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Aprilia March 14, 2011 posted by Phil

The other Italian – 1996 Aprilia RS125 Biaggi replica

1996 Aprilia RS125 Chesterfield Max Biaggi replica with a low 1,265 miles!

All our regular readers would probably know how much we love 2-smokes strokes here on RSBFS, so it is my pleasure to bring you my first 2-stroke (and first Aprilia) post:

Aprilia RS 125 Max Biaggi Replica. This was bought from a race team but never raced. I also have another set of body work also but it is scaped up from street crash. The new body work is on it now.

This Aprilia is also the last of the unrestricted 125’s so it has a 38mm carburetor.

It is also a Biaggi Chesterfield Replica of a limited edition. There are only 2 in the the whole USA.

Perfect condition, keep inside heated from start, never outside or in a cold garage.

New perilli tires, will put on new front turn signals.

It also has a full arrow exhaust on it with a carbon fiber canister

I also had a racer lower for me, I can put it back up, I’m 4’11” and I’m just a tad on my tip toes.

I also have a complete repair manual on cd for this bike.

We don’t see many streetable 125s on RSBFS, and even then it’s the newer Aprilia 125s with the more angular design.  I actually quite like the older RSs with the more rounded, organic shape.  This one ticks all the right boxes for me – destricted? Check. Limited edition Chesterfield (couldn’t care less about Max though) rep with only 2 of these in the entire US of A? Check. Full Arrow exhaust with carbon fiber canister? Double check!!

Come to think of it, this would be the perfect match for Dan’s RS250 Chesterfield Rep!  How bout completing the set Dan?

Starting bid is $4,000 which I think is very reasonable.  If you’re game, give Lynda (I assume that’s her in the pics)


Honda March 8, 2011 posted by Phil

Love the RVF750R but can’t afford one? How about a RVF400 (NC35)!

1994 Honda RVF400 NC35 with 25,000 miles for sale in California.

Our reader Mike wrote in to let us know that his own 1994 Honda RVF400 is up for sale in the Bay Area (CA):

Bike is in excellent condition (still could use a tad more TLC), price is $6,750 firm. Has less than 25,000 miles on her (40,400 klm) and lots of new parts. CALIFORNIA TITLED, Current registration, Pink Slip in hand. Seen here with aftermarket fairings, stock fairings are also included, which are in 4 out of 10 condition. Bike runs great.

Now frankly I see these every day over here in Hong Kong (along with the VFR400, CBR400, ZXR400…etc.) so I’m not really up on the US market price, but searching our archives indcates the price is at the lower end of the scale. Also, none of the local RVFs are as clean and well taken care of as this one.

I think the 400cc V4 engine is an absolute jewel and gear driven cams (which critics claim gave the Aprilia RSV4 an unfair advantage last year in WSBK) really purrs like a kitten.  And everything is typical top notch Honda quality.  From a distance it’s really hard to tell the RVF400 from it’s bigger brother (well, the pillion seat pad being a dead giveaway though).  I’ll be all over this one if there weren’t so many of them on the streets here!

Click here to jump to the listing on Bay Area Riders Forum (BARF)!


Honda March 4, 2011 posted by Phil

The Holy Grail – 1993 Honda NR750 oval piston!

1993 Honda NR750 oval piston with 5000 miles in the UK – on sale for 222,000 pounds (approx. USD361,000)!!

I remember very clearly the day when I first read about this bike – it was 1992 (I think) and fresh off the college convenience store (at the corner of Union Street and University Avenue) bookshelf was a copy of Cycle World with a special feature on the endurance inspired NR750 with ground breaking oval pistons (i.e. like a can of spam).

Drooling over those twin seat unit integrated tail pipes, the single sided swingarm, the Testarossa  inspired “cheese grater” side louvers, the F1 style air scoops on the tail…it was any 2nd year mechanical engineering students’ wet dream.  Especially if it’s in the midst of exams and Eastern Canada snowy weather.

Sitting in my then pseudo-girlfriend’s apartment, I told her that I MUST have this bike (and how many times have we heard that before?).  The price then was USD40,000 (see, I thought engineers made good money back then – oh how I have been fooled…).

Fast forward almost 20 years (has it been THAT long?) the bike is now selling for nine times the price, which makes the other NR750 that Alex listed a week ago seem like a bargain. It’s a two-decade old design, yet the NR750 still looks gorgeous and fresh, although there are cues – the same ones that so mesmerized me back in 1992 – that dates it within the period where the Japanese try to inject “Italian styling” into their design by adding (sometimes) random air intakes and louvers (remember the Suzuki RF600?).  Although in general the end result simply screams of “trying too hard”, the NR750 turned out quite nicely and is probably the best looking design of that era.

In any case, here it is:

( WOW ) This has got to be one of the Worlds most desirable Honda Classic Superbikes to own and this particular example is a must have for the serious bike fanatic or collector, ( IMMACULATE CONDITION ) This machine was produced by Honda to show Hondas fantastic engineering skills it has the famous V4 32 valve oval piston engine, Carbon Fibre Composite bodywork and titanium-tinted screen, The engine ticks over with the same V-four rumble as an RC30 or RC45, but open the NR up…different story. Four oval pistons deliver what the rider and then the throttle demands: a noise seeps from deep inside the bike like someone cutting a bass drum in half with a chainsaw but forget the noise riding it is even better the reach to the bars holds the body in a near perfect riding position – you dont hold onto the NR it holds you to leave the upper body totally free of tension and you get this dream like feeling, you can move to any position on the bike with no effort. Its sublime.

Searching our archives, it seems that this exact bike has been flogged on ebay UK for quite a few times before, and with a price tag like that, I’m not surprised that it didn’t sell. Ian wrote a very detailed post on this bike before, so it makes for good reading no matter if you’re going to Buy It Now or not. I know it’s bad form to post the same bike over and over again, but the NR750 is such a special piece of modern day engineering art that I hope the bosses will let this one slide.

However, it’s the seller who said it best:”it’s sublime.”  And that’s pretty much what the oval pistoned Honda NR750 is for me.

Oh, and .



Honda February 26, 2011 posted by Phil

Tired of Ducatis? How about a Honda RC45 race bike with IoM TT history?

Rare Honda RC45 race bike with Isle of Man TT race history for sale in Jersey Channel Islands.

Some (well, one mainly) of our readers commented that he is tired of seeing super low mileage Ducatis being listed and in some way I agree.  My bad really, since I tend to focus on Italian bikes, so naturally Ducatis and Bimotas come up a lot.   For this listing, I’ve gone out on a limb and tried to write about something other than my normal run of Italian super models – a Honda RVF750R (RC45) race bike:



I don’t think the legendary RC45 needs much introduction, but would you like to freshen up your memory on its history, there’s a pretty good write up over on Faster and Faster.  And here’s a video of John Kockinski riding the RC45 in 1997 (he won the WSB title that year):

The bike is listed at 22,000 GBP (approx. USD35,000). It’s always hard to put a value on race bikes, but just as a reference, RC45s have been selling upwards of low $20,000s from what I’ve seen. $35,000 is quite a bit more than that, but how do you put a value on super rare HRC parts (check out the PGM-FI controller in one of the pics – haven’t seen those before!) and IoM TT race history?

For serious collectors or those with $35,000 spare cash burning a hole in their pockets, .


Ducati February 24, 2011 posted by Phil

Forget about it! The 4th 1198s Corse Edition for sale!

2010 Ducati 1198s Corse Edition with 200 miles for sale in Rhode Island.

OK, I’m officially taking the 1198s Corse Edition off the list of rare sports bikes!  This is the 4th 1198s Corse Edition that we have listed within the span of 3 weeks…

2010 DUCATI 1198S CORSE SE Special Edition.  No reserve auction. This bike was bought locally at Razee Motorcycles.  New retail is $24,995. Never driven in the rain.. Always heated garage kept, on a battery tender. Has only 200 miles. Never taken to a track day. Never been laid down. Never even been dirty. The bike is in perfect shape, no scratches, No dents or any other defects noted. This bike is pristine shape.
The bike is Adult owned (I’m 51), is still in it’s break in period and hasn’t been over 5,000 rpm. . This is the Corse S with traction control and data logging. Oversize aluminum tank, Ohlins suspension, forged Marchisini wheels and factory Corse graphics. Comes from the factory with 2 ECU’s and two sets of pipes; the race (installed) as well as the factory exhaust and computer, passenger rear seat, and rear riding pegs. Included with the bike is the Ducati Rear stand that engages the hollow axle of the single sided swingarm.
The factory race computer runs open loop allowing full control with a power commander. There is a new Power commander V usb wired to the harness with a “zero” map installed. It’s functional but no calibrations have been loaded. I also have all the manuals, extra key and all paperwork. Included with the bike is an optional Ducati factory alarm system (which they no longer make) that has not yet been installed. I have the clear title (no loans or leans) in hand.
According to the seller, this bike is build # 240 (out of how many Ducati doesn’t say). We have already listed three of these before, so I’ll skip on in the introduction, but you can read about them here.  Instead, here’s a video of Cycle World giving the 1198s Corse Edition a good spanking at Motorland Aragon (sounds like a something out of Lord of The Rings):

The starting price of $18,000 sounds a bit high compared to others previously listed, but this one does have the lowest miles out of all of them (200 miles?!), but in any case, to drool over the nice pics (just make sure the keyboard is covered).


Ducati February 20, 2011 posted by Phil

Yet another 2010 Ducati 1198S Corse Edition (#75) for sale!

2010 Ducati 1198S Corse Edition – #75 – with 2100 miles for sale.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Does the word “rare” and “limited” mean anything anymore?  I though I found a gem with the first 1198s Corse Edition, and I thought it was pure luck that I found another one on ebay, but a 3rd 1198s Corse Edition all within a span of 2 weeks?!  You got to be kidding me:

For sale a limited edition 2010 Ducati 1198S, this one is number 75. Bike has 2100 miles. This special edition comes with Aluminum tank, traction control, carbon fiber front fender, forged wheels, Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, Termignoni exhaust, rear stand, and special paint job. New Michelin Pilot Pure tires with only 10 miles. This bike is adult riden and maintained. Store in a heated and cooled shop. Bike is shown with aftermarket windscreen but I have the stock one with number plate and exhaust (never used) that go with the bike. The rear stand was also part of the Corse Edition. This bike is in show room condition.

The asking price of $19,500 is high compared to the ones posted earlier.  As someone commented before, the new 2011 1198SP – with a host of upgraded features and specs – retails for (only) $21,995.  If I were in the market for a 1198s Corse Edition, I’d be looking at around $15,000 or so.  But then again, I’m known for being a cheapskate.

If you’re interested in making an offer for this particular 1198S Corse Edition, click here to jump Omaha CL listing.


Ducati February 14, 2011 posted by Phil

It’s pouring Ducati 1198s! Second 1198s Corse Edition (#007) in a week!

2010 Ducati 1198s Corse Edition #007 with super low miles

You all know what they say about rain… this is second 1198s Corse Edition that has come up for sale within a week.  As I mentioned in my previous 1198s Corse post, I think the 1198s Corse is one of the best looking newer Ducatis (and no, the Diavel isn’t one of them!) and the brushed aluminum tank is the highlight for the bike.  What’s cool about this particular one compared to the other listed earlier:

-#007 (if you’re a James Bond fan, which I am!)

– even lower mileage (1,176 miles?!)

– a set of tire warmers from Ducati, two Ducati lawn chairs (ooo-er!) , a Ducati EZ up tent (DOUBLE ooo-er!) and a special Ducati titanium Swiss made wrist watch

2010 DUCATI 1198S CORSE SE Special Edition, (#007)… LOW Number!!!  This bike was bought locally at Pandora Motorsports of Chattanooga,TN. The first scheduled maintenance was done at Pandora.. The bike is ADULT owned, Never driven in the rain.. Always garage kept, covered and on a battery tender. Has only 1176miles.. Never taken to track days. Never been laid down. The bike is in perfect shape, no scratches, No dents or any other defects noted.. This bike is pristine shape. I love this bike from the way it looks, to the way it rides and especially the way it sounds..  New this bike retails for $24,995. Included with the bike is the Ducati Rear stand in the pictures, as well as a set of tire warmers from Ducati, two Ducati lawn chairs (see pics), a Ducati EZ up Tent (off course its RED!) [we all know that red tents are the fastest! – ph] and a special Ducati titanium Swiss made wrist watch (see Pics). As well as the factory exhaust and computer, Passenger rear seat, and rear riding pegs..I also have all the manuals, extra key and all paperwork.

I’m a sucker for limited editions and this one ticks all the right boxes for me.  Too bad that a.) I’m cheapskate  b.) I don’t have another $20,000 to spend on bikes (not without serious consequences anwyay), or else I’ll be scheming how to ship this one back to Hong Kong. Come on Powerball!

If you’re not me, then .


Ducati February 13, 2011 posted by Phil

Mama mia – Limited Edition 2010 Ducati 1198S Corse!

2010 Ducati 1198s Corse Limited Edition with 2,300 miles!

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the styling on the newer Ducatis, but I have to say that the 1198S Corse Edition looks salivatingly sexy with that brushed aluminum tank and Corse graphics (very simple, but effective) – I mean, just look at that thing!

Well, it just so happens that there’s one for sale on eBay right now. My bad for posting this so late, but there’s still 1 day and 20+ hours to go, so if you’ve been looking for one of these, (and come back to read my babblin’ after you’ve placed a bid)!

2010 Ducati 1198 S 2010 Ducati 1198S Corse Edition in perfect condition – #321, with 2300 miles. Comes standard with full Ohlins suspension, traction control, and larger custom aluminum tank (unique to this year’s bike). The ‘S’ rides on beautiful black 7-spoke lightweight, forged-aluminium, machine-finished wheels by Marchesini. Finally also has the unique Corse graphics treatment not found on any other 1198 bar the R edition costing thousands more!Comes with both original pipes and ECU and the Termignoni exhaust and race ECU! Single Swingarm rearstand also included!

From what I understand, the 1198S Corse Edition differs from the standard 1198s in the following ways:

– larger 18L “factory style” aluminum fuel tank (tank capacity on the 1198S is 15L)
– “race kit”, which includes Termignoni carbon fiber slip-ons, a dedicated ECU, and a Ducati Performance rear paddock stand
– lighter dry weight of 168kg (1198S: 169kg) due to the aluminum fuel tank
– special Corse graphics
– limited edition with numbered plaque on the top triple clamp

I have seen one of these in flesh and I must say they are GOR-JUS! Out of all the newer Ducs, these are pretty darn cool.  And with 170hp on tap, traction control, and an equipment list that reads like a WSBK spec sheet, they are for sure darn good to ride as well.

If you haven’t already placed a bid yet after seeing that first photo, .