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1994 Yamaha YZF-750R With 2,590 Original Miles On eBay.

This is a one owner, showroom condition, ’94 YZF-750R!

Bike:  1994 Yamaha YZF-750R

Price:  $2,950USD with three days remaining.

Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Mileage:  2,590

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio is a 1994 Yamaha YZF-750R with 2,590 original miles with no scratches or marks on it.  The seller states that this is a one owner bike and has the following modifications:  Vance & Hines carbon fiber slip-on, Goodrich Kevlar clutch & brake lines, carbon fiber front fender with original included, K&N filter, smoked windscreen and lastly a fender eliminator kit.  The seller also states that this bike has a new battery, all fluids were flushed and replaced within the last 50 miles, and the EXUP valve was serviced.  This bike has always been stored inside and shows no scratches or marks.

The United States never received the SP variation of this bike which was the homologation special but, we did get the R which was a very capable machine at the time.  This bike was based on the OW01 which preceded it but, the bikes share no interchangeable parts.  The standard R model is more usable in the rear world as it doesn’t feature the homologation pieces (close-ratio transmission, big carb’s, hard suspension, etc.) which are needed for competition use but can sometimes make the bike peaky or contribute other tendencies that aren’t positive aspects on the road.  This YZF was the first bike to feature six-piston front calipers as standard.  The bike also features:  The 5-valve head Yamaha adored during the ’90’s, 41mm, adjustable, USD forks with an adjustable rear shock; a wet weight of 215kg and a BHP number of 125.

I find these YZF’s to be very cool.  Regardless of how you may feel about the colors, they still have the presence and look to remind you that this is still a serious superbike.  Sadly, not many of them are out there and the ones that are, aren’t usually in very good condition.  If you’d like a fantastic example of a YZF-750R that can easily be returned to stock, you should definitely have a look at this example.  Some hi-res photos of the bike can be viewed here.  The eBay listing can be seen .



  • 94 YZF 750R. Just wanted to say WOW!!!! I dont think i have ever seen one in such great condition. They were usually destroyed by young kids that beat the crap out of them. This is a close second to my first all time favorite cycles, 96 ZX7R and ZX7RR ( which i happen to own both ). I wish i had more space in my basement, this would fit my personal collection just perfect. Just like alot of others out there though, my wife would kick my ass. Anyway, couldn’t resist posting this. To the owner, Why would you sell this beautiful piece of rolling art after taking such great care of it after all of these years. Wish it was mine. Thanx for the pics, AWESOME!!!!

  • very nice i have a 94 and love it has 98 plastic wish i had origanals but still looking good

  • i had this bike new… unlike what they said above i was 17 when i got it “bought it myself” off the floor in early 96 making it already almost 2 years old before i even rode it,.. but i took extreeeeemly good care of it.. once a week i was sitting in the gravel spraying the rims with wd40 to get the break dust off the yellow rims.. lol… my tragedy of losing it was freak tire popping around a corner; me going over the ditch embankment while my poor 750 tumbled down it.. insurance wouldn’t fix it so i lost it.. i still have the windshield and the back seat cover.. i know your most likely not looking at this strand but if you still have it i’m interested in trying to work something out

    • I realize this is a REALLY old post, but do you still have the YZF750 parts?

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