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2004 Honda NSR50 For Sale – Brand New!

Doug 7


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

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2004 Honda NSR50 For Sale

Piss off the neighbors and ring in the New Year with this little 6-speed, 60mph Ring-a-Dinger Honda NSR50!

The seller states “Brand New and never started!” and it definitely looks the part from my side of the fence.

Check it out for yourself-

Clean as a whistle!

Very rare bike it’s never been started or had fuel in it it’s literally a brand new bike six speed transmission two-stroke 50 mL track bike from Honda we have the title super rare find

Make: Honda
Model: NSR50
Mileage: 0 (but CL ad shows 100?)
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Price: $7,500 – ouchie!

I’m thinking this would be an absolute hoot to own! Put on some fresh shoes, check the dipstick (I jest!), fill’er up with fresh VP pre-mix and Viola! You’d be the envy of all the neighborhood gear heads. Of course the converse of my neighborhood dreamland would be keeping it as is and putting it on display in basement for generations to come.
Meh . . . I’d rather get the Five-O called on me for dragging elbows and terrorizing my neighbors Rat Dog.


Make the jump here to snatch up this little one!

Happy New Years to all of our readers.

Be safe,


  1. Michael J Michael J

    Love mine. Highly recommended. We have 3 kart tracks where I live so it is open trackdays any weekend. My only recommendation is to convert it to GP shift using stock Honda CBR600F(1) parts. Then put a laptimer on it and go do your worst. Best $ i ever spent. Mine only had a couple 100 miles on it and I only spent $2500 when I got it. So the calculus here isn’t the same. I can’t see getting as much joy out of it just looking at it. Groms are fun, these are funner.

  2. Robert Robert

    Why would someone buy this and let it sit unused for 17 years? Hard to see the value at $7500

  3. Delgado Delgado

    That’s the usual price of a NSF 150.
    You can buy a Ohvale 110 or 190 for that money and you will have a much better bike.

  4. Damon Schuetze Damon Schuetze

    I bought this bike, I live in Vegas too. Seller and I have some mutual friends, he’s a super good guy. And the bike is exactly as he represented. He let me ride his other one which he has ridden on the track. This one will hide out in my homologated bike collection.

  5. Dan Dan

    Nice addition. Good hearing from you, Damon!


  6. Damon Schuetze Damon Schuetze

    Thanks Dan, actually Im going to txt you a video lol are you headed down for Mechum?

  7. Michael Michael

    Lol, nsf100 is still being produced by Honda in Japan. You gan buy new ones and ship them over here for less than that price. One of my friends here in Houston bought 2 that way for himself and his daughter. It is a competition only model so the importing is much simplified.

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