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Buell December 6, 2012 posted by

Set Up And Waiting: 2007 Buell XBRR

Set Up And Waiting:  2007 Buell XBRR


It is waiting for you.  It has had a base set up and then tucked away from the track.  It has travelled a miniscule 10 miles.  This is a chance  to either add a pristine XBRR to your  collection or your chance to test the track with what was Buell’s top dog back in 2007.  Hmm, 150HP and 360lbs, those numbers are either very entertaining or scary depending on your skill level. 

Notes from the seller:

I have all the manuals, disks, PC disks for the ECM and some spare parts plus the original WoodCraft stands for the XBRR. Even have the original battery in a box.
The bike is number 51 of fifty built (the first bike was kept at Buell and another sent to the Barber Museum. Some say a total of 56 but I am not sure. This one is the true last of the series as far as I know.  Vehicle ID# A2LGX05DT73090051

A picture from the bikes one outing. 

I’m told there is quite a bit of magnesium hiding in that engine.  The new Erik  Buell Racing 1190RS can track its’ family tree back to this bike. 

 If you are interested in the bike I’ll refer you to the seller for price and more details.

He can be contacted at




Bimota July 6, 2012 posted by

Friday Mailbag

Hey guys! Back from a bit of a mid-week break, here are all your latest suggestions and rides for sale. Thanks as always and enjoy your weekend!


How about we start with some exotica? Marty sends us not one, not two, but your choice of 3 NR750’s on eBay UK!

This one is brand new for 109k GBP.

This one has 5000 miles for 100k GBP.

The same seller has a 3rd NR750 on it’s way from Japan with less than 3k miles for 89k GBP (as well as a bunch of other RSBFS favorites).

Another quality spot from Marty is this Bimota DB1R shown on BikeEXIF (one of my favorite spots to blow away a Sunday afternoon…)

Longtime RSBFS friend and collector Terry sends us these special finds also on eBay UK.

This is a ZERO mile RC45 for 36k GBP. WOW!

As if the RC45 wasn’t amazing enough, here’s an RC30 with 0 miles to go with it. 40k GBP.

This next group is from Jeremy and are all available in the San Francisco area. Thanks for the legwork man!

1996 Suzuki RGV250 SP VJ23 for $11k

2000 Ducati 996SPS for $10600.

2006 Buell Firebolt XB12R $6990

Mike sends us this link for an upcoming auction for this 1978 Ducati 900SS with under 5k miles.

Buell May 2, 2012 posted by

XBRR Flood Gates Open: 2007 Buell XBRR

XBRR Flood Gates Open:  2007 Buell XBRR

Well that might be a bit of an exaggeration but no sooner do I post the first XBRR I’ve seen for sale and another one pops up.  To top it off, it looks like they have a reasonable price on it and are open to offers as well.

This one has been used for its’ intended purpose but is ready for a new owner.  That frame is a beast!

This XBRR was raced in local circuits years ago.  After it’s last race in Tulsa, we rebuilt the motor using NEW XBRR parts.  NO XB12 or XB9 parts were used in the rebuild.  Since then, it has been on display in our showroom in Joplin.  There comes a day in every business when it is no longer economically viable to keep a $30,995 racing bike when our dealership no longer sponsors a race team.  This bike is not a street legal bike, nor is it a kit build.  This came from the factory as a 150hp, 362 lb, 1339cc monster. 

We’re holding the Manufacturers’s Statement of Origin (MSO) for this machine, so it will title like a new bike.  Please check your local legislation for specifics of titling a track racing bike.

I can hear the gears grinding in your head, “If I get a title, how can I stick lights on it?”.


As I teased above, they are asking $12,500 OBO.  Shoot them an offer and get it back on the track or try to turn it into the baddest Buell on the street.







Buell April 25, 2012 posted by

Purpose Built For The Track: 2007 Buell XBRR

Purpose Built For The Track:  2007 Buell XBRR

It was purpose built for the track but all it is doing is hanging out on a wall.  You are looking at a zero mile 2007 Buell XBRR that has been holding down decoration duty.  If you wanted to go racing on an American made motorcycle with a big air cooled V twin, this was as good as it got.  Approximately 50 were hand built and I can’t imagine there are many left over with not a wheel turned like this one.   Fast forward a few years from 2007 and the dream had turned into a nightmare for Buell. The rocket scientists at Harley Davidson had killed the Buell brand and sold off MV Agusta for nothing, back to the same people they payed millions to  a few years earlier.  The XBRR would end up being the pinnacle for Erik Buell.  Or would it?

Take a look at what the XBRR has evolved into at the new EBR (Erik Buell Racing).


I wasn’t kidding, it is up on a wall.  Original MSRP on these bikes was a hefty $30,000.  The seller is starting his auction at $21,000 with no takers as of this writing.  As a track bike, I have to wonder if its’ time came and went with the new  EBR 1190RS out there.


The info please:

Brand new, never started,Rare, Rare motorcycle.  Only 50 of thiese bikes where scheduled to be built for racing only, but I believe they actually built 56. I’m pretty sure 25 went overseas and the rest are here in the states.Not sure how many were raced or still survive but I’ll bet there isn’t many new ones out there  This is absolutely the fastest air cooled bike Harley ever produced or ever will. This will truely be one of the hardest bikes for collectors to find in the future. This one is number 35 of 50.Recomend this bike to collectors only since it has never been started ,but if you buy it you can do as you wish.  Have a used one [number 20]  but it won’t be for sale if this one sells.I’m keeping one. I can tell you these bikes are a monster and a blast to ride.  Have the original brochures and numerous articles,tuning disk,and other info that goes with it. Race stand included . Retail price when new was around $30,000.By the way , the AMA museum doesn’t even have one of these bikes.


And this is probably the reason to be interested in a bike like this.  To buy a piece of history that we will not see again unless Erik Buell can wrestle his name back from Harley Davdison.  If you were wondering, even the race bikes have the fuel in the frame and oil in the swing arm.


Check out the auction.


Crank it up.





Buell April 11, 2012 posted by

And Now Something Different: 1990 Buell RS1200/5 Westwind

And Now Something Different:  1990 Buell RS1200/5  Westwind


They don’t always have to be handmade in a small Italian workshop to be considered rare.  I’m on a roll this week of posting bikes I have very limited knowledge of and the Buell RS1200/5 continues that.  The seller is a little unsure of the actual year of the bike;  debating between a 1989 or 1990.  The numbers I saw claimed only 7 produced in 1998 and 95 produced in 1990.  What savvy RSBFS reader can solve the model year mystery?  Now you may notice the /5.  That  is the designation for the two seat model.  I can’t seem to find production numbers on the two seat version and they may be included in the numbers above.  It’s never simple.

Yes, if you are used to Ducati’s and Bimota’s it is a little funky looking.  Owners sure seem to love them though.


Because of its’ somewhat funky looks you might overlook the fact the RS1200 had some nice features.  The frame was a unique design to help eliminate vibration.  The bodywork was all designed in house.  The brakes were of Buell’s own design.  The wheels are Performance Machine, the exhuast is from Super Trapp and the forks are Marzocchi units.  The Harley Sportster engine put out approximately 60hp and was untouched internally.


The auction details:

This is a very early production Buell from what ive read one of the 1st 100 this could be a 1989 model but titled as a 1990 its hard to get specific info ive found a couple 1990s and this bike was an earlier production Its not a 1991 they have a diff front fender. It is very original inc paint,chrome,fiberglass,tyres and original wheels. we put a battery in it and fresh gas last year it started and ran good. I brought it home started it and rode it about a mile it ran great shifted nice it was very responsive and everything worked  motor sounded good shifted the same and I will guarantee this mechanically no trans problems motor noises smooth! From there on its the buyers. Dont bid or buy this if you dont know anything about bikes and just want to ride.It will need complete servicing and going over as its been sitting a long time.A great addition to a collection. These are very rare and hard to come by you may never see another


The seller doesn’t go into any detail in the information he provided but in the auction title he claims the bike was owned by Arlen Ness.  Not sure if that is a selling point but good for  some trivia and talking point over a beer.



The photos make it out to be an awfully clean bike.  The auction has drawn some interest already but there is a reserve on the bike which hasn’t been reached, as of this writing.  I did see some talk on a forum of a RS1200/5 selling in the $5,000 range.  Anyone have input on a price?


Snag an American exotic here.


By the way, have you seen what Eric Buell has been up to lately?  Mighty nice!!



Buell January 4, 2012 posted by

1998 Buell S1W ex Pascal Picotte race bike

For Sale: 1998 Buell S1W ex PASCAL PICOTTE racer

Update 1.4.2012: The seller has contacted us to let our readers know this bike is still for sale and now just $6k. Please email the seller directly with inquiries. Good luck with the sale Doug!

We don’t see too many H-D era Buells on the pages of RSBFS. This is not a comment on the collectability or desirability of Erik Buell’s creations, but rather that the latter stages of H-D-owned Buell were less exclusive than most collectors would prefer. It takes some serious history to make one of these bikes stand out – and today’s S1W has exactly that. Imagine owning the bike on which Pascal Picotte WON – while he was a Harley-Davidson factory rider no less. Great stuff!

In fact, RSBFS posted this exact bike in 2010, when last it was up for sale. Check out Doug’s excellent article on this bike here.

The H-D Race of Champions, run during the annual HOG Rally, situated riders on identically prepared motorcycles. In this case, the bikes were Buell S1W models with minor modifications. After his victory, Pascal signed his race winning bike. Ultimately all the bikes were sent to dealers, where this one ended up.

But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to the Pascal Picotte racing history, the seller has used this bike to set numerous land speed records (including sidecar records). Like many “vintage” racebikes, this Buell has continued to build a history of competition – to the point where this bike has a pretty impressive resume, and would be appropriate for collecting, track riding or even street riding.

From the seller:
Pascale Picotte’s Buell S1W race bike

This is one of 13 bikes pulled from the Line and Factory Race prepped for the Race of Champions at the 15th Annual HOG Ralley.

This particualr bike was ridden by Pascal Picotte who was a HaArley Facory Racer at the time. HE WON this race on this bike. This bike has Picotte”s Racing # (21) and is signed in several locations

Following the race all the bikes were given to the Leading BUELL dealers at the time.

I purchased this bike 3 years ago. I removed all the Signed bodywork and have used the bike to set several ECTA land speed records in Pushrod classes, It currently holds 5 records and won the final year MAXTON MILE bike points series and will be featured on the ECTA poster next year.

In addition to what is pictured:
Flat black Duracoat Small tank
FLat Black Duracoat Large tank
Flat Black S1W tail section
FLat Black painted Racing fairing
Flat Black front fender ( forget what model I got it from, but more Aero than the S1W fender)
Aftermarket Footpegs
Teather Kill Switch
Dyna Ignition Module
Various Jets
Steering stabilizer
GP Shifter kit
Base Plate for LSR Sidecar (Holds 3 Sidecar Records)
To maximize gearing I converted to a Chain, and have several sprockets, still have the Pulley’s if you wanted to convert it back.
Clip Ons

The Sidecar mount was designed and built as was everything else so it could be put back to Pascal Picotte form with no damage

NOTE: WP SHock Shown in photos was replaced on recall (Front Shock Eye Failure issues) Has a enclosed Showa Shock now

This bike does not have a title, however I have enough Notarized paperwork from the Harley/Buell dealer I purchased it from you should have no problem getting title if you wanted to use this bike as a Street bike. Where Else can you find a practically new S1W

Note that the pictures offered by the seller here do not necessarily reflect the latest state of the bike. The seller claims a list of additional items (which may or may not be on the bike), as well as a chain conversion (but the bike pictured still has the Buell belt drive attached). As always, we encourage prospective buyers to contact the seller for more information and pictures.

This is a pretty neat piece of history, and even though it is not a Pascal Picotte race winning Superbike, it is still very cool. This auction is going on now, and the starting bid is only $2,500 with reserve in place. There is also a BIN for $7,000 Now just $6k. Please email the seller directly with inquiries.


Buell October 14, 2011 posted by

1989 Buell RR1200 and 1993 Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000 Available Now in Canada

Good morning! Please welcome our latest site sponsor, Kia West in Coquitlam, BC with two featured pieces currently in their inventory.

First up is this great looking and barely broken in 89 Buell RR1200 with just 152 miles!

The history of this RARE motorcycle is part of Harley-Davidson’s success in Canada. Legendary enthusiast, racer and man behind the largest importer of Harley’s in the world (Trev Deeley) brought this machine into Vancouver as one of only three ever to be imported into Canada. I am sure that Trev did all he could do to promote Buell, simply because of Buell’s brilliance and innovation as a motorcycle racer. Stories of this RR1200 in the window of Deeley’s east Broadway motorcycle shop are consistent…so many traffic rear-enders distracted by the Buell in the window…the machine was removed from it’s display. From the spot light to the warehouse; that’s where the RR1200 sat for some time. One of Trev’s racing pals eventually purchased the RR1200 and moved it into his private collection. Never registered. 152 miles of demo. Sales brochure and original price tag included. Serviced and ready to show or vintage track.

Read our writeup on this Buell RR1200 Battletwin from May.

And this 93 Moto Guzzi Daytona with just 7141 miles on the clock:

Moto Guzzi is a genuine Italian motorcyle manufacturer. It is one of seven brands currently owned by Piaggo. Initially established in 1921 in Mandello del Lario, Italy. The company was noted for its historic prominence in world wide racing. In addition to a series of industry innovations, including the first motorcycle wind tunnel. What we have here is a unique and very, very rare opportunity. You have the chance to acquire one of these limited production machines. This is number 13 of 34 brought into the US.

Read our writeup on this 93 Moto Guzzi Daytona from July.

Many thanks to Kia West for helping to support Rare SportBikes For Sale!


Buell May 19, 2011 posted by

Bullish on Buell: 1989 Buell RR1200 Battletwin

For Sale: 1989 Buell RR1200 Battletwin 1 / 34 NOS never titled

Erik Buell started his engineering career at Harley Davidson, but left H-D to pursue an opportunity to market Buell Motor Company 750cc two stroke racebikes to privateer teams competing in the AMA Formula 1 series. The racebike stint was short lived, as the AMA discontinued the series in favor of Superbike less than a season later.

Buell then turned to streebikes. He obtained a large quantity of XR1000 motors via his contacts at H-D, and he used these to create the RR1000. Between 1987 and 1988, Buell delivered 50 bikes to customers, placing the Buell Motor Company on the map. When his supply of XR1000 motors ran out, Buell adopted the new H-D 1200cc Evolution engine, upgrading the bike and making the necessary changes to package the new powerplant. Through the 1989 model year, Buell created an esitmated 65 RR1200 bikes; this is one such machine.

Notice how these early Buells contain many of the iconic features seen on later bikes. The Uniplanar engine mounts – to allow the engine to be used as a stressed member while still isolating the vibration of the big twin – continues to be a patented feature on modern Buells. This bike also shows the under-the-engine suspension and exhaust – both necessary compromises to package the big twin.

From the seller:
The history of this RARE motorcycle is part of Harley-Davidson’s success in Canada. Legendary enthusiast, racer and man behind the largest importer of Harley’s in the world(Trev Deeley) brought this machine into Vancouver as one of only three ever to be imported into Canada. I am sure that Trev did all he could do to promote Buell, simply becauce of Buell’s brillance and innovation as a motorcycle racer. Stories of this RR1200 in the window of Deeley’s east Broadway motorcycle shop are consistant…”so many traffic rear-enders distracted by the Buell in the window”…the machine was removed from it’s display. From the spot light to the warehouse; that’s where the RR1200 sat for some time. One of Trev’s racing pals eventually purchased the RR1200 and moved it into his private collection.

Never registered. 152 miles of demo. Sales brochure and original price tag included. Serviced and ready to show or vintage track.

Very rare, very low miles, and never registered – to be honest I’m not even sure where to begin concerning pricing on this one. Thankfully, there are many bidders out there who are currently showing the way. While the auction opened below $1k, bidding has been very brisk; at the time of this writing the price has risen to over $14,000 and the reserve is still in place.

This bike is a very unique piece of motorcycle history. With its aerodynamic wrap-around fairing, color scheme straight out of the 1970s, thundering performance and interesting back story, the next owner will be very lucky indeed. To check out the pictures and details or to watch the sprited bidding, . Good luck!