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You Like 2 Stroke Race Bikes? Behold! GP Bonanza in Switzerland

If you answered yes, to the above question, do the following:

1) go online and check out you bank account balance

2) choose any bike from below

3) contact the seller (see link at bottom of page)

4) realize a dream

Let’s start with the one I consider my own dream: 1984 Honda RS 500 RF







4508890417266534713This bike was formerly raced by Swiss rider: Bruno Kneubühler.

The price is not disclosed. This bike, and all the others that follow, belong to a private collector who is selling them individually. If interested in any of these dreams, click on the link at the bottom of this article and contact the dealer that is advertising the bikes for the seller.

Were you a fan of Kevin ? How about this: Suzuki RG 500 converted track bike (the seller mentions it is an RGB but that doesn’t seem to be correct):







If you are a little intimated by the 500cc monsters (I am not, I want one… desperately) or ,the before mentioned bank statement doesn’t allow you to get close to one of these, then the following Suzuki RGV250 might be an alternative:

Suzuki RGV 250 track bike

4509825542266543713 4509829261266543713





Or this other RGV:


4509950026266544713 4509953776266544713 4509946307266544713

Are you over 40 and fancy something a bit older than that ? How about a 1969 3 cylinder H1 race Kawa in top conditions ?

4510097698266545713 4510101401266545713 4510109495266545713


Beautiful isn’t it ?

4510105511266545713 4510113370266545713


I always said that Switzerland is a goldmine for rare motorbikes, what do you think ?

Well, let’s get to business no?  Here’s the link to inquiry for any of the above (an additional RS 500 is also available, not pictured here):


2 stroke GP bikes





  • .That bike is NOT a RGB. Itś a RG 500 Gamma, the streetbike. And itś NOT 1984, itś 1985-1989 when it was produced

  • Richard is right. It is very important to write RGB500 (production racer) or RG500 street bike. It is really big big difference. Also the RGW is RGV, and are not 83, but 89 and not 84, but 91. I understand that the dealer has not correct informations to these bikes, but also Claudio, just please be more accurate.

    • I think you are all right. When I saw the Suzukis, I thought these were not GP bikes, but converted street bikes, as you confirm. I wasn’t sure as they are mixed with the real stuff…
      Thanks for the comments !

  • For the records, and for all GP fans, the post has been updated…

  • Comments have been cleaned as they had nothing to do with the post.


  • Amazing collection, does any one know how much the H1 Kawasaki is worth?
    I can’t read the link as it’s in a foreign language to me.

    • The price is “auf anfrage” which means upon request. Please contact the seller’s by phone or email to enquiry.

  • A NSR400, RG500, RGV250 all street bikes converted to race bikes? no thanks! Now the H1R is very nice, that will go for big money, that is the only factory race bike there.

  • No wonder such incorrectness; ….all 3 bikes to be sold on a commission basis and agent doesn’t have a clue! (know from experience).
    However bikes are really nice and genuine.

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