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A 10 Of A ZX: 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R

zx right

OK, I’ll go 9.99 because I know there are a couple still out there in crates but lets be realistic;  this is about as good as it gets.  So, for those that didn’t pull the trigger on last few ZX-7R’s we posted, warm those check books up.

1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R for sale on eBay

What the seller is saying about it:

1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R K2 Ninja, 800 miles. I’ve owned the bike since 2007, bought it from a Kawasaki dealer’s personal collection. The bike is completely stock except for the following; the carb needles are shimmed .040″ to help the rideability, and the tires were new in 2007 (Dunlop Sportmax Qualifiers – 8 miles on them total). Although I’ve only put 8 miles on the bike since I’ve owned it, I start it 2 to 3 times each summer and let it warm up to keep things lubricated. This bike is one of 7 older sportbikes that I own – none of them are getting a lot of miles on them. All the necessary things are there to distinguish it from the standard ZX-7; aluminum tank, flatslide carbs, close ratio gearbox, etc… I have 2 original keys, owners manual, service manual, complete toolkit and sales brochure.

There is nothing forcing the sale of this bike, but I’ll let it go for the right price. Buyer is responsible for pick up or shipping of the bike.

zx close 2zx close

800 mile fresh.  I really don’t remember another one like this.

zx tailzx tank 2zx tank

There really isn’t anything to discuss.  If you want a rare Kawi from the 90’s that looks like it just came out of the showroom, this is it.

Click here for the auction.



  • Is this the real zx7r, the homologation bike, or did they stop that in ’91?

    • It appears to be the real deal, the vin (K1- 9/91) indicates it was manufactured in 1991, they did build them in 92 as well, K2. Kawasaki built specials for the next 2 generations of the ZXR, 93-94 vins were M1/2 and 96 was N1

  • Thank you.

  • We keep seeing these ’92’s. I’m patiently waiting to find a ’93-’94.

  • What to say ? Wow. This is really the nicest R I have ever seen for last 5 years. Yes, ofcourse exept the crated bike from k3 man. This should see Barber for his museum where this bike is missing. I expect more than 15k……..
    What is your guess?

  • We see again, that the most important is stock condition- fairing, windshield, muffler, turn signals and so on. Just maybe original factory kit parts are allowed.

  • 916, I think you might be off a bit as it’s at $15k now. hope he gets 30k for it. It would certainly help prove low mile stock bikes is what brings the bidders out the the dollars flying lol

  • what was the retail on this back in the day?

  • Nice sticker on the tank. Is that stock? And did kawasaki actually win the wsbc in 1990? I thought it was honda.

  • Mike: yes, this is stock, but only for US version. Championship is not meaned to be WSBK, but US Superbike. EU versions don´t have these stickers. By the way this K1 had not won WSBK, but it was the most succesfull sportbike all over the world, because it had won all national championships, and also World endurance title in 91 and 92 – with Carl Fogarty the most famous SBK champion ! I´m jut wondering what price will be for later M version in same condition, while M is more rare to find……..?

    • Thanks for the answer. Also curious about the M. Havent even seen one yet. Endurance racing is the bomb, the best form of racing for me…a real test for the bike and the rider. Goes to show how good the zxr was. And Foggy was a beast.

    • I am wondering myself what low mileage M1/2’s would bring. I picked up an M1 that was listed on ebay a while back. Needs some side fairings and cleaning up. Odometer shows 1100 miles. Original Michelins still have blue lines down center and knobbies all over, so it may be legit. Im in process of replacing damaged plastics and bits, but all in all, a clean bike. Thank god tail section is pristine, since they are discontinued!

    • Tony: was it M1 from UK ?

  • Now that’s what I call having your friends come in and bit up your item…. Typical Shill bidding on Ebay.

  • Al, original price in the US was $10,000. The non-homologation J model sold along side it was $7,000.

  • Gun: maybe yes, maybe no. One high bidder is also bidding on OW01 with factory parts, so it should be friend of both sellers………..

    • Well we will see if it mysteriously disappears like the last one did before the bidding ended…? People have opinions but some of us are better and reading in between the lines.

  • Auction ended early. “Item no longer available.”

  • Yup.

    The shill bidding/bidder on the Yamaha OW01 was the same on this ZX7R. Also, bid on other auctions.

    Funny how this auction ended early when the shill bidder was the highest bidder and it was past reserve.

    Do your research boys! Check out the forums. Lots of unscrupulous sellers out there.

    Also, cross reference any good deals on Ebay with bikesales.com.au. I have reported and shut down some fraudsters using postings the au site and pretending to be in the US. They collect the deposits and disappear.

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