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A Walter Wolf That Is A Rider? 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma Walter Wolf

 ww tail ww right

Yes, indeed, this is not a museum piece.  You can actually take this one out and enjoy it with other humans (if you so choose).  It has some miles, it has met the pavement up close and personal but other than that it is everything a buyer would be looking for.  That would include a title, good overall condition and hey; its a Walter Wolf!

ww rear

The story on it:

 My dad bought this Gamma in about ’88 and I’ve had it the last six years, putting a few hundred kilometers on it each year. Starts and runs great, sounds great…always garaged and covered, enthusiast-cared-for, oil changed regularly (just changed at 22,000 kms), new counter-shaft sprocket and chain at the same time. New battery. I didn’t even shine it up for the photos, this is how it is kept.I know these are precious, but they’re most precious rolling down the road. This bike is tiny, smoother than you can imagine…a real joy to ride…two-stroke power is addicting. This bike has some mods…Lance Gamma pipes and air cleaners…I don’t have the stock parts. If you’re interested in this bike, Rick Lance at lancegamma.com knows them inside and out and can find parts and services to keep these things happy forever. He also offers some serious mods..I’ve got manuals and an extra key…two extra footpegs. Bike was last titled and registered in Utah in 2006 (I’ve ridden it in Colorado with a dealer plate). This bike also has some flaws: My dad dropped it while “tippy-toeing through some ice on the road” and it scraped the right mirror, right lower muffler, brake lever tip and right rear turn signal. There is a small crack in the fairing under the right front turn signal. There’s a tiny hole in the seat that’s been there forever and doesn’t seem to want to get worse. I never liked this bike with the lower on it, but I have the lower…it’s in slightly rough shape with some cracks…but serviceable. See pics

ww left

The stand is a score in itself.  I’ve been told they can run as much as $500 alone.

ww belly

ww manual

I can’t remember seeing a Walter Wolf with a realistic selling price but this one breaks the trend, well at least with the starting bid.  The bidding is starting at $13,200.  Yes, it isn’t perfect:   but did I mention it is a Walter Wolf?  If you’ve been waiting for one here is your shot at an overall nice package.

Click it to ride.



  • RG400 gauges? Not sure whats going on here, seller is holding back info, cancelled auction?

  • This bike is a correct original Japan market WW 500. The Wolf gauges were used on both the 400 and 500 Wolfs in Japan for obvious reasons. The export WW sold in Canada only was limited to 100 units which didn’t justify Suzuki Canada having to pay for a unique WW specific gauge set (the Japan Gammas had a gas gauge and 180kph speedo whereas the Canadian model RG500’s had no gas gauge and 260 kph speedo). Note the relocated Suzuki logo from the top of the fairing side panel to the nose fairing (where the Canada model had a stalk type turn signal).

  • Good info Rick. The bike was also listed on CL so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made a good offer and that is why the auction is gone.

  • The seller said you bought the bike Rick?

  • I believe this bike is destined for a high end restoration shop to bring it up to stellar condition for a serious collector.
    People who actually want one don’t blink at the price. The right bike is worth the money and not likely to change hands often.

  • You are the man for the job Rick!

  • I appreciate your confidence in me Dave, but I am not one to do pristine, only sharp and effective. The shop I recommended for this project is in pursuit of perfection, a pastime I find unfulfilling. I concentrate rather on making machines that entice you to take a chance on getting it dirty.

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