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The Fine Print – 1998 Suzuki TL1000R

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Suzuki’s TL1000R wasn’t quite ready for bare-knuckle competition, but over-engineered for the road and it was the only Suzuki sportbike configured the big twin way.  This TLR looks quite original with low miles, a few notable upgrades and that Bo Diddley beat from the hybrid gear/chain cam drive.

1998 Suzuki TL1000R for sale on eBay

Based on the earlier TL-S engine, the TLR’s was hotted up for Superbike duty with dual injectors, forged pistons, and more aggressive cams.  With a little tilt and a massive twin-beam chassis wide enough to put the swingarm pivot very close to the final drive sprocket, engineers achieved a wheelbase under 55 inches.  The wind tunnel-designed nose almost gets ahead of the front fender, with stacked radiators making room for ram air intakes.

Presented by an Alabama race-prep and service shop, this TL1000R looks excellent, showing just over 8,100 miles.  Just one stress crack is pictured on the left fairing, and paint and decals are said to be all original.  Shown in various states of undress, the bike has been comprehensively serviced for the next owner.  Way too many details to be printed here, but a worthwhile read.  Just the opening comment from the eBay auction – 

Original – non butchered – well preserved – climate control stored entire life. 25 years has passed already and this thing is still as sexy looking as any bike being currently manufactured. 

Mileage is only 8,183. This bike needs absolutely nothing. Clear Alabama title in hand.

If you’re looking for a premium example of a non molested and non abused – FIRST YEAR version of Suzuki’s almighty V-Twin Ducati slayer – you have found it! Extremely low miles and well appointed. Ready for museum display or a good haul through some mountain twisties.

This stunning machine needs absolutely nothing. It is a collector’s masterpiece and a valuable part of motorcycling history. Bike fires on an instant and idles smooth and steady. Throttle is crisp and raspy – a definite monster to be unleashed. These beasts are becoming more and more rare and collectible as time passes. 

Some of Suzuki’s chassis work went toward keeping handling sharp in an admittedly heavy package, and the bike gained a bit of a reputation.  The factory had GSX-R and TLR race teams going for a short time, and when the decision had to be made the twin got the back burner.  But a close study of the un-faired pictures show how serious Suzuki was about their effort, and what a great example the next owner will have.


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Scantily Clad – 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000R

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In the super-naked segment since 2002, Aprilia found it a good place to show off their chassis engineering and 998 cc V-twin.  Today’s Tuono looks great with its transformer bodywork in a monochrome checkerboard, and a few pairs of seemingly unused bobbins.

2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000R for sale on eBay

The Tuono had plenty of thunder between the alloy frame spares, and cooked up 139 hp with the dry sump, four-cam twin.  Tank and seat console are shared with the superbike, but the tapered bars are more conventional, giving a comfortable upright riding position.  Showa USD forks and Sachs monoshock are multi-adjustable and rely on the 320mm Brembo brakes to keep things in perspective.  The bikini fairing makes a helmet-sized hole in the wind, and the radiator shrouds send the rest around the rider.

The 26,647 miles have been kind to this Tuono, with just an isolated smudge and just a few minor farkles.  The newish eBay dealer doesn’t offer any history, but says that a rear stand accompanies the bike.  Notes from the eBay auction –


While not the fire-breathing WSBK example, the Tuono has a lot on the ball and won’t require a trip to the chiropractor when it’s over.  It might make it out of the garage more often than the RSV, and on the road the speed difference on the road wouldn’t amount to much.  As good as this Tuono looks, it can’t be described as new, but packs a nice punch for the ask.


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Backdated – 2007 Kawasaki ZX-10R

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About halfway between Doug Chandler’s team Muzzy AMA championships and Jonathan Rea’s string of WSBK titles, Kawasaki was making their way back to superbike fame in the mid oughties.  Here’s a 175 hp ZX-10R with a slick 90’s livery and lightweight side exhaust.

2007 Kawasaki ZX-10R for sale on eBay

Kawasaki had developed the ZX-10R from the 9oo a few years before, but the 2006 update focused on racing success, with a smoother transmission, slipper clutch, and better brakes thanks to individual brake pads for each caliper piston.  The dual mufflers needed extra volume and hung outboard of the pillion.  Twin alloy spars hold the engine from above and behind, keeping the package as slim as possible.  43mm is the dimension of the four throttle bodies as well as the inverted cartridge forks.  Super-clean conformal turn signals might have been a designer’s thesis project.

Most often seen in your choice of primary colors with black trim, this ZX-10R has sharp retro paint that riders of a certain vintage will appreciate.  Often a custom begins with some damage history and a close look at the throttle side shows some support for that possibility.  Not seeing any other particular marks, and the tail is lightened considerably by the single Mass Moto exhaust.  Normal for EuroCycle in Vegas, comments or history will have to be had over the phone.

Rather more modern than an actual 1990’s Kawi, the ZX-10R still pre-dates any electronic conscience, so with 175 hp the rider should know their stuff.  Even more so when concave tank almost invites the rider to tuck in behind the windscreen and push it a little.


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Be the Speed – 1983 Laverda RGS1000 with 7,671 Miles !

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In the moto business since 1949 ( and agricultural engines way before that ), Laverda saw the lights of the oncoming bullet train in the late 1960’s and set to developing a three-cylinder engine.  The RGS featured new developments all around and this example looks just about as delivered.

1983 Laverda RGS1000 for sale on eBay

Laverda’s air-cooled triple had been in the line-up since 1969, and the RGS had the latest double overhead cams and 120-degree crankshaft.  A conservative 83 hp were on rubber isolators, with 32mm Dell’Orto carbs and a 5-speed transmission.  Marzocchi dampers and 280mm Brembo brakes were premium components for the time, along with 18-inch alloys.  Innovative footpeg carriers and fuel filler were distinctive and complemented the bodywork which flowed from headlight to tailcone.

Offered by an eBay consigner, this Lav is reportedly in Illinois and looks pampered.  Might be ridden occasionally but at 39 years young, not very far.  Just the 3-into-1 exhaust, oil cooler, fork brace and what seems to be a Corsa brake upgrade catch the eye, besides the overall unrestored beauty.  Some of the detailed comment in the eBay auction –

The cosmetic condition of this machine is just as good as it looks in the photos. Every finish on the machine is original. No part of the bike has been re-finished. The running condition of the machine is flawless, starting immediately. This bike has been part of the owner’s collection for a while and is ridden on a regular basis. It runs and rides with absolutely no issues.

As you can also see from the photos, the machine has had absolutely no restoration performed to any part of it. The condition is exactly what it looks like in the photos. I have been a fan of Laverda for some time, and have had two of these RGS machines in the past as well as this one.

The paint on the tank, side covers, and cowl is, as far as I can tell, original, and have never had any type of paintwork or touchup. The bike has never been in any type of accident or been dropped at any time.

The machine has 7,671 original miles on it, and is in perfect running condition with a compression test having being recently performed. The cosmetic condition of the engine finishes, apart from some minor age freckling, is very nice, with the aluminum and cast parts being particularly beautiful for their age.

The seat is original and in perfect condition, and the rear cowl is easily removable, allowing for two up riding. The wheels are original to the machine, are the rarer and more desirable gold version, stamped Laverda, and are in very nice original condition. Please note the original specification smoked windscreen is present and in beautiful original condition.

The RGS 1000 runs and rides the way you expect a machine with this type of mileage to run. All of the mechanical components have been checked over to ensure they work properly including the clutch and brakes, which were recently serviced and adjusted.  The carbs were completely gone through this season and function perfectly, and there is a new battery installed.

Laverda had a long racing history and produced some beautifully equipped road bikes, but without a gazillion smaller bike sales to fund development, even their latest designs were a little quirky and relatively expensive.  But sometimes a fascinating, Euro-centric design with provenance is just the ticket, and if this era and continent strike a chord, it might be a while before a nicer example is available.


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Orange Crush – One Owner 2003 Kawasaki Z1000

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Thought this might be a re-paint when the eBay listing popped up, but one was on the street a couple of days later in living color.  Parked in the overlap between the UJM and hooligan universes, this Z1000 has high miles, great cosmetics, and a rather low hurdle to ownership.

2003 Kawasaki Z1000 for sale on eBay

On the leading edge of the super-naked segment, Kawasaki re-hosted the ZX9R engine, with a 2.2 mm overbore and 11.2-to-1 compression.  127 hp was the result, with two-stage 38mm throttle bodies making throttle response extra snappy.  Handling was sharp for a liter as well, thanks to the snug 1420 mm wheelbase and 24-degree rake of the steering head.  Stylists grafted the seat fairing from ZX6R, giving the Z1000 a riding position in line with its intent and making an angular call for the rest of the fairings and exhaust to answer.

A motorbike mechanic won the grand prize of a 2003 AMA membership drive, and has garaged, cared for, ridden and polished the exhausts on this Z1000 extensively.  Condition looks excellent overall, with just an isolated imperfection.  A small plaque commemorates the AMA origins, and the owner has these notes in the eBay auction:

  • I have been the only owner of this bike. It starts right up and runs great. The wheels are straight and tires good. I am a professional motorcycle mechanic, the bike has been garage kept and well maintained it’s whole life. It is a little more orange than the photos show. Has a new battery. The fuel tank is not rusty. The exhaust has no scrapes or dents.
  • There is a scratch on the right top muffler. There is the slightest ding on the top left on the tank, very light. There is a very small round chip on the same side of the tank.
  • Comes with the owners manual, with a maintenance log, and a Kawasaki factory manual. There is a K&N in the air box. The original rear seat comes with the bike. 
  • This bike was the Grand Prize for the 2003 American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) membership drive.

All those miles account for the low buy-it-now, but a newer rider will have to try and not make the wrong mistake with the performance that engine and chassis offer.  At the end of the season some fresh tires will give the Z1000 a new-bike feeling for next year.


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Ultra Suede – 1982 Suzuki GS1000SZ Katana

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Clearly owned by a fan, today’s Katana has been kept quite original without being a carpet queen.  Rarely seen without the red tank lettering, this might an interesting alternate color scheme.

1982 Suzuki GS1000SZ for sale on eBay

The Katana looked long and lean, but wasn’t substantially longer than the year before’s UJM, and the weight wasn’t anything to brag about.  But it did have scads of power and a fairing that was surprisingly effective.  The design by Hans Muth and Target Design tipped a hat to his previous employer BMW and the R65LS, but was more comprehensive with the angular tank and seat.  Though the mechanicals were typical Hamamat-superbike, some valve timing was adjusted, carburetor jet sizes changed, and forks were a center-axle design with anti-dive.  Suzuki’s take on rear sets and clip-ons gave riders an all-business riding position that made them ready for the outstanding brakes.

Not seeming to have been a show bike, this Katana is extra clean and damage-free.  The extended windscreen looks like a more recent addition than the too small Yoshimura muffler.  Too bad there’s no easy way to shorten the factory rear fender by about half, since its complete removal goes a bit far.  Headers cry for attention but the Jet-Hot guy is just a phone call away.  Bare comments from the eBay auction:

Super clean bike with all original parts and 20,501 miles. Bike has had two owners. Clean VIN. Located in Ellicott City, Maryland. Carburetors just rebuilt.

Though the Euro design wasn’t universally popular, its performance per dollar won over many riders.  Elements of the design popped up on a wide variety of Suzuki’s over the years, as has the Katana name.  The factory went to the effort of homologating the SZ for AMA Superbike competition, but it would fall to the GSX-R to bring home a title.  Equipped with much more than the average motorbike’s personality, the original Katana still grabs eyeballs almost 40 years on.


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Up a Notch – 1992 Yamaha FZR1000

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As much of an upstart as the original FZR1000 was in 1987, later design revisions took the superbike to the next level.  Today’s FZR is an elegant survivor with just under 13,000 miles.

1992 Yamaha FZR1000 for sale on eBay

Yamaha’s 1,002 cc Genesis had 5 valves per cylinder from the start, a great technical achievement until the EXUP power valve ( and 10 hp ! ) were added in 1989.  Because of the stretched power band, it’s ok with a 5-speed transmission.  The alloy DeltaBox chassis got revisions in 1989 and again in 1991, with the addition of upside-down Kayaba forks.  320mm brakes had plenty of oomph and reviewed with good feel via the 4-piston calipers.  Clip-ons under the triple clamp are routine in the sportbike world but not so much in the liter category, they draw the rider over the tank and make the fairing’s protection more easily accessible.

Evidently hidden away in a suburban Iowa garage for some of its life, this FZR appears excellent with just a Vance & Hines exhaust and smoked windscreen as visible mods.  Comments from the eBay auction:

Here is an excellent example of one of the legendary sportbikes from the 80’s and 90’s. This bike is in above average condition with minimal chips and scratches. Well cared for with only 12,900 miles. This bike has been kept up on maintenance and needs nothing other than a rider, or stow it away in your collection. These bikes are becoming more and more valuable and extremely hard to find in this condition. 

In 1991 a further redesign of the FZR resulted in the release of the FZR1000RU EXUP, upside-down telescoping forks were fitted and the front fairing was fitted with a single headlight, generally regarded to be the definitive FZR1000 which this bike is.  This bike has a few tasteful mods – Vance & Hines SS2R exhaust that gives it that superbike sound, and a lightly tinted windscreen.

Yamaha got it very right with the FZR1000, to the point that Cycle World named it the bike of the decade, and it even beat the FZR600 around the technical Streets of Willow road course.  Lighter than expected at just over 500 lbs., when 145 hp were applied and balanced on 60-series tires, it became a nimble projectile.



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Flying Brick – 1987 BMW K100RS with just 21,536 Miles !

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BMW wagered heavily on the future with the K-series, and took their water cooled four ( and triple ) into the sunset.  This RS variant is five years into the model’s run and has an understated magnificence.

1987 BMW K100RS for sale on eBay

Bayerischen had been considering the proper successor to its almost universal air cooled flat twin, and settled on the distinctive side-winding inline engine, with Bosch fuel injection.  With four valves per cylinder it made 90 hp for the RS and worked seamlessly with the factory’s shaft drive.  The chassis holds the engine from above, supported by right-side-up forks and the monolever rear end.  Brembo brought their triple slotted disk brakes, and even ABS was optional.  Always thinking longer haul, the Rennsport had a larger 18-inch front wheel, and an almost 6-gallon tank.

This Canadian owner hasn’t owned his RS forever, but chose carefully and took great care with it.  It’s the top model in a premium color and rarely out in the weather.  BMW-specific maintenance is recent, with fuel injection pump and shaft drive taken care of.  New tires, brakes and fork seals, and a nice day-only leather seat.  If exportation paperwork is available then re-importing to USA should be a snap.  Comments from the eBay auction:

Garage kept all its life, meticulously maintained by mature owner. In beautiful rare special order mother pearl white paint with hand painted red pin striping from the BMW factory, this was a substantial higher cost option. You can see gold in the paint when the sun or the light shines on it. 

With 1000cc longitudinal DOHC inline flat 4 cylinder engine, liquid cooled, fuel injected which was very rare on motorcycles in the 1980’s. Super silky smooth, with triple Brembo drilled disk brakes and shaft drive.  New Bosch fuel pump, new fuel screen filter, new rubber mount/vibration damper for fuel pump, new fuel filter, new fuel lines, new fuel cap rubber seal. New spark plugs, new air filter. 

New professionally reupholstered seat with real leather, not vinyl, with custom fitted gel pad in seat for driver for extra comfort and soft rubber grips on handlebars for extra comfort. New coolant, new thermostat, new radiator hose. New rear brake reservoir, new rear brake hose line from reservoir to master cylinder, new rear brake pads. New front and back Pirelli tires. Brake fluid flushed. Recent front fork seals and front brake pads. 

The driveshaft spline was lubed at 16,000 miles. New Battery in July/2018. Oil and filter changed every year regardless of mileage and has now been changed again for the 2021 season. Only use high 94 octane fuel.  Inside the factory aluminum fuel tank looks like new. Comes with extra new fuel cap rubber seal, extra new gear shifter rubber, motorcycle cover, battery tender. 

Also has all original manuals, plus Clymer shop manual, original BMW tire repair kit, original tool kit, also both original keys. 

Like a lot of things BMW, the design and build were quite durable, and the successor K1100 took the RS through 1996.  Sporty for a tourer, the RS was quick but only a long-term threat to a lightweight sportbike.  And the flat twin survived, in oil-cooled then water cooled form, and may outlast all the four-bangers.  Hoping this RS will find the owner to extend its run many more seasons.