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The other Italian – 1996 Aprilia RS125 Biaggi replica

1996 Aprilia RS125 Chesterfield Max Biaggi replica with a low 1,265 miles!

All our regular readers would probably know how much we love 2-smokes strokes here on RSBFS, so it is my pleasure to bring you my first 2-stroke (and first Aprilia) post:

Aprilia RS 125 Max Biaggi Replica. This was bought from a race team but never raced. I also have another set of body work also but it is scaped up from street crash. The new body work is on it now.

This Aprilia is also the last of the unrestricted 125’s so it has a 38mm carburetor.

It is also a Biaggi Chesterfield Replica of a limited edition. There are only 2 in the the whole USA.

Perfect condition, keep inside heated from start, never outside or in a cold garage.

New perilli tires, will put on new front turn signals.

It also has a full arrow exhaust on it with a carbon fiber canister

I also had a racer lower for me, I can put it back up, I’m 4’11” and I’m just a tad on my tip toes.

I also have a complete repair manual on cd for this bike.

We don’t see many streetable 125s on RSBFS, and even then it’s the newer Aprilia 125s with the more angular design.  I actually quite like the older RSs with the more rounded, organic shape.  This one ticks all the right boxes for me – destricted? Check. Limited edition Chesterfield (couldn’t care less about Max though) rep with only 2 of these in the entire US of A? Check. Full Arrow exhaust with carbon fiber canister? Double check!!

Come to think of it, this would be the perfect match for Dan’s RS250 Chesterfield Rep!  How bout completing the set Dan?

Starting bid is $4,000 which I think is very reasonable.  If you’re game, give Lynda (I assume that’s her in the pics)



  • Where’s the link to the sale? (Maybe my company is blocking that content out?)



  • i dont think this bike is u.s. titled..may be hard to register for the street.

  • A bidder should be aware of this seller’s previous eBay ID and reputation before thinking about committing any money. Look up this same eBay seller’s track record as “prillergirl”. Worst selling history I’ve ever seen…buyer BEWARE.

  • e mailed the seller and he said that i” should” be able to register it for the street in california but that he just puts a shop plate on the back to ride it.

  • Thanks for the headsup guys!!

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