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1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R

1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R

Location: LA, CA
Price: 22,000
Mileage: Low(!)

It never ceases to amaze me how owners of such rare bikes don’t take the time or put little, if any, effort in to selling them. Point in case is today’s CL find.

Have a look:

Low mileage CA bike, one owner, ready to ride. Low serial number.

That’s it folks! You want to buy it?

You can make contact here.

Oh but wait.. there’s another one for sale in San Francisco with no pictures, but the seller does offer a phone number. I don’t think it’s the same one, but it sounds very similar in specs.




  • I swear CL is a gathering spot for retards….but $22 sounds kinda high. I wish I had it laying around under a mattress. I’d be flying up the 5 freeway in a heartbeat. I love the RC30

  • Did yo see both CL ads?

  • his wife has obviously asked him to sell that baby (for 1 reason or another). I’d probably do the same…”sorry hunny, nobody’s interested : ( “

  • That is an excellent POV on the crappy ad

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