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Island Exotica: 1996 Kawasaki ZX7RR

zx rightzx tank stikcer

When you imagine Hawaii, the image a ZX7RR ripping by the beautiful beaches  isn’t usually the image that comes to mind.  This lime green Hawaiian may be coming to the mainland or then again,  maybe there is an enthusiast in Hawaii that has been waiting to get his hands on something a little different.  Too far away you say?  Did I mention there is no reserve on the auction?

zx left

The story on it:

Up for auction is a VERY rare 1996 ZX7RR N1 Homologation special. Kawasaki only imported 500 “N” models to make this model legal to race in the superbike class for Muzzy. This bike is a true survivor and has been garage kept since I owned it. 
If you aren’t immediately familiar with the N1 7RR and what separates it from the standard 7R, then bear with me. The RR came with adjustable steering geometry and swing arm, 41mm flatside carbs, solo seat, close ration gearbox, 6 piston Nissin brakes, and a few other homologation parts
Since taking possession of the bike I have replaced all the faring hardware, rebuilt the carbs, replace the fuel petcock and fuel lines, replaced the starter relay. Replaced and flushed all the brake fluid, coolant and eng. oil.
This is a no reserve auction! Bid to win it!
zx back

 Tell the Mrs. you want to spend a long weekend with her in Hawaii.  Sneak away for a couple of hours one morning to arrange your shipping and bingo:  everyone is happy.  Don’t say RSBFS can’t help a marraige.  It looks completely stock.  Am I missing anything that has been changed?

zx sticker

Click here to  bid.



  • This is one of my old bikes! Nice bike, but someone removed the coolest Akrapovic exhaust system I had ever seen. Ti 4 into 2 into one muffler and 2 exit tips.

  • I was just talking about getting one of these with a co-worker yesterday! You guys read my mind! Crossing my fingers it stays reasonable $$$!!!!

  • Eric made me wonder what the coolest Akrapovic exhaust system looks like, and I couldn’t let that go unanswered! I found a pic here:
    …and it is way cool!

  • that pic is also my bike. actually is the same bike and was mine…….

  • @ Eric…
    Hey that is an awesome exhaust! It really does look like it maybe the same bike. Who did you sell it to? I bought it from a guy up in Washington.

  • That is the same bike. that is my driveway. the guy that posted that pic is the guy I sold it to. then I bought it back and sold it to a guy from Washington.

  • That is cool! I wonder what happened to exhaust? I would have loved to get my hands on that! How long ago did you sell it to the guy in Washington?

  • Such a small world! Just goes to show you how rare these things really are!!

  • I sold it about 7 years ago. I still have a brand new 7RR tail section in its original box that I couldn’t let go with the bike.

  • The time frame jives with what the guy told me. He said he had it for 7 or so years. He got hurt after he bought it so he told me he had never ridden the bike. Did you install all the stock parts or did the next owner?

  • he put it back stock

  • at the time I was the gm of a dealership in Tallahassee, fl. it was called the cycle shop. look at the sticker on the left side of the swing arm…..

  • Yup! I pealed that sticker off the bike when I got it. Kind of feel bad now since I know a little more history about the bike. Whats your email? I have a few questions I would like to ask. You can reach me @ cbulacan47@gmail.com

  • Hey Eric would you mind dropping me a line please at chrissp1@dodo.com.au ?
    Cheers mate

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