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Yamaha October 20, 2013 posted by

Even Kenny would approve: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

Previously sold at $10k, this one is back due to a non-paying bidder. Bid to win! Links updated. -dc


Always a fan favorite, a clean RZ usually sells itself. Interest is always high and prices are definitely on the rise. This is a classic machine, a legal two stroke in the US, and continues to be a unique ride despite its age. This bike shows only 534 miles on the odometer, some rash from use over the years, and is looking for a new home.

1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition with 534 ORIGINAL miles !!!!

Look at the pictures closely and you will notice on the Fender, Tank, and Upper Front Fairing there are very minor blemishes other than that this thing is a crème puff head turner, Even Kenny would approve.

Ok boys here’s the deal…it was kept garaged all of its life and starts on Second Kick Cold. Ridden occasionally to keep fluids fresh. Brakes are a little sticky but nothing that cant be remedied by a little service, no leaks. Engine looks really good. Aftermarket Exhaust by AllSpeed Hyperformance I do not have the originals.

Check the pictures they speak for themselves for a 29 year old collectors bike.


This looks to be a pretty honest bike. It has some blems (some considerably more than minor) but overall is what you would expect from a 30 year old used bike. So what’s the catch? How about an opening bid of $9,999?! We see perfect (or nearly so) RZs top this amount, but this auction is starting out on the high side – and is likely scaring bidders off. Is this a fishing expedition on the part of the seller? Possibly. Check it out here and let us know what you think. Good Luck!


Even Kenny would approve: 1984 Yamaha RZ350
Yamaha September 2, 2013 posted by

Legalized Smoking: 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition in Utah


1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

One of the more common – yet popular – bikes we post on this site is the Yamaha RZ350. Known as the last of the legal two strokes available in the USA – including in the smog-choked Repulic of California – the RZ has a rabid following. It is becoming a serious collector bike as well, and we are watching prices rise on moderately-used machinery, and sky-rocket on pristine and museum bikes.


From the seller:
This RZ350 is the Kenny Roberts Edition with the yellow, black and white paint. The US banned two stroke street bikes after 1984 so this is one of the last legally imported two stroke bikes sold in the US. The bike is a great everyday rider. I had the top and bottom end rebuilt about 1500 miles ago so it runs great and is fast! New crank, and pistons. It has very nice dent-free aftermarket pipes, a fork stabilizer, and is ready to rip.


There are some nice bits on this bike (Telefix fork brake, aftermarket expansion chambers), and some not so good bits (a fair bit of rust and remnants of Father Time). Still, it looks to be a workable example that is deserving of some love. This bike is being offered with a reasonable opening ask of $3,495 and a BIN of $4,600 for those who need their instant gratification right now. Click the link to check out all of the details on this legal little smoker. Good Luck!


Legalized Smoking: 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition in Utah
Yamaha August 13, 2013 posted by

In Time for Barber: 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts

1984 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale

While not as spotless as the RZ350 we posted the other day, this is a a great looking example that has a bit of patina. The seller also notes that delivery to the Barber vintage festival can be arranged, which would be a great way to enjoy an already epic weekend!


1984 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale on eBay


from the seller:

Selling a fabulous 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts motorcycle. Many rebuilt and brand new parts on bike. These include:

– Rebuilt: crank shaft, front forks, front and back brake caliber, master cylinder

– Brand new: pistons, handle bars, grips, front and rear tire, chain, and battery

The RZ350 is missing a right side steering nick cover and the air box has been replaced with independent air filters. The cylinders have been bored and the bike has had a complete new tune up. The bike has some nicks and scratches as can be seen in the photographs.This 1984 Yamaha RZ350 looks great and runs perfect! Low cost shipping is available between Ohio and Leeds, Alabama for the Barber Vintage Festival October 11-13, 2013.


In Time for Barber:  1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts
Yamaha June 14, 2013 posted by

LA Smog: 1985 Yamaha RZ350

When it comes to street legal two strokes in California, your modern day choices are pretty much limited to a 49cc scooter, or this bike: a Yamaha RZ350. The last of the factory two strokes imported into the US, the RZ was even legal in EPA happy California thanks to stock mufflers that contained catalytic converters.


Worldwide, the RZ is better known as the RD350LC – and in reality the model is not that rare. In the US, however, these were special bikes that had a very limited run. Offered in two colors – the Kenny Roberts replica yellow/black that you see here as well as a white/red combo – these continue to be highly sought after by our readers.


From the seller:
1985 Yamaha RZ350 “Kenny Roberts Special” in the very desirable yellow and black livery, 23,600 miles, with aftermarket exhaust made by “Factory Exhaust Products”, aftermarket steering damper made by “NHK”.

The engine starts right away and sounds very healthy, the acceleration is superb and the entire drivetrain feels the way it should do. This RZ350 runs extremely well, has no leaks, does not overheat or make any strange noises.

The transmission shifts like clockwork through all the gears.

There are a few paint chips on the left side of the tank and another one on the rear right corner of the tank (Note: paint chips, NOT dents).

This bike is part of a large auto/motorcycle collection and has been kept in a climate controlled garage all the time, reason for selling is to make room for other projects.

It has spent all it’s life in southern California and will be sold with the original CA. blue plate.


RZs are interesting bikes. We tend to see them in waves – there will be a ton for sale at once, and then we will see very few for a spell. This particular one looks to be in good shape. It has more miles than many that come our way (nearly 24,000 on the clock), so the condition of the top end may be of concern. Fortunately parts and rebuild kits are readily available for this motor, as it is a mainstay of the Yamaha two-stroke lineup.


This auction is on right now, and it is an interesting one indeed. Bidding has been moderate, with the current bid up to only $3,650 with reserve still in place. The BIN is a very reasonable $5k. If you are in California and want a two stroke, this is a legal, available option. Click the link to check out all of the pictures and details. Good luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 23, 2013 posted by

You like fun? ’85 RZ350 “King” Kenny Roberts Model

Location: Lowell, MA    Mileage: 19,400   Price: Auction

85 RZ350

85 RZ350

The Yamaha Kenny Roberts RZ350 is a special bike for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a U.S. imported two stroke street bike. Awesome. Two, it honors Kenny Roberts, one of the greatest American motorcycle racers of all time. So it has a lot going for it. And because of those two unique reasons, it’s also a rare and collectible bike. It only came to the States for two years, so there aren’t many still around.

Here’s the seller’s info-

I am selling my White and Red 1985 Yamaha RZ 350 RZ350N YPVS Kenny Roberts edition. The bike starts first kick, runs great and everything works. The bike has 19,400 miles on it. This is a cool bike; it is an oil injected 2 stroke two cylinder 350. This bike was only sold in the U.S. for 2 years, 1985 being the last year. I bought this bike from the second owner who was a collector and owned it for many years. He did not use it much.  

This bike is perfect for the 2-stroke enthusiast or someone looking for an everyday rider RZ. The bike has been modified with some cool goodies. Please read the entire ad before bidding.

ENGINE: The motor is in great shape and runs good. 140PSI of compression in each cylinder. The carburetors were just ultrasonically cleaned. The bike looks to have all of the stock jets in the carbs so it could probably use a tune to get the most out of it. I just changed the oil, sparkplugs and cleaned the K&N air filter with Y-boot. The battery is good and is kept on a battery tender when not in use. The bike has a Toomey racing exhaust system on it and it sounds amazing.  This bike really goes well and is a blast to ride.  

The oil injection is still hooked up so no premixing needed. The air actuated fuel petcock drips over time (like they all do) I have not replaced it but there is an added in-line on / off fuel switch to keep everything in order. Just have to remember to shut the gas off when not in use. The petcock would probably be fine with a rebuild. 

BODY:  The bike is in great shape and the paint is original. This bike is a rider. There are some scratches and a few dings in the fuel tank. The inside of the gas tank looks clean.  I pointed out defects in the pictures. The seat is in great shape. One small crack in the lower belly pan. Again it is not a museum piece but is still a very respectable rider. (Please examine all pictures).

CHASSIS:  The tires were replaced recently. The brakes and the suspension are all in good working order.

 The bike comes with a Hayes service manual and a few service receipts from the previous owner. I am also including a Classic Motorcycle Mechanic’s magazine with a great article on the RZ/Rd 350; these were called RD350LC’s in Europe. The Bike also comes with a tool kit.  

V.I.N JYA48H004FA012580

I think I have gone through everything. Don’t miss out. Examine all pictures and ask any questions before bidding. I am an enthusiast with a great appreciation for the classics. If you are reading this I am sure that you are familiar with these old bikes. I have an RD 400 and there is no comparison.

The bike is sold with a NH registration (in my name) and bill of sale. New Hampshire does not issue titles for anything over 15 years old (non-title state). You will be able to obtain a title in any state with no problems.

 The bike is SOLD AS IS no warranty.

If you have negative or zero feedback you must email me before bidding or your bid will be cancelled. I have been burnt by new ebayers too many times in the past. Email me to show you are serious.

This Bike must be picked up from Lowell MA 01852. I would like it picked up within 2 weeks. I have no problems with meeting a shipper but the buyer must set that up. NO PAYPAL accepted. If shipping the bike you can send a check and the bike can be picked up after payment has cleared. Or payment can be made in cash upon pickup. 

And photos-

This bike isn’t some low mileage, collector machine. But that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. It has some cosmetic issues but the seller describes it as a bike that has been maintained and runs well. Collecting bikes like this may be fun, but I bet riding them is even better. This looks like a good candidate for something to ride but that I suspect will also maintain its value.

Here’s an opportunity to own an RZ350 and hopefully not break the bank. If you need to know more or are ready to pull the trigger, check this auction out!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 16, 2013 posted by

New ’06 Yamaha YZF-R1 LE 50th Anniversary (#380/500)

Location: Laguna Niguel, California   Mileage: 0/1   Price: Auction- $18,500 BIN

06 R1 LE

06 R1 LE

The custom Kenny Roberts paint that Yamaha released on this fine R1 and the R6 are killer paint jobs. I love them. There’s a guy who runs all over my town on one constantly and I always love the way the bike looks. What we have here though is something a little more special than just paint. Yamaha built 500 Limited Edition R1’s in ’06 and this is number 380. And these bikes came with an Ohlins suspension, Marchesini rims and a slipper clutch, to name some upgrades, making it extra special.

Here’s the seller’s description-

You are bidding on a VERY RARE

    2006 Yamaha YZF LE R1

     Limited Edition

1 of Only 500 for


 This one is number 380.

This bike should not be confused with the look alike bikes offered at your Yamaha dealer.

     This bike is one of the 500 genuine motorcycles.

                   These are the 50th Anniversary Edition for Yamaha bikes.

They made only 500 numbered bikes for the WORLD with less than 1/2 in the USA, Very Rare.

Yamaha also makes a look alike bike with the yellow and black paint but NOT the factory racing parts listed below,

 and NOT numbered–this is NOT the look alike bike.





     True Ohlins Suspension units Front & Rear, custom developed by the same people who work on

     Yamaha’s MotoGP Racing mo6torcycle (World Champion Valentino Rossi’s, with 8 Grand Prix

     Championships to his name) to provide you with the ULTIMATE in handling.

     Low weight Marchesini forged alloy wheels that are nearly 1 pound lighter than a regular R1.

                                   A 5 valve per cylinder,

                                         12,500 RPM,

                                        183 Horsepower,

                                 Dual Overhead Highlift Cams,

                                 Revised intake with Ram-Air,

                                  Dual Valve Fuel Injection,

                       32-bit ECU (for instantaneous power delivery),

                                  998cc (1 Liter) 4 cylinder

                                     Lightweight Engine.

6 Speed transmission with Slipper clutch, for smoother, safer and faster downshifts,

 20mm longer swingarm, more rigid lower triple clamp, and more rigid frame makes this the BEST handling R1 ever.

                                       Gold drive chain.

                                          Lap timer.

                       Radial mount calipers and BREMBO radial pump

                       Front master cylinder with adjustable lever.

                        Amazing braking power and controlability.

                            Sticky and wide Pirelli tires.

  These are most of the differences between a regular R1 and this Real, numbered, limited edition (LE) R1.


                                    0.1 Miles,

                                    ZERO MILES.

                                   NEVER RIDDEN

    This motorcycle has been parked with a cover in a heated classic car garage with two other

    motocycles and two classic cars.


 This motorcycle has 0 miles and has never been ridden

  The pearl flake paint glitters widly in the sun that you just have to see in real life to believe.

              All original paperwork, brochures


              Rare Yamaha Limited tool kit included.

And pics-

So these are limited run bikes, have a cool set of upgrades, and this one has 0/1 miles. So what’s not to like? Clearly this would be a great collector piece and breaking it out to put mileage on it now might seem like a bad idea to some. But it was also built to be ridden, so if that’s what you choose to do, hat’s off to you. How you enjoy this beauty would be entirely up to you.

if you’ve been looking for one, here’s your chance. To make your move, check the auction!


Yamaha January 8, 2013 posted by

Good to be King: 1984 Yamaha RZ350


Located in Tennessee is this RZ350 survivor in bumble bee livery. Sporting 9,100 miles and some aftermarket pipes (SPEC II perhaps?), this would make for a rockin’ ride for the New Year. Check out some of the classic smokers in the background; looks like our seller is a real two stroke fan!


RZ350s are very popular with our readers. Known as the last officially imported factory two stroke in the US, the RZs paid homage to the RD 250/350/400 lineage that came before it, as well as celebrated the racing success enjoyed with both “King” Kenny Roberts and “Steady” Eddie Lawson.


From the seller:
If your looking at this bike, you probably already know what it is. For a 350 it is one fast bike and a limited production bike. Blast to drive. This is a very very clean bike. It is a turn key and go bike. Also have the owner manual.

PS there are several scratches on the bike is thirty years old -Also have a decal set .


These bikes are not only popular on RSBFS, they are popular on eBay as well. Several bidders have already jumped into the action, and the current price is $2,425 with reserve still in place. As always, the reserve number will be the key to this one selling, but by all accounts interest is there. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Yamaha November 28, 2012 posted by

1983 Yamaha RZ 350 in California

For Sale: 1983 Yamaha RZ 350

Golden State residents rejoice! Here is a legal smoker available to you with no hassles from The Man, no fake paperwork and no frame swapped VIN numbers necessary. The Yamaha RZ350 was the last meaningful two stroke brought into the U.S. by a major manufacturer and registered as a street bike in all 50 states.

Powered by a 350cc parallel twin, the RZ was initially launched in bumble bee yellow/black colors with King Kenny Roberts signature on the fairing. This red/white model was also available – and by 1984 it also gained Kenny’s signature on the plastics.

From the seller:
Excellent Condition, All Stock, Runs Great, Title is Clear, Registered in California, Pics upon request Buyer to take care of all transportation. Cash only

There is not a lot to go on from what the seller has written, and there are only a few pictures availble. The bike is listed as an ’83, but the US only saw these as ’84 and ’85 models. Technically speaking, the bike is not all stock, as this one has expansion chambers in place of the stock, catalytic converter-equipped pipes (which reportedly weighed a ton). This is not a bad mod to make on these bikes, but it IS a modification. Beware if you are looking for an all original, perfectly stock example. Additionally – and maybe it is just me – but the livery on the fairing appears to be from one of the later model years.

Bidding is going on right now, with the opening ask set at $3,199 (with reserve in place), The BIN is set at $4,399, which is not out of line for a nice RZ, depending upon mods and condition. With only 11k miles on the clock, this could work out to be a good deal. For all the info and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. If anyone checks it out in person, please share your observation in the comments. Good Luck!