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Laverda December 29, 2022 posted by

Zanèy – 1999 Laverda 650 Sport Kevlar Edition

The naked Ghost Strike models are seen here more often for some reason, but in the late 90’s Laverda’s 650 Sport was good competition for contemporary supersports.  This very collectible example apparently has limited edition kevlar bodywork and wicked British Racing Green paint.

1999 Laverda 650 Sport for sale on eBay UK

Laverda had a long history of parallel twins, and developed a new four-valve twin in the early 1990’s.  668 air/oil-cooled cc’s brought 70 hp to bear, with electronic fuel injection.  The alloy twin-spar chassis was fabricated from rectangular tubing and side plate castings, finished in black.  Appointments are excellent, with W-P upside down forks and monoshock, and 320mm Brembo brakes.  The full fairing is molded in kevlar fiber, which has a certain imperfect attraction, and helped keep the dry weight to just over 400 lbs.

Evidently a personal bike from an eBay dealer with an eclectic presentation, this Laverda looks basically new and is hardly used with a hair over 2,200 miles.  Somehow it has escaped the garage elves and though most parts are painted, even the bare aluminum parts hardly have surface corrosion from long term storage.  A walkaround – video – runs the bike toward the end, and enthusiastic comments are part of the eBay listing –

Selling a couple of my cherry picked toys and in my humble opinion this is probably one of the lowest mileage and one of the rarest colours and being the Kevlar bodywork series with the numbered plaque it wants to be tucked away in a collection although this will really make you feel special every time you throw your leg over it, if it doesn’t you have no soul. 

Up against the 748 in its day, the 748 was a bit quicker whilst the Laverda which handles like a charm with all the top spec components lavished on it, is now the much rarer bike and for the collector rare is key.

It has 3,729 kms which equates to just over 2k miles has been in a good long slumber and has been woken up and sounds great,it has been part of a collection for long enough,its not perfection but it is in terms of originality.  The Kevlar panels were never perfect when new and haven’t got any better with age more like a race panel ,engine cases good etc.  Marchesini wheels look superb too, it’s a piece of motorcycling history that can be used or enjoyed in a mancave forever.

The 668 was product of a revitalization effort and built at a new facility in Zanè, not for from the company’s birthplace in Breganze.  Sticking with a parallel twin, it was an all new affair and suffered some reliability issues, but these were cleared up by the time this 650 Sport was built.  The ask here is just under $6K, and though it still has to take a boat ride and visit DMV, pretty reasonable for a very good-looking and sporty Laverda.


Zanèy – 1999 Laverda 650 Sport Kevlar Edition
Sport Bikes For Sale November 4, 2022 posted by

Going Back – 1975 Ducati Supersport

Forty Seven years old. Nine Hundred cubic centimeters. Three thousand, nine hundred miles. Two hundred and twenty five thousand US dollars. I’ll let that sink in while you do the maths.

1975 Ducati 900 Supersport for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This is a pre Keith Harte owned 1975 Ducati 900SS. First year for 900 Supersport and only 246 were built in combination with the ‘75 750SS. The ‘75 SS is the only Ducati that shares the ‘74 750SS frame. Also the first 900 Supersports were made for production racing. They featured a fiberglass tank with 40mm Dellorto carbs, Conti Silencers, no turn signals and GP style right side shift. At the time you can also order them with the Imola upswept pipes as shown in some photos. They were the real superbikes of the 1970’s. With less than half of 1975 900SS built compared to the 1974 750SS Greenframe it makes the 1975 900ss the most rare of the Supersports.

More from the seller:
This particular example was slightly modified by Keith Harte in the 70s. He disassembled the motor and built it with high performance Ducati racing parts and also nickel plated the frame. It also won a Canadian championship with rider John Connel from Oakville, ON, Canada. I recommissioned the bike approximately 5 years ago giving it a new set of shoes, some elbow grease, carb and brakes rebuild and some TLC. I ride it approximately twice a year without any issues. Thanks for looking and good luck.

The 1970 era Ducatis are pretty hot on the collector market. The green-framed 750 is the usual suspect when it comes to valuation, as these are most closely aligned with Ducati’s early race efforts (and victories). The 750 was first made available in 1974 as a round case model. By 1975 there were two versions, the 750 and the 900. These are suitably rare due to the low numbers in production at the time. Interestingly these models had the shift linkage on the right hand side, rear foot brake on the left – in the days before global standardization of controls. They are also relatively identical, save for capacity. And while neither was officially imported into the US, it is nice to see a few of them made the journey. Today’s example is exactly that.

The seller indicates this is a Keith Harte bike, Keith being one of the earliest Ducati dealers/importers in Canada in the 1970s. That would fit how this bike came to North America. Keith was well known as a tuner and builder of race bikes. Certainly there must be some interesting stories about this particular machine if Keith toyed with it! By all accounts this is one gorgeous and historic piece of thundering artwork. The bike is well presented and the seller has offered some beautiful photographs. This 1975 Ducati 900 Supersport is being offered in a Buy It Now format for a mere $225,000 (the seller is open to offers). Check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Going Back – 1975 Ducati Supersport
Ducati October 21, 2022 posted by

Weather-Wise – 1993 Ducati 750SS Supersport

A boatload of RSBFS ink has been spilled on Ducati’s 900SS, but the 750 version might be the rarer bird.  The seller of this 750SS opted for the half fairing, perhaps due to the sunny Fla. location, and though the auction could be described as skewed with every picture on edge, the SuperSport itself looks excellent.

1993 Ducati 750SS Supersport for sale on eBay

Some have said the early 750SS saved Ducati from extinction, and the 90’s Supersports were the company’s best sellers.  The 750SS from this era used the same engine block as the 900, with both bore and stroke a bit less.  66 hp and 53 ft.-lbs are claimed, not class-leading numbers but not bad for a two-valver.  Better Showa inverted forks are up front, with an alloy monoshock swingarm at the rear.  Five forward speeds, a low maintenance wet clutch and single front disk keep the bottom line under control, and though the rider’s perch is roomy, the dry weight is well under 400 lbs.

Not seeming like the most motivated seller, allowing the eBay app to get sideways and nary a helpful tidbit about the bike.  But what can be seen is nice, with 10.5K miles, no apparent damage or mods except the 2-into-1 Staintune exhaust.  Tires look recent if not fresh, and that faded carbon key guard should be easy to replace.  Some isolated corrosion is noted, almost to be expected on the Atlantic coast.

The 750SS had a small price advantage over most 750 sportbikes, but wasn’t exactly comparable to say a GSX-R750.  The torque, handling and low mass made it competitive with other middleweights, and looked great – especially with the half-fairing that would become the CR.  Its nemesis was right across the showroom, with most buyers finding the extra motivation to select the 900SS.  This one looks like it will go reasonably, maybe to a collector with room for an interesting Supersport.



Weather-Wise – 1993 Ducati 750SS Supersport
Ducati July 28, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 2002 Ducati 748 with 6,087 Miles!


One of Seattle Used Bikes’ service customers has a plan for a new ride, and SUB is repping the sale of this beautiful 748.  The upgrades to this single-seater are nice, but for the next rider, the comprehensive maintenance is even better.

2002 Ducati 748 for sale at Seattle Used Bikes asking $13,500

Ducati brought a companion to the showroom for its flagship 916, but in this case the desmoquattro had originally been designed for the supersport.  The smaller bore and stroke allow an 11,500 rpm redline, with 98 hp 500 revs before.  In most other ways the 748 borrows from its older brother, the chassis and geometry, ergonomics and bodywork.  Suspension is from Showa, fully adjustable, USD forks and remote reservoir shock.  Accompanied by 320mm Brembo brakes and a close ratio gearset, it reviewed as a better choice for the street.

This 748 has been a SUB client longer than its individual owners, and a recent valve train service should relieve any worries.  The chronically over-stressed coolant tank has been replaced by a robust aluminum unit, the fuel pump serviced and steering head bearings replaced.  The upgraded Marchesini wheels and Termignoni exhaust take this 748 very close to how an S was delivered.  That nick on the tailcone could be handled with a touch-up, and a repair to the inside of the front fender would be just about invisible.  Dave at Seattle Used Bike’s provided more detailed comments –

The current owner purchased the 748 April of 2018 from one or our former customers. Looking at our past records, we performed basic maintenance and tuning on this 748 starting in 2016. It started life as a base “E” model, not an “S” model, but has a few of the “S” upgrades like quick disconnect Dzus fasteners on the fairing, 5 spoke wheels and a Termignoni 3/4 exhaust system with a proper FBF eprom and a nice carbon SP style heel guard on the exhaust. The biggest upgrade is the early 5 spoke Marchesini magnesium wheels front and rear. These were some of the lightest wheels back in the day, with the rear weighing in at 8.7lbs vs stock 5 spoke wheels at 12.4lbs. Their condition looked perfect, no visible damage, no paint issues, rear was indexed properly and there is no wheel damage in mount points.

A few other items like the carbon open clutch cover and gold EVR pressure plate and springs. Chain and sprockets look in great condition, a nice carbon chain guard is in place, up front there is a carbon fender that has been matched to the red paint but leaving a peek of carbon. This 748 was originally sold from Ducati as a Mono seat model, that can be verified from the matching VIN under the seat. These did come with the steel biposto sub frame so it could be converted to a 2-seater if needed.

We got the go ahead to perform the recommended 6k desmo valve service, including timing belts, all fluids, fuel filter and coolant. To our delight we found our favorite reusable air filters in place from BMC. We also decided to pull the cams during the service to answer the question we often hear on this desmoquattro series, “how are the rockers”? All were in great shape, normal wear but no signs of the dreaded flaking. New OEM O-rings and gaskets were used to replace all items disturbed during the service. We included pictures of internals while disassembled. This 748 has healthy compression reading with 140psi Horz & 155psi on Vert, checking leak down, 5% H and 4% V, good numbers.

We replaced coolant reservoir tank in 2017 with a Corsa Dynamics aluminum unit. This time around we gave the entire chassis a thorough inspection, replaced the steering head bearings as they felt a little notchy, pulled the rear spindle, inspected, cleaned, greased and reassembled. The inside of the tank is also in great shape, the factory lining is still intact. We replaced fuel filter and hoses inside the tank. We then installed a fresh set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso’s as we buttoned things up. We did find some damage on the front fender where the brake lines cross over at the rear, it is fairly well hidden, most likely caused by oversized front tire it came in with. That is about the only damage worth noting on a 20 year old Italian beauty. We have our service records, 2 factory keys, tool kit, Pitbull rear stand and a clean WA title.

Seattle Used Bikes asks $13,500 for this 748, contact Dave on (206) 535-6812 or

And here’s SUB’s video walkaround –


Dave also included this sharp analysis of the 748 –

The hot-blooded Italian middleweight was a mirror image of the bigger 916 but with a smaller, higher-revving motor. Handling was legendary and performance numbers registered mid 11’s in the quarter-mile and 150 MPH on the big end. If you can ignore the idiosyncrasies it’s a small slice of heaven. Ducati’s 916 deserves all its iconic status and then some. But for many people who were lucky enough to ride both, the smaller 748 was the better bike to ride. It’s a long-running Ducati trait – the 750SS was more enjoyable than the 900SS and the later 749 was almost the perfect early-noughties sports bike where the 999 was grumpy, difficult to ride and needed to be going a lot faster than we actually went for it to work properly. The 748 came out a year after the original 916. It’s easy to think of it as a sleeved-down 916, but the changes are much more than that. Bore and stroke are both different, the smaller capacity loses a bit of bottom-end power, but the lighter flywheels allow the 748 engine to rev much faster meaning the lack of bottom end doesn’t really matter. It feels like a very different bike and, bizarrely, while the 916 feels like a massive, powerful engine has been stuffed into the chassis of a 250, the 748 feels like it has exactly the right engine for the chassis.

Contact Dave for more info at or on (206) 535-6812


Featured Listing – 2002 Ducati 748 with 6,087 Miles!
Ducati July 23, 2022 posted by

Tall Dark & Handsome: 1982 Ducati Supersport Desmo

Looking absolutely stunning in black and gold, this 1982 Ducati Supersport is the epitome of old-school cool. Sure, it is rocking 1970s technology and appears positively stone age on paper when compared to another 1982 model – the Honda CX500 Turbo – but the bevel-drive Desmo had some speed tricks up it’s sleeve to help combat the ravages of time and tech. Lightweight and narrow with a wide powerband and centralized mass to provide good handling, the 900 Supersport was the ultimate evolution of the bevel drive Ducatis, and exhibited all of the characteristics that made the model great. Bad habits were few, the exotic element was high, and the Desmo twin was ready to lead all comers on a chase through the canyons at a moments notice. Today, these are pinging the interest of serious collectors. But don’t take my word for it: today’s example has numerous suitors on ebay – with 23 bids and counting.

1982 Ducati Supersport Desmo for sale on eBay

From the seller:
Knee surgery dictates selling my beautiful black/gold Ducati 900 super sport .Upgrades include
:Electronik Sachse digital ignition with 9 selectable advance curves.
:Dynatek DC10-1 5 ohm ignition coils.
:Surflex Alloy clutch kit from Bevel Heaven.
Have all the original parts including the CEV turn signals.

Original Conti Mufflers
Recently rebuilt Delorto PHM 40mm Carbs.
The bike starts first kick, idles perfectly.The handling and torque of these bikes is legendary and must be experienced to be believed.
This is the last year of the 900 SS bevel drive and benefits from 10 years of refinement.
There is a small dent in the right muffler.a small crack in the plastic dash below the speedo and 2 chips in the tank paint-all minor.

At time of writing the current bid was a touch over $20k. That is with a very clean, well presented, but 26,000 mile used bike. As a counterpoint, that same 1982 Honda CX500 Turbo – with all of its high tech and relative rarity (obscurity?) – would struggle to max out at half that much. Quality and DNA matter here, and the Ducati Supersport has the bones to be a long term contender on the collector market. These are rideable machines today. Sure, there is a bit more maintenance involved in keep such a classic, but this is a dark-haired beauty that will not fail to disappoint a willing rider. Check out all of the details on this auction here, and Good Luck!!


Tall Dark & Handsome: 1982 Ducati Supersport Desmo
Ducati May 19, 2022 posted by

Bargain Alert: Low Mileage 2002 Ducati 750SS

When ever having a casual conversation about anything these days the subject turns to rising prices.  Maybe that is inflation, or a spike in demand, or collectors taking notice of new eras of motorcycles.  Either way, it often leaves some enthusiasts struggling to find ways into this wonderful world of interesting rides.  Hopefully things have not gotten you down that much, and there are still a few BitCoins left in your account, because you are going to want to take a look at this Ducati 750SS.

Will get the good stuff out of the way first.  With under 4000 original miles it is safe to say this bike has been sparingly used.  The miles are low enough to appeal to collectors looking for the best examples of a bike they can find.  The miles are also high enough that the new owned should be able to put a few miles on it here and there without feeling guilty.  Perfect combination for most dynamic collectors.  The pictures show that the bike is exceptionally clean.  Being the entry level SuperSport some ended up being treated poorly, but not this one.  The other striking thing is that this bike appears to be 100% stock.  Incredible to think that someone was able to resist adding some Termignoni pipes.  But the thing to get really excited about here is the price point.  $2995

From The Seller’s Listing:

Excellent condition, super low miles (4000). Never dropped, always garage kept. Runs and rides great, Newer battery, Racing Yellow. Tires are good but may need replacing soon. Includes rear wheel stand and tank bag

The listing is light on details about service.  A perspective owner should budget some funds should the bike need belts.  Do not let the internet scare you away on this.  OEM cost for belts is less then $200 and for the average DIY’er it will take longer to get the bodywork off than it will take to change the belts.  These bikes at this price point represent an amazing opportunity for someone to dip their toe into Ducati ownership without much downside risk, or for a long time Ducati fan to have a beautiful and usable bike in the stable.

Bargain Alert:  Low Mileage 2002 Ducati 750SS
Honda April 23, 2022 posted by

Not collectible yet – FZR600 and CBR600F3

They’re not limited editions, nor made in boutique factories, or even homologated for racing. But if you’re now in late 40’s or early 50’s, chances are you’ve owned or ridden one of these. And considering how old we were at the time, it may have even been your first taste of truly fast sportbike at a price that most riders could afford. While scores of these were manufactured, not many have survived in original shape as they were entry level sportbikes of their time, and they suffered with cheap modifications, road rash, and neglect. Except for these two:

1997 Yamaha FZR600 for sale on eBay $4,900

from the seller:

For sale is a very clean example of a 1997 Yamaha FZR-600. This bike is all original. No modifications.Low miles only 6055. The bike has been well cared for and it shows. This is a ready to ride and enjoy motorcycle. If you been looking for a 90’s era sport bike here is your chance.
purchased it from a Honda dealer in Wisconsin and later moved with it to Arizona. Hecommuted on it for many years. A few years ago he did a full garage restoration: fulldisassembly, powder coated the frame, fully rebuilt the engine, repainted tank and side covers,etc. He rode it very little since then. The current owner purchased it

1996 Honda CBR600F3 for sale on eBay $4,995

As I suggested, neither one of these are likely to catch a collectors eye, and as such, they’re rather affordable too. But they are very original and neither one has many miles considering they’re 25 years old. While they may appreciate in the future, for now you get a chance to relive your childhood for what is still a very attractive price point. Hell, get them both for under $10k!


Not collectible yet – FZR600 and CBR600F3
Bimota April 4, 2022 posted by

(Thunder) Cat’s Meow – 1996 Bimota YB9 in Australia

So rare it’s difficult to find a test or review, Bimota’s YB9 SR had total production of just 651 over three years.  This example is a long way off in Queensland but looks to be worth the extra effort.

1996 Bimota YB9 SR ( Australia ) for sale on eBay

Massive looking but light alloy, Bimota’s twin spars held Yamaha’s YZF-600 mill closely.  Rimini crafted their own airbox and exhaust, more as part of the overall design than in search of power, since both bikes claim 100 hp and very similar torque numbers.  Paioli’s USD forks are multi-adjustable, as is their monoshock, in an alloy swingarm that allows a 15mm adjustment in the wheelbase.  Brembo supplied their typically excellent four-piston brakes, and carbon accents help keep dry weight at 386 lbs., a surprising 31 lbs. less that the FZR.

This dealer has several interesting bikes on offer, but this the YB9 is a singular experience.  Very engaging at just under 10,000 miles, though paint blemishes are noted.  Not sure if the pillion cover is missing, and there are isolated marks of crazing or corrosion of alloy parts.  Carbon fenders might regain some luster with a little clear coat.  Notes from the eBay auction:

SR in the best colour combo and only 16,000 km from new. The YB9 uses the liquid-cooled inline four and transmission from the YZF600R “Thundercat” with around 100hp and it even uses that bike’s stock gauge cluster.
With just 651 YB9s built, Bimota took the very best 600cc engine. available in 1996 and matched it to their superb aircraft aluminium frame. the best Brembo brakes and Marchesini wheels, Paioli suspension front and rear to create a lightweight, agile and brilliant handling motorcycle.
This one is is very nice overall condition, does have some paint blemishes here and there but they are minor.
We have just removed the carbs and had them cleaned and replaced fuel lines.
Bike starts runs and rides without issue. Great entry level Italian built exotic.


What reviews there were spoke of the light weight, high footpeg position, and 7,000 rpm start to the power band.  One reviewer wished for a steering damper but another called the steering light, neutral, and very precise.  Not much compromise in the riding position so probably best for spirited interludes.  Riders seeing the YB9 and saying it does well for a 900 will be in for a surprise.


(Thunder) Cat’s Meow – 1996 Bimota YB9 in Australia