonfibre- 1989 works clutch -handstamped VIN (with also the homologation code, SBK rules!) as only the first Racing had, later ones were different stamping-as you can see the heads inside are machinered and unused-spring on the rear brake master cylinder as i the works 1989

1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike Brake Detail

There are plenty of other quality photos at the original listing, and are well worth a look. The listing also includes a letter from previous owner Mario Calonaci that describes a bit of the bike’s history. The starting bid is $27,500 so you’re looking at a hefty chunk of change for an 851, although even bone-stock examples are steadily increasing in value. This is a very cool machine, although it will probably need a bit of [expensive] love before it’s ready to terrorize your local race track, as it’s been sitting for a while. So buy it and leave it as-is to display it, or get it ready to go as well as it shows and expect to answer a whole lot of questions when you arrive at the track.


1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike L Side

Something Special: 1989 Ducati 851 Factory Superbike Prototype for Sale
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1989 Ducati 851 with Just 4 Miles!


While the 851 is generally looked down upon compared to the later evolution of the 888, there’s no denying that one that has existed for 25 years without ever being fired is something to take note of. This example is in Australia and according to the description has been recently uncrated for photographs and is suitable for a museum. Buy it now price is $33k.


1989 Ducati 851 for sale on eBay


From the seller:




this bike has never been fired, turned over for oil to be kept were needed

has never had a battery!

this bike will suit museum/private collector or investor

sold with Aus compliance for registration

original crate is available for shipping worldwide

1989 Ducati 851 with Just 4 Miles!
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Attn Collectors! 1990 Ducati 851 Time capsule

ducati 1.1

The Ducati 851 is literally the bike that saved Ducati from the scrapheap. Prior to the 851 Ducati was in serious financial difficulty and was producing odd bikes like the Paso. In 1985, Ducati was purchased by Claudio Castiglioni’s Cagiva group and shortly thereafter began making world class performance bikes, including the 851 and then the 888. That plus racing success re-established the brand as a top manufacturer and opened the door for injections of capital by investment group TPG which set Ducati up for growth into the 21st century.  Most recently Ducati was sold to the Audi group for slightly over 1 Billion dollars, so to say the 851 was a significant bike in the success, growth and continuation of the Ducati brand is putting it mildly.

ducati 8

1990 Ducati 851 for sale on eBay

This particular 851 is listed as having an astonishingly low 590 miles since new.  The seller states that the bike has been in two collections for its entire life and has been kept in a conditioned environment the entire time.  While this statement is usually taken with a grain of salt, from the numerous hi-res pictures on the auction, it does appear to be owned by a serious collector (check out some of the other bikes and cars in the pics!) so this time the statement may be true.

Here are the pluses (+) and minuses (-) according to the auction.

+ Still has the delivery stickers in place and they are on great condition.
+ Outside of the Pipes and the brake lines are 100% stock and original condition.
+ The bike has never been buffed, paint looks great and is in excellent original condition.

– The tires are original, hence they are 25 years old.
– The tank has a small 10mm surface scuff above the Ducati sticker.
– The front faring at the bottom leading edge behind the front tire has a very small crack.
– Both aluminum Termignoni cans have small scuffs and scratches.
– The triangular plate at the rear axle bolt is the only part that has picked up a little patina.

ducati 3

Interestingly, the seller indicates this particular bike is the 851 Ducati was on displayed as part of the “History of the Superbike” at the 2012 Red Bull Indianapolis Moto GP

So essentially you are biding on a time capsule bike. While its not a zero miles bike its about as perfect an 851 you are likely to find.  This bike would appear to be fairly valued at 9000 USD, especially if you are a collector looking to add one of the most important Ducati models to your collection.


Attn Collectors!  1990 Ducati 851 Time capsule
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Moving the Game Forward: 1988 Ducati 851 for Sale

Motorcycle Designer Pierre Terblanche is a somewhat controversial figure in the world of motorcycle design. Notably held responsible for Ducati’s controversial 749/999 bikes and Sport Classics, you’ll find a great deal of internet hate directed at him. I happen to be a fan of the 749/999 bikes but I acknowledge that they’re not especially pretty bikes. I expect that they’ll eventually be recognized as classics in their own right, and they are certainly more humane and useable bikes than the notoriously uncomfortable 916.

However, many people who are highly critical of his designs forget that he was also penned the innovative Supermono and was also responsible for the 900SS redesign, along with the 851/888 bikes. The Ducati 851 is obviously not as iconic or as elegant as the later 916, it’s also far less common, and has a very simple, purposeful look that suits it.

1993 Ducati 888 SPO R Side

Setting the stage for Ducati’s modern superbikes, the liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-valve 851 displaced, perhaps surprisingly, 888cc’s and made just over 100bhp. Not all that much in today’s terms, but those 104 horses came with a flat wall of torque that shoots the bike out of corners with authority, accompanied by the characteristic musical booming that Ducati fans know so well.

1993 Ducati 888 SPO Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Ducati 851 for Sale

Suitable for any museum or private collector or someone that just wants to ride but I recommend a full service and new tires first.
Dials, gauges and switch gear are nice and bright, not faded. Body paint quality nice and clean. No stress cracks in fibreglass bodywork, never dropped.

Some cosmetic improvements –

good quality front and rear carbon fibre mudguards

carbon fibre undertray

carbon fibre dash panel

rear brake slung beneath the swingarm

clear tank protector film fitted to prevent zipper scratches

upgraded brake hoses

rear brake micro-switch re-wired prior to my owner ship

1993 Ducati 888 SPO Tank

Overshadowed by the Tamburini design that followed, these are still largely unappreciated. From a historical point of view, the 851/888 represents a huge step forward for Ducati into the modern era with their use of liquid-cooling and four-valve heads. This particular example has a really nice carbon, dual-headlight fairing fitted by well-known California Laverda tuner Lance Weil. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but the original parts are included, so it should be very easy to put right.

1993 Ducati 888 SPO Front Fairing R

Maybe it’s not the prettiest bike, but one that does the business and is rare to boot. Grab this for relative peanuts, then start scouring the internet for a 50mm Termignoni “spaghetti” full race exhaust for the full, window-shattering experience.


1993 Ducati 888 SPO Front Fairing


Moving the Game Forward: 1988 Ducati 851 for Sale
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1991 Ducati 851 SP3 with under 300 Miles!

1991 Ducati 851 SP3 for sale

Ducati has produced scores of “limited editions” in the last 10-15 years that consisted of little more than unique paint schemes and limited equipment upgrades. But in the past few days we’ve been treated to some legitimately rare and noteworthy special edition motorcycles, like the 888 SP4 and even a Supermono. This SP3 definitely stands with the latter as a very special opportunity here in the U.S and abroad. The SP3 was another homologation special bristling with the best parts available, such as the 888cc engine, close ration gearbox, Ohlins suspension, upswept exhaust, and exotic materials throughout. Though the $55k buy-it-now suggests it will be headed for another collection, with 285 miles showing you wouldn’t be out of line to ride it a little more for the rest of the summer!


1991 Ducati 851 SP3 for sale on eBay


from the seller’s listing:

This is a 2 owner bike. I purchased this bike in 2006, it was brand new. I serviced the bike completely upon receiving it, removed the spot welded baffles and rode the bike a total of 4-5 times. It currently has 472 Kilometers and that will not change. The bike is titled which is very difficult as these early SP bikes came with a MSO that said FOR RACING USE ONLY across the bottom and had incomplete VIN numbers with Asterisks taking up 2 of the digits. The actual VIN of this bike is ZDM888S*000551* The VIN area would not allow this to be entered so i entered teh number as it appears on the title. Bike is 888 displacement with Racing Transmission. Racing Pistons, Racing Cases, Racing Rods ect. This was the best you could get in 1991 and is in my opinion the best and the last of the true handmade Ducatis. This bike has lived in my house or in my shop since I got it in 2006. It has never gotten wet, damaged, scratched ect. It is perfect.

The bike comes with the following:

Owners Manual
Original Tool Kit
2 Keys
Cagiva Limited Warranty Paperwork
Ducati Owners ID Card ( Green/White Card)
Ducati Purchase and Warranty Registration ( Original Paperwork that tech filled out before delivery to customer. Selling Dealer was Cycle Specialties Athens GA )
Photo Copy of MSO

The bike currently has the following modifications: 41T rear sprocket with Gold DID ERV Chain as the 39 is way to tall for street riding with the racing transmission. Carbon Fiber Ducati Corse Swingarm End Caps and a 48T Slipper Clutch.

I can supply the original parts with the bike as I believe I still have the original chain, rear sprocket and stock clutch and the gold unused swingarm end caps.

There are no known defects on the bike. When I rode the bike I had removed the original wheels so they are now back on with 0 miles. The tires and brake rotors show only the wear of the bike being pushed around the shop they have never been on the road. This is probably the most collectible of the 888 / 851 series bikes and is absolutely beautiful.



1991 Ducati 851 SP3 with under 300 Miles!