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1989 Suzuki GSXR 750RR

1989 Suzuki GSXR 750RR Homologation Japan Special – Super Rare and on ebay

UPDATE: as of 5.7.10 2:30est this auction has been taken down 🙁

Location: Carlisle, PA
Current Price: $1,655.00 with no reserve!!!
Mileage: 2,537

Yes, this baby will sell no matter what the price! That my friends is something to get excited about. These were originally released only in Japan and have graced the pages of RSBFS one or two other times. Although this one does have a few issues like ‘it’s been sitting for a number of years’ and has what is described as a ‘drop when moving’ it is still an extremely rare Suzuki in the states. These Japanese models have that racer boy look and feel with the red number plate on the solo tail section. As I reported in my previous GSXR 750RR post some of the differences between the US standard issue GSXR and the Japanese one include, but aren’t limited to, 40mm Slingshot Carbs, close ratio gear box, single seat and an aluminum gas tank. In 1989 the spec sheets said these made about 120hp and weighed in at 411#’s dry weight. In 1989 that was a ton of power for a 750.

Here’s the bike that I’m blabbering about:

1989 Suzuki GSXR 750RR Japan Spec

From the listing:

Here you have a Suzuki GSX RR 750 Hypersport

This is the race built production bike built by Suzuki.

Oil cooled engine

Never released in the USA

Amazing bike to own.

Has only done 4803 kilometres in its lifetime.

Has a few scratches and marks attributed with age

The bike was previously ridden by a collector in the family. The bike has been dropped on the left and has some scrapes on the belly side. Other than this the most info I have been able to discover is the original owner dropped the bike when moving it. It has apparently had no accidents other than this.

Bike was running and then has been stored for the past 15 years.

The bike is a bit dusty and the metal could use a polish, due to the time in storage. The bike was well cared for. The bike would need a major service as it has been sitting for around 15 years without being turned over. I have put it in gear and moved the bike to check compression, and it rolls with no problems. Hope this helps

The original owner is gone so I cannot find out much detailed info.

500 limited edition (some claim 1000) GSX-R750R ( the ‘Double R’) serving as ready-to-race platform was released to Japanese market. The newly redesigned engine reverted to the original long stroke (70 x 48.7mm) configuration. Crankcase, crankshaft connecting rods and clutch were among the critical areas receiving more attention necessary for the race duty. The ‘Double R’ also received new 40mm Slingshot carburetor and 4-into-1 exhaust pipe as well as close ratio gearbox, rear swing arm with sub frame, new aerodynamic fiber with large air intake duct, solo seating with race number box and 19 liter aluminium fuel tank as standard equipment. The dry weight measured, 187kg.

Okay, so as previously mentioned the bike has been sitting for quite some time and it has been dropped. As Dan (from the east coast) pointed out to me the seller conveniently didn’t show a photo of the damaged side. Also, in the head on photo you can see the forks are oxidized pretty bad and you can see just how dirty the bike is from being stored. Taking all of that into consideration the price is still way cheap in my opinion. So cheap in fact at the time of writing this post I am the current high bidder 🙂 (My wife is going to kill me when she finds out) I did send a message, through ebay, to the seller asking them for a picture of the left side. If I get one or one is added to the auction I’ll update the post for everyone that is following this post.

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  • It’s definitely an odd deal and I suspect it was a scam as well. I did however ask for a very specific picture and received it. But in the end the extensive explanation that I received asking why the auction ended early was pretty hard to believe. I also received a picture of the VIN # plate and it looked very suspicious and was listed as an Aussie bike. Anyways, I didn’t think it deserved anymore time after I suspected it was a scam..


  • Let me know if it comes back around. I’m close by. I could go see it in person for you. I actually want to see this in person anyway. I need an excuse.

  • Ive been in contact too with him. Come to a price but he wants to use this company for payment

    payment I want to make the transaction thru Moneybookers???????

    I’m saying this because you’ll have a maximum 14 days inspection period. You’ll send the money to Moneybookers and they’ll keep the money for us. As soon as Moneybookers has the money I’ll ship the bike to you??????

    anyone ever heard of this moneybooker????

  • Moneybookers appears to be legit, but where is the bike? Can you view the bike prior to sending the money? If not, I’d turn and run away very fast, but that’s just my .02 worth

  • with something like this I too would have to see it in person. See how bad the damage really is and to make sure he actually has it?? Looks like maybe a flight there is the only real way to make sure

  • I think now its a scam, told him I’ll fly there and pay cash in person and no response??? who doesnt want cash in hand. They should hang anyone that tries to scam people!!

  • Hey thanks for reporting back on your detective work.

  • Another thing that has always made me wonder if a real collector had this then why has the lower never been fixed and why are the decals missing “RR and Suzuki”?? Why would someone want to use a company that once I pay will ship and allow me 14 days to check bike out before he gets his money?? Cash talks, and doesnt want to do it that way?? To many things? And it was only up on ebay for a couple days before he took it down??? scam!!

  • Hi-picked one of these up a day or so ago-9 years laid up . An oil change and battery and -it lives. damaged on rh side but repairable-im so excited!

  • any idea of a going price-paid ÂŁ2300 and hope this is good value

  • Hi. I have a friend thats very interested in this bike. Just mail me and we can come pu with a price that the owner is happy with. Cheers Tomas from Norway.

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