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No Reserve H1: 1989 Kawasaki ZX7 for sale in New York


The big green machines are very popular here on RSBFS. While not nearly as rare as imported smokers or hand-made Italian exotica, the ZX7 H1 models defines everything that is right about sportbike evolution. Fast and looking like it just came off of the track, this generation of Ninja cemented Kawasaki’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge sport bikes that worked in the real world. Fast forward 25 years (yes, it has been that long!) and these fluorescent missiles still look every bit the business. While the last ZX7 we listed had but 2,300 miles, this particular example has a few more – but still fewer than 8,000! Can you give it a good home?


1989 Kawasaki ZX7 H1 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
1989 Kawasaki ZX7. 7973 original miles. Completely original and unmodified except for new tires. I purchased this bike from the 63 year old original owner in 2011 with 7400 miles. Exceptional condition, runs perfect, and never dropped. All documentation including copy of original title, original dealership bill of sale, warranty card, unopened owners manual, original sales brochure, both original keys, under seat factory tool kit, factory service manual, etc included. Clear Florida title.


This bike looks very, very sano. With only two owners in the books, very few miles for the age, and all of the extras this bike is ripe for the picking. The auction has no reserve set, and the seller has set an opening bid of $7,000. That feels a bit high to start out with, but without a reserve the seller is certainly trying to protect his investment. Given how the bike looks, I can’t say I blame him – although it might dampen bidding enthusiasm. Check it out here and let us know what you think!



  • It’s SO GORGEOUS..

  • Yes, Ninja ZX7 and especially ZX7R – K and M are more and more difficult to find. I think these models are still undervalued. It is strange, but we can see original RC30 for sale more often than ZX7R. And Also first ZX7 will be something special in the future because most of them were just destroyed over the years. Everytime I´m fascinated by this green-white-blue (red on K/M) colour scheme , which looks basically amazing.

  • “It is strange, but we can see original RC30 for sale more often than ZX7R”…………….WTF?????????

  • It’s true Pie Face , you really do see more RC30s for sale than original early ZXRs . I had a brand new 89′ back in the day . I love those colors …so endurance racing ! And then it followed with 5 RC30s …..so I do know what I am talking about . Now full on love affair with VF1000Rs…..

  • looked so both of the the bikes you guys are talking about, it was much easier my low miles Rc-30 than it was my K-1… Buy them up they wont be going down in value again.

  • Fair enough.But remember that although there may be less bikes available of any particular model,like this old Kwaka,there is usually less people that desire them.There may be more RC30s,but there is a far bigger pool of people who want one.Supply and demand.
    Also,I find it odd that some regular contributor to the “comments” section of this site,constantly refer to making money on these types of bikes,or holding or increasing in value.The’re just motorbikes.Buy one because of the way it makes you feel,when you ride it or look at it,or the memories it evokes.I think if you make your choices around it’s ‘investment potential”,you are missing the whole point of being a true motorcycle enthusiast.I also think that you are probably lacking in other areas of financial investment.You won’t get rich on these types of motor vehicles.

    • Very valid point Pie Face. I agree , buy them and enjoy, if they go up, great, if they go down, you’ve had fun.

  • Duck Fan and Pie Face ,
    I am fair in respecting everyones’ personal opinions . I must beg to differ on a few points though : One they’re not just ”motorbikes” and that is why we are so passionate about them and our personal experiences , etc…. The other is that as we are older now we know what has gone up in value , etc…. RC30s are very expensive presently to obtain (and were even back in the day) . It is a valid fact that people must have considered the Early ZXRs (i.e. 189-90 ZX-7s….) more disposable as they were only half the price of RC30s . Consequently they were raced and trashed more so than RC30s . Think about the fact that ZXRs had much higher production volume . RC30s ….less so . So now you look and see a decent # of RC30s out here in the market. To see an early 89′ ZX-7 in original condition with low-ish mileage now is rare indeed .
    And finally on the contrary if you play it right as in the stock market or anything else for that matter there is indeed the opportunity to make some money on your investment whether you keep it to ride …or stuff it into your temperature controlled vault ! 🙂 So really everyone is right ….we just have different ways of approaching and seeing our hobby .

  • Well said, although we are all different in why and how we collect. I am more like you, but I respect Pie Faces reasons to collect too. I have some “zero” miles and some I ride. Like them all, some will be worth more as zero miles and some not much different with a few thousand k’s.

  • My 1st experience with this model was at Seattle Intl Raceway (SIR) in 89′ during a Formula USA Weekend. Never seen one until both Doug Chandler and Scott Russell cruised out thru pit out on their bikes and proceeded to break the track record within 10 minutes.
    Team Hammer Valvoline , Team Roberts Marlboro, Team Muzzy, .. my gosh …those were the days.

    I’d love (!) to have this bike to cruise around on… It was insane cool.

  • I am looking for a near new zxr750. (89-90)

    I live in Australia and want for collection.

    If anyone has one please email me mdonne73@gmail.com

    Thankyou Mark

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