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Pictures on Request – 1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP with 843 Miles !

Newly received pictures from the seller in gallery below – Donn

Though the Chatsworth, CA seller might have under-represented this listing, this might be the best recent example of the one of ultimate years of Ducati Supersports.

1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP for sale on eBay 

Developed to buff up the North American market, the SP was a numbered edition with carbon fenders, adjustable Showa suspension and alloy swingarm.  The 900 Supersport had been developed for most of the 1990’s and had well-sorted carburetion, 17-inch wheels, and the now-iconic trellis frame.

Gallery of newly recieved photos –

Tantalizing in just two medium-res photos, this SP looks new, sporting only an open clutch cover mod.  If the mileage and condition are true, it could be a very nice find for an air-cooled fan.  The dealer’s website indicates a recent price reduction and the eBay listing has the Make Offer button enabled.





  • If they want top dollar they should hire an adult to take proper photos and pen a proper description.

  • New pictures in the gallery ! 🙂

  • $10000 for an air cooled 2 valve Ducati is a sweet ask-low miles okay but there are thousands of these bikes rolling around and they are great fun to ride so please don’t stick this in a glass case.
    Given what has happened all the nice old bevel Dukes being shoved into crazy high prices and mothballed in collections its sad to see the same process being applied to the more recent products.
    That’s capitalism folks!

  • Why does the condition of the instrument cluster not match the rest of the bike? Why does the trip odometer have more miles than the odometer?

  • They are very very pretty though, Wonder when my 907 Paso is going to be worth big bucks 🙂 !!!

  • Jeff M, giving the seller the benefit of the doubt, I’ve always found the sponge Ducati used around the gauges to look older than its years, and the trip odo could’ve been rolled forward ( to 111 for example ) sometime during the bike’s more active period. All bears verification of course… 🙂

  • Yes, those are the questions I would ask. During the search for my 900SS/FE, I never saw sponge that saggy. Plus the gauges themselves appear weathered to me.

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