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Sharp Survivor: 1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6 for Sale

Known variously as the Kawasaki ZX-6, ZX-6E, and eventually the ZZ-R600, depending on the year and market, the 600 Ninja’s specifications were virtually indistinguishable from its competitors at the time: 599cc, four cylinders, four valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams, and liquid-cooling, with a six-speed gearbox. But unlike the CBR600 and FZR600, the Ninja brought a light and very stiff aluminum frame to the party. The resulting 430lb dry weight and 100hp or so meant best-in-class acceleration and a 153mph top speed.

When introduced in 1993, the Ninja ZX-6 was considered by many to be the best bike in the 600cc class, superior in terms of both performance and comfort. 1995 saw the introduction of the sportier ZX-6R, but the older version was simply renamed the ZZ-R600 soldiered on until 2006 alongside the more modern, focused version of Kawasaki’s 600cc sportbike.

The ZX-6 is still a highly competent sportbike and should be great fun to ride, if a bit underpowered, compared to modern machines. It’s also hugely versatile by today’s standards: Kawasaki’s later “ZZ-R” designation generally applied to less focused machines suitable for light sport-touring, in addition to back road scratching. Even when it was Kawasaki’s premiere supersport, it was considered a pretty comfortable ride by reviewers.

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Kawasaki ZX-6 for Sale

1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX600-E, 18,357 miles. This is one of the cleanest 26 year old bikes I’ve ever seen. No issues. Marks on lower left case probably from a tipover (see photo), and windscreen plexiglass is scuffed from shipping. A couple other very small, and almost completely unnoticeable blems. Most of the visibility features of the bike are showroom condition. Starts easily, rides beautifully. Title in hand.

Cycle World magazine chose the ZX-6 as the “best 600 cc streetbike” of 1993. The fastest sportbike of the period, the ZX-6 claimed a top speed of 153 mph and could complete a quarter mile in 11.19 seconds at 123.5 mph.

Re-listed due to a non-payer.  Sorry, but if your eBay account is new or you have no history, your bid will be deleted.

The odometer shows 18,000 miles, and the general cosmetic condition appears to be excellent, although that chain and sprocket are very nasty and should obviously be changed posthaste. Some people might find the lurid, Kawasaki green and white colors on this example a bit garish, but those people also probably aren’t reading this post. I hated this design when I was younger, but love it now. Go figure. So much for “mellowing with age…” In any event, this is a very clean example and should provide tons of fun and nostalgia for a minimal outlay of cash, both now and in terms of maintenance down the road.



  • I wanted one of these in this color SO BAD in high school!! Rarer than a hen’s tooth in this condition.

  • Agreed, very few unmolested examples of this bike floating around these days.

    • They were cheap for so long, I can imagine they were just bought and ridden into the ground. Lotta Japanese sportbikes of the 80s and 90s probably suffered that fate!

  • I bought one of these new in 1992 (a D-reg model). It was a gorgeous solid wineberry red color. I put more than 75,000 miles on it during a 10-year ownership. The stator went at 65,000 miles. That was the only mechanical issue i had with it. I loved it. These are an incredible all-around well-balanced middleweight for sport, sport touring (even 2-up!), commuting, you name it riding style bike. And the centerstand made service work in my garage a breeze. I sold it as my tastes moved on to cafe racers and Italian supersports. Wish i had kept it. This was a great package.

  • I also had that color 1992 model. It had the worst driveline lash of any bike I have ever owned. It was hard to exit a corner smoothly because the cush drive on the rear wheel was way too soft.

    Otherwise the bike was exceptionally smooth (engine especially) and as pretty as can be in that solid color. Which was nearly unheard of with all the neon surfer punk graphics of the time.

    I did not have the bike long as I let my dad borrow it for a ride we went on to a motorcycle show. He crashed it. It was not so pretty after. It was repaired though and sold, though never as gorgeous as original.

    And in that way it became another of Tad’s example of what became of these prom queens.

  • “When introduced in 1993 . . ” Of course, the ZX-6 first debuted in 1990 with the D1 – I only feel compelled to point that out since I had a beautiful black and blue 1990 ZX-6 (for all the Kawis I owned I never got into the team green colors myself). Great bike right in the mix of the 600cc sportbike battles and endless “shootouts” in the motorcycles mags during the 90s. Good looking example here, looks shockingly unmolested (and nothing is rarer than an unmolested 600 cc Sportbike from the 90s).

    I do note the “marks on left case prob due to a tip-over” bit – whatevs – but the case, clutch lever and bar ends can easily be replaced for a pristine look. I would have replaced those, and for godsakes the horrifying chain, before putting it up for sale. But he got his $

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