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Honda posted by

Got an Extra $100K? Start Your Honda RC Collection Today!


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Update 5.21.2012: I doubt any actual buyers interested in either a RC30 and/or RC45 are not aware of this listing by now, but just in case, the buy-it-now has been dropped again to $70k. -dc

Update 4.6.2012: With just under a day to go, I noticed the buy-it-now has been updated to $75k. Most comments indicated $60k would be in the ballpark. Maybe there’s a deal in the middle. -dc

Location: Miami, Florida

Mileage: 6,975 (RC30) and 6,842 (RC45)

Price: Auction, $100,000 BIN. Yes, that’s one hundred thousand.

So here’s a chance to have an instant Honda RC collection for your very own. Two of the greatest sportbikes ever made. Ever. You can debate sportbike greatness all day (I, for one, am happy to) and you can even debate which of these two is better than the other (also happy to participate). But you can’t really debate the significance of both of these bikes. Track ready? Check. Uber rare? Check. Superior build quality? Check. Two of the most significant sportbikes in sportbike history? Check and check.

The seller’s minimal description-

Up for sale r my 2 babies! i have a 1990 RC30 #5 OF #300 made…6975 miles AN A 1994 RC45 #20 OF #50 made….6842 miles,bikes r AMERICAN SPEC!!!! these R NOT EURO MODELS!!!!!







And a few photos, although the seller apparently will provide more-

The seller describes the bikes as flawless and if you’re considering something like this, then I would assume you know both of these bikes inside and out. And while the seller will provide more photos, I know I wouldn’t make a deal like this without flying to Miami to look at both of these personally. If you just happen to have come across the kind of cash to purchase a pair of bikes like this and don’t know the Honda RC line well, then do your homework. This is kind of like looking at the Ferrari Daytona and Lamborghini Miura of the bike world. Due diligence will be important.

But if it all works out, then you just have to find $100 grand. That’s a lot of money and I’m sure it will garner reaction from all of the RSBFS followers. I welcome the debate. The rare sportbike market is ever evolving in my eyes and I think these values will continue to climb. These are clearly collector bikes and what they’re worth today is really up to how much someone will pay. I don’t know how much that is, so we will see.

What I do know is we have two beautiful bikes here that I would love to own. But that’s not in the cards. If you have the funds, take the first step and give this auction a look!



  • Wow 100 g’s for two throphy bikes you’ll never ride or rarely ride.

  • Wow!! This guy must be getting the good smoke in Florida!
    I’d say 60k for the pair is a bit nearer the mark.

  • a tad overpriced….
    Shop wisely and should be able to pick up 3 good examples of either of these models for 100k.

    Seriously, 100K auction and seller has to resort to all capitals and abbreviations – thats an instant pass for me.

  • Seems a little steep in todays economy…actually a lot steep! You might get 50-75K if they had 0 miles each…but used…unless you HAVE to have them…Heck you can buy Ex-Factory race bikes for less than that!!! I think Kenny Roberts TZ750 Flattracker (yea-the one that WON the Indy Mile in 1975) would be cheaper and worth more…

    GOOD LUCK!!..without dreams you have nightmares…. so keep dreamin 🙂

  • There is a Pascal Picotte Buell on here for 6Grand!! I’ll buy that …have some fun and save my $94,000 for 5 dollar a gallon gas!!! LOL…Absurd!!

  • Stupid money, of course. Also, there were a lot more than 300 RC30s made, only 300 were sent to the US in 1990. Same with the RC45, though only 50 were officially sent to the US. He’s looking for the person who has way more money than sense.

    Nice bikes.


  • I know a local collector who tried to buy one of these bikes from this seller a few years ago. The seller is a certified total tool who just pulled the $100,000 number out of his ass recently out of greed.

  • A few questions about the RC30 come to mind. How come it has black turn signals in one picture, and in the other it has white ones and euro “Force V4” stickers? Why is it shown with an aftermarket red Two Brothers rear wheel stand when every RC30 came with a Honda black stand in the crate? Why a black tank breather hose in one picture (correct), and a red one in the other? Two different bikes? What else isn’t showing or being told? Why are the pictures so lousy and the written description so poor for world record high asking prices?

  • Correction on a minor detail: meant to say red hose is original, clear is not. Also, why is the seller so aggressive about insisting that buyers not waste his time, when this “auction” is exactly that?

  • RC30 – front nose fairing HONDA label is red in one pic, not red in the other.

    RC45 – rear side reflectors and indicators in one pic, none in the other.
    2 part seat cushion on pic, single in the other.

    Too many red flags for me.

  • he is simply not ready to sell.

  • Oh, he’s ready to sell. You’re simply not ready to buy.

  • RC45 #20 was my bike.

    I sold it at 6800 miles in 2004. What a bloody shame nobody has enjoyed riding it since.

    I put those 6800 miles on through the East Texas back roads and a couple track days.

    $100G. Interesting, but I cannot think of a single person of means that would drop $100G on the pair of RC’s.

    They are great bikes, but not going to bring much return on the $100G and certainly not $100G worth of enjoyment.

    Here is RC45 #20 being enjoyed.


  • This guy is a real dick..”pieces of art”..”don’t waste my time”…hey buddy, you can keep your “babies”

  • Let’s just say Rodrigo has proven in the past to be “ethically challenged”, and anybody who inspects these bikes should look closely underneath the fairings for surprises and disappointments.

  • Well, when #20 left Texas it was perfect and running very strong. Included stand, tools, manuals, spare bolts/reflectors, spare mudguard and turn signals as well as stock muffler and still had the Honda barcode sticker on the rear mudguard.

    Now I can’t speak for the last 4 owners that have had it in their possession, but I should imagine being transported back and forth across the country has probably began to take its toll on fairings and paint.

    It was ready to be ridden and loved, not parked and left to rot when I shipped it out.

    Riding bikes keeps them alive, not parking them.

  • “Ethically Challenged” I love that! Good one!

  • I think he really doesn’t want to sell; just showing off!

  • more photos posted by seller on ebay auction.
    Still not enough to convince me to part with $100K

  • Asking 100k or best offer.
    What are they really worth?

  • hes nuts, a good RC30 with those miles pull 30k at best , its not a zero mile bike, in fact #4 recently only pulled 28k, and I think we all know 50 units or not the 45 dosenot have the same fan base, just out of respect for Dan and his website the listing should be removed and just place an add in Dubai

  • Wonder if this is the same dick that tried to get a hundred grand for the two MHR Ducs… Arrogance pomposity etc similar… Rod the dick must be a reader, who else would give the thumbs down on these comments?

  • if theres a reader in his neck of the woods, go and check em out. then we can all share a few laughs

  • […] correct: This seller originally tried to sell off a RC30 and a RC45 together in a single auction (see that post here). The original bundled price started out at $99,999, then dropped down in steps to $69,999. But […]

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