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One Clean RG: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma


Today’s ride is a 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma. For all those who criticized the last RZV we posted for being too modified, this RG appears to be mostly stock and OEM, with noted exceptions. Like the last big smoker, this one also appears to have a California title. If the mileage is correct, the kilometer conversion works out to be just under 12,000 miles. Currently located in the great state of Illinois, this bad boy would be a terrific addition to any collection. As always, RSBFS recommends that you do your homework on any collectible machine, and especially a gray-market import. Depending where you live, importation and registration could be tricky.


1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This is a Re List, previous buyer was in Hawaii and turned out the bike needed some mods (amber turn signals, dash in mph,certificate of import) to regiater there and i was not willing to alterate the condition as is .Rare opportunity to own a very special bike, never imported into US , the Rg500 Gamma was considered by most the closest think to a GP bike ,this one came from Canada, has Ca title. The provious owner intented to sell the bike in 1997 but the deal fall through, ended up buying a different bike and he never got to register or ride this one, even the title is signed over and dated with that date . I brought the bike home, cleaned the carbs, changed all fluids, ordered a new clutch kit ,fuel lines, petcocks and air filters from Lance Gamma and bike started after few kicks. with the exception of these upgrades and maintanance i had done to it is all original, pant is beautiful , has few small dents, scratches but no rust or manor damages,very clean ,dry and solid. Rides like a dream, i got to put few hundred miles on it but the tires are old and weather in Chicagi is still very cold. Comes with Ca title, manuals and one key.

The white belly pan is an aftermarket piece (looks geat) but i have a brand new oem belly pan i ordered from Japan. Also the cusion for passenger is included . This bike is for the purists as much as for the enthusiasts wanted to ride it as much as to show it.


This RG has an opening ask of $16,500. That may seem a bit high – and is likely why there have been no takers yet – but the aforementioned RZV easily topped $20k in bidding. For those interested in something closer to stock, this is a tasty alternative that should soothe the blue smoke cravings in your soul. Check it out here, and let us know if you would prefer to park this RG, or the more heavily modified RZV in your garage or man cave…or both! Good Luck.



  • Oh boy, here we go. Another example of RSBFS favorite smoker. I’ll cook up some popcorn. Should be some good reading about the Hawaii thing.

  • This Gamma would be much cooler and worth more to collectors if it had a Honda Hawk swing arm conversion, a Ducati rear wheel, and a GSXR front end assembly grafted on. Kidding!

  • I’d like it better if it had a set of chambers, Lance filter kit, and a Penske shock. Ok, and ported cylinders, big bore 570 kit, bored carbs, magnesium Dymag wheels, and a Ohlins USD front end with Brembo radial mounted brakes. Not kidding!

  • After reading this ad with its many typos and the details given I’m just going to say that this bike is probably carrying a Canada title and not a California title, nowhere is it even remotely implied that it does. I think this bike is going to pose a bit of a problem to whomever buys it. Going off gut instinct but something isn’t right here

    • Actually, if you look at the eBay auction, it does have a California title. Good looking bike, me thinks!

  • last photo in the ad shows the title, how much clearer than that can it get?
    California title and registration

  • Cip- why didn’t you transfer the title to Illinois so that you can legally own, register, insure and ride it? Since it’s dated almost 20 years ago, was that the reason for Secretary of State of Illinois not giving you one? Or are there issues with the California title?
    Please clear it up for us interested bidders as this is a big deal in most states, and determines actual value of the Gamma.

  • actually any bike over 25 yrs old its quite simple to import from canada the title and age means you avoid alot of red tape BS, a clean cali title just leads to a silly and uneccessary mark up in price

  • Needs a little work and a complete strip down to frame and clean. Few parts and $$ spent and this has all the makings of a very good genuine Canadian example. Good luck to the seller its worth every bit of your starting bid. To the buyer whether you keep it stock or go down the path of period correct mods or enhancements its a great platform to start with.

  • EVERYBODY wants a blue/white one.If they want one to begin with.

  • I dont believe this is a canadian version. The front blinkers and the raised tail light are incorrect. My canadian 85 version had a flat tail light and the regular blinkers. I must say It is a very nice looking bike but the title issue would make me wonder also. Bimota should have used this engine in a bike back in the day.

  • The comments of the details of this bike are becoming esoteric and nerdy.It might be better for all concerned to pass this posting to the kids at the TYGA site.

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