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1992 Kawasaki ZX7R for sale in Santa Monica

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R for sale K1

This is one of those listings that sell themselves from the owners description and lovely pictures. A huge RSBFS fan favorite, the K1 needs little introduction. This example has a tick over 15k miles and the starting bid is at $7k reserve not met. While it’s been fitted with CV carbs and various other street riding improvements/adjustments, it includes most of the stock bits should you want to restore it in the future.


1992 Kawasaki ZX7R K1 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

You are bidding on a 1992 ZX7R, true K model as you can see in the VIN.

If you’re not aware of the R models they came with an Aluminum tank, Magnesium motor covers, a special Race transmission with a very tall 1st gear (not great off the line by the way), a solo tail section with special lightened subframe, larger cams and higher HP, reservoir shock, higher redline and the very cool Flatslide carbs which retail for around 2500 or so on bike bandit by themselves! This bike is truly worth more in parts but as you know…few of these left as it is.

A bit of a long story on this one so please bear with me. First and foremost, if you are looking for a true collectible, there are very few of these left and even less in this condition. I literally checked Ebay and a few other various sites a couple times a month (for last few years) in hopes of finding one when this one finally came up. Almost closed on one from HI last year but we had a challenge connecting to close the deal and the freight would of been pricey. This particular bike is more of a PROGRESSIVE restoration. I’m told I”m the 4th owner and as such have worked on it a bit myself to correct some flaws, etc. Haven’t had it terribly long but spent a bit more $ on it.

Reason I’m selling. I bought this bike to hold in my office with two other highly collectible bikes as these 3 were the top of the class back when I was still goofing off at Willow, etc. At the time, Scott Russell was the man and this was his bike of choice. Anyway, I spend a lot of time working in Asia and by luck would have it, I came across a VERY special GP bike that I simply MUST HAVE. So much so that I’m selling all 3 of my rides to get it and then some! Getting it into the US has been a hassle but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The other two bikes I just sold to a local well known vehicle collector (to remain nameless) and sure enough, he has a ZX7R already in his arsenal.

I was told by the last owner that he was the 3rd owner but haven’t confirmed it (he’s a motorcycle mechanic to boot so probably why she runs so well). I haven’t had it long and to be honest, I really don’t need to sell so please understand that I will not take a low ball offer.

Back to the bike…

Bodywork is in amazing shape. Nose looks like brand new without even a rock chip. Clearly someone replaced it although I’m not sure where you could find a near new one. There’s a small fingernail scratch on the left edge but you can barely notice and barely worth bringing up, it truly shines like it’s one day old.
Sides have a few knicks but again, exceptionally good shape. I’ll post a bunch of picture to see. Tank is near perfect, tiny little knick on top but very small and a small rock chip but again…very nice! Tail is in good shape, no cracks, side plates look great but there’s a chip in the paint by reservoir and a couple of scuffs on the under edge. It’s really difficult to pull the seat back off where the storage compartment is so that area has some rub marks from the seat tabs. Thing is, they didnt make a ton of these bikes so the tail section mechanicals are a bit jimmy rigged from factory.

Headlights, signals and taillight are all like new.

I replaced many of the non OEM bolts so that’s all good to go. Also replaced all 3 rotors as others weren’t in as good of shape but looks good now. While I was at it, cleaned calipers and put new pads all the way around.

Shock is an aftermarket Penske unit and as such, rides great with it although if you’re an OEM fanatic like me, you could easily sell and likely find a nice stock one to replace it with.

Frame has some wear and tear for a 22 year old bike, no scrapes or damage of any type but some wear marks in the paint just from services, maint, riding…etc. Wheels are great shape, no marks, bright green and in excellent shape.

Swingarm is a little problem for me… It’s the stock one but it looks like he may of painted or power coated. Looks beautiful condition wise but the color is off a little from the frame. Enough that I would likely redo it if I don’t sell but again, I’m a fanatic so not sure it would bother you as you can only tell under certain light.

All signals, rear wheel valance, fender etc are fine shape…no worries there.

Rearsets are NOT OEM although pcs of them are. You could easily find the right parts on Ebay and get it back to factory if desired.

The last owner (as a bike mechanic) didnt want the hassle of dealing with the flat slides as they make it VERY hard to ride on the street not to mention they need a lot of tuning… Therefore, he put on a set of CV carbs for rideabilty. However, it does come with a pristine set of OEM flat slides, the proper air box and a spare bright green windscreen. They too are worth quite a bit but exceptionally hard to find so keeping with the bike. Wouldn’t take long to put them back on, just may require some tuning after.

Bike runs GREAT! Starts right up but it’s a cold blooded machine so needs the choke. Chain is near new and tires are new as well. Just registered it in California so plates are good for a year. As you can see from pictures, has a Muzzy exhaust and I DO NOT have the OEM system although I do see them on Ebay from time to time.




  • Scott Russell, 5 time winner of daytona, now in the hall of fame…if you dont know about what Mr Russell did on the big green machines of the early 90’s, I suggest you do some reading via the link below


    In 1990 Russell moved to Kawasaki and began an unprecedented domination of AMA 750 Supersport (later renamed Superstock). Russell won the championship three consecutive seasons, 1990 through 1992. In 1991, he scored a perfect undefeated season in the class, winning all nine rounds of the series. Russell would go on to become the all-time wins leader in AMA 750 Supersport with 23 career victories.

    Russell began his reign as Mr. Daytona by winning the 1992 Daytona 200 on a Muzzy Kawasaki in a photo finish over Ferracci Ducati’s Doug Polen. The race was considered one of the best in the history of the 200, with Russell making a slingshot move past Polen just before the finish line.

    • And let’s not forget ya’ll to point out the ONLY 750 in-line four to ever win a World Superbike Championship …the Muzzy ZX-7.

  • No sence in being picky as the owner states a restoration in progress, but one thing is concerning. My Issue; Since the right side fairing is not original (missing hole above K), and the front nose clip being replaced, and the swing arm being refinished, and the overall paint being that good, along with the “restoration”. Leads me to believe an accident in the past. Just being Devil’s advocate, and would give me pause.

    I’m always shocked how many of these K’s don’t have the proper right side fairing!

    That being said, for the right price (maybe just under $7000) and being a nice driver while you finish up the “restoration” (should you choose), looks like a nice bike.


  • I’m the one that put it up, thanks for the comments. Someone just emailed me on ebay that the right side isn’t the correct one. Funny thing is I had one of these when I club raced at Willow back in 93-94 and can’t recall that but I’m sure you’re right. I’ll be sure to add that to the auction as I want to make sure it’s represented correctly. As far as the accident inquiry, I ran a title search and used to own a bike shop in OC. Handled quite a few insurance repairs and this one truly does not appear to have any issues. Headstock is solid, no frame damage, straight as an arrow.

    I would keep it for certain but I can’t let this NSR get away from me. Turns out importing a “Gray Market bike” is a little more difficult then I thought, especially when it has no Vin from the factory and was supposed to be destroyed. Oh well, with enough $ these DOT jerks will let it through. Thanks again!

  • Not a Kawasaki expert here , Honda more my thing . I did have an 89 ZX-7 back in the day . Was fun while it lasted . I like this model of ZX7R and it’s cool that it came stock with Flatslides .
    As much as Russel was “da Bomb” on the Kawasaki ….it’s funny no one mentions Anthony Gobert a.k.a. “The Go Show” was a very promising young talent back in the 90s . Unfortunately his drug habits derailed what was appearing to be a promising career . I have a dream of kidnapping him and doing an intervention , then getting him back onto a bike . I know ….call me altruistic but I felt for the guy . He was caught a few years back purse snatching and I find that very sad that he was in such a desperate state . This might be the only chance I have to at least let people remember him for the talent he once was . If you get a chance go on say YouTube and watch this guy in action . He used to make people look like they were standing still when he passed them . Though hindsight is 20/20 I dare say that he would have been an awesome factory rider for Honda , had they snapped him up in time . Anyways just think about it for a bit and remember him please . Thanks for your compassion .
    And of course good luck here too to the seller . I was just trying to add a bit of human trivia to the Kawaskai theme .

    • I definitely remember the Go Show! I have his Ducati poster hanging in the garage!

      When I was excited about AMA in the mid-90’s I was a big fan. I loved the rebellious attitude, natural talent, and fame be damned kind of attitude. Unfortunately his demons seem to have got the better of him in the end, but I agree I’d love to see him emerge clean and with something left to contribute.


  • I was the second owner of this bike. I am responsible for the swingarm not matching, sorry. The painter didn’t do a great job with the color match, but it turned out ok. Originally it had just a couple rock chips on the swingarm. I saw no obvious signs of crash damage. It was a bike that was ridden though, 15,000 miles when I bought it. The top end was rebuilt by Randy Voth at Full Spectrum Racing in Orlando, Fl. He’s the best and did a great job. The motor is very strong and ran perfect when I sold it. The rearsets are Woodcraft, Penske rear shock. I put a 2008 GSXR front end on the bike which the person who bought it from me took off to put the stock front end back on. I understand for resale value, but it handled superb with that front end and the brakes were great as well. I wonder what he did with that front end. I had Wyn Belorusky make a custom triple clamp to adapt the front end. The flat slides functioned well, you just couldn’t give it more than half throttle if the rpm’s were below 6000. Above 6grand, it would pull straight to redline without hesitation. That Muzzy pipe would get the look of disapproval from all the neighbors. Its a cool bike and I think the new owner will be happy with it. I wonder what happen to that front end.

  • Hello Adam,
    please can you share with us, which GP bike you are trading this bike for ?

  • There seems to be confusion here about an alleged hole in the right fairing above the letter “k”. This is a K model. The fairing presented here is absolutely correct. There is no mystery missing hole in the fairing. The surprise by the amount of K models without holes in fairings is due to the fact they don’t have them! There is confusion with the 93,94 M model 750r which does indeed have an extra hole in the right fairing. Visit this site http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za for accurate manufacturers pics and details

  • Upon further research into the missing fairing holes, I have discovered something interesting, in that the ’92 K1 actually has both fairings WITH the additional hole AND without. It seems to be which part of the world it’s from. UK – with. South Africa- without. Europe – without. USA – both. Couldn’t understand why all these bikes had supposed replacement RH fairings. They don’t. They either came with an extra hole or without one. Simple.

  • Jay,
    I´m sorry, but you are wrong, every K and M models should have that hole in right side fairing ! It can be seen you have not one, so you can´t know it. OK, I will explain you why there is no hole on motorcyclespecs bike. The bike on the motorcyclespecs is pre production model, that has sprayed black front number plate and sprayed blue plates on the side fairings. Production models have black and blue stickers. This pre roduction bike (for show and promo only) is also displayed in the first 1990/91 printed brochures.

  • I do own one of these and it does have the hole above the K on the right side. I just looked to confirm. Also have a spare lower and it also has the hole……

    • Eric, want to sell or trade? I’ve got a K1 that needs the “hole”.

    • Adam, sorry, you will remain holeless.

  • Adam:
    what GP bike are going to buy ?

  • For a few summers between college and grad school I worked at a Kawasaki-Suzuki dealership. In 1994 a customer brought one of these in on trade for a new ZX-11. I remember the moment the boss threw me the keys like it was yesterday. “Make sure the gearbox works.” At the time I was riding a late 80’s GSX-R, and so was very curious to see what a homologated bike was like. I pulled out of the shop and made my way to our local “shakedown” road. The flat-sides did not provide for much down low but boy did it pull strong once the tach needle pointed skywards… along with the front wheel. Chassis was dead solid and, in my opinion, far beyond what the GSX-R W’s of the day were offering. Suspension was “wooden” on the street and lacking good front end “feel” that inspires confidence. I tried to make the finances work out to buy the K1 that summer, but I never did. Still regret it.

  • Listing ended due to an error. Will you be relisting?

  • Hey Dan ,

    Wow , thanks for reminding me ….I forgot about his Ducati days as well . m sad ….he could have been a World Champion if his little green monster hadn’t got him hooked on drugs . At least we remember and appreciate him for the talent he once possessed . Neat that you still had that image of him on a Duc .

  • Btw, “Adam” (me) and “adam” (seller) are two different people.

  • First off, great site, I’ll make sure to check in from time to time.

    Two, great to hear from Jeff (2nd owner), already regret selling it…

    Three, sorry for the late response, can’t seem to stop traveling lately on business so just had a time to peek at the site.

    Four… Yes, sold the bike. A local guy picked it up and I told him to make it EASY and it’s gone. Wasn’t trying to make $..just trying to break even. Wanted to put the $ towards the new ride and wow what a f’ing effort..not to mention the $7K doesn’t really help! It’s a later model NSR500, awesome bike and tons of spares. Turns out that it has no Vin because it was a race bike. When I called Honda to try and get a letter letting me import it…they said the bike was slotted for destruction…HUH? So…finally I have a solution just this week. I can bring the bike in but have to do it in parts and my attorney is telling me that I should space out the ship dates.

    Luckily I found a shop in Hong Kong that can dismantle it for me but that’s not cheap and I’m going to go there on work anyway soon so I’ll make sure they are legit. They specialize in Lambo’s and exotic cars but this should be easy. The sad thing here… I’m so over this transaction. I’ve always wanted to run up to the Rock Store and down PCH on a GP bike (with a mock headlight :)…I should of just bought a Desmo, it’s close enough and would of been much cheaper. The US is such a pain in the ass on gray market bikes. Sorry to vent boys, so frustrated right now! Take my advice, don’t import a gray market bike these days!!!!!

  • adam: NSR500 – you mean 2-cylinder production racer ? I have some spare brochures, if you´r interested, send me your email. Which year is it 97-02? This bike had VIN from production, but it can also have not any VIN usually for one reason.

  • The paperwork all shows it as a 2001 (the limited paperwork I have). Paint scheme matches up to what I see online for the race bikes. It’s not like the vin was cut out, scratched off or removed, just don’t seem to see one anywhere….I know, weird…

    Thing is, I’ve known him for 15+ years, very well to do China factory owner. This bike sat in his fathers office lobby at the factory for quite some time but he passed away last October. The son really isn’t into bikes but does have a hell of a nice Ferrari 🙂 He’s just not sure on the history of the bike. He does know that it was bought from a team when his farther was at a race in Europe. They used to do quite a bit of Die Cast so perhaps they made some of the scale models of the race bikes .. Hmmm? His father was notorious for his toys. He has some pretty cool cars he left his son… A special classic Aston Martin that has to be worth $250K+ that I love but beyond my means, especially after this bike deal. To be honest, I’m already into this bike a bit more then first thought… Oh well…too late now. Thanks again for the feedback and help.

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