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Suzuki April 24, 2015 posted by

One Clean RG: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma


Today’s ride is a 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma. For all those who criticized the last RZV we posted for being too modified, this RG appears to be mostly stock and OEM, with noted exceptions. Like the last big smoker, this one also appears to have a California title. If the mileage is correct, the kilometer conversion works out to be just under 12,000 miles. Currently located in the great state of Illinois, this bad boy would be a terrific addition to any collection. As always, RSBFS recommends that you do your homework on any collectible machine, and especially a gray-market import. Depending where you live, importation and registration could be tricky.


1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This is a Re List, previous buyer was in Hawaii and turned out the bike needed some mods (amber turn signals, dash in mph,certificate of import) to regiater there and i was not willing to alterate the condition as is .Rare opportunity to own a very special bike, never imported into US , the Rg500 Gamma was considered by most the closest think to a GP bike ,this one came from Canada, has Ca title. The provious owner intented to sell the bike in 1997 but the deal fall through, ended up buying a different bike and he never got to register or ride this one, even the title is signed over and dated with that date . I brought the bike home, cleaned the carbs, changed all fluids, ordered a new clutch kit ,fuel lines, petcocks and air filters from Lance Gamma and bike started after few kicks. with the exception of these upgrades and maintanance i had done to it is all original, pant is beautiful , has few small dents, scratches but no rust or manor damages,very clean ,dry and solid. Rides like a dream, i got to put few hundred miles on it but the tires are old and weather in Chicagi is still very cold. Comes with Ca title, manuals and one key.

The white belly pan is an aftermarket piece (looks geat) but i have a brand new oem belly pan i ordered from Japan. Also the cusion for passenger is included . This bike is for the purists as much as for the enthusiasts wanted to ride it as much as to show it.


This RG has an opening ask of $16,500. That may seem a bit high – and is likely why there have been no takers yet – but the aforementioned RZV easily topped $20k in bidding. For those interested in something closer to stock, this is a tasty alternative that should soothe the blue smoke cravings in your soul. Check it out here, and let us know if you would prefer to park this RG, or the more heavily modified RZV in your garage or man cave…or both! Good Luck.


One Clean RG:  1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma
Suzuki September 23, 2013 posted by

Wounded Wolf: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma, Walter Wolf Edition

rg left

This Walter Wolf RG500 (or is it?) is rare on several levels. Usually these things are babied and protected more than the Hope Diamond but not this one. In fact, it isn’t even a runner. So you can look at it in two ways; you are either turned off instantly by this abused RG or you  are excited as heck to finally find a fixer upper Walter Wolf.

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

rg clusterrg key

I know you sure as heck can’t find those keys anymore.

Lets see what the seller has to say and then we’ll do some detective work:

Read this auction carefully! 1985 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf Edition. The engine does not turn over. The left rear cylinder looks to have had some water in it. The upper and lower fairings have cracks. Overall the bike is not in that bad of condition. Bike has 9646 KM = 5787 Miles. With a little work, this could be a very nice bike. We don’t have a title for this bike. Bike is sold with a bill of sale only. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Bike is sold as is, no returns. Buyer to arrange the shipping. Local pick up is ok.

rg left

At first glance I was going to guess this was probably a standard RG500 painted up.  With the Walter Wolf gauges and key I’ll guess it is the real deal.  But is it a 500?  It has a 11 digit VIN so I’ll say Japanese market bike.  Looking at the Gamma Owners Bible (that isn’t a joke, there really is a book called that) the bodywork, that is actually Walter Wolf,  seems to match up with an 86 RG400 Walter Wolf.   It should have a red seat and wheels to be authentic though.   So chime in RG experts, am I in the ballpark?

rg bodywork

The Japanese domestic RG500’s would have “500” where you see “Walter Wolf Racing” at the bottom of the lower.

rg mirror

Some of the fairing damage the seller described.

If it is really a 400 and in this condition I would imagine the value drops wayyyyyy off.  Parts are rare and expensive as it is and then on top of everything you have the neutered 400.

Click here for the auction.


Wounded Wolf:  1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma, Walter Wolf Edition
Suzuki May 14, 2013 posted by

A Walter Wolf That Is A Rider? 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma Walter Wolf

 ww tail ww right

Yes, indeed, this is not a museum piece.  You can actually take this one out and enjoy it with other humans (if you so choose).  It has some miles, it has met the pavement up close and personal but other than that it is everything a buyer would be looking for.  That would include a title, good overall condition and hey; its a Walter Wolf!

ww rear

The story on it:

 My dad bought this Gamma in about ’88 and I’ve had it the last six years, putting a few hundred kilometers on it each year. Starts and runs great, sounds great…always garaged and covered, enthusiast-cared-for, oil changed regularly (just changed at 22,000 kms), new counter-shaft sprocket and chain at the same time. New battery. I didn’t even shine it up for the photos, this is how it is kept.I know these are precious, but they’re most precious rolling down the road. This bike is tiny, smoother than you can imagine…a real joy to ride…two-stroke power is addicting. This bike has some mods…Lance Gamma pipes and air cleaners…I don’t have the stock parts. If you’re interested in this bike, Rick Lance at knows them inside and out and can find parts and services to keep these things happy forever. He also offers some serious mods..I’ve got manuals and an extra key…two extra footpegs. Bike was last titled and registered in Utah in 2006 (I’ve ridden it in Colorado with a dealer plate). This bike also has some flaws: My dad dropped it while “tippy-toeing through some ice on the road” and it scraped the right mirror, right lower muffler, brake lever tip and right rear turn signal. There is a small crack in the fairing under the right front turn signal. There’s a tiny hole in the seat that’s been there forever and doesn’t seem to want to get worse. I never liked this bike with the lower on it, but I have the lower…it’s in slightly rough shape with some cracks…but serviceable. See pics

ww left

The stand is a score in itself.  I’ve been told they can run as much as $500 alone.

ww belly

ww manual

I can’t remember seeing a Walter Wolf with a realistic selling price but this one breaks the trend, well at least with the starting bid.  The bidding is starting at $13,200.  Yes, it isn’t perfect:   but did I mention it is a Walter Wolf?  If you’ve been waiting for one here is your shot at an overall nice package.

Click it to ride.


Sport Bikes For Sale May 7, 2013 posted by

How Do You Like Them? Stock 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma And Heavily Modded 1986 RG500 Gamma


rg right

ls right

Same bike but the buyers will be extremely different.  We have one, that the last hands touching it were in Hammatsu and another, well; who’s hands haven’t touched it?  Of course I’m exaggerating but you get the idea.

rg rear

Lets go stock first.

The stats:

  • CARBS REJETTED W/ INDIVIDUAL AIR FILTERS ( I have stock air box and air channels)
  • TINTED WINDSCREEN AND MIRRORS (I do not think they are original )
  • Bike is being Listed Locally, I reserve the right to end the auction early…

rg close

 It has been a while since I’ve seen a RG with mileage that low.

rg left

Check out the auction here.

ls left rear

If you can’t leave well enough alone then this 86 RG might be of interest.

The list of mods is long:

After 15 years of ownership, almost 10 years in the making, and 2 years of indecision, it is time to part with my favorite toy, my 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma.

What you see in the pictures is the result of almost 10 years of evolution. Professional help was enlisted for the engine, suspension, and paint. I performed all other assembly.

The motor is a fresh Lance Gamma rebuild with approx. 500 miles since rebuild.

The carbs have been bored. The intake trunks have been removed in favor of the Lance Gamma air filters shown. The pipes are Jolly Moto GP style that have been Ceramic coated in black.

The trans is factory with all the factory offered upgrades.

The clutch is new.

The front forks/wheel/brake are RGV 250. The forks are inverted, tuned by Max/Traxxion Dynamics.

The front fairing is factory RGV250 modified to fit the RG500 frame. The mirrors and fairing stay are RGV250.

The rear seat unit is for a RC45 narrowed in the seat area to fit the RG500 frame.

The seat is a one of custom piece, made by Corbin to fit this bike.

The body work decals were supplied by Morgan Graphics in the UK. The custom paint is numerous coats of color with numerous coats of clear coat applied over the decals.

The swing arm has a top brace fabricated from 1” square alum tubing with square tubing gussets.  The swing arm was brush finished and clear powdercoat applied.

The rear hugger is from a Ducati M900

The rear shock is a Penske fully adjustable unit built for the RG500.

There is also a ride height adjuster.

The rearsets are fully adjustable with carbon fiber heel guards. The rearsets were brush finished and clear powdercoat applied.

The brakes and chain are one year old with less than 500 miles of use.

The rear sprocket is a polished Vortex unit with 44 teeth. The front sprocket is Suzuki with 15 teeth.

The brake lines were custom made by Goodrich. They are braided steel with blue vinyl sleeve. The fittings are anodized red.

The front and rear wheels  are powdercoated  white.

The rear wheel is a GSXR 750 wheel, 4.5 x 17”

The tires are Michelin Hi-Sports with 5 mm tread life left. Front is 110/70 ZR17. The rear is 160/60ZR 17.

The speedo is a MPH unit sourced from the UK.

The top yoke has been anodized red as were the rear swingarm stand bobbins.

The bike had a valid Illinois title as a Suzuki RS500

The winning bidder will receive stock body work, front end, and wheels

The gas tank was signed by none other that the man himself, Kevin Schwantz!

That is all I can think of at the moment. The bike is offered for sale locally so I reserve the right to cancel this auction at any time. This bike will sell to someone. Shipping will be the responsibility of the winning bidder. The reserve price is far below my monetary investment and will not be revealed until it is met. Feel free to ask any questions.


ls naked
I admire all those who take the challenge to build a race replica.  It is tough to get a street bike built in the 80’s to proportionally look like a factory race bike in the 90’s.

ls front

It’s a dead ringer for a VJ22 from the front.  Bet it doesn’t quite sound like on though.

Check out the auction here.


Sport Bikes For Sale February 14, 2013 posted by

Free It From The Ice: 1986 Suzuki RG500 (In MN)

rg right

Looks like someone was tired of the smell of Motul in the morning and traded their trusty RG500 in. Hmm, the bike is located in MN so maybe they traded it in for something with two ski’s on the front.

Update 2.14.2013: Bidding reached $11,100 when this was first listed just after the new year but failed to meet reserve. In the comments below someone indicates they’re looking for $15k. Bidding is up to $7100 after having been listed just this morning. Links updated. -dc

rg right rear

Their decision in a moment of weakness is your gain. The bike is up for auction and with hopefully a reasonable reserve. I said “hopefully” because quite often dealerships have unreasonable expectations on the price of “rare” motorcycles.

rg front

rg close

It looks awfully clean. I’m not seeing any sign of the front turn signals though. That would make me think this is replacement plastic on the bike (the seller does mention the bike has been resprayed). Might be worth asking about. Overall it looks quite stock with just after market chambers and Lance Gamma air filters.

rg tank

It has just under 20,000 KM’s which isn’t all that much considering the age of the bike. The seller mentions they have the stock exhaust and air box but no mention of the mirrors or turn signals. If it is aftermarket plastic maybe nothing was ever drilled for the mirrors.

rg left rear

RG500’s are the Camaro’s/Mustangs of the grey bike world. Everyone knows what they are and their legend. It just a matter of finding one in the condition you want and at an acceptable price.

Click for the auction if this one fits the bill for you.


Sport Bikes For Sale November 5, 2012 posted by

1986 Suzuki RG 500 Gamma in Florida

For Sale: 1986 Suzuki RG 500 Gamma

We must be getting closer to Christmas. Some fantastic bikes are coming on the market just in time for me to make my list. If you’ve been a good boy or girl, here is something that you might need to whisper in Santa’s ear…

This RG 500 Gamma has all of the add-ons that you would expect. The Lance Gamma pieces are pre-requisites, but the Crawford pipes help push this over the top. This bike looks clean, clean, clean and it is obvious it was well looked after by the current owner. Lucky for you, it is now looking for a new home.

From the seller:
1986 Suzuki RG 500 Gamma 2-Stroke. 15,626 kilometers or 9,706 +/- miles. Ultra rare black, white & red scheme reported as approxiamtely 60 of 650 units produced in this color when imported to Canada. One of a limited number of Gamma’s in the Country with a majority of the Rick Lance GAMMA modifications including, RARE Tommy Crawford pipes, tri-pod air cleaner set up with in-line fuel petock cut-offs to modified hi-flow carbs, oil injection in tact & in use, mildly ported, 17″ inch white CBR wheels (much better looking than Suzuki wheels in my humble opinion) with 160/60/17 rear & 120/70/17 modern rubber, FOX adjustable rear shock with resevoir & Lance adjustable rear ride height mod, PM polished front calipers with EBC dual floating front rotors & more. Bike comes with Lance GSXR radiator mod I just paid $515.00 for but have not installed. Title free & clear in my name, FL registration current, bike ridden 11-2 & started weekly. Lower fairing infrequently pictured but comes with bike & is in good conditon. I keep it off for ease of cleaning & access to carbs, etc. but bike looks better with it on.

Purists might complain about the Honda wheels, but then again purists would likely moan about any mods. The truth is that that Gamma is a terrific platform for modifications, and that road is pretty well paved by now. What you should end up with is a stout Gamma that looks clean, has the unique white/black/red livery, and has a Florida title. For everybody outside of the Golden State of California, that is pretty much a trifecta right there. Even Sponge Bob seems to agree.

This auction is going on right now, and the current bid is only $8,100 with moderate bidding. I expect this one to go way up from here, so tune in to watch the fun. For photos, specs and more, click the link and jump over to the auction. Don’t forget to tell Santa that you found it on RSBFS!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 24, 2012 posted by

What Could Have Been? Modded 1987 Suzuki RG500

What Could Have Been?  Modded 1987 Suzuki RG500

Is there a piece of paper tucked away in drawer at Suzuki HQ that looks like this bike?  If production had continued on the RG500 past 1987 would we have seen something similar to this?  In my opinion  the RGV250 (VJ22)  front end and bodywork (might be VJ21)  nicely modernize the RG’s silloute.  The braced swing arm gives the back end a more serious look.  Over all I really like what the owner has done with the bike.  It looks updated yet it has kept the overall qualities of the bike.

The engine certainly hasn’t been left alone.

From the seller:

The engine is a 570 cc big bore Stage III posting.  It is completely rebuilt with all new bearings and seals, crankshafts, straight cut primary gears, full nova gear box, a shift support plate, adjustable ignition pick up, standard C.D.I., 31.5 mm offset bored carborators with high flow valves (fitted), and an adjustable exhaust port (timing).  All motor work was completed by Sam Palmer of B.D.K Engineering in Norfolk, United Kingdom.  The exhaust has a hand made set of chambers with carbon silencers, by Mark Dent. He is the best in th business. 

It sure looks and sounds like the engine has worked over correctly.  The owner is claiming a healthy 128HP on pump gas. 

Looks like a pretty clean job on the cutting and chopping out back.  No mention by the seller about a title and if he still has any of the stock parts.

There is your RGV front end.  There are plenty of parts available for this set up if you want to tinker even more.

The mileage wrapped in a little carbon fiber.  Nice touch.

The Mark Dent built chambers.  Everything looks spotless.  The seller says the bike only has 2,000 on it since reassembly.

One of the best looking modded RG500’s around  in my book.  I love the updated lines.

Bidding is quite active and I would imagine with the well done body and engine mods it will fetch a decent price.  Get in on the auction here.


Ducati June 18, 2012 posted by

Monday Medicine: MV Agusta F4 Serie ORO, Ducati 996RS Ex Bostrom NCR, Suzuki RG500 MKII

If you dread Monday’s like I do, hold your calls, push the files to the side of your desk and enjoy a little UK dreaming for the start of your work week.

Is there any other MV Agusta to own? The ORO still gets the largest “Wow” factor in my book. Wow best describes the asking price as well, approximately $36,000. They are open to offers though and I highly suggest that route.

It is basically new, old stock. It has only traveled 11 kilometers. Sometimes MV’s start to look generic to me since they all basically have the same shape. When I see close ups like this though I realize how beautiful they actually are.

The bike is actually located in Italy but is listed on Ebay UK. Don’t worry, they will ship if the check clears. Place a bid or make an offer here.

How about an Ducati 996RS ex NCR race bike to fill out the old Ducati collection?

What shes’ got:

Super rare genuine RS Factory 1998 bike with certification. Bike has all the “works” upgrade as 16,5″ wheels, big tank, magnesium swingarm, doulble water radiator, rear monoblock caliper, etc. 1998 WSBK and 1999 as spare bike of Bostrom/Team NCR.

Bet you’d like to take that apart and see what lies inside. The price you ask to be able to do so? $54,000 OBO. A quick search brought up a parts bike 996RS advertised at $30,000 and a BSB Champion 1999 996RS for $75,000. I think I can afford the race stand it sits on.

All business. What would you do with it? Ride the hell out of it or worship it in your garage? Here is the auction.

And lastly one for the premix crowd. A fully restored RG500 MKII with a TT race history. It apparently was restored by a well known ex Suzuki technician.

Do you really need another photo? I’m ready to plug my ears.

To pretend you are a TT hero of the late 70’s will set you back roughly $44,000 + premix. Sorry, no best offer on this one.

I’m not sure if this is the same bike but it is well worth a look if you are interested in the restoration process. Click here to see the classified ad.

Now stop dreaming up ways to empty your bank account and get back to work!