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Serious Collectors Only: 1991 Buell RS1200 with only 111 miles

Join us in the comments for a discussion on what criteria should be considered for bikes to appear on RSBFS. Thanks for the post Marty! -dc

Let me say up front that I struggled a bit with submitting this bike, given the fact that its big, slow, is powered by a 1200cc air cooled engine more appropriate for a paint shaker than a sportbike and the comments on the last one of this brand posted weren’t exactly positive.  But if this site is truly about rare sportbikes then it shouldn’t really matter if they are first generation survivors like the GSX-750 LTD, unobtainum dreams like the Ducati Supermono, or weird techno efforts that missed the mark such as the Bimota V-Due or BMW K1.  The qualifications are whether it was trying to be a sportbike and whether its rare.

buell 1

1991 Buell RS1200 for sale on eBay

Here is the bike, a 1991 Buell RS1200 with only 111 miles.  The saga of Erik Buell and Harley Davidson is pretty well known but for anyone not familiar it can be summarized as the following: decide to build an American sportbike (in this case using a Harley Davidson engine), achieve some success, sell a large portion of the company to Harley, struggle in the Harley “image-comes-first” structure, get shut down during the financial crisis and finally restart all over again with a new company.

The RS1200 used a compact. lightweight and extremely clever chassis to hold the big HD V-twin from the Sportster range.  Also,the  forks had Buell’s devised anti-dive system which uses solenoid valves operated by the front brake lever to cut the forks’ air volume, effectively increasing the springs’ rising-rate just when it is most needed.  A full techno review of the bike can be read here.

buell 4

So does it belong here on RSBFS?  Well it was an expensive, small-volume sportbike that  didn’t sell in great numbers but lots of bikes on RSBFS are like that.   Perhaps most importantly, the RS was a truly professional attempt at building an American sports bike and it  was the machine that laid the foundations for Buell Motorcycles’ success in subsequent years.  It can even be considered to be part of the evolution of Buells excellent new 1190 EBR models.

This particular model has insanely low mileage which the seller seems to think will justify a price quite a bit above KBB values. Personally, I think this bike will only move to a collector who wants to build out a bit of his american sportbike collection…I can see it parked next the VR1000 and Roerh perhaps…

Note:  The seller is also selling a very nice 1975 HD RR259 Daytona Road Race Bike  and a 1974 Ducati GT 750 so perhaps a deal could be struck.


Serious Collectors Only:  1991 Buell RS1200 with only 111 miles
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Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear: 1995 Buell Thunderbolt

I’m really not sure what it was that made Erik Buell stick with Harley Davidson power for so long. Maybe it was patriotism? Stubbornness, a desire to do something simply because no other sane person would even attempt it, let alone succeed?

Who knows, but the bikes he came up with, especially in those early years, are endearing and playful mutts, with a sort of cobbled-together style that stressed function over form. The weird, bulbous bodywork, the Performance Machine billet wheels, the huge, almost automotive air cleaner sticking out of the right side. But somehow it all works to create something that looks purposeful and cool, and clearly built around that imposing and iconic Harley mill.

1995 Buell Thunderbolt for sale on eBay

1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 R Side

They also tuned the motor to make the powerband more sportbike-friendly and give it more than just a fat bottom-end. They did their best, but these are still heavy, low-revving lumps, and they run out of breath pretty early. But the torque, man. The torque

Buell eventually introduced many weight-saving, mass-centralizing features on their bikes, but you can still see indications of the direction he would eventually take in this early iteration. Although it lacks the distinctive ZTL [“zero torsional load”] perimeter brakes, their signature underslung exhaust was already in place and certainly unusual for the time.

This particular example looks great and includes a number of standard, effective upgrades that boost power for the 1200 Sportster engine to a claimed 108hp at the wheel!

1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 for Sale

Up for sale is a cherry condition 1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 Signature Edition. This particular bike has been owned and cared for by an adult and has not been down. It currently has 9314 miles which all have been well maintained by Lancaster Harley Davidson. The bike is currently on consignment and sitting in our show room for sale. It has had a fair amount of custom work with out effecting the quality of the ride or reliability. The custom work was all done proffesionally by J&B Moto Company and Lancaster Harley Davidson with the up most care taken when performing the work.

This bike might be relatively clunky and crude by today’s standards, but it makes enough power to keep modern sportbikes honest. With most maintenance parts available at your local Harley dealer, this is an exotic you can live with that offers real-world performance in a sport-touring package. Also, that Harley connection means it’s okay to wear fringed leather chaps while riding, if you feel like it.


1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 Front Rear

Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear: 1995 Buell Thunderbolt
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Okay, Maybe Size DOES Matter: 2012 Buell 1190RS Race Bike

Stunning bike, stunning hardware, stunning photography. Move quickly: there’s not much time left on this American superbike from maverick Erik Buell’s reborn EBR.

It’s a tragedy that this came just a few years after Harley euthanized their sportbike division. With a ball-peen hammer. Harley has been resting on its laurels for far too long: they’ve made some cool bikes over the years, but their racing days are more legend than fact at this point, and Buell could have brought back those glories if they’d been allowed to make bikes like the 1190RS.  I’m a fan of classic bikes and classic styling, but seriously: pre-unit gearboxes in 2014 might just be a bit too vintage for me…

2012 Buell 1190RS for sale on eBay

2012 EBR 1190 Race Bike L Front

Erik Buell’s early bikes might have been better off with something lighter than Harley’s classic, air-cooled, 45° v-twin lump, but he worked with what he had at the time. The Sportster powertrain is emotive, but leadenly heavy, so Buell went on a weight-saving, mass-centralizing binge, with the frame doubling as a fuel tank, the swingarm holding the oil, a single, rim-mounted brake in place of a dual-disc setup.

An air-cooled twin that’s all torque stuffed into a compact, point-and-squirt machine? Sounds sort of like an American Monster… If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that this kind of bike would fit right in with Harley’s “American Badass” motif. Except: where is the stereo to blast Skynrd out on the open road? The hands-free BlueTooth system for ignoring your boss’ phone calls while you’re out riding in $1,500 worth of Harley-branded gear?

2012 EBR 1190 Race Bike Dash

Luckily, Mr Buell found a far more accommodating partner in Rotax and a far more effective powertrain in their 72° degree, liquid-cooled v-twin. What we have here, is possibly the second-coming of the American Superbike.

2012 EBR 1190 Race Bike R Rear

From the original eBay listing: 2012 EBR 1190RS for Sale

This is an AMA Pro Spec Superbike was last ridden by American rider Mark Miller in 2013 Macau GP
This bike is a closed course only factory superbike.
Is NOT street legal, nor can it be made to be street legal
Bike is located in Portland, OR
Motor & Chassis components were freshened before the Macau weekend and the bike is for sale as it finished that event.
Nothing has been removed or added since the completion of the event and it is for sale as is.
Ohlins Gas Charged Superbike Forks

Ohlins TTX36 Rear Shock
Complete Motec CDL Dash & Data Logger (Logger is configured to record all ecu channels via CAN Bus as well as the following analog inputs: Front & Rear Stroke sensors, oil pressure, air fuel ratio front & rear)
The list of performance upgrades accessories on this bike is much too long to list so I will summarize it “as it was last raced”

This EBR [“Erik Buell Racing”] 1190RS is, at the very least, way better looking than the 1125RR it replaced. It’s still much more “purposeful” than it is “beautiful,” unless you count cool-as-hell details like those little carbon brake ducts beautiful.

Then this bike is gorgeous.

As I write this, bidding is around $8,000 with the reserve not yet met. I bet that money would just about cover the cost of the suspension…


2012 EBR 1190 Race Bike L Side

Okay, Maybe Size DOES Matter: 2012 Buell 1190RS Race Bike
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What could have been: 2009 Buell 1125R


Forget all of those tempermental Italian twins: Here is a “made in the USA” model that worked nearly as well (American made except for ancillary components and engine, of course). Unfortunately The Motor Company didn’t have great interest in sport bikes – nor did the majority of their customers. Erik Buell’s magnificent creations languished on the showroom floor – yet showed real potential. What could have been with a little investment….

2009 Buell 1125R for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Wrapped Exhaust – Full Race headers and exhaust by free spirits with Custom ECU from EBR
Custom rear race spring
K&N air filter
1/4 turn throttle
rear fender eliminator
mirror block off plates
CRG Foldaway mirror
CRG shorty levers


I caught this one late – so auction ends in a day or so. Starting bid is sitting at $6,000 and there have been no takers as of yet. We don’t see too many 1125R models around, so these are legitimately rare. Click the link to get into the action. Check it out and let us know what you think. American Superbike or also-ran? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.



What could have been:  2009 Buell 1125R
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Extensively Modified 2006 Buell Ulysses XB12X

This is a Featured Listing. If you have a bike that needs extra exposure, a Featured Listing could be what you need to help it sell this spring. -dc

Buell XB12X For Sale

The XB12X is billed as an adventure sportbike, but this particular example is much more sportbike than adventure. It’s been stripped down, lightened, and the motor has received generous attention as well.

2006 Buell XB12X For Sale on eBay


from the seller:

I had back surgery a year ago and although I LOVE V-twins my spine can no longer handle the vibrations from them. So sadly I must part with the following project that I have just finished building.

2006 Buell Ulysses XB12X Special build that has taken 2 years to complete. It has a heavily built engine that has been built for high for torch at any throttle position not peak horsepower at high RPM. It has a 1474 cc or 90 inch stage 3 Monster engine kit from Revolution for injected engines and Includes: 3-7/8″ bore Revolution cylinders, 10.5:1 forged pistons, pins, clips, rings, head and base gaskets, stage 3 1.9 Cylinder prep and porting, complete Top End Gasket Set Head prep and Chromoly Adjustable Pushrods. The primary case was bored to accommodation the bigger cylinders and the biggest and strongest crank available from Buell was ordered and installed. The cam is from Zipper and is made for their torch power band motors. High output fuel pump and bigger injectors with a 4 jet spray pattern where used and a new high performance clutch was installed to handle the extra power. The engine was professorially built and broken in on the dyno. After the break in was complete it produced 105 TQ. and 108 HP. To the rear wheel. I have the dyno charts to go with the bike. I have only driven it about 200 miles since the rebuild. I have $8400.00 into engine system alone.

I have stripped the bike down to the bare necessities to get rid of any unnecessary weight and to clean up the look for a Supermoto style. I still have all the stock parts.

Other goodies:
a High performance Flowmaster exhaust system was used because it sounds just right ( It’s not to loud), a set of brand new Perelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires where just fitted, Fully adjustable clutch and fr. brake levers with the Monster logo, a front wave rotor (not mounted yet), Billet rear view mirrors with the Buell logo on them, adjustable billet gear shifter and rear brake lever, bar risers, Husky motocross bars or I have a few other handlebars you can choose from, flush mount blinkers in front, small mini blinkers in rear, front axle sliders, rear axle slidders with spools, undertail set up with hinging licence plate.

The following Carbon Fiber parts:
2 air scoops, front top Fender, upper belt guard, lower belt guard, lower chin fairing, top cowl fairing, and a carbon fiber rear hugger fender.

Many many hours of love, labor and a lot of other parts replaced with new along the way.

I built this bike for the Sunday Morning Ride over MT. Tamalpias. When you ride it you can’t help but smile. The power is so controllable an yet it can Wheelie at any time and in any gear. The handling is incredible it gives you so much you confidence because the bike has such a low center of gravity due to the fact that it has the fuel in the frame, the oil in the swing arm and the exhaust system is under the motor. It’s very responsive and nimble (you can just think about going into or coming out of a turn and your there).

I May have forgetting a few things but I keep all the receipts in a file for this bike and it is thick files.

Feel free to call me with questions,




The XB12X features adjustable Showa suspension, a dry weight when new of 425lbs, 6 piston calipers gripping massive ZTL (zero torsional load) discs, and of course that huge 1200cc motor.

While not for everyone, I know there are more than a few adventure crossover types reading right now that this looks appealing to. Good luck to buyers and seller!



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They Don’t Have To Be Old: 2012 Erik Buell Racing 1190RS Carbon Edition

rs logo

rs carbon

Yeah, I drove into the ultra plush RSBFS offices in my Suzuki Samurai listening to New Order but that doesn’t mean we are stuck in the late 80’s/early 90’s here at RSBFS.  This 2012 American made beauty is one of 100 ERB 1190RS’s and only a few of those were done as Carbon Editions.  The Carbon Edition is a $4000 upgrade over the standards $39,999 price tag.  For that price tag you are getting a bike, once race tuned, that was a regular top five finisher in AMA racing (well, there is that part of actually having someone skilled enough to twist the throttle too).

rs right

Can someone explain why I don’t hear about Erik Buell in the non-motorcycle media?  Why is his story not on CNBC or featured on  He definitely got the ass end of the American dream working with Harley Davidson.  The good news is it looks like has come out the other side in good shape and building for the future and maybe his best motorcycle to date.

If you’d like specs, info and  colors click right here for the EBR website.

Enjoy some American motorcycle porn.

rs left low

rs cockpit

rs rear

rs seatThat says race bike and sore butt.

rs muffler

Somebody at EBR remembers two strokes.  This is all ditched on the race bikes.

rs brake

I guess with only one disc you better keep it cool.

rs right rear

We all know carbon isn’t cheap; the asking price is $44,995 which is basically MSRP.

You can see the listing on eBay right here.


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Set Up And Waiting: 2007 Buell XBRR

Set Up And Waiting:  2007 Buell XBRR


It is waiting for you.  It has had a base set up and then tucked away from the track.  It has travelled a miniscule 10 miles.  This is a chance  to either add a pristine XBRR to your  collection or your chance to test the track with what was Buell’s top dog back in 2007.  Hmm, 150HP and 360lbs, those numbers are either very entertaining or scary depending on your skill level. 

Notes from the seller:

I have all the manuals, disks, PC disks for the ECM and some spare parts plus the original WoodCraft stands for the XBRR. Even have the original battery in a box.
The bike is number 51 of fifty built (the first bike was kept at Buell and another sent to the Barber Museum. Some say a total of 56 but I am not sure. This one is the true last of the series as far as I know.  Vehicle ID# A2LGX05DT73090051

A picture from the bikes one outing. 

I’m told there is quite a bit of magnesium hiding in that engine.  The new Erik  Buell Racing 1190RS can track its’ family tree back to this bike. 

 If you are interested in the bike I’ll refer you to the seller for price and more details.

He can be contacted at