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Kawasaki October 31, 2011 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R with 2,862 Miles For Sale

Location: San Juan Capistrano,CA

Miles: 2,862

Price: Currently $7,700 with Reserve in place

Anytime I see one of thee bikes, I dream about it sitting in my living room. Not to say that I wouldn’t love to ride it or think that it shouldn’t be ridden, but I just love the way they look. The K1 ZX7R is definitely one of my top-5 drool factor bikes. It just screams 90’s sport bike.

The ZX7R was a homologated special as most of you know and was built in order to compete in world Superbike. The list of special features includes an aluminum gas tank, flatside carbs, and a close-ratio gear box. Although some say these bikes make for a finicky street machine, they still represent the golden era of homologated specials in grand fashion.

The bike up for grabs here looks to be in very good. There is however a crack in the left side fairing (above the Kawasaki decal) so it isn’t super pristine. But I would imagine that it is repairable. I do notice a couple small scratches on parts of the tail and on the blue part of the lower left fairing. But for a 20-year-old bike of this caliber with fewer than 3k miles, it’s hard to fault a couple small things. There is a Muzzy exhaust instead of the stocker, however I
wouldn’t say that hurts the value. I can’t paste the seller’s description as it is not in the correct format, but jump on over to the auction to read about it here.

There you have it, another clean and low mileage example of a ZX-7R. As of writing this, the reserve is still in place. I will be keeping a close eye on the auction because I do believe it will be a good indicator of what a good example of a K1 will command in today’s market. If you want to keep tabs on it or try and score it for yourself, then take a look at the auction here!


Kawasaki October 19, 2011 posted by

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR N1 Homologation Special- For Sale

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR N1

Location: Mississauga, ON, CA
Mileage: 27,538 kil / 17,100 miles
Price: $7,500.00 Update 10.19.2011: Now Reduced to $6000 CDN!

Up for your consideration is a very nice example of Kawasaki’s last 3/4 sized homologation super bike.

I’ve always been a fan of Team Green and the N1 is tops on my list of bikes to own- someday.

From the seller:

For sale is an almost perfect example of the ZX7 N1.

For those who don’t know, the N1 was the ZX7 homologated for superstock racing and came with a wide array of race-oriented features out of the box. Just 20 of these bikes were imported into Canada!

The N1 is very different from the standard ZX7R, featuring
– RR Forks
– RR Rear shock
– 6-pot Nissin calipers
– Adjustable swingarm pivot
– 41mm Flatslide carbs
– Close-ratio gearbox
– Solo seat

Also note that the ZX7 comes with a slipper clutch. This N1 is entirely stock except for a very aggressive sounding Hindle carbon fiber full system exhaust which helps the bike breathe better and shed 10 pounds. Furthermore, for the collectors out there, this bike’s VIN ends in 748 which is also the displacement of the engine 🙂

Now, being a race bike the N1 shines at high speed. Everything from the twisting the throttle to dropping into corners is surgically precise. A sunday blast in the back roads or on the track is exactly what this bike was made for.

This bike runs smooth/strong and has been meticulously cared for. You will be hard pressed to find a regular ZX7 this clean, nevermind a N1 so I won’t sell it to just anyone.

And there you have folks- I would like to add a few things about the N1.

1. These also have adjustable steering heads
2. They have steel gas tanks whereas the K and M models had aluminum tanks.

#2 isn’t such a big deal, but #1 was only offered on the 1996 N1’s. I would also like to add it required special race kit parts to do it.

While horsepower was relatively unchanged across the three models of Kawasaki homologation bikes the N1 represents the culmination of all things that had been learned. The N1’s were as trick as any in 1996 with the slipper clutch, adjustable swing arm and steering head angle, huge brakes, 41mm flat slide carbs and close ratio transmission. Heck, you’d be hard pressed to find any motorcycle in today’s offerings with those specs.

Have a look-

If you’re in the market for a collectable homologation special don’t hesitate because this one is priced right and won’t last long.

You can contact the seller by clicking here

Good luck with the sale!


Kawasaki August 3, 2011 posted by

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 Hold the “R”

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 Ninja

Location: South Dakota
Mileage: 11,728
Price: $3,050 at time of writing with reserve in place

Following on the heels of Rem and Andrews 7’s, from earlier in the week, I’ve found yet another super fine example of an early model Kawasaki that is fast approaching the “must have to complete the collection” status.

These were made popular in 1990, by Doug Chandler, after winning 4 races in the AMA Super Bike series and taking the championship for Team Green. Also known as H1 and H2’s, these were the first real replica racers manufactured by Kawasaki. However, one shouldn’t be mislead by looks alone between the 89′ and 90′ model years. The 1990 Championship didn’t come without significant changes from Team Green’s R&D lab. A lot of the parts are not interchangeable between the H1 and H2’s. Not that you’ll need any parts for this one because it appears to be 100%!

From the owner-

I have owned this bike for many years and am the 3rd owner. The bike has a clear title and has always had the best of care and maintenance and is nearly showroom new looking in every way. The only distinguishable blemish is some paint flaking on the wheels and a very small rub on one side fairing, less than the size of a pea. There are no cracks, fractures, road rash, wear or tear or fade on the paint or bodywork and the bike really looks just as good in real life as it does in the pictures. I just recently replaced the factory original tires so the bike has nearly new tires front and rear (less than 100 miles from new). Also new are the rear brake pads and aside from that the bike is otherwise as it came from the factory. The motor is strong and I have always used high quality motorcycle specific synthetic motor oil in it every season. I have put less than 500 miles on it from the time I have owned it and it has always been stored inside a climate controlled environment through all seasons.

As these are becoming more difficult to find in this condition pricing has been all over the place. I saw one a few months back with an asking price of $9,000 and I’ve seen them in decent shape priced in the mid $2,000’s. I suspect this one will command at least $5,000 to park it in your garage.

Click here for a chance to get on the one that started it for Kawasaki-

And for all of my fellow Ninja lovers out there “Sup my Ninja’?”



Kawasaki July 28, 2011 posted by

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R

It is that little R that makes all the difference. I think this excerpt from the article ‘Appreciating Older Sportbikes’ by Tim Kreitz says it all:

“It seems a little hard to believe in this modern age of super-light, ultra-powerful motorcycles, but the comparatively heavier and somewhat tankish 7RR was the unquestioned king of the AMA for the better part of the ’90s. The bike brought Kawasaki into an era of awe-inspiring dominance at the hands of riders such as Scott Russell and Doug Chandler, whose combined efforts resulted in an amazing four AMA championships over a period of seven years. Russell also took the Kawasaki 750 to the World Superbike Series, where he silenced all the critics with his historic 1993 WSB championship. The ZXR750/ZX7RR, for the greater part of the decade, was the quintessential high-performance motorcycle. Its impact on racing and even modern culture was so great that, even to this day, most sportbikes — Kawasaki or not — are referred to as ‘Ninjas’ by the general public.”

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R For Sale

For sale is a 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R. This is the bike Kawasaki built in limited numbers to homologate their Superbike effort.
The “R” version came with full race factory upgrades to include a close ratio transmission, slipper clutch, hotter Cams, bigger 39mm flatslide carbs, bigger brakes, adjustable suspension, aluminum gas tank, and solo seat cowl. This was a bike I lusted for from the day I first saw it. I remenber seeing those scoops thru the tank for the first time, it just screamed “Superbike”
Brand new the bike was close to $12,000 back in 1992.
After looking for several years, I found a very clean example about 4 years ago, which I purchased. The bike came with a full race stainless steel Muzzy exhaust, Woodcraft rearsets, Penske rear shock with resevior, and braided lines. These were all very attractive selling features to me, mosty because I love upgrading the bikes I own. I’m a collector, but first and foremost I’m a rider.
I upgraded the front end on the bike to a brand new 2009 GSXR750 unit. This included the forks, lower triple clamp, front wheel, rotors, master cylinder, calipers, clipons, carbon fiber front fender, and Superbike braided lines. The conversion was done by Wyn Belorusky, master bike buider and fabricator. Look him up. He machined the top triple clamp out of a solid piece of billet aluminum to replicate the stock upper triple. It looks amazing and no one can believe its not the stock upper. This conversion saved about 15 Lbs. over the stock unit and is simply awesome. It handles like a new modern bike. I also added brand new tires front and rear, as well as new chain and sprockets. I had the front GSXR wheel along with the stock rear wheel freshly powdercoated Kawasaki green to look correct and new.
The motor has been completely gone thru with a fresh top end and dyno tuned by Randy Voth of Full Spectrum Racing in Orlando, Florida. I have receipts. The bike is very strong, temp stays cool on even the hottest Florida days, and the Muzzy pipe sounds soo sweet.
Cosmetically, it has a few blemishes in the bodywork. Nothing major, and I’m pretty picky. The pipe has a very small dent in the midpipe, I mention this for completeness and took pictures.
Overall its a very sweet machine, and has a very special history in the evolution of the superbike. Just ask Scott Russell.  Someone is gonna get a very nice bike. I have and will include in the auction the stock complete front end thats ready to go,  you can bolt it up easily if you like.

eBay Link here

While the bike does have 15000 miles on it and minor cosmetic issues my guess is the owner knows his stuff and looks after the bike.  It certainly is an exciting bike to own.  I think we may have seen this before,  Interesting that the mileage is the same now as it was back then: Old RSBFS Entry


Kawasaki June 13, 2011 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R K1

Location: New Jersey
Mileage: <8,000
Price: $5,500

Though we have seen our fair share of these on RSBFS, there is a reason for that. Not only are they a limited homologated special, but they look awesome too! These K1’s seem to mostly pop up for sale on the West coast and Southeast (at least after a quick search on RSBFS), so if you live in the Northeast and looking to get one of these, then here is your chance. I would love to elaborate about how these bikes have aluminum gas tanks, close-ratio gear boxes, and flatside carbs, but the seller actually acknowledges all of this in the ad.

From the seller:

” 1991 Limited Editon ZX7R K1. 1991 was the first year Kawasaki offered these in limited numbers. These were the differences between the standard ZX7 and the R version: Keihin FCR flatslide racing carbs, aluminum fuel tank, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, rear solo tail, hotter cams giving the bike 121 horse power from the factory and different gearing. This bike turns heads and is a great conversation piece at bike shows. The bike has less then 8K miles and runs and shifts with no issues. All electrical works (lights, cooling fan, etc…) and it does not leak a drop of oil! New battery. New tires (Michelin Pilot Power w/less then 100 miles on them). New fuel filter, oil filter, fuel lines. New 530 chain and sprocket conversion. Full Muzzy exhaust. The bike is 20 years old but likes like new. Also included in the sale is the service manual. I am open to offers within reason. I know what these bikes are worth, so please don’t waste my time with BS offers. Also, I DO NOT want to trade for your boat, ATV, etc……Clean NJ title in hand. Thanks for looking. If you have any questions feel free to email me.”

This bike appears to be mostly stock and well maintained with several parts being replaced. Of course, this particular bike has a full Muzzy exhaust on it, and the only other thing I can see that is not mentioned by the seller is the blue windscreen. But with less than 8K miles, this bike is priced well. You can check out the seller’s ad here.


Kawasaki March 2, 2011 posted by

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR With Very Low VIN (#025) On eBay–Again

The is a great looking ZX7RR N1 that we haven’t seen since September!

Bike:  1996 Kawasaki ZX7RR N1

Miles:  6,998mi

Price:  $6,000 Starting bid with no reserve

Location:  Colorado Springs, Colorado

This ‘RR is on consignment from the third owner, was fully serviced prior to being listed, and the bike is stated to be all original.  Some defects include light scratching to the ram air covers, front fender, some of the left fuel tank decal has been removed by a fuel spill (new one is included with the sale), the battery is dead and the forks have started to leak.  Not exactly what I expect when a bike has supposedly had “…detailed service work” and “…several different services including thorough carb work.”  Regardless, this bike appears to be a very collectible piece with some light love–and front turn signals.

Doug had some very good observations when this bike was first spotted in September:

1. Missing the front turn signals
2. Missing the side fairing reflectors
3. Doesn’t have the Muzzy 7rr Special sticker on the tank
4. Butt pad is a little beat up
5. Seat has a gas cap stain – can see if you look closely at pictures
6. Needs a new front tire, but it’s the original D204 Sportmax
7. Has a pencil sized dent in the gas tank.
8. Rims may have been painted at some point.

1. It’s a N1!
2. Better than average condition
3. Low miles
4. Has one original tire :)
5. It’s priced right.
6. I like it a whole lot for the money

I’m going to have to agree with Doug, this is a very good–great–bike for the money compared to what we’ve seen other N1’s going for.  If you wanted an occasional weekend bike with collector credibility this is a fantastic choice.  With a little work, I don’t think anyone would be ashamed to have this in their garage.  See Doug’s very thorough write up here.  See some of the other ZX7RR’s we’ve posted .


Kawasaki January 23, 2011 posted by

1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7-K1

1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7-K1

Location: Springfield, OR

Mileage: 11,946

Price: $4,150.00

Yes, you are seeing yet another Kawasaki Homologation Superbike for sale. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Special bikes seem to come in waves when they come up for sale.

This 91 K1 doesn’t look too bad and it only looks to be an exhaust pipe, mud flap and a tank protector sticker away from being stock. I wouldn’t even deduct too many point for the Muzzy pipe since they go with Kawasaki like Forest goes with Jenny. I’ve never quite understood those silly tank protector stickers because although though they protect from scratches they leave goo and don’t allow the paint to fade like the rest of the tank. Sorry for the rant….

As we all know, these have lightweight aluminum gas tanks, close ratio 6 speed gearboxes with a super tall 1st gear, snazzy, thin fiberglass tail sections, a bank of flat slide carbs and fully adjustable suspension. I thoroughly enjoyed mine and was happy to see it go to a good home in Nebraska.

I do want to apologize as I’ve been sitting on this one for a few days so without further ado-

Have a look:

From the seller:

I have an all original exept muzzy exaust 1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7-K1 New tires and and has been serviced every year.there is only one tiny boot scratch on the tail,always garaged.This is a collectable bike and is in pristine condition.please ask questions if any.11946mi.never been layed down.

I don’t think the pictures show the bike very well, but that adds to the hunt right? 😉 The reserve is still on and I have to expect this one to reach at least $6,000.00 for the reserve to be released. I think it’s a pretty nice example, but with the lack of quality photo’s you will need to ask a few questions.



Kawasaki October 22, 2010 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX 7R K1 for only $4,500 bucks!

1991 Kawasaki ZX7R K1

Location: Houston, TX
Mileage: 8853
Price: $5,500.00 reduced to $4,500.00!

Up for grabs is, RSBFS viewer, Juan’s ZX7R with super low miles. When I was first contacted about listing the bike on RSBFS I was skeptical and I literally put Juan through the ringer about his bike. We at RSBFS don’t like to misrepresent, get scammed or post bogus bikes on our site and that is the very reason I made him jump through hoops…

Have a look and you’ll see why:

Now, I know what everyone is thinking and it is a K1. It seems as though the previous owner went against the grain and wanted a 2 up bike and sourced the parts to do it, which as we all know is the complete opposite of the majority. Most guys want a racier look and spend hundreds of dollars buying solo tails and having them painted to look like the 7R’s. I’ve seen many plain Jane 7’s made to look like 7R’s, but I’ll have to admit this is the first one for me in this form.

So there you have all of the photo’s to prove that this bike is in fact a K1 Homologation Super Bike.

Juan tells me that he has cared for his bike and hates to see it go, but it is time. He has it priced right and ready move.

You can contact him via email at He was more than accommodating with all of my request and I’m sure he’ll do the same for you.

Good luck with the sale!