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Wounded Wolf: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma, Walter Wolf Edition

rg left

This Walter Wolf RG500 (or is it?) is rare on several levels. Usually these things are babied and protected more than the Hope Diamond but not this one. In fact, it isn’t even a runner. So you can look at it in two ways; you are either turned off instantly by this abused RG or you  are excited as heck to finally find a fixer upper Walter Wolf.

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

rg clusterrg key

I know you sure as heck can’t find those keys anymore.

Lets see what the seller has to say and then we’ll do some detective work:

Read this auction carefully! 1985 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf Edition. The engine does not turn over. The left rear cylinder looks to have had some water in it. The upper and lower fairings have cracks. Overall the bike is not in that bad of condition. Bike has 9646 KM = 5787 Miles. With a little work, this could be a very nice bike. We don’t have a title for this bike. Bike is sold with a bill of sale only. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Bike is sold as is, no returns. Buyer to arrange the shipping. Local pick up is ok.

rg left

At first glance I was going to guess this was probably a standard RG500 painted up.  With the Walter Wolf gauges and key I’ll guess it is the real deal.  But is it a 500?  It has a 11 digit VIN so I’ll say Japanese market bike.  Looking at the Gamma Owners Bible (that isn’t a joke, there really is a book called that) the bodywork, that is actually Walter Wolf,  seems to match up with an 86 RG400 Walter Wolf.   It should have a red seat and wheels to be authentic though.   So chime in RG experts, am I in the ballpark?

rg bodywork

The Japanese domestic RG500’s would have “500” where you see “Walter Wolf Racing” at the bottom of the lower.

rg mirror

Some of the fairing damage the seller described.

If it is really a 400 and in this condition I would imagine the value drops wayyyyyy off.  Parts are rare and expensive as it is and then on top of everything you have the neutered 400.

Click here for the auction.



  • Engine has 400cc or 500cc stamped on it .


  • Japanese Walter Wolf RG500 has a big ‘500’ on the bellypan. (see ‘Wold in Wolf’s Clothing” here) This one doesn’t so is probably a 400.

  • Words of wisdom from a gamma owner. The expensive thing you will ever buy is a cheap RG that “needs a little work.”

  • Owners states HM vin number so its a 500 frame, rest of the things i see are JDM only. Rare bike with too high price for me, needs paint maybe cranks, bore job and new pistons I am sure. I have bought a few JDM RG400’s all of them were siezed. But easily fixed, if you have a bunch of spare parts and cash.

  • WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for weight loss transformation

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