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Cagiva August 3, 2012 posted by

Relisted on eBay: Honda RC45, Cagiva Alazurra, Suzuki RG500

Honda RC45 For Sale

The RC45 in Florida is back. Price is down ten grand to $35k. Getting closer.... Original Post.

Cagiva Alazurra for sale

This nearly new Cagiva Alazurra 650 is back. Bidding up to $2,800 with reserve still in place. It only made it up to $4k last time, and didn't meet the reserve. Our original post on this bike.

Lance Gamma RG500 For Sale

This Gamma is back as well. Looks like the current bid is up to $8,600 and no reserve or reserve already met. I know readers are annoyed that Lance removes the listing before they close, but I'll bet actual buyers will find a way to make it work. Our original post on this bike.

Ducati July 22, 2012 posted by

Best of Mailbag Edition (RC45, OW-01, Bayliss 998S, Slingshot, NSR150SP, 850GT T3)

Hey guys,

First let me say our readers are the best! Our inbox is overflowing with suggestions on bikes to put on the site and we appreciate all the help. Due to the volume we're getting these days we're not able to reply to everyone and will be picking the best selections, but please keep the submissions coming.

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!


Lets get things started with this 94 Honda RC45 for sale in Australia. $49k AUD. Thanks for the forward Jamie!

Next how about your choice of Yamaha FZR750R OW-01's? Pick one for $15k. Thanks for the forward Michael!

Jeremy loves his Honda's but this time he sent us this 88 GSX-R for $2900 in Orange County. It's not perfect and missing the lowers, but for $2900 I've seen alot worse.

How about a street registered Honda NSR150SP? $4500 and less than 3k km's. Thanks for the forward Garrett!

How about this Bayliss 998S for sale in Miami for just under $13k. Note the sign in the background 😉 Thanks Scott!

Several people emailed us this 1977 Moto Guzzi 850 T-3 “Sport” for just $6500.

Bimota July 6, 2012 posted by

Friday Mailbag

Hey guys! Back from a bit of a mid-week break, here are all your latest suggestions and rides for sale. Thanks as always and enjoy your weekend!


How about we start with some exotica? Marty sends us not one, not two, but your choice of 3 NR750's on eBay UK!

This one is brand new for 109k GBP.

This one has 5000 miles for 100k GBP.

The same seller has a 3rd NR750 on it's way from Japan with less than 3k miles for 89k GBP (as well as a bunch of other RSBFS favorites).

Another quality spot from Marty is this Bimota DB1R shown on BikeEXIF (one of my favorite spots to blow away a Sunday afternoon...)

Longtime RSBFS friend and collector Terry sends us these special finds also on eBay UK.

This is a ZERO mile RC45 for 36k GBP. WOW!

As if the RC45 wasn't amazing enough, here's an RC30 with 0 miles to go with it. 40k GBP.

This next group is from Jeremy and are all available in the San Francisco area. Thanks for the legwork man!

1996 Suzuki RGV250 SP VJ23 for $11k

2000 Ducati 996SPS for $10600.

2006 Buell Firebolt XB12R $6990

Mike sends us this link for an upcoming auction for this 1978 Ducati 900SS with under 5k miles.

Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale May 29, 2012 posted by

Parts Bin: HRC CBR1000RR Swing Arm And HRC RC30/45 Radiator

Parts Bin: HRC CBR1000RR Swing Arm And HRC RC30/45 Radiator

Here is another installment of go fast goodies that your significant other thinks you shouldn't waste your money on.

Is it wrong to be in love with a radiator?

The info:

ULTRA RARE HRC Triple Stack World Superbike Radiator. This was purchased from the Honda WSB team at Laguna Seca in 1995. This is an extremely rare piece and I would be surprised if anyone has seen one for sale EVER. this was bought for a project bike by me years ago and the project went thru many changes and this piece was never used. The picture with the ruler shows the mount spacing for the two top mounts. I unfortunately lost the part number for this piece over the years so I do not have that.
This piece retailed from HRC to the privateer teams for $10,000. Yes that is correct, 10K!!!!!

I do remember reading that some radiators the Yoshimura bikes were using in the Mladin days ran around $12,000.

That damn thing is a work of art. The seller believes it will fit either an RC 30 or RC45. Given the year it was purchased, I'm guessing it is designed for an RC45. Anyone in the know?

Nobody said racers were the brightest bulbs.

The seller is asking roughly $4,500 but is open to offers. Check it out.

How about a swing arm off of Josh Brooks' 2010 HM Plant Honda CBR? Yeah, they will throw in the linkage as well. I'm guessing you are getting more strength while losing some weight.

The asking price is 500 British Pounds which seems quite low to me for a modern kit part such as this. Inquire here for more info on it.


Honda May 21, 2012 posted by

Got an Extra $100K? Start Your Honda RC Collection Today!

Update 5.21.2012: I doubt any actual buyers interested in either a RC30 and/or RC45 are not aware of this listing by now, but just in case, the buy-it-now has been dropped again to $70k. -dc

Update 4.6.2012: With just under a day to go, I noticed the buy-it-now has been updated to $75k. Most comments indicated $60k would be in the ballpark. Maybe there's a deal in the middle. -dc

Location: Miami, Florida

Mileage: 6,975 (RC30) and 6,842 (RC45)

Price: Auction, $100,000 BIN. Yes, that's one hundred thousand.

So here's a chance to have an instant Honda RC collection for your very own. Two of the greatest sportbikes ever made. Ever. You can debate sportbike greatness all day (I, for one, am happy to) and you can even debate which of these two is better than the other (also happy to participate). But you can't really debate the significance of both of these bikes. Track ready? Check. Uber rare? Check. Superior build quality? Check. Two of the most significant sportbikes in sportbike history? Check and check.

The seller's minimal description-

Up for sale r my 2 babies! i have a 1990 RC30 #5 OF #300 made...6975 miles AN A 1994 RC45 #20 OF #50 made....6842 miles,bikes r AMERICAN SPEC!!!! these R NOT EURO MODELS!!!!!







And a few photos, although the seller apparently will provide more-

The seller describes the bikes as flawless and if you're considering something like this, then I would assume you know both of these bikes inside and out. And while the seller will provide more photos, I know I wouldn't make a deal like this without flying to Miami to look at both of these personally. If you just happen to have come across the kind of cash to purchase a pair of bikes like this and don't know the Honda RC line well, then do your homework. This is kind of like looking at the Ferrari Daytona and Lamborghini Miura of the bike world. Due diligence will be important.

But if it all works out, then you just have to find $100 grand. That's a lot of money and I'm sure it will garner reaction from all of the RSBFS followers. I welcome the debate. The rare sportbike market is ever evolving in my eyes and I think these values will continue to climb. These are clearly collector bikes and what they're worth today is really up to how much someone will pay. I don't know how much that is, so we will see.

What I do know is we have two beautiful bikes here that I would love to own. But that's not in the cards. If you have the funds, take the first step and give this auction a look!


Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale May 14, 2012 posted by

Must Have HRC Kit: Honda RC45 HRC Titanium Exhaust System

Must Have HRC Kit:  Honda RC45 HRC Titanium Exhaust System

At our last RSBFS executive retreat in Bora Bora we kicked around the idea of bringing you hard to find and rare parts we spot.  It won't be a regular  feature but simply when something catches our eye and we don't buy it, we will pass it along to you.  If you guys bitch and moan that it doesn't include two wheels, a frame and an engine then this might be the first and last post on parts.


I would hope I have some RC45 owners excited with this find. I don't even own one and want to buy this.  I'm pretty good at identifying Suzuki kit parts but the HRC stuff is newer to me.  I'm fairly confident this is a real HRC kit item.  I have seen some items for sale in Japan that have "HRC" stamped on them but the seller did not include any close ups.  The build quality looks to be of high spec which is what you would expect from HRC.



Damn, I love that discoloration ti exhausts get.


The seller say the original sales price was in the neighborhood of 4,000 GBP (that is $6,400!).


Looks like a tight squeeze.  Just a slight word of warning if you want these for your street bike.  I've modified my RGV with kit parts and you will find you buy one part and then have to modify others to make it fit because of street equipment.  Not saying that is the case here, just something to keep in mind.

The asking price is 1,495 GBP ($2,402) and you can snap them up here.