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Bimota September 30, 2010 posted by Phil

BRAND NEW 2008 Bimota DB6R for sale – as in 0 miles!

Brand new ZERO miles 2008 Bimota DB6R for sale!

Bimota DB6R For Sale

Here’s the second Bimota for sale by Ducshop – a brand new, 0 miles (yes, you read that right), 2008 Bimota DB6R:

This is a new 2008 DB6R with full factory warranty and all included accessories. Cover, stand, manuals, euro turn signals and mirrors.

Never titled with factory MSO

Was $29,950 plus frieight and set up new. Now $23,950 out the door serviced.

The DB6 / DB6R is one of my favourite Bimotas, with it’s upright riding position, wide bars, and the punchy Ducati 1100DS engine – it’s basically big SuperMoto.  And how fun is that?!

Previous DB6s that we have listed have been floating around the $15,000 mark, so with this being a more desirable “R” version and a brand new bike, the price seems fair.  .

Not meaning to beat a dead horse, by as I mentioned in my previous DB7 listing, at $23,950, the price is not far off from the $25,000 asking price (that’s less than half of the original MSRP of $52,000!) of the 2009 DB7 Nerocarbonio in our featured listing – I just can’t get over how much of a deal that bike is!


Bimota September 30, 2010 posted by Phil

2009 Bimota DB7 – low miles and $10,000 off MSRP!

Here’s a very nice 2009 Bimota DB7 with less than 400 miles for sale at $10,000 off MSRP!

It must be Bimota Friday again (haven’t had one of these in a while!) because we have 2 nice Bimota’s coming – the first of which is this DB7 from Ducshop (a specialist Ducati dealer) listed on eBay:

This Red/White (team colors) Demo DB7 has less than 400 miles and has never been titled. Comes with the factory 2 year warranty starting the day it is sold. MSRP was $34,595 so is discounted $10,000. There are no scratches or damage and was pre-delivery inspected by our top technician.

Comes with rear display stand, cover, manuals and MSO

I don’t think the DB7 needs much introducing, so if you’re in the market for one, .

Having said that, I just noticed that the 2009 DB7 Nerocarbonio in our featured listing has a new lower asking price of $25,000.  Hmm… $23,950 for a “regular” (if Bimotas can be called that) DB7 vs. $25,000 for a Nerocarbonio – which one you think I’d choose?  Darn it – where’s that $25,000 when I need it?!


Ducati September 24, 2010 posted by Phil

2002 Ducati MH900e – #571 of 2000

2002 Ducati MH900e – #571 of 2000 – with 1875 miles with full Carbon Dream bodywork and other nice bits for sale!

Even though I would have a better chance of winning the Powerball than fitting on the MH900e (which means I don’t have legs like Uma Thurman nor do have I arms of an orangutan), I have always been taken by the styling of the MH900e.  When the bike was announced it would be available for sale exclusively on the internet (which was a very interesting story in itself.  You can read more about it HERE and HERE) back in late 1999, I nearly convinced my brother and sister to lend me the money for the purchase!  I did, however, end up buying a book about the MH900e…

In any case, here’s #571:

There were only 2000 of these Ducati’s made (…for the new millennium)….all sold over the internet in the first 6 hours of the bike being listed on

This one is # 571 of 2000, I am the original owner and I have  only driven her on the odd Sunday afternoon, hence the low miles…
The following modifications were added to the bike:
1) Full set of Carbon Dream carbon fiber bodywork
2) Ohlins rear shock
3) Ohlins steering damper
4) Sato billet rear sets
5) NCR titanium clutch cover
6) Red Ducati Performance clutch pressure plate
7) Polished Ducati Performance belt covers
8) CRG bar end mirror
Sorry, I don’t have any of the original bodywork or old parts anymore…
The bike had her 1500 mile service at Ducati Atlanta. It will come with the rear stand and a MH900e cover.
Also included in the sale is the original limited edition leather covered Ducati plaque, showing that this is # 571 of 2000
Lastly it is important to note that this is a 9 year old motorcycle, she has always been garage kept and used sparingly, she runs strong and is in very good condition, but she is not a show queen so there may be some very minor wear marks.

One would think that the Carbon Dream bodywork are rarer than rooster eggs (yes, I just made that up), but upon researching our archives, I found two other MH900e previously listed that also had the Carbon Dream treatment.  Not that this devalues the bike in any sort of way, but just goes to show that MH900e owners are 1.) a wealthy lot and 2.)don’t ride their bikes enough (come on – 1,875 miles?!). Here’s a list of MH900es previously listed for sale on RSBFS.



Bimota September 22, 2010 posted by Phil

2000 Bimota DB4 for sale in Baltimore – only $8900!

2000 Bimota DB4 with 3800 miles for sale in Baltimore.

What can I say?  All these nice Bimotas that we’ve seen up for sale lately is driving me bonkers – if my wife would just let me trade in (or at least take out a mortgage on her!) our new born baby girl, I’d do it in a heartbeat and snap up all of them!  Anyway, here’s a nice 2000 Bimota DB4 for sale complete with Nichols flywheel, stainless lines, flatslides, and Corse exhaust.

Details are scarce, but $8900 is a pretty good deal and you can click here to check out previous DB4 listings for reference.

Here’s the ad on forum. And oh – happy mid-autumn festival and don’t forget to try some moon cakes!


Bimota August 26, 2010 posted by Phil

2000 Bimota SB8R in Chula Vista, CA

2000 Bimota SB8R with 2852 miles located in Chula Vista, CA listed for sale on ebay.

It’s Italian, has a v twin engine (although this one comes from Hamamatsu, Japan) inside, and it’s generously endowed with carbon fiber bits, Paoli forks, and CNC machined parts.  It can only be the Bimota SB8R (well, it could also be an SB8K, but those come up later):

Gorgeous Ultraspecial Machine. Collectors or serious Bimota fans only, please

This beautiful handcrafted italian motorcycle sold in very small numbers (+/- 150 units produced). This is one of the few opportunities you will have to get your hands on one with very low mileage and impeccable condition. Carbon fiber, titanium, Paioli suspension, Antera wheels. Only the highest quality components were used by this boutique italian manufacturer of dream machines to produce this highly exclusive work of rolling art.

It has been ridden occasionally, always maintained at the local Bimota certified dealer, and displayed with pride. It has never been raced. No damage, no modifications, no accidents. Ever.

It looks and feels like nothing else because there is nothing else quite like a Bimota.

*** Offers above $11,000.00 get a new (never installed) set of custom built race exhaust pipes ***

I only accept communication from prospective buyers, no publicity requests are welcome.

I’m slightly confused about the last sentence – so does listing it on RSBFS qualify as a “publicity request”? If you are the seller and are reading this and have a problem with this listing, please let us know. Seriously. =)

OK – back to the bike.  The SB8R, with a Suzuki TL1000R engine inside, is a fab bike no doubt. And this one, I would wildly guess, probably has a reserve price set at $11,000, which also buys you a set of custom built race pipes.  Most of the SB8Rs have been floating around this price range.  Here’s a list of previously featured SB8Rs.

The beauty of the TL1000R engine is that it gives you Japanese reliability with the best of Italian motorcycle handling.  Some have even said that the Suzuki v-twin engine is better than ones from Bologna (shhh…don’t let the Ducatisti hear this)!  In any case, if you want an Italian v twin without all the Italian “personality” traits, give this one a go.  Oh, did I mention that it’s a Bimota (which is one-up on a Ducati) as well?  .


Bimota August 24, 2010 posted by Phil

Mint Bimota DB4 i.e. – for $1!

That’s exactly what the title says – and yes, it got my attention too!  In any case, here’s a fuel injected Bimota DB4 i.e. with BST carbon fiber wheels and plenty of titanium and magnesium goodies for sale in Cincinnati.

VERY RARE only 9 Imported to the USA. 950 miles. $15k in BLING. BST Carbon Fiber Wheels, All Bolts inside and out are Titanium. Lots of Magnesium and Titanium Factory Race parts. I have new OEM take off parts also. Way to much to list. Car trade 911, BMW M3 M5, Audi TT, Mazda RX 8. I am a 43 year old Ducati Bimota Tech. I built this bike for my self. It is in MINT PERFECT CONDITION. Should weigh in at @ 320 pound and never on the race track.

The DB4 i.e. (only made for one year in 2000 I think) differs from the from normal DB4 in that the i.e. is fuel injected and is a biposto. Normal DB4s have been running around the $8-10,000 range, so this one with BST carbon fiber wheels and titanium and magnesium race parts should be in the $13-15,000 range.  Normally I am skeptical of “race part” claims, but I have dealt with the seller in the past and almost purchased another DB4 from him, so I know he is legit.

Personally, I prefer the original DB4s tricolore colours, but at a claimed 320 pounds and with all the go-fast goodies (BST carbon! Titanium! Magnesium! Race parts!), this one sounds like one heck of a fun ride.  Here’s a list of Bimota DB4s that we have featured in the past for your reference.

If you’re interested in this DB4, give Dean a call and he’ll set you up right.  Oh, here’s the ad on Craigslist.


Ducati August 22, 2010 posted by Phil

Here’s another 2008 Ducati Desmosedici D16RR up for sale..

Here’s YET another super low mileage (1434 miles) 2008 Ducati Desmosedici D16RR up for sale.

While the Desmosedici MotoGP rep is definitely a very sexy bike and its glorious exhaust note will make many grown man cry, the sheer number of D16RRs that we have seen listed for sale lately makes me wonder if it still falls into the “rare” category.  Nevertheless, here’s another for sale from Ducati specialist Pro Italia Motorcycles:

Factory service and warranty until February 2011. Clear bra protection installed along with DP carbon hugger fender and axle sliders. 1434 miles. $44,000

At $44,000, this one has got to be one of the lowest – if not THE lowest – priced D16RRs that I have seen (click here to see the list of D16RRs previously for sale). The price of these have been dropping like flies lately, which according to Dan’s comments, is because of known engine problems and very high maintenance costs.  Which makes me wonder – what will the price of a D16RR be a few more years down the line? Hmm…maybe I can pick one up as a living room display for around $15,000 a couple of years from now?

However, if you want something that’s low maintenance, just as fun to ride (if not more!), and with (relatively) low depreciation value, how about a very clean limited edition Ducati 900SS FE (#299)?


Ducati August 16, 2010 posted by Phil

Phil’s ’98 Ducati 900SS FE (#299) for sale

Update 9.1.2011: SOLD!

OK folks, here’s my own personal ride up for sale – a very clean ’98 Ducati 900SS FE (serial #299 of 300) with 76xx miles.

As some of you may know, I am quite fond of the 2V air-cooled Ducati engine for its charm.  As a matter of fact, my first post for RSBFS was a Ducati 900SS FE, so with a bit of irony and a hint of sadness I am putting up my own FE up for sale.

The bike has very low miles and well looked after.  It’s pretty much stock except for carbon silencers (I think they are Ducati Performance items but not sure) and Corbin saddle.  The bike doesn’t need anything other than a quick going over the fluids and batteries.

Asking $5800 or best offer.  The bike can be viewed at at Supermoto Italia in New York.  Any questions just let me know!