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Back to kick-ass motorcycles: 1987 Ducati 750 F1

For Sale: 1987 Ducati 750 F1

Fresh from our April 1 escapades (you DID realize it was April Fool’s Day, didn’t you?) comes this fantastic 1987 Ducati F1 in classic Italian tri-colore livery. Built during Ducati’s dark days of the mid-to-late 1980s – sales were way down and Ducati was struggling financially – the 750 F1 was intended to evoke the company’s TT racing success. The bikes were fantastic pieces: trellis frames, air-cooled desmo twins, Brembo hardware on both ends and Marzocchi suspension components. But with demand way down, Ducati simply did not import many – making these rare models to find today.

From the seller:
1987 Ducati 750 F1

Loud and fast Italian .40mm carbs,dry clutch,Open megaphone exhaust.Original condition,some nicks and scratches but excellent condition.Clear title.

This auction is current right now. The opening bid is set at $12,000, with no takers as of yet. The starting price seems a bit steep for a non-Montjuich model (which had higher performance and upgraded componentry), but this is indeed a relatively rare model and a significant piece of Ducati history. This is a no reserve auction, so the higher starting price is somewhat understandable. With a claimed 600 miles on the clock, this looks to be a relatively well preserved model ready to be ridden by its new owner.

For more pictures and more information, click on the link and . And let us know if you like this sort of stuff – or if we should go back to trikes and ‘Busa customs. Send us some comments, as operators are standing by…



  • These 750 F1s are very nice bikes to both ride and look at and the price is not unreasonable. And you are right that they are historically significant, not least for being Dr. T’s last design. After all these years, my Monty still exudes aggression and elegance that is timeless. While this particular bike is not one of the limited editions, it is still rare and desirable. I’d wonder why it has the 85 instruments and bars and a few other things, but I can hear that Verlicchi pipe roaring and I feel the need to speed.

  • Second time around for this particular bike on Ebay in the past 12 months – previously sold by GP M/Cs in San Diego in August – the winning bid was $7,610.

    Back then it had some paint damage to the RHS of the upper fairing – this appears to have been fixed.

    Reading the sellers desription, I wasn’t aware that these were “holomogated”? There’s the Montjuic, Laguna Seca and Santa Monica “specials”, but this looks like a standard F1B – I use “standard” as a relative term as for me these bikes in any edition are gorgeous!

    From the sellers description and the images, it appears to be sporting a few upgrades, including the 40mm carbs, exhuast, floating rear rotor and rear shock. The engine breather tank appears to be missing and very difficult to find. The gauges are ND units and were fitted to the 85 model – 86 onwards should have the “white” Veglia guages. As bike has been in three “collections” from new as the seller states, then I would assume it’s history can be verified?

  • bike porn part 2!

  • […] all the positive feedback on the last 750 F1 post on RSBFS, I was thrilled to find another one for our readership. This one, however, is a little different. […]

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