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Slingshot, engage: Road-worn 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750

Slingshot Gixxers have gained value over the last couple years on the strength of their reputation as basically the earliest available fully modern street legal sportbike. Short of an astronomically expensive RC30, a late ’80s GSX-R is about as close as you’ll get to a vintage bike that rides like something from this century. Beyond that, they carry a mystique born of their world-beating pace when new. The awe they inspired when they debuted has evolved into full-on legend status.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale on eBay

With the help of redesigned fairings and suspension, 17-inch rubber and a new rack of flatslide Mikunis, the ’88 Gixxer burst on the scene with technology and pace that was unheard of at the time, especially for something so light. Back then, the lack of water cooling didn’t raise any eyebrows, though Suzuki did have to get creative with oil cooling to keep the things running properly. The 750cc inline four commanded 112 horses in street trim, and the bodywork had been slickened to reduce the mill’s effort.

This 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 is in unrestored, original condition, except for some exhaust and airbox mods. Whereas many of these bikes are either hammered or babied, this one strikes a nice balance of looking like a bike that was well looked-after, but ridden as it should have been and stored without huge regard for the cosmetics. If you’re looking for a rider and you don’t care about looks too much, seek no more. If you’re looking for an easy restoration that doesn’t require a nut-and-bolt re-work, here’s your steed. The seller is quite proud that the bike rides on its original tires, but we’d have those suckers swapped out in a heartbeat.

From the eBay listing:

1988 GSX-R 750 Slingshot. This is a true Survivor, never been touched with the exception of the exhaust. Runs and performs perfectly. I do have the original air box also. Original tires that are in excellent condition for their age. The tires tell the story of this bike, it has been rode less than 500 miles a year. Some of the clear is peeling from decales (normal for the age of the bike). Right fairing has crack by lamp (see pic) and solo seat has small crack in rear, quick fix if you want but, I would leave it alone as bike is a survivor! Hate to see this bike go but, must make room and that is the only reason while it is going up for sale! I will listen to any reasonable offers!
Also bike comes with really nice matching Suzuki jacket cost was $550.00 when bought! Email any question you might have and also see another listing of mine on a 1989 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that is also up for sale!

At $5,000, the asking price is right at what Hagerty says an excellent example should go for. With fairly low miles, great patina and rising interest in these machines, he might not be too far off.


  • 18,000 miles on the original tires? can that be right? I guess if those were mostly straight up highway miles and there was no pushing it through the twistees involved . .

  • I’m with you Jack. There is no way a bike whether highway straights or twisty roáds could have 18k miles. I would love to see the datè code on those tirès.

  • Just to clarify my previous post, I am referring to the tires, not the bike. 🙂

  • Seriously? Why did you guys post this bike? This is a Craigslist ad. Let’s tighten up the RSBFS selections. I have a “K” model and the one posted is not worthy for the likes of these pages and followers.

  • Ha ha, maybe they are retreads. 🙂

  • Striking looks, even till this day. I owned one of these years ago and miss it to some extent. If anyone is considering buying one…….. test 2nd gear as they’re notorious for slipping out of gear at high revs. Not a good problem which manifests when you have a pillion. I knew of two at the time having the issue.

  • One of my favorite Gixxer color schemes, the red ones are always faster 🙂

  • ATXBlake. Is the 1988 gsxr750 a rare sport bike (yes). Is this particular bike for sale (yes). I rest my case.

  • If those are the original tires you’d be out of your mind to even ride that bike down the street.

  • I have to agree with Norcal Joe on this. The 1988 GSX-R 750 is a rare sportsbike and it is for sale. The fact that it is not a garage queen does not disqualify it from being posted on this website. I applaud the guys for posting this bike. It also sold for the asking price of $5k.

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