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Hiding in Plain Sight – Rare Ducati 748R

2001 Ducati 748R on eBay


Nobody would blame you for overlooking this one.  I almost did.  Just another guy who thinks his Ducati is worth way more than it really is, right?  Maybe not.  It turns out this is a very rare Ducati 748R.  I happen to have a good friend who is a serious Ducati collector and this is one he told me to be on the lookout for.  The 748R is a legitimately hopped up homologation special with quite a few upgrades designed to make it a serious contender on the SuperSport racing scene.  There were approximately 2000 of them made and only 100 of them were designated for import into the U.S.


The 748R had a slightly different frame to accommodate a larger carbon fiber airbox, different injectors, titanium rods and valves as well as top notch Ohlins suspension both front and rear.  I believe it also featured a slipper clutch as well as a taller first gear, similar to the Honda RC30/45 and the ZX7R homologation models.  So, street riding might be a bit of a chore.  But I wouldn’t complain!


This one appears well cared for with a number of expected modifications as well as some legitimate engine work.  Whether that’s a positive or a negative is up to you.  The seller gives some more details about the Duc’s condition below or you can read about them as well as the list of modifications on his eBay auction seen here: 2001 Ducati 748R for sale

Time to make some room in my garage so I’m going to part with this rare beast. Its an original 2001 Ducati 748R.  No. 711. Not many of these around anymore and this one’s good some nice goodies. it has 11k miles (I do ride it here and there so there may be some more)

I am the second owner and the previous owner did all of the upgrades. The bike is in very good shape, not mint there are a couple light scratches on the tank, a small scuff mark on the right fairing and the foam around the instrument panel is a bit melted from the sun. (I think this was due in party to the double bubble windscreen magnifying it). The paint is in amazing shape. It has much more power than a regular 748 and the R has a more unique sound due to the differences in the motors. Maintained at Munroe Motors Ducati in San Francisco. Head were checked at 10,000 miles and rockers/valves had no signs of issues.


Hiding in Plain Sight – Rare Ducati 748R
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1983 Ducati 900 SS – Mike Hailwood Replica

1983 Ducati 900 Supersport – Mike Hailwood Replica


Before there was a Carl Fogarty or a Troy Bayliss or a Casey Stoner championing the Ducati brand, there was Mike Hailwood.  Hailwood is one of the few men to ever stand on the podium for both a motorcycle Grand Prix and a Formula One Grand Prix (which is really amazing).  Hailwood won numerous Grand Prix championships throughout the 1960s and then decided to pursue a career in Formula One and WSC.  After being away from motorcycle racing for over a decade, he returned to win the Isle of Man TT at the age of 38.  Ducati repaid him for the win by releasing the MHR (Mike Hailwood Replica) that we see here.


The sellers states that he is just the third owner and that his MHR has a very low 9400km on the clocks.  It appears to be in fantastic condition for a bike that has actually been ridden.  You can read more on eBay right here: 1983 Ducati 900 Supersport MHR

After many years of ownership I am listing my unrestored low km. kick start 1983 Ducati MHR. The time has come to let this beautiful full blooded italian motorcycle go from  my collection. The bike is in good shape and does not need restoration beyond the aforementioned details. The engine cases have never been opened as the factory lead seal is intact. When I bought the bike in 1999, from what was then the second owner, it still had the original Pirelli Phantom tires which helped attest to its low mileage (listed in kilometers). I installed a set of Metzelers to make it roadworthy and have ridden a total of 2261 km to date. It has been stored for several years in my heated shop. After installation of a new battery and fluids it starts and runs well but would benefit from a carb cleaning. It has the original Silentium Brevettato mufflers which are clean and show no signs of corrosion. Mechanically this MHR is very good and correct and kicks over as it should. Cosmetically the paint is in good shape. There are no dents on the tank and the MHR’s fiberglass is consistent with the mileage and age of the bike.  I have never run the MHR without its aftermarket K&N air filters…I have the original bell mouths in an included spares box.



1983 Ducati 900 SS – Mike Hailwood Replica
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Featured Listing: 1993 Ducati 900 SS/SL Superlight

Update 4.20.2015: Now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller. -dc

Update 4.15.2015: Nick has relisted this 900SS/SL just in time to take advantage of that tax return today. Pictures and links are updated. -dc


Nick Anglada, of Black Label Meccanica is offering this 1993 Ducati 900 Superlight. This example has been mechanically sorted by Nick and is ready for the next riding season. Note I said riding season and not permanent storage in your man cave. This example has over 33k miles, and while it has some wear that is pointed out in the pictures, overall it represents far better than the odometer would suggest. It’s also a first year Superlight, so it has the white frame and trick Marvic wheels that are absent on later model year Superlights. Best of all, most SL’s we see available on the market now are over $10k. Nick has wisely priced his bike at $8,995 and I expect it won’t last long.

We’d like to thank Nick for helping to support the site with a Feature Listing, and good luck to buyers and seller!


1993 Ducati 900 Superlight For Sale on eBay


from the seller:

I am offering this collector’s classic in amazing survivor condition including the original owner’s manual and original tool kit. This bike has been extensively gone through mechanically but not restored cosmetically. This bike is #778 of 953 built between 1992 and 1993. One of only THREE hundred ever imported into the US. research Ducati Superlight registry online and this will confirm the number as will reading Ian Fallon’s book on the Ducati supersports. This model was only available in yellow in the US and only for one year. The only year superlights were ever available with a white frame, Marvic-Akront magnesium hub with aluminum hoop wheels and lightweight clutch cover. Later years (only available abroad) were only available in the gold frame. They were also downgraded to have the heavier brembo cast aluminum wheels and did not have full floating brembo cast iron rotors. Enough with the history lesson on the Superlight now on to the specifics of this bike.

This bike I purchased last July and have acquired interest in other bikes since then. Cosmetically is have done nothing more than to wash the bike, that’s it! This superlight does have some cosmetic flaws as shown in the pics more detailed pics are available on our facebook page or by email. Mechanically I have done the following as the bike sat for over for almost a year from the previous owner.

1. Clutch slave cylinder was rebuilt due to a leak
2. New cam timing belts were installed
3. All filters were replaced and oil was changed
4. Valves were adjusted properly and shimmed to manufacturer’s specs
5. Most of the hardware was replaced with new yellow zinc plated hardware as they were from the factory
6. Had the carbs serviced by the dealer and the bike tuned. tank was drained and treated before instaling a new fuel pump and filter. Fresh fuel just added on 12/30/14.
7. new SpeedCell battery (lithium) instaled04/01/15

What’s NOT original on the bike??

As I am not the first owner I can only provide you with what I have done or what you see in the pictures.

1. Original handlebars were replaced with Helibar risers
2. Original air filter was replaced with a K&N unit
3.Clutch and brake lines were replaced with aftermarket steel braided units by the previous owner
4. Obviously the tires are not original but I highly recommend that the new owner replaces them as they are over 3 years old
5. Exhaust canister are from an FE model
6. Pro Italia Oil Cooler relocator kit was installed by the previous owner. I have original oil cooler and lines as well
7. carbon fenders are either aftermarket ot have been recently refinished

I have additional pictures and I am more than willing to share those with any interested parties. I also have the following.

1. Original owner’s manual in good condition
2. Original tool kit

All the work was performed by me or the local dealer. A short history of who I am can be found on the internet by searching my name (Nick Anglada) . I have built countless custom bikes, my work has been featured in over 100 magazine articles internationally, televison as well as having guest wirtten tech articles for motorcycle magzines in the past 16 years .

This fine machine is used and has been clearly stated in the description above. The initial deposit is not refundable. Please only serious buyers. I can arrange for shipping a crating for WORLDWIDE DELIVERY AT THE BUYER’S EXPENSE .

Featured Listing:  1993 Ducati 900 SS/SL Superlight
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Nearly New Month Continues: 1996 Ducati 900SS/CR with 1300 Miles!

1996 Ducati 900SS for sale

Today’s collector ready Ducati is this 900 Supersport with a mere 1,325 miles. While most seek out the better spec’d SP version, anyone stocking their barn with like new originals should take note. While cosmetics look nearly perfect, the most recent owner also has thoroughly reconditioned this bike so it should be ready to ride. Opening bid is $5k reserve not met. It will be interesting to see what this mint yet lower specification model will bring.


1996 Ducati 900SS/CR for sale on eBay


from the seller:

You are bidding on a virtually new

1996 Ducati 900SS-CR

1,325 Original Miles!

(note: had to be creative to get an old low mileage bike into California, so mileage on title is greater. please contact me with any questions)

This was an East Coast barn find, which although had only 714 miles when I acquired it, had been sitting for 17 years.

The usual story with aged fluids, so, I had to go through the entire bike.

Over 10k invested (documented) which is pretty silly when you think about it for a CR, but this bike had sentimental value so I saw it through. I am meticulous about the condition of my bikes, so my loss if definitely your gain. It’s now ready to ride. Needs nothing!

Many parts were replaced to make it near perfect, and here are just a few of the more important ones:

Pirelli Diablo Roso ll Tires

Spiegler Braded Brake Lines

OEM Brembo Clutch Master Cylinder

OEM Brembo Clutch Slave

Nichols Billet Crankcase Breather

RK Gold Chain (520)

Renthal Front & Rear Sprockets

OEM Tomaselli Clip-Ons

OEM Levers

OEM Mirrors

OEM Dash Pod & Foam

K&N Air Filter

OEM Carbs

OEM Fuel Pump

OEM Internal Gas Filters (inline & teabag)

OEM Brembo Rear Brake Master Cylinder

OEM Brembo Rear Disc

OEM Brembo Rear Brake Pads

OEM Rear Shock

OEM Speedo Drive at Front Wheel

Gel Cell Battery

Also lots of aged misc. rubber parts were replaced.

Recent service by SBK Corse with new belts, valve adjustment, plugs, tank flush (no rust), Motul synthetic oil, and Dot 5.1 brake fluid. SBK took initial delivery of the bike, so they can also verify the mileage when it entered the state.

Clear title, and current registration in California.

Nearly New Month Continues:  1996 Ducati 900SS/CR with 1300 Miles!
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Virginia Vroom – 1999 Ducati 900ss

We all know bike manufacturers can produce some truly epic pieces of road going art.  But these same manufacturers can only do this by selling lots of regular bikes that keep them in business and allow them the occasional detours into exotica.   Ducati seems to have mastered this balance, allowing it sell many thousands of regular bikes such as the Monster series while also producing  limited numbers of exotica such as the MH900e and Desmodeci.

While this market segment approach has ensured the companies financial stability, it wasn’t always like this.   For a long time, motorcycle manufacturers tried to produce models that straddled the line between daily rider and exotica.  Here we have a very clean 2003 Ducati Supersport, which was one of the last series of Ducati bikes that embraced this balanced approach.

duc ss1a

1999 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay

The Ducati supersport, also called the ‘SS’, is a sportbike with a long history.  It is in a way similar to the Ford Mustang; it can trace its origin back over 40 years and its earliest models (such as the 1974 “green frame” bike) now command top dollars from collectors. Also similar to the Mustang, the supersport name was attached to some smaller displacement bikes that are now looked on with a fair amount of scorn.  Starting in 1989 the supersports were also offered with 350, 400cc and 600cc,  which is kind of similar to the Mustang II series of the 70’s.

Fortunately, in 1991 Ducati refocused on the 750cc and 900cc models but the SS market was beginning to be impacted by the desire for more specialized bikes; people didn’t want an all-around sportbike, they either wanted a sporty standard (such as the Monster) or a Superbike.  Finally in 1999, a restyled model appeared with styling done by Pierre Terblanche who was also responsible for the MH900E and the restyled 749/900.  As with almost all of Terblanche’s designs, the design was controversial and the 900 Supersport sold in low numbers, eventually being discontinued in 2003.

duc ss2a duc ss3a

This particular Supersport looks to be very clean and has under 10k miles.  The seller indicates an excellent service record including replacement of the engine belts and new rubber   While the opening price is price is a bit over over KBB retail, the low miles and recent services would mean that the buyer is getting a very fresh, very clean, very good all-around sportbike.


Virginia Vroom – 1999 Ducati 900ss
Ducati February 27, 2014 posted by

Changing of the Guard: 1998 Ducati 900 Supersport Final Edition


One of many Ducati “Limited Edition” models, the 900 SS Final Edition is indeed something special as it represents the last generation of the Supersport model before Terblanche restyled the line-up. Offering up the same bullet-proof desmo two valve twin, the FE added new graphics and silver paint. There were only 800 Final Editions produced world-wide with 300 coming to North America.

1998 Ducati 900SS Final Edition for sale on eBay


From the seller:
1998 Ducati 900SS Final Edition in near new condition w/ the full service just done less than 500 miles ago. Paint is in great condition. Thousands of dollars spent in the last 4 months on all maintenance; new belts, valves adjusted, new Dunlop sportmax tires front and rear, new spark plugs, new battery with battery tender hook up, new fuel lines, new fuel filter, new oil, new oil filter, new brake fluids, new clutch fluid. Corbin seat, tool kit, owners manual, cockpit mount GPS holder, full floating cast iron front rotors, F1 slip ons which sound as nice as any Termignoni’s. Needs nothing. Clear title in hand. NO RESERVE


This is a No Reserve auction, and the bike is currently listed at $4,000 with light bidding. That is still below fair money for this bike, so it will be interesting to see where this auction ends up. The bike appears to be well cared for, lightly modified, and has just over 10,000 miles on its Veglia clocks. Check it out here, and then let us know if you prefer this or the next-gen Terblanche era Supersport design.



Changing of the Guard: 1998 Ducati 900 Supersport Final Edition
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Stunning 1987 Ducati 750 F1-B in Texas

1987 Ducati 750 F1-B for sale

Stunning is one of those moto-journalism catch all keywords isn’t it? But I can’t help it when the the early tri-color SuperSports come up for sale, especially in the condition this one is in. It’s littered with thoughtful upgrades and includes spares to return to stock as well. With what looks like an honest 11k miles bidding has been brisk and already passed the reserve, currently at $18k with 4 days remaining.


1987 Ducati 750 F1 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

You’ll have to look long and hard to find a nicer F1-B than this one. Here’s an extremely clean and low mileage example of one of Ducati’s most beautiful creations. This particular model has the addition of a Verlicchi aluminum swing arm and an Ohlins rear shock. Almost all of the engine and chassis nuts and bolts have been replaced by stainless steel equivalents, most of the zip ties on the bike are wrapped in shrink wrap as to not scuff the paintwork and the bodywork hardware has o-rings under them to keep the bare metal off the paintwork. There’s also an extensive inventory of spare parts and all take off parts are included. It’s not only cosmetically beautiful but the engine has has a complete tune-up, replacing the belts, spark plugs, valves properly adjusted, carbs balanced, brakes bled and new tires. This bike needs nothing except a loving owner. I’ve had the bike for just over 10 years and I think now’s the time to share the enjoyment I’ve had owning it with another interested enthusiast.



Stunning 1987 Ducati 750 F1-B in Texas
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1992 Ducati 900SS with Low Miles and the Right Stuff


Most times when we spotlight a SuperSport from this era it’s a Superlight or at least an SS/SP. But this one really catches my eye and deserves highlighting. To start with it has covered just 800 miles in 22 years, giving you the opportunity to own a damn near new red on white SuperSport. But the accessories added on this one are the best of the best of the era as well. The Kehin carbs are a proven improvement in terms of power and delivery, and the Termignoni “spaghetti” exhaust is a very sought after system that is difficult to source. Plus it has Ohlins in the back and a matching steering damper as well. The buy-it-now price is a lofty $10.5k and that is a tad eye watering. But if I was a collector that always wanted one done right, in near new condition, I wouldn’t be too upset to make an offer that many would find above market.


1992 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Very rare 1992 Ducati 900 Supersport in showroom condition. Probably the nicest example out there. 806 original miles. Complete 50mm Termignoni spaghetti exhaust, Ohlins rear shock and steering damper, Brembo GP billet calipers, Brembo billet clutch and forged master cylinder, GiaCoMoto rear sets, vented clutch cover, 39mm Keihin Flatside carbs, brand new Pirelli tires, full service including all fluids, lines and belts replaced, Owners manual and tool kit. It still has all of the original decals and stickers on the bike – they were never taken off. Set of 1991 900SS rear panels included. More pictures available upon request. Asking $10,495 obo.

1992 Ducati 900SS with Low Miles and the Right Stuff