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Fresh Street Racer: 1993 Ducati 888 SP05

The Ducati 888 filled the gap between the brand-redefining 851 and the legendary 916, bumping the 851’s fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, four-valve L-twin to 888cc. The inbetweener status didn’t phase the bike much, though, as it was enough for Doug Polen to net back-to-back World Superbike championships in ’91 and ’92. Production ended in ’94 as the world geared up for the Tamburini-penned 916. Ducati sent fewer than 300 to the States.

1993 Ducati 888 SPO5 for sale on eBay

This 1993 Ducati 888 SP05 is number 270 of 500, and has covered just 125 miles since its original UK delivery. The SP versions of the 888 never made it to our roads, as they couldn’t get past American DOT laws. Now that the bike has reached the magic 25-year mark, it might be possible to bring it in and secure registration, though it probably should be ridden sparingly.

From the eBay listing:


We are pleased to present the opportunity to own a very rare collectable Ducati 888 SP5. This example is number 270 of just 500 made. A beautiful 1993 model having covered just 125 miles from new. This is the ultimate concourse example and the best we have ever seen

This bike is supplied with the original handbook, and will have a full belt service and MOT prior to the new owner taking possession.

The 888 was a motorcycle manufactured as an upgrade to the 851. The earlier 851 had introduced liquid cooling, computerised fuel injection and four-valve heads to Ducati’s two cylinder motors. After increasing the capacity of the 851 to 888 cc they then released the iconic 888 SP5 in 1993.

A small deposit will secure this Ducati and we offer finance packages to suit and can also arrange delivery both UK and worldwide.

The bike is listed with a classified ad, meaning that the price — about $55,000 USD — won’t change over the course of the listing.


  • You have to be high on crack to pay that much.

  • The guy’s wife told him to sell some bikes so he’s trying to keep the peace by putting them on the block at totally unreasonable prices 🙂 But honey, I’m trying to sell them, there just aren’t any buyers…

  • I’ll see your $50,000 SP5 and raise you to $105,000 for a 1299 Superleggera https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ducati-1299-Superleggera-/182741459749?hash=item2a8c3d6325

  • Well. That’s just ridiculous. But… Based on the way things are these days; I’d be willing to bet tomorrow’s bowl of breakfast cereal that somebody (equally) ridiculous will come along and buy it. Just to say they “Can.” (sigh)

  • I was looking at their website this week. Some pretty amazing bikes with some pretty amazing prices. Still, where do you find another one in that condition or with that many miles?

  • My wife and I are hoping to make it to the UK next year and stopping by here is definitely on the list!


  • I don’t think the price is that outta control. No miles, iconic bike and old ducati’s never seem to slip on their prices. The superleggera is no surprise, two of them had sold signs on them when I stopped by Newport Beach Ducati a few months ago, both sold for north of $80K…they justify the price with the carbon and fused in Titanium frame as well as the other boatload of carbon and ti it takes to make these things….I for one can’t image paying 80K+ for it. Plus, it’s not like there’s only 5 of them… Really like that cool little plaque on this Ducati, so classic Ducati! Too much for me but sure is a beautiful bike!

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