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Cafe Racer February 10, 2011 posted by

1978 Moto Guzzi 850 Lemans

For Sale: 1978 Moto Guzzi 850 Lemans

Funny how times change. When this bike was released in 1978, it was considered a heavyweight, large displacement, fast sportbike; a race replica. Fast forward some 30+ years, and what we have here is an interesting vestige of European thinking. In fact, this bike has been around long enough to where the Cafe Racer craze has come back to being cool!

The great thing about the Cafe Racer craze making a comeback is that this bike IS very cool. With the distinctive Guzzi v-twin look, decent power from 850cc, a decidedly sporty riding position and great paint, this bike really looks the business. It is no wonder that the value of these bikes are rising at auctions everywhere.

From the seller:
For sale is my 78′ 850 Lemans. I bought it off the 2nd owner in Glendale California. He owned it since 81 and purchased it from the original owner, also in Glendale. It was purchased at Pro Italia in Glendale and serviced there for 31 years. I’ve owned it since November of 09 and had it serviced by my friends at Moto Guzzi Classics in Long Beach. I have to get rid of a couple of my toys to buy an Alfa Romeo. I did the following on 10.9.09 with 32,101 miles; – Changed engine oil and filter
– Changed gear box oil
– Rear drive service including oil
– New plugs and valve adjustment
– New brake pads
– New fork seals, dampers and fork oil
– New Conti Go tires

I also changed the oil on 8.3.10 at 34,005 miles and added a new Odyssey dry cell battery. This bike runs and brakes like it should – Sean at MG Classics said I found a strong runner. This bike has no mechanical issues that I am aware of. Cosmetically, it looks great as you can see by the photos but; please do not bid on this bike if you are expecting a show bike/concours bike. This bike looks amazing from 10ft, excellent from 5ft but upon very close inspection, it shows scratches and wear on the frame. It also has some but not all fasteners (now 33 years old) that show light rust or corrosion. The header pipe clamps have light rust too. The four areas of the bike that could be cleaned up a bit; 1. Front fender has light surface scratches (a bone headed move on my part, losing my grip on a wooden box from above and it grazed the fender), please see photo. 2. Some light paint missing from battery acid leak (right side of frame when the frame tubes form a “Y”near swing arm pivot). 3. Horn button missing (but horn works). 4. Scratches on exhaust on left under side pipe near center stand (from my boot buckle). The red paint still looks incredible, especially the tank, side panels, fenders. The fairing looks good but some of the day glo orange has sun fading. Original seat included and in amazing shape. Replacement Stucchi seat looks and feels even better. 3 out of 4 turn signals and manuals included. Marzzochi shocks original manual actually shows how to rebuild them – cool. To my knowledge, this bike hasn’t been restored. It really looks amazing.

While the seller clearly states that this is not a new bike, the pictures speak for themselves. This is undoubtedly a clean and well-cared for example of a rare species. Similar LeMans models that have recently been posted on RSBFS all sold north of the $8k mark. This bike is currently in the $5k range (with reserve not met), but should certainly go up above previous bikes. Should this bike fail to ignite a bidding war, you might find yourself with a well-priced, well-loved LeMans. The only way to find out is to click the link and . Good Luck!


Ducati February 9, 2011 posted by

Get ready for summer – 1998 Ducati 900SS FE #212

1998 Ducati 900SS FE #212 with 5820 miles!

i bought this Ducati from a ducati nut in cambridge, MA in 2003.  I have kept the bike in my heated garage and it is in unbelievable original unmolested condition.  It has fancy carbon ferraci exhausts(the originals are included also).  Also included is a new right side fairing that i never put on(the bike fell over and put a scratch in the fairing…you can hardly see the scratch so i never put the spare on…the prev owner literally bought a new fairing from the dealer since he wanted his bike perfect)

It’s been a long, hard winter and I bet most of you are looking forward to riding again in some warm weather.  Well, what better way to kick start the new riding season with one of these older, classier Ducatis?  Sure, it’s a bit down on power @ 84 hp from the air-cooled 2V engine, but the way it delivers the power makes it a real fun ride – none of that silly traction control or power modes required!  You can crank it over and crack open the throttle without having to worry too much about it throwing you off.  And the 900SS FE’s are only made in limited numbers as well (this one being #212 of 300), so that makes them just a bit more special as well.

And maybe it’s just me, but I find the older Ducs more pleasing to look at.  The Tamburini designed 916 was iconic; Terblanche’s 999/749, while controversial, is starting to grow on me (the 2004 749R previously listed on RSBFS helped); but the 1098/1198, even though an excellent performing bike, seems to lack some of that unique Ducati-ism of old – if I saw it in my mirrors, I could’ve easily mistaken it for an R1 or CBR or ZXR or some GSXRCBZX thingee. And don’t even get me started on the Diavel monstrosity…

So, if you’re an old fogie like me looking to re-capture some of that Ducati charm of old, . Just for reference, here are the 900SS FEs that we have listed in the past, and here’s my own 900SS FE (#299) up for sale.


Cafe Racer February 9, 2011 posted by

1980 Moto Guzzi SP 1000

For Sale: 1980 Moto Guzzi SP 1000

Guzzi fans rejoice! It would appear that followers of the M/G brand are finally getting their due. People are coming around to the style, grace, and just plain “coolness” of the Moto Guzzi lineup. Collectors are driving prices higher, which makes bikes like this – a 1980 SP 1000 – more desireable and harder to find.

The SP 1000 model was intended to be the more “sport touring” variant of the Guzzi lineup. Think of it as the older brother to the upstart LeMans models. Under the covers, the two are very similar, and some riders really prefer the comfort and protection offered by the SP fairing.

From the seller:
I am selling my nice used 1980 Moto Guzzi SP with original powder blue paint, 35K miles, runs and rides excellent. It has Current California registration with insurance and title in my name. This is a nice reliable running street bike, and fun as hell to ride. I can add a one year unlimited miles warranty on the drive train for an extra fee. Brakes & clutches work excellent, new tires, all electrical works along with the Speedo and Tach. We just replaced the light switch with a new one, and did a full tune up. It has Electronic Ignition, and we set that up to work perfect with the proper advance rate. Great bike to convert into a Cafe Racer, since the motor is basically set up as a LMII. It hauls Ass!

The Bad:
Left front turn signal needs to be replaced, the original seat cover is splitting. Crack in lower fairing under right side sylinder, Needs fairing Mirrors, Front fender has badly faded paint. We can of course fix these things if a deal is worked out on doing the work.

While the LeMans models tend to be more desireable from a collector standpoint, the SP variants are well known for devouring mile after mile of ambling pavement. This particular bike is not perfect – which the seller clearly states – but appears to be a sound foundation for what will certainly be a long term investment.

This auction is live right now. The current bid is in the $1,500 range and there has been a number of interested parties. The reserve has not yet been met, but I would expect a reasonable reserve given the condition of the bike. For more info and to get in on the bidding, click the link to . Good Luck!


Ducati February 8, 2011 posted by

TWO Rare ’86 Ducatis: 750F1 and Montjuich

For Sale: 1986 Ducati 750F1 and 750F1 Montjuich

The first bike in this ultra-desirable pair is a 1986 Ducati 750F1. Modeled after Ducati’s successful TT1 and TT2 racers, the F1 was a surprisingly compact package; riders accustomed to larger-sized 750 machines from competing vendors found the bike to be quite small. Times were tough for Ducati in the mid-80s, and limited numbers of these limited edition bikes were sold.

The narrow arrangement of the Ducati v-twin afforded a very cozy cockpit, and the wrap around bodywork ensured that full aerodynamic benefit could be realized.

From the seller:
86′ 750F1 – 2,851 Kilometers – Vin # ZPM3AA3L3GB751925

I have owned this motorcycle since 2004 and was purchased from its original owner. It is a perfect original example that is registered in my name. Needed will be a tuning, new tires and adjustment or replacement of the steering head bearings, something known to fail from lack of use. The photos speak for themselves and there is no surprises about this motorcycle.

The current auction is for both bikes, but you can jump over now by .

The second bike in this auction is perhaps one of the most collectible Ducatis of the modern (rubber band) era: 1986 750F1 Montjuich

Based as an exclusive offering and built off of the 750F1 foundation, the Montjuich was designed to be the ultimate 750F1. Changes to the standard 750F1 included updated cylinder heads with bigger valves, higher compression pistons, larger 40mm Dellorto carbs, and a free flowing exhaust system. The transmission was fitted with a lighter clutch assembly and straight cut gears. the tank was aluminum, as were the wheels (complete with magnesium alloy spokes). With only 200 copies created worldwide, these bikes are in very short supply.

The Montjuich is named after a street track which was located in Barcelona, Spain. This was a venue where Ducati enjoyed many victories. Note the aerodynamic additions to this bike, including the bubble windscreen to encourage top-speed running.

From the seller:
86′ MONTJUICH – 2,274 Kilometers – ZDM3EA3ROGB0001xx

Cycle World Magazine, August 1986 said (10) of the (200) Montjuich’s would come to the USA. The Montjuich is the rarest and most collectible Ducati made since the Green frame 1974 750 Super Sport.

Originally sold from Ghost Motorcycles this motorcycle has always been in the Northeast. Two years ago this motorcycle was bought from a collection in Long Island who’s owner had passed away. Last registered in 1998 this motorcycle has been off the road to my knowledge since and during my ownership has not been started. There is oxidation on some of the metal of this bike and a full detailing and some metal refinishing will be needed to bring this motorcycle to show detail (see photos). Expect to replace the tires and provide full servicing. The paint on the fairings, tank and seat are excellent for a 25 year old motorcycle.

Having the opportunity to purchase either one of these bikes would qualify as a RARE event, but to be able to snag BOTH of them in a single auction must certainly be a first. Here are two very well preserved bikes of the same year and lineage, both of them very collectible. The BIN on these beauties is not cheap, but neither of these bikes will ever be what you would call an “economy model” motorcycle.

For more details – or to add to your collection – please .


Sport Bikes For Sale January 25, 2011 posted by

Living on the Edge: 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000S

For Sale: 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000S

For all of you RSBFS fans who think that the staff spends a little too much time and attention on ’90s bikes and newer, here is a GREAT classic from the 1980s. When the Katana was released, it up-ended what everyone thought a sportbike should look like and put Suzuki on the forefront of style and design. Powered by an updated version of the GS 1-liter mill, this two-valve, air-cooled motor was as strong as anything offered in the day.

This particular Katana – a 1982 model – is in about the best condition I have seen for one of these bikes. Far too many Katanas were hot-rodded, used up, and then discarded. Finding something in this shape is really quite rare.

From the seller:
This beautiful motorcycle was used in shows. It has upgraded adjustable rear shocks & front fork brace to improve handling.

Bike is garage kept and covered and has never fallen over. Original seat, windscreen and exhaust were taken off 20 years ago to preserve condition.

Front turn signals were relocated European style, to prevent people from passing too close and breaking them off during a show; can be put back to original position if so requested at completion of sale.

Chain was replaced due to lack of use. New chain is “O” ring type.

Engine is free of oil leaks from top to bottom. Gas tank has no rust inside. All controls electrical & mechanical work.

New Battery and tires.

So where should this auction be in terms of price? Well, if we look at the meager pickings of similar auctions recently (RSBFS posted this Katana HERE, another one HERE, and another ’82 model was auctioned off at the Mid America Auctions event in Las Vegas a few weeks ago), ratted out “survivors” cross the block in the $4k – $5k range. This bike is far from ratted out, however, and should easily bring more than that.

This auction is going on right now, and the entry price is still quite low at $5,000. Get in while you can, as this one will go quickly and is sure to appreciate over time! Click here to .


Sport Bikes For Sale January 8, 2011 posted by

King of the 1980s: 1983 SUZUKI KATANA 1100

For Sale: 1983 SUZUKI KATANA 1100

As far as mass-produced sportbikes go, this is the Bigfoot of the motorcycle world. Rarely seen, and often only in grainy pictures, the Katana 1100 rocked the press and public with wild styling and power to match. Designed by the legendary Hans Muth and powered by a bored-out version of the air-cooled, 2 valve GS mill, this bike was a real head turner. Unfortunately, our seller has provided only marginal pictures of this mighty beast.

From the seller:



There is so little information in the ad or the pictures, one would be forgiven to ignore this bike. Still, it is a true icon of the power era of the 1980s, where style and originality was as important as performance. And just so you can see what a Katana REALLY looks like, here is a stock photo of an original bike.

So what is this motorcycle equivalent of Sasquatch worth? This is a hard call. In prime condition, these bikes will pull in upwards of $8k+. But that is for museum quality hardware, which this bike is not (you can see that despite the poor photography). However it still is a Katana, and still remains a desirable motorcycle as evidenced by the high number of bids thus far. Perhaps Step #1 would be to contact the seller for more pictures.

Bidding is currently in the $2k range, which is a bargain for this collectable. For contact info on the seller and to see all the details,


Ducati January 7, 2011 posted by

Smart Money: 2006 Ducati Sport Classic Paul Smart LE

For Sale: 2006 Ducati Sport Classic Paul Smart Limited Edition

In 1972 Paul Smart rode a Ducati 750SS into the history books by winning the Imola 200. He is credited for putting Ducati on the map, and ushering in the modern era of Ducati dominance on the racetrack. This bike, the Ducati Sport Classic Paul Smart edition, was designed to commemorate that Daytona win and celebrate the accomplishments of such a gifted rider.

From the seller:
This NO RESERVE bike is the Paul Smart 1000 LE, Limited edition of 2000 in the world with only 500 imported to the United States. This is the commemorative bike designed after the 1972 Super Sport that the man, Paul Smart rode to victory in the Imola 200. I am a former racer and I tried to create a bike that was as close to what I thought a Grand Prix bike would look like if it were transported to this modern age. I have put on the factory Termignoni exhaust and chip at the dealership. On that note, the original exhaust was thrown out but that is the only part missing from this beauty. I have all the original parts that I removed to make the bike look like what you see here. Now for what I have added:

Ducati Bubble Screen
Ducati Classic Fairing #16
MPL slave cylinder
Carbon fiber rear hugger
Fender Eliminator kit
Back off rear tail light modification for safety
Speedy Moto open clutch cover
Mad Duc pressure plate and upgraded springs
Factory Ducati Carbon clutch plates
Ducati Tank Cover (no bag, stolen)
Ducati custom bike cover

All extra stickers that I applied are easily removable. I did not clear coat them. I have changed the oil 3 times since new. The bike only has 1530 miles. I put 80 miles on it since the photo. I will include all of the original parts excluding the missing original exhaust of course. I absolutely love this bike but I had knee surgery and this aggressive riding position is not suitable for my knee. I also don’t have time to ride with 2 kids and their sports and other activities.

One cool side note, this model is in the new Tron movie as the father’s bike (Flynn, i.e.; Jeff Bridges) in the beginning of the movie. His son ride the 1000 GT later in the movie.

The bike is flawless and has never seen rain or been dropped. Always garaged and covered. I have all manuals and extra keys.

I hate to see this bike go. It is such a beautiful ride and looks absolutely perfect. The winner is going to have an amazing piece of Ducati history and machinery.

So is this really “smart” money? Given that the Paul Smart edition is really just a Ducati Sport Classic with some asthetics added, there is no real performance gain for going along the limited edition route. The additions made by the seller are indeed tasty and correct for these air-cooled Ducatis, but likely detract from the collector value of this otherwise exclusive machine. On the plus side, the bike has less than 2,000 miles and was obviously not ridden much – despite the performance mods.

The auction is active now, with the opening bid starting at $15,000. This seems a bit high to me given the non-standard appearance, but with a no-reserve auction the seller obviously wants to protect his investment. to view the auction and see all of the details for yourself.


Ducati January 5, 2011 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS/SP

For Sale: 1993 Ducati 900 SS/SP

The SP (Sport Production) variant of the 900SS offering was the upper crust of the Ducati SuperSport lineup. Consisting of the same base chassis and mechanicals of its lower echelon CR (Cafe Racer) brother, the SP included such bits as carbon fiber fenders, upgraded (and adjustable) front forks, and an upgraded rear shock activated by a linkage (the CR rear shock is direct action). The result was a much more polished SuperSport – at a much higher price.

From the seller:
17254 miles, perfect, tasteful, practical upgrades.
Yoyodyne slave, braided lines, Racetech kitted suspension front and rear, Corbin seat, new tires, all services including valves and belts done 500 miles ago.

Flatslides and DandD pipes, Dyno’d and jetted correctly.

Needs nothing, will assist w shipping.

$5200, paid a lot more….

This seller has done some significant upgrades to the bike. New slave cylinders are common, as is the Corbin seat. The Racetech suspension is a nice mod, and the belt and valve service will provide the new owner some 6,000 miles before the next major service. On the performance side, SuperSports were jetted notoriously lean from the factory (to help meeet US emissions standards), and the flatslide carbs will do a lot to wake up the potential the 900cc air-cooled twin has to offer.

The price is reasonable for the mods and the condition, and you can check it out here.