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Bimota January 22, 2010 posted by Phil

Bimota DB4 in North Alabama

Well, I guess it’s Friday – because there is a 2000 Bimota DB4 for sale in North Alabama!

<4k miles
Complete MotoCorse kit (exhaust, carbs, tank, etc.)
Factory ½ fairing
Custom tri-color paint
4-pad calipers
Marchesini forged Mg wheels
Brembo radial master cylinders (forged, both sides)
Enlarged rear storage area

The DB4 shares the same engine as the air-cooled Ducati 900 SS but with Bimota’s own alloy trellis frame, handled by Paoli forks up front with an Ohlins shock in the rear.  The DB4 in standard trim is already a very nice handling and fun bike – with all the super desirable (full Motocorse kit [!] and forged Marchesinis … oi!) go-fast goodies added, this DB4 will for sure be one wicked ride!

Just for reference, here are some other tasty DB4s:

Full Carbon Dream carbon body work, lots of titanium bits and Motocorse goodies, Ohlins forks, Marchesini wheels… the best DB4 I’ve seen so far!

An early version (I think) of Japanese Bimota specialist Motocorse’s own DB4C

Motocorse’s version of their “production” (production meaning only 50 were ever made) Db4C with 944cc big bore kit, FCR carbs, titanium full exhaust system, forged wheels, suede leather seat…

Personally, I would have preferred the Carbon Dream version or Motocorse’s DB4c, but considering this one has the full Motocorse kit AND the Marchesinis, I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for eating crackers either!  Standard DB4s have been floating around the $9000 range, so this one at $10,000 is definitely a good deal (the seller was asking $15,000 only a little over a year ago).

If you have been wanting to join the Bimota brigade, now is the time!


Bimota January 14, 2010 posted by Phil

Bimota YB10 Dieci for sale in New Orleans

Here’s another Bimota for sale:  an unknown year Bimota YB10 Dieci in New Orleans (thanks for the tip Doug!)

Produced between 1991 to 1994, the YB10 uses a Yamaha FZR1000 engine house in Bimota’s own beam frame design (same frame as the YB6 and championship winning YB4).  Max output is 145 hp at 10,000 rpm and max torque is 11 kg at 8500 rpm, pushing a claimed dry weight of 188 kgs.

I am more of a fan of the DB series, but the YB series (especially ever since the YB4 won the F1 championship in 1987) has a strong following.  The seller didn’t offer much details, but judging from the photos, this bike is part of a larger collection.  The bike is a bit dusty and probably hasn’t been started in a few years, but at least it’s sitting inside in a clean and dry environment (as I would expect from anyone who would own a Bimota).

With only 224 units built ever, the asking price of $13,999 is not unreasonable, but I would knock off a few bucks with the bike being so dusty.  😉


Bimota January 14, 2010 posted by Phil

2007 Bimota DB6 in Las Vegas

I’ve been MIA for a while because of something called “work” (what a PITA, eh?) but I see that the team has been working overtime to bring you all the best there is out there (guys, you’re making me look bad)! I’ve sure got a lot of catching up to do!

Being the Bimotisti that I am, I found a nice ’07 DB6 Delirio with super low miles (like most Bimotas are) for sale in Las Vegas:

Flawless and immaculate – better than showroom condition, less than 300 miles purchased new in 09.
Ducati 1000 cc L twin power.
Light nimble and extremely fast.
Beautiful Italian trellis frame is a work of art.
Big Brembo brakes will stand it on the front tire.
Comfortable and big fun to throw into corners.
Now has ZARD aftermarket carbon fiber exhaust on it, not shown in picture.

300 miles is almost brand new, and the ZARDs are a nice touch that can make the Duc engine sing like it should.  Shame that this isn’t the more potent DB6R version, but I’ll gladly take this one anyday.  The asking price of $20,000 seems a tad high – $16,000 to $18,000 would be a more realistic price range.


Yamaha December 9, 2009 posted by Phil

Yamaha TZ350G 2 stroke race bike

2 strokes maybe going the way of the dinosaur, there’s no denying that smokers are fast, fun, and smelly (in a good way).  What better way to celebrate the death of 2 strokes by bagging a 80s Yamaha 2 stroke race bike and putting it on display on your living room (bet the wife won’t be too thrilled, but what the heck)?  If that sounds good, then check out this :

Yamaha TZ 350 G. Originally owned by an AMA expert and raced nationally with many podium finishes, stored in a dry garage and sold to me by the original owner’s widow. Campaigned as a 250 with AHRMA, WERA, UCRA with many podiums finished. Completely rebuilt and converted into a 350 prior to the 2004 Daytona AHRMA race, however not ridden at the event due to the rider having and accident in the 750 class. The bike has been stored since then and is race ready condition. The engine has been rebuilt with a new crank, seals, bearings, cylinders, pistons, reeds and powerjet mikuni 38 mm carbs. The frame was completely gone over and re safety wired in preparation for teck inspection. Rear brake is stock Yamaha and the front brake is a duel piston Grimeca. A fine example of a fantastic racing bike. READY TO RACE!

I’m no TZ expert, but Greg Bennett over at the TZ350 website is – he even wrote a reference manual for the TD/TR/TA/TZ series!  Also, there is a very healthy following for TZ (new and old) race bikes, especially in Europe. If older TZ race bikes interest you, surf on over to Greg’s website, read up on them TZs and bid accordingly!  Good luck!


Ducati December 7, 2009 posted by Phil

A litter of Ducati Desmosedici D16RRs for sale – take your pick!

Sometimes there are just so many cool and rare bikes for sale out there that it’s hard to choose which ones to post. I came across a few Bayliss reps and 1098Rs, which in their own rights are rare birds, but for me the ultimate still has to be the Desmosedici. I have located 8 (would you believe it?) for sale around the world (I figure if you are in the market for one, where they are in the world doesn’t really matter, right?) and here they are:

Desmosedici #418 for sale in New York


Ducati Desmosedici #190 for sale in Michigan

 (this one has a long list of tasty upgrades added):

Ducati Desmosedici #869 for sale in Portland
#1033 for sale in Peterborough, UK (fitted with race pipe and ECU):

Ducati Desmosedici #1033 for sale in UK


Ducati Desmosedici #872 for sale in Hertfordshire, UK


Ducati Desmosedici for sale in Cambridgeshire, UK


Ducati Desmosedici #767 for sale in Italy

And the last one, :

Ducati Desmosedici for sale in Genoa Italy

I never thought I’d see so many D16RRs up for sale at one time.  Any lucky prospective buyer will get the opportunity to hand pick the best from this bunch.  Now where did I put that lottery ticket?!


Bimota December 7, 2009 posted by Phil

Vyrus 984 C3 2V (i.e. Bimota Tesi 2D) for sale in Switzerland

Just read Dan’s post about the RSBFS meet up in Seattle – now, I’m REALLY envious. Should be a blast, so you guys have fun (and post lots of pics please)!

Right now I’m sitting in a cheap hotel room in Taiwan, but of course that doesn’t stop me from bringing you rare and tasty bikes for sale around the world.  So what did I find?  A :

Seller’s description (Google translated from German):

Vyrus further developed the Bimota Tesi 1D and then put this bike before the public on various trade fairs under the name 984 C3 2V. As for powering the air-cooled, 84 hp is payable Ducati V2 engine at 992 cc. Additional services will be mobilized through the Ram Air system, with increasing speed. The bike itself does, according Vyrus 154 kg on the scales. The rear wheel suspension is made of an aluminum swingarm and the front wheel is guided by the motorcycle in a very unusual way, the axle steering. This wheel location was found even at the Bimota Tesi 1D from. The suspension on the front wheel suspension taken over by air-assisted shock absorber, which is attached laterally. In the stern sits a centrally mounted air-assisted shock absorber. In short: a hammer part …!!! And as far as I know it’s been delivered one of the first ten machines. The mileage is around the 5000 [km]. The bike of course is in immaculate condition.

If you think Bimota is an exclusive boutique builder, then Vyrus is even more so, offering only two hub center steered models – the 984 c3 with an air cooled Ducati 2V engine, and the 985 C3 with a water cooled Ducati 4V engine – from their small Rimini (Italy) based workshop. Coincidentally, the Bimota Tesi 2D was built by Vyrus for Bimota, so this 984 C3 is essentially a Tesi 2D but without the Bimota logo (note: the Vyrus looks different from the US version of the Tesi 2D with coil over shocks and sans flyscreen, but the Euro spec Tesi 2D looks exactly like this bike).

Like the Ghezzi-Brian posted earlier, when was the last time you’ve heard of a Vyrus up for sale?  I know it’s based all the way in Switzerland, but if you’re in the market for something like this, what’s a ticket to fly over to pick up the bike in person, ride the Alps, and sample some Swiss cheese or chocolate?  Hmm…sounds like a perfect Christmas vacation!


Yamaha December 3, 2009 posted by Phil

1986 Yamaha FZ750 – second of two posts

I haven’t quite figured out how to properly post multiple listings in the same post, so for the time being please bear with my separate postings. 

Anyway, here’s :

This is a true collector.  This bike looks great, turns heads and is FAST.  The motorcycle is in great condition. It has all four rebuilt carbureators, new brakes, new tires, new clutch, serviced one year ago with over 1200.00 in repairs and new parts and it has never been wrecked. It has a salvage title because it was stolen and the insurance money was collected then it was found and returned. It runs beautifully and has been a great bike.

This bike is no where near the condition of the first FZ, and the salvage title is a bit concerning, but the given the right price, this can be a very usable classic on a day to day basis (the FZ750 engine is very robust with oil change intervals of 7500 miles and valve gear adjustment every 25,000 miles).


Yamaha December 3, 2009 posted by Phil

1986 Yamaha FZ750 – first of two posts

Ah…the Yamaha FZ750.  With 5 valves per cylinder, liquid cooling, and 105 hp on tap, it was a significant bike in Yamaha’s history, but was sadly overshadowed by the brilliant Suzuki GSX-R750.  23 years later, the FZ750 has become somewhat of a collector and we now have not one, but TWO for sale on ebay:

So here’s the first (and this one looks mint!):

This is the bike that started it all for Yamaha when it comes to the sportbike market. 1985 was the first year for the FZ750 with the 5 valve Genesis engine. In order to create a straight, non-restrictive intake tract, Yamaha engineers designed the engine with the cylinders tilted forward at a 45 degree incline. In addition, they incorporated a 5 valve per-cylinder design(3 intake/2 exhaust). The innovative engine design and location also created an awesome front/rear weight bias. I have owned this particular bike for a little over a year and while it is extremely fun to ride. The 85 models are getting hard to find and even harder to find with the factory plastic still in-tact. This bike still has the factory seat eliminator. In addition to being well cared for over-all, the following items have been replaced/installed: Two Metzler tires(about 300 miles ago), new fork seals(about 300 miles ago), steering head bearing serviced(about 300 miles ago) chain and sprockets, clutch slave cylinder, Vance & Hines Supersport exhaust. It also has a K & N air filter, Dyna Jet Stage 1 jet kit and Yoshimura Cams(Installed by previous owner) The bike runs very strong and draws a lot of attention between it’s vintage sportbike looks and aggressive sound. It is not for an irresponsible, novice rider but is as well mannered as it’s rider. You can cruise comfortably all day long with the throttle lock but if you rev-it to 5500 rpms and above, you’d better be ready to hold on. Despite it’s age, it is more than capable of keeping up with most modern bikes 1000cc and less. It won’t beat them all but you can earn their respect. (It has surprised quite a few people). I encourage anyone that is interested to do some research on the web as there are quite a few sites and groups dedicated to these motorcycles. When you consider the age, the mileage isn’t bad especially when you consider that the factory recommended valve adjustment interval isn’t untill 26,600 miles.

The seller is a serious collector (I’ve seen some of the bikes that he has previously sold – all of them mint, rare, and collectible), and if you’re in a market for a FZ750, I would not hesitate to buy from him.


[AffomaticEbay]Yamaha FZ[/AffomaticEbay]