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1994 Aprilia RS 250 Street version and it is sweet!

1994 Aprilia RS 250 Loris Reggianni Replica with only 2,300 miles!

Location: VISALIA, CA
Ebay current bid: $2,275.00 with reserve still on

Okay, so your not down for track only RS250 and you passed on the one I posted yesterday. Well, your ship has docked today because this RS250 is ‘da bomb’ and is an original street version.

Although the owner is confused as to who Aprilia dedicated this bike to; it doesn’t change the fact that it appears to be in great shape and ready to rock n roll.

Have a look and see for yourself or :

Aprilia RS 250

Pretty sweet indeed! Now I can only assume that this one has low miles because ‘I spy’ several other 2 strokers in the background. The seller has done a great job promoting his bike because over on the auction site there are several more hi-res pictures to be seen. In fact about the only thing he could have done better, to promote it, would have been to let me ride it and then write this blurb. 🙂

Quotes from the sale:

Im thinning out the herd and this one is the nicest. its a 1995 aprilia rs250 valentino rossi edition the bike has 3900 km and is in near perfect condition. the aftermarket parts are tyga side by side pipes and silencers, mild steel headers. new tires with 40 miles on them, and new chain, are replaced only due to age not wear. the bike had some minor but annoying scratches on the tail section and the the left and right lower fairings so as anal as i am i had them repainted with the reproduction decals. i could not get the tail section decals that said rs250 so i had a sign shop make some up. the bike looks new and runs awesome. i do have the stock pipes that will go with it.

I’m not sure the bike wouldn’t have been better left 100% original, but at least you can get that warm fuzzy feeling that you know a bike has been well looked after by it’s owner. My guess is this one will fetch a nice shiny penny somewhere in the range of 8 – 9,000 bucks so if you’ve been looking – get ready to pony up for this one.

For reference you can check out the most recent Loris Reggianni Replica that was posted on RSBFS by clicking here. It did sell for $9,000.00 and was almost identical in spec. I’m curious to see what the market will do for the respray…




  • I got the nsr250 thats in the background from him about a month ago and i’m lovin it!! I can say all his bikes he had in his garage were all top notch and a pleasure to deal with.. Thanks again larry.

  • That thing looks nice, congratulations on the pick up.

  • I’ve been going alittle crazy myself with the whole bike thing lately.. That was #11 and since then #12 & 13 have made there way into to what has become my stable..lol
    I picked up a near perfect 79 rd400f and waiting on delivery of my cx500 turbo.. Please cut me off from this site before i end up in divorce court!! lol THANKS!!

  • Just curious what you guys think of a re-spray effecting value. i am about to put a well painted rothmans NS400r up for sale. I think we will find with the 80’s bikes that there will be more stock style repaints because the bodywork sucked then. super thin and prone to spider webs and cracking. Of course original will always be better.

  • SicDuc you are truly bike sick. 13 and I’d been divorced a long, long time ago. I’m struggling with 3 and she’s threatening me..

  • I”m really not sure whats going to happen to the price of a resprayed bike. Cars seem to have a lot better reception to a re-spray versus bikes. Usually, bikes are a custom paint job or rattle canned so if it’s done up right and put back to the original paint scheme there might not be any issue at all. I suspect we’re going to find out pretty quick with this latest RS250 so stay tuned…

  • I am more interrested in thee vfr in the backround!

  • Like larry said to me when i was there everythings for sale!! Give him a call..

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  • […] RS250 Loris Reggiani replica. If you’re thinking that you’ve seen this bike on RSFS before, you are correct. 1994 was a banner year for Aprilia as they wrapped up the 125 and 250cc World Championships with […]

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