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Power Corrupts – 1993 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Donn 3

Suzuki made so many substantive changes to the first water-cooled GSX-R1100 that reviewers were knocked cold and only colors were updated for 1994. Today’s GSX-R has low mileage, typical period mods, and excellent cosmetics.

1993 Suzuki GSX-R1100 for sale on eBay

Quite a few engine changes accompanied the switch from oil to water cooling – a slight decrease in displacement, with increased compression and bigger valves power came to 156 hp.  The alloy chassis was constructed of pressed, cast and forged elements, with many of the extruded parts having five sides.  While happy that the suspension was fully adjustable, most reviewers noted that changes should only be made incrementally, the delivered settings were that good.  The 500-lb. barrier came and went, but the sharp chassis and 6-piston brakes made for a lighter feel under way.

With under 15K miles, this GSX-R shows well and appears complete.  Rear signals and fender have been changed, but fairings seem to be original along with the sought after factory front turn signals.  Tires might take a close inspection before a run for glory, and the smooth pillion cover might be a better idea than a co-rider.  Notes from the eBay auction –


Always plenty of GSX-R1100 parts on eBay. Shop Now!

Though a bit of a beast, Suzuki engineers managed to keep the WP’s powerplant trim and even lower in the chassis.  Beside increasing power, water cooling provided better longevity, part of the reason these continue to reappear.  Photos are good but not comprehensive, showing a very clean GSX-R deserving of at least more investigation.


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Cheap as Chips – 1998 Bimota SB6R

Mike 2

One time RSBFS contributor and long-term RSBFS friend Marty pointed out this pretty SB6R in the UK with the following note: “Back in the day, the joke on RSBFS was that Bimota SB6’s couldn’t be counted as a Rare Sport Bike because there were always ones for sale on eBay and other sites. Sadly those days are gone…” And this was generally true; the Bimota SB6 series was one of the most popular bikes from the Rimini brand, and were regularly found on eBay and other sites. Today that is not longer true, and one has to look considerably longer to find a decent example (if any at all). And to top it off, today’s SB6 variant is the desired R-spec model. So quicker than you can say “Robert is your father’s brother” let’s dig into it.

1998 Bimota SB6R for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1998 BIMOTA SB6R (not to be confused with the cheaper SB6)
For sale is this HPI CLEAR SB6R
Vehicle Registration Mark: P*** ***.
HPI Category: This bike is HPI clear with no outstanding finance.
V5 present: Yes, the V5 and owners manual are here.
Keys: 1x Genuine Bimota key.
Does bike run: YES and it sounds really good.
Mileage: Just 1562 miles (backed up by MOT history) although I cannot guarantee it. Close inspection of the hidden areas of the bike suggest that it may be true as its very clean.
MOT: All of our bikes are untested and sold as projects. Despite this Im happy to get it through a MOT for the FULL asking price.

More from the seller:
Bad points/Damage: This bike has a few light marks around it from usage. The right hand mirror, right edge of the petrol tank and the right hand frame spar all have some scratching on (see pics). This was all done before I bought the bike so I cant explain it. Please study the pics as this description is just a guide!

More from the seller:
Good points/Extras: This is a Genuine UK bike from new and has just 2 former keepers. Ive ridden it and it goes well. Being the R model it has loads of carbon fibre (including the entire subframe) and has the uprated motor over the standard SB6. It is very low mileage (although I cannot guarantee it) and these rare bikes are currently appreciating in value. I am in no rush to sell this bike as its a lovely thing to own and it wont go down in value.

For those not well versed in their Bimota nomenclature, the “S” in the SB6R stands for Suzuki. In this case, the power is supplied by Suzuki’s mighty 156 HP GSX-R1100 drivetrain. This is the 6th generation of Suzuki-powered Bimotas (the B6 in the title), offering Bimota’s sublime aluminum twin-beam frame and that beautiful embossed aluminum swing arm. The huge front forks are Paioli, rear shock is Ohlins, and the beefy big brakes are, as expected, top-shelf from Brembo. The rest is pretty much carbon fiber.

Located in the west midlands area of the UK (think more Birmingham than London), today’s SB6R is being offered as a 2 owner bike with only 1,562 miles on the LCD counter. This bike has seen some use, and exhibits some minor bumps and bruises. The current ask is £11,000 – which equates to about $13,300 in US greenbacks. You can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


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Featured Listing – 1996 Suzuki GSX-R1100W!

Mike 0

Update 2.10.23: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

The legend that is the Suzuki GSX-R began stateside in 1986. The original air/oil cooled slab sided model was followed by the Slingshot era, denoting rounder flanks and tweaks to the engine tuning. And when the air/oil cooling had reached its maximum efficiency, traditional water cooling was finally introduced in a quest for more power. From the mid 1980s through the late 1990s the big Gixxer went through many iterations and changes, gaining some weight along the way and evolving into a different machine altogether. And with the collection world crying out for original Slabbies, and the rise in valuation of the Slingshot models, the latter year water pumpers will not be far behind. Today’s Featured Listing is just that: A beautiful 1996 GSX-R1100. The seller (a long time RSBFS reader) has included a lot of information and pictures on this bike, so I’ll let him take it away:

1996 Suzuki GSX-R1100 for sale on eBay!

From the seller:
1996 Suzuki GSX-R1100W
VIN: JS1GU75A4T2101204
CURRENT MILEAGE: 9303 (May very slightly due to us test riding the bikes, generally less than 200 miles)

This particular example is one of the last years of the GSXR1100W (Water Cooled) models and is arguably one of the best color schemes of the 90’s only offered one year. The water cooled version of the GSXR 1100 was made from 93-98 and the last 4 years of its model run came with an upgraded racing inspired over braced aluminum swingarm and a reduction in weight that made this the most powerful of all the 1100s as well the lightest and fastest of the W generation. These bikes are fast becoming as collectible as their predecessors the original 1986 “Slab side” and subsequent 1988 “Slingshot” oil cooled models with values now reaching over $10000 for any fully restored or clean original survivor. This one is wearing its factory original paint and plastic and is as clean as any that would be sitting in a museum or private collection. Aside from a few VERY minor chips on the right side fairing and the leading edge of the silencer and an extremely minor scratch in the clearcoat of the fuel tank on the right side where your leg rests against this bike is flawless and would still be clean enough for any avid Suzuki collector to leave in their living room or personal museum.

More from the seller:
Vance and Hines full SSR exhaust $1000
Dynojet stage 1 jet kit $125
K&N air filter $75
Zero gravity blue tinted windscreen $75
Clear alternatives integrated tail light $125
Flush mount LED front signals $25
Rear fender eliminator kit $50
OEM factory solo seat cowl $400
Factory rear shock upgraded to a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 OEM shock $200

Total Upgrade Parts Cost (Without labor or shipping) $1675!!!


More from the seller:
If you look under the plastic you will see the paint on the engine looks factory fresh and is not discolored or faded in the least. There is NO rust or oxidation anywhere on this bike and its still wearing its factory chain as the OEM blue master link shows. This is a great bike to take to your cars and coffee as these were common enough any superbike nut over 30 remembers them from their childhood but they are so uncommon to see in this condition nowadays it always draws a crowd with its lively paint scheme and graphics that exude typical 90’s Suzuki style. Everything on this one is period correct from the Zero Gravity windscreen to the full Vance and Hines exhaust and smoked clear alternatives tail light and lockhart phillips mini signals.

This bike could very easily be put back to factory original if someone so desired that was adding it to a museum but as a gorgeous fair weather weekend rider it has the perfect blend of performance upgrades that would have been appropriate at the time back in the late 90’s which makes for a much nicer look, sound, and ride. The rear shock was replaced with a newer unit off a 2007 GSXR 1000 for improved ride quality but we do have the original stock shock as well to go with it. We do not have the stock exhaust or windscreen but those items are still readily available on ebay used if a collector wanted to source them. The bike does have a GENUINE OEM CORRECT COLOR OPTIONAL SEAT COWL as shown which cost $400 NOS from Europe as they haven’t been available in the US for many years and is a VERY rare piece. The original passenger seat in excellent condition is included as well. This is a very rare opportunity to own a piece of supersport history and one of the rarest members of the GSX-R family of racebikes.

It is rare to find such a clean and well preserved example of the latter years of the GSX-R1100 line. As the seller correctly states, many of these fell into the hands of riders who used them as stunter bikes and overpowered street hooligan antics. As is common with more mass produced models, values fell as time went on. But we see time and again, well cared for examples begin to rise in valuation as the supply of clean bikes dwindles. This is no thrashed and abused example, and it shows. And the fact that it can all be put back to stock with the included parts – save exhaust and windscreen – shows it.

This auction is going on now, with a Buy It Now of $8,950 – or best offer. You can also jump to the seller’s website ( for more information. Look through the pictures, do your own research, and you will likely come to the same conclusion: these late generation water cooled Gixxers are the next in line for collector status. Get in while you can, because the slab-sided ship has already sailed and the Slingshot boat is leaving the dock. Arguably the best of the last-gen models, this 1996 Suzuki GSX-R1100 is beautifully sorted and perfectly suited for the collector / rider set. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Added Lightness: 1995 Bimota SB6 for Sale

Tad Diemer 8

Bimota’s tried-and-true formula is on display in the exotic SB6: take a powerful Japanese lump, hang it from an innovative frame and top-quality suspension, and then wrap it in wildly futuristic bodywork. In this case, the “lump” was from Suzuki, the liquid-cooled 1074cc inline four and five-speed gearbox that powered the final iteration of their GSX-R1100. Straight-line performance increases came from the Bimota’s extreme weight loss program: the donor GSX-R weighed in at 487lbs dry, compared to the SB6’s 419lbs.

Aside from the swoopy, carbon-fiber bodywork, the most distinctive feature of the SB6 was the massive aluminum frame that was designed around Bimota’s “Straight Connection Technology” that, put simply, linked the steering head as directly as possible to the swingarm pivot. The concept was simple enough, but difficult in practice, since the improved chassis rigidity came at the expense of packaging: the thick aluminum spars block access to several critical components. This example appears to use a set of white-faced dials that look like the Veglia components used on contemporary Ducatis, but earlier bikes used the donor GSX-R1100’s dash and gauges.

Note that the seller’s description below refers to “batteries.” You’re not reading that wrong: the SB6 had two 6-volt batteries wired in series. I’m sure this made sense at the time, possibly to distribute the weight of heavy lead-acid batteries more efficiently, but is definitely a hassle now. Not to mention that I’ve heard from someone who used to work on them that the battery tray had a bad habit of falling out!

In addition, in true Lotus-ish fashion, anything not absolutely necessary was left off in the interest of saving weight. That means the exhaust is almost as self-supporting as the tail section and has a habit of cracking at the headers. Hey, do you want to be a Bimota owner or not? The SB6 was a pretty big hit for boutique Bimota: approximately 1200 of the first-generation bikes were built, although production of the later SB6R was unfortunately cut short, with just 600 produced.

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Bimota SB6 for Sale

1995 Bimota SB6. Rare, NO RESERVE  excellent condition, runs well, 15k original miles, new batteries, bike has been stored in a heated hanger, selling for senior owner that no longer rides. Clean California title, never laid down. Paint is excellent, rare color combo. Front windshield has minor scratch. Small mesh tear in rear fairing, super easy fix. We at buyers expense can ship worldwide. Questions 503-999-0790 bike has not been detailed, it will clean up very nice. Rare opportunity to acquire a iconic Bimota! These bikes are very undervalued and will do nothing but go up in value .

Bidding for this Italian exotic is up to around $4,200 at the time of writing. Recent examples I’m aware of have sold for shockingly low figures, although I don’t imagine that will last forever. These are relatively simple, compared to modern motorcycles, and parts to keep the Suzuki engine easy to source, but keep in mind that these low-production exotics were a bit fragile. In addition, although they embodied sound engineering concepts, they didn’t always work as well on the road as they did on paper and had a bit of a shed-built reputation in terms of build quality. None of that would deter me from buying one, but I’ve always .


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From the Cape: 1998 Bimota SB6R

Mike 3

Bimota is known for taking the road less traveled – in order to travel that road faster and with more exclusivity. And while Bimota has had some brilliant successes and failures, it was the SB6R that promised mainstream potential. Housing a GSX-R1100 powerplant magically wrapped in aluminum and fiberglass, the SB6R weighed less than the Suzuki donor bike that gave up the engine and trans. Fast, powerful and looking like it was built to break speed limits everywhere, the SB6R is among the most approachable of the Bimota set, and always worth a closer look.

1998 Bimota SB6R for sale on eBay

While you would be forgiven to lust after a more exotic Bimota – say a VDue or Tesi – the SB6R is a work of art in its own right. Look closely at the details and let the fun begin. Where to start? How about that asymmetrical swing arm, complete with BIMOTA stamped out in raised lettering. Light, trick and very indicative of the level of workmanship. Check out the under tail exhaust poking out shotgun style over the rear wheel. Look at the solo saddle. No passengers on this ride, and there is no faux solo seat cover to confuse the issue. This is a rider’s bike. Check out the Bimota-logo instruments and spend some time on those lovely triple clamps. Yes, those started life out as billet blocks. Even the non-Bimota stuff is gorgeous: the rear Ohlins shock and placement, the right side up Paioli fork with carbon covering and quick release, and the Brembo binders all work together to create art.

From the seller:
On offer is this mint condition Bimota SB6R.
Corse exhausts.
Low mileage, well maintained and serviced recently.
I have also included an additional original rear wheel.
This prime example would make a great addition to any motorcycle collection.
Worldwide shipping is available at competitive rates.

In a sad twist of irony, it was the more exotic Bimota VDue that sealed the fate of the SB6R. With the recalls of the two-stroke machine pushing Bimota into bankruptcy, a mere 600 SB6Rs were produced – far fewer than anticipated. That makes this particular bike a bit rare. Unfortunately in this case rare does not immediately equate to expensive. While this was priced above $30,000 when new, these are laregely sub $10k machines today. And that makes them well worth the purchase. Where else can you find the exclusivity and panache that only a Bimota can give you – not to mention the handling and performance – for that kind of dosh? Sure, maintenance is a bit tough on many of these models due to the tight tolerances between the engine, frame and bodywork, but thankfully the Suzuki mill is well neigh bulletproof. Check it out here, as this one is looking for an opening ask of $9,900. That is more than many we have seen recently, but not out of the range of reason by any means. Good Luck!!


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Going the Distance: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Race Replica for Sale

Tad Diemer 7

Well this is obviously not some perfectly-preserved replica, so if that’s a problem, just move along. Me, I’m always glad pristine originals exist in museums, so we can tell what those original, factory-supplied decals on the tank looked like before years of spilled gasoline caused them to flake and peel. But I don’t really want to own those bikes. Original carbon canisters that clutter up a Ducati’s clean lines? Massive exhaust cans that make a superbike sound like a sewing machine? Ugly plastic fenders and bulky signals and all that are optional, in my book. A bike is a blank slate. Sure, you can go too far and create something tacky and ill-advised. But this particular Suzuki GSX-R750 walks that line perfectly, with classic, if not original graphics, and great 80s endurance-racer style.

Flat-slide carbs now feed the air and oil-cooled inline four, but it otherwise retains the classic GSX-R oil-boiler powertrain. The inline four had twin cams and four valves per cylinder, but it saved weight by eschewing a radiator and water cooling system. Instead, Suzuki’s first couple generations of Gixxer used the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System or “SACS” that featured a double-chambered oil pump to circulate and cool the bike’s lubricant, along with oil jets that sprayed the undersides of the pistons.

The colors here match the black-and-red Japanese-market Limited Edition version of the bike, decorated with tasteful period sponsor logos. I don’t know if this Yoshimura setup is period-correct, but it looks the part, and makes the bike look more lithe and nimble, more modern. There may be fans of the huge, perforated cylinder that passed for an exhaust can on the original bike, but I’m not one of them. Stainless-steel braided brake lines are obviously a later edition, but look good and should improve feel from the old-school four-piston calipers. The Fox shock out back should get handling closer to modern standards, and I love the single-lamp endurance-style fairing.

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Race Replica for Sale


You are looking at a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 endurance race bike replica. This GSX-R750 was custom built to race spec but was never raced, it was mostly a show bike, this race build was inspired by the 1986 endurance race bike. The motor was fully race built from the crank up and a lot of performance bolt on parts were added or custom fabricated to replicate the endurance race bike of 1986. This bike is extremely fast and truly feels like a real race bike with the motor modifications and bolt on performance parts. But please feel free to read more about the specifics of this bike and see the pictures for detail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. U.S. and International bidders are welcome to bid on this motorcycle but must arrange shipping themselves…


The body work is all original and is in good condition. There are absolutely no cracks on any of the body panels, but there are some minor nicks and scrapes on a few of the panels.  We took pictures of the body work before all the decals so you can see the decals are not hiding any cracks or paint flaws. The wheels are perfect with no rock chips or scratches anywhere. The frame and engine have no corrosion and are nice and clean. Overall cosmetically this bike is in very nice condition.


The bike runs and rides perfect, and shifts smoothly through all 6 gears. A full service tune-up was performed which included new spark plugs, chain, air filter, brake pads, oil change, new tires, and fluids flushed. All of the lighting, switches and electrical components work as they should.


Professionally fully built motor from crank up, balanced crankshaft, over sized Wiseco pistons, race cams, adjustable camshafts sprockets, extended hardened rocker arms, performance valve springs, titanium valve retainers, and camshafts were degreed top performance race spec. 34mm Mikuni flat slide carbs, velocity stacks and pod filters included. Yoshimura race exhaust, fox fully adjustable rear shock, progressive front springs and emulators, larger 4.0 rear wheel, 520 chain conversion, pro flo clip-ons, larger diameter front brake rotors, braided steel brake lines, 4 piston large calipers. this bike also comes with a full JDM lighting kit for street, which includes JDM turn signals, and front headlight kill switch with city light options too.


This is a great opportunity to buy a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 endurance race replica. This race build was inspired by the original endurance race bikes of the time and was built to closely resemble and perform as the original Suzuki team endurance race bike. If you would like any additional pictures or have any questions please feel free to email us. Domestic & International buyers are welcome to bid but must arrange the shipping themselves. We will however be glad to assist with any loading of the motorcycle.  We have helped with the shipping of motorcycles across the country and overseas for other customers in the past. Please feel free to bid as long as you make the shipping arrangements.

This is a very sharp bike, although the gauges are pretty faded and some other details show the bike’s age. Overall, it seems like a very nice rider, a bike to be enjoyed and shared, not bubble-wrapped or displayed in a museum. Bidding is very active and up to just north of $5,000 with several days left on the listing.


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Featured Listing: 1998 Bimota SB6R for Sale

Tad Diemer 0

Update 8.23.2019: This bike has sold to an RSBFS reader! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

I’m unreasonably fond of the Bimota SB6R, making me possibly the very best or the very worst person at RSBFS to write up this particular Featured Listing. It’s hard to explain why. It’s not the prettiest bike of the era, but somehow the bulbous styling and classic graphics and general Bimota weirdness and current low prices just make it an object of lust for me. This example was originally posted here back in 2016 when it was for sale by the previous owner (for a considerably higher price), and now the current owner wants to pass it along to a new home.

Bikes of the era represent “peak Bimota” to me: earlier machines offered perhaps more of a racing pedigree and later bikes are more refined, but the big, bruising SB6 and YB11, the fabulous but temperamental V Due, the original Tesi, even the classic DB2 all epitomize the handbuilt, race-inspired engineering that exemplifies the brand, even if inconsistent build quality and impractical construction made them frustrating to own. What do I mean? Well the formula for the SB6R was simple: take the honking big inline four from the GSX-R1100 that weighed in at nearly 550lbs full of fluids and put it into a machine weighing in almost 100lbs less. That naturally required the body and frame to be virtually shrink-wrapped around the powertrain, and that led to issues with access when servicing them.

Luckily, that engine is pretty easy to take care of, once you gain access, and the bodywork is made up of very few pieces, making it relatively simple to strip it down. You still have to work around that massive aluminum beam frame, but at least you can admire its industrial beauty while you try to adjust the carburetors… The rest of the bike is as trick as you’d expect from a Bimota: the lowers on the right-way-up Paioli forks were carbon fiber and the fully-adjustable Öhlins shock was tucked in alongside the engine, with the remote adjuster slung underneath.

With supposedly just 600 made, you probably haven’t seen one in person. I’d always loved the front but felt the tail was a bit awkward, but finally seeing one in the flesh changed my mind completely. From the pictures, this one appears to be in very nice cosmetic condition. The miles are now pretty much what they were on the bike back then, which is the only real issue here: it’s largely been sitting as part of a collection, so it will need to be gone-through if you plan to use it on the road. Or on the track, if you’re that kind of lunatic.

From the Seller: 1998 Bimota SB6R for Sale

I have a ’98 Bimota SB6R that I’d like to sell. I bought the bike from a friend who owned Austin Vintage Cycles. He bought it at the Mecum Jan. 2016 auction and has divested his interest in AVC. As such, he sold me the Bimota and a bunch of Ducati Bevel stuff. So neither of us have much info on the bike. However, I recently spoke with the previous owner who took it to Mecum. It was part of a 15 bike collection of interesting bikes all having low mileage in common. He told me he rode the bike once or twice, in 2014 or 2015 and it was ”very fast’’. He had the tank drained prior to the auction but couldn’t remember if the float bowls were drained; I’m guessing not. I’m not sure whether there’s a battery in the bike but it’s certainly dead if it’s there. The bike will therefore need a fairly extensive “going over” before being ready to ride, most likely including new tires. Currently, the bike and title are at the former site of AVC in Leander TX, just north of Austin. We will facilitate shipping with Federal, who we’ve used extensively and are comfortable with them.

  • Frame & Engine Numbers Matching: ZESSB6009WR000010
  • Only 2,505 Original Miles
  • Original Red Paint and Bimota Badges & Decals
  • Carbon Fiber Fairing Inserts and Wheel Covers (Front & Rear)
  • 5-Speed Transmission with Chain Drive
  • Electric Start with White Gauge Cluster (tachometer & speedometer)
  • Liquid Cooled 1,074cc Engine
  • Four Stroke, Transverse Four Cylinder w/DOHC (4 valves per cylinder)
  • Paoli suspension, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels
  • *156 bHP with 174 Top Speed (per Bimota)
  • *29.7 Seat Height and 419 lbs Dry Weight (per Bimota)

All lights and electronics work perfectly. There are blinkers and a mirrors installed so it will easily pass vehicle inspection in Texas.

Price: $8,000 $7,500

The seller is asking $7,500 for the bike, with reasonable offers considered. Obviously, it’s going to need a bit of servicing to get it running, but that’s honestly pretty common when you’re looking at a bike this old. In the plus column, it’s a Suzuki GSX-R1100 motor, so getting parts to make it roadworthy should be dead easy. In the minus column, that Suzuki motor is in a Bimota, which means that installing those parts could be a bit tricky. At the end of the day, the cosmetic condition appears to be excellent, which should be the primary concern for anyone looking to buy a Bimota, since those parts can be difficult and expensive to obtain. I love the SB6R, so hopefully the right person will pick this one up and get it running!


Featured Listing: 1998 Bimota SB6R for Sale

Tad Diemer 0

Today’s Featured Listing is a bit of a flashback. We posted this very clean Bimota SB6R in April of last year and, although it didn’t sell at the time, the owner has been doing what you should do with an Italian exotic: enjoying it, racking up an additional 1,300 miles. That means it’s still collector-bike low with just 4,250 miles in total, but the fact that the seller has been riding it should be a big selling point for anyone looking to buy a 90s Bimota. Too many of these bikes sit, admired and displayed instead of being used in anger, slowly succumbing to neglect. Sculptural they may be, but Italian bikes were meant to be ridden.

Bimota made its name building cutting-edge racebikes, but the SB6R is first and foremost a roadbike. Utilizing Suzuki’s powerful and bulletproof liquid-cooled GSX-R1100 engine that displaced 1074cc, the SB6R wasn’t really eligible for many racing classes. But it was used the very best, competition-worthy components available at the time, with triple Brembo brakes, a Paioli fork up front and an Öhlins shock fitted almost horizontally, and was built with Bimota’s usual attention to detail, using  Lotus-founder Colin Chapman’s philosophy: “light makes right.”

With a claimed 156hp from the eminently tunable Gixxer motor pushing a claimed dry weight of just 419lbs, the SB6R is a massively capable roadbike that can easily keep up with modern machines. Keep in mind that the SB6R weighs nearly 100lbs less than the famously fast GSX-R that was powered by the same engine. The flexible powerplant is backed by Suzuki’s five-speed gearbox that takes advantage of the bike’s huge midrange and 74 lb-ft of torque.

As always with a Bimota, the frame is the real star of the show, something casual observers might overlook at first, with all the curvy carbon fiber bodywork on display. But once you notice those massive aluminum spars, they become the bike’s defining feature. The design utilizes Bimota’s “Straight Connection Technology” concept that prioritizes as direct a link as possible between the steering head and the swingarm pivot. It’s not the most practical way to design and build a frame, but Bimota’s goal was ultimate performance, and the matching, asymmetrical swingarm even has “bimota” embossed in one side for an extra does of craftsmanship.

Make no mistake, this was one of the fastest and most exotic motorcycles of the 1990s. Just 600 were ever made, and the model’s life was cut tragically short when Suzuki discontinued the GSX-R1100, then Bimota’s first bankruptcy ended any dreams of a GSX-R1000 powered follow up. It’s a shame, because the earlier SB6 was one of their best-selling models and I much prefer the looks of the later SB6R. This example has serial number 000023 and includes a lightweight Corse exhaust, a very nice bonus. If you want a different exhaust for your SB6R at this point, pretty much your only other option would be something completely custom.

Featured Listing: 1998 Bimota SB6R for Sale

I have come once again to your fine forum to move a jewel. I know you have featured a few of these, so I wont go through the Bimota propaganda and just get to the meat of what I have done. The usual Bimota story, well heeled individual purchased and rode very little, used more as a object d’art, rather than a mode of transportation for the majority of its life. She is now ready for riding. This thing rips, even with my 6’4″, 220 pound, Yeti-like mass aboard.

  • Equipped  with the Bimota Corse Titanium exhaust
  • Kevlar brake lines
  • Michelins
  • Rebuilt carburetors, new needle valves
  • New NGK plugs
  • Oil and filter
  • New fuel pump from Bimota Classic Parts
  • New petcock from Bimota Classic Parts
  • All new Motion Pro fuel lines
  • New fuel filters
  • Cleaned fuel tank
  • The fuel system is now up to original Bimota factory spec.
  • This bike pulls like a freight train.
  • 2 small cracks in the gauge lens
  • Ridden and on the road
  • Every system functional
  • No issues
  • All paperwork in order.
  • 2 Original Bimota keys.

Price: $11,500
Contact Chris: or 407-492-5854

I can’t stress enough how this one’s recent mileage is critical. Many low-mileage collector bikes have spent a lot of time sitting, and will require hefty sums to get them truly road-worthy again: seals, hoses, gaskets, o-rings, gas tanks, tires… It all adds up. That’s fine if you just want to display your exotic, and Bimotas certainly look good standing still. But these really were meant to run, and if you want a collectible you can also take out on weekends to blitz the back roads, this one’s $11,500 asking price is a relative bargain, considering that the SB6R cost a whopping $35,000 in 1998!