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The Islands Call: 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R

zx right
Last year I posted what I thought would be the only ZX7R in the Hawaiian Islands. Well, little did I know the islands are alive with lime green homologation specials.

You guys know what these are so lets hear what the seller has to say:

I have made some upgrades since I purchased the bike. I have added a hard to find FULL titanium MUZZY exhaust, PM Chicane wheels with new Q3s, Speigler braided brake and clutch lines, HH EBC brake pads, had all the calipers and masters rebuilt with OEM Kawasaki parts, installed new steering head bearings, changed fork seals and dust boots, recharged the rear shock, new OEM air filter and cleaned and rebuild the 39mm flatslides. I have spent countless hours jetting this bike and it wants to be ridden! I just have no time to ride it and feel bad when I do…  Note: Original parts will be included to the winner if they choose.

zx frontStill looking good.

zx carbsThe FCR’s under the hood.
zx left
Who has shipped a bike from Hawaii? Does it break the bank?

Click here for the auction.




  • These bikes where the coolest bikes Kawasaki has ever made. The green, blue and white never gets old to me. I bought a 1991 zx7r in crate a few months ago and it takes all my will power not to pull the thing out of the crate and put it together.

    Shipping from Hawaii to the main land in not expensive if you choose the correct shipping line. Crating is the main issue with shipping bikes over water. I’ve shipped bikes from all over the world so if any one needs help I’m willing to help with this process.

    • You’ve got a 91 R in a crate! I’d love to see pics of that! Nice!

    • Yes, please. I´m another one that would like to see the R in a crate. It has to have special article here on RSFS !

  • Chris and 916 give me you email and I’ll send over a picture.. you may want to see the owo1 in a crate I bought at the same time. It’s strange and hard to believe these things where never uncrated. They come with a very interesting story behind them as well

  • k3: please send the pictures on this email: janlib@centrum.cz . I would like also know the story, how this 20 years old bikes can be still in a crate.

  • Please do a feature on this site of that bike in the crate. That is aaaaaahhhhmaaaaaayyyziiing. Can’t wait.

  • Erick, not sure RSBFS wants to post pictures of bikes that are not for sale but am happy to email photo’s

  • Omg please send me pics as well…


    Thank you in advance.

  • Hey K3 my email is chrissp1@dodo.com.au thanks in advance mate I’m looking forward to these pics, OWO1 and a K1 in crates! Awesome!!

  • Beautiful and beautiful would be the nicknames of those bikes if they were mine. Thank you for the pictures at least I know there is nirvana out there somewhere in the form of racing motorcycles.

  • nick, your welcome happy to see others appreciate crated bikes

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