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Never Been Kissed: 2004 Aprilia RS250 Challenge with ZERO Miles!


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Update 3.20.2017: Back on eBay after first being on RSBFS in August 2014 for $11k. Current bid is just under $7k reserve not met. Links updated. -dc

I’ve always loved the look of the Aprilia RS 250, but I’m only a recent convert to the stink and rattle of two-strokes. Well, technically, I’m a hypothetical convert, since I’ve yet to actually ride one. For many riders, their very first experiences on two wheels involved quasi-legal antics on dirt bikes, but I’m the only gear-head in the family, and bikes were strictly verboten growing up. I’m also biased against them: after spending years in LA working late-night jobs, there’s nothing I hate more than the tinny wail of a leaf blower at 8am so I sure didn’t want my motorcycles to sound related to those hateful things.

2004 Aprilia RS250 L Rear

But while I still don’t think they make a very pretty noise, the light weight and tinny, chainsaw shriek of bikes like the RGV and Gamma have become increasingly intriguing for me. There’s something strange and exotic about them, and I’m pretty sure the RS250 would be a great place to start.

2004 Aprilia RS250 Dash

Aprilia’s little road and track bike used a modified version of Suzuki’s RGV250 motor boosted to 60hp and featured classy, generally subdued race-replica paint schemes that have aged very well. Although those 60 ponies come on in a typical two-stroke rush that keeps you dancing on the shift lever, the bike’s very light weight and amazing handling make that a joy, rather than a chore.

2004 Aprilia RS250 Gearshift

From the original eBay listing: 2004 Aprilia RS250 Challenge for Sale

Brand new, zero miles, mint condition from the factory. I bought the bike for my collection. It has been properly stored and the engine has been fogged once a year with CRC Marine engine fog. It should be noted that this bike is not street legal. It has no turn signals, brake lights, or headlight. THIS IS A RACEBIKE THROUGH AND THROUGH. It would make a great addition for a serious collector, or perfect for your local track day. This bike may be the last of the great two stroke RS250s with zero miles. The bike comes with the very detailed factory manual and the factory spring tuning kit.

2004 Aprilia RS250 L Front

This bike presents a bit of a problem. The RS250 Challenge is a tool for going fast, a full-on track-rat race bike. So what do you do with this one? Seems a shame to abuse it on the track, but what else to do with such a focused motorcycle? Display it? They’re great-looking machines, but they’re meant to be ridden, and with no title, making it street-legal is not an option without some serious DMV shenanigans. And then there’s that whole “zero miles” thing again…

For collectors, it won’t get any better than this: a hermetically-sealed time capsule limited-edition bike that actually runs. For riders? Well, we’ll probably go sniffing around elsewhere for a bike we won’t feel guilty about thrashing.


2004 Aprilia RS250 R Rear


  • Well if I had the cash and this bike ended up in my hands it had cash spent on matching new oem fairing bits for oversea’s that have the lights etc and it would be street reg’d and no longer have zero miles but I have an RGV all ready. Plus the bike is in my home state I know it is possible to get it reg’d just ask the guys with the rs125’s i’ve seen for sale lately not impossible.

  • Really not a bad price for this. I remember wanting one and the price was around 8500, which was still a lot of money for a track toy. Using an online inflation calculator it would cost 10,750 in todays dollars. Not a good investment.

  • Hi we are collectors from New Zealand and have bought a few bikes that this page has listed we are interested in this RS 250 but would like to talk to the vender first but for some reason on e bay page there is no way of e mailing seller if any one knows this guy could you please pass on my details Martin@valuecarswarehouse.co.nz ph . 0064 3 366 7768 Christchurch New Zealand


    KIND regard’ sHAUN

  • Very very beautiful bike, but not very practical. On one hand, it seems a shame to ride it, as it would become just another used track bike. On the other it would be a shame to never to ride it, although resale would plummet.
    For the money, I think a better option is to grab a used one and enjoy it and to get a nice glossy framed poster of this one and hang it in the shop. That would be practical.

  • @Tad: please clarify something for us regulars here.
    “…since I’ve yet to actually ride one.”
    Does that mean yet to actually ride an RS250 Aprilia, or yet to actually ride any two stroke motorcycle? You’re too young to have been riding when two stroke street bikes were around, but how old are you? Just want some perspective on your motorcycle experience, and where you’re coming from.

    • You’re correct: I’m a bit too young to have much experience riding two-stroke streetbikes, at least if we’re talking brand-new. And I’ve no dirtbiking background so that’s out as well. So nope: I’ve never ridden a two-stroke in any form as yet. I feel serious moto-shame about this huge gap in my education! I’ve got a couple buddies with an RZ350 and an MC28 that have indicated they’d let me try them out if I ask nicely, but I haven’t had the chance to take them up on it yet.

  • It’s an incredible steal.

  • Odd, it has the street trail and not the track tail… kill bike, I sold mine 2 years ago… too much fun on the street…. to slow for the track

  • This is a sweet RS, but I’m more concerned about my favorite moderator Tad…no two stroke experience is a shame, but as a motorcyclist, no dirt bike experience is a crime. Riding in the dirt is the best way to develop low traction bike handling skills at modest speeds. You NEED to experience a two wheel drift as you slide into a corner, followed by a full-on flat track style exit, rear wheel spinning and drifting while the front end comes up and the bars are crossed…with a huge smile on your face and a “so that’s what it must be like…” feeling running through your veins. Tad, please go get a crappy dirt bike and DO IT. I can hardly wait to read what you write about that experience!

    • most dirtbike riders first experience – https://youtu.be/dyup0a8Jdh8?t=17

    • Colin, I agree completely, and have been looking at offroading for a while now for the exact reasons you mention. I’ve got limited space and no means to transport an offroad machine [dirt or tarmac] at the moment, so I’m a bit stuck until I can sort that out. But there are very affordable schools I’ve looked at and friends with spare bikes and gear, so I’m hoping to have some dirt experience under my belt this year. Which will probably be followed by an intense desire to buy a road-legal supermoto or a KTM Duke…

    • Tad’s admission is quite shocking, and has left many RSBFS readers of his stunned and in disbelief. He has never ridden ANY two stroke motorcycle? Dirt or street? Nothing? We at least appreciate your candor and honesty, as tough as it must have been to admit here to all of us who enjoy your posts.

      Consider: he has never known how two strokes feel and stimulate all the senses in a way no four stroke ever could, has never experienced the free revving motors, has never felt the lack of vibration and the incomparable buzz when they hit the power band…never experienced the lack of engine braking, has never had a pure motocrosser come on the pipe and jump the front end in the air…never kick started any two stroke, never felt the crisp throttle response of a well jetted street twin or triple…

      When will this happen, Tad? Don’t you want to know what many of the two strokes posted here are really like? How can we help, brother?

    • Hey, if any of you guys are on the West Coast and are offering, [or are in the NY, NJ, PA area on the East Coast since my family is there] I’m happy to come ride your funky, stinky little, engine-braking-less two-strokes. For the most part, two-strokes really are “before my time” but I’m obviously kind of fascinated by them. Folks I know here in LA that ride them pretty much swear by them.

  • I love these bikes . But they are not user friendly . They like to run, not for stop and go traffic. Getting going on a steep hill at a stop sign is not the best . I own one ( street legal) so I have some experience.Have never been on the track with one ,would be fun as that’s where it’s born to go . Every year I get the bike running for summer I think of selling it but after riding it I change my mind . I live about 10 miles from this one .

    • I had a MK1 RS250 and agree, they’re not great in town. Maybe with some gearing changes, but agree the open road is where they thrive.


  • This is my RS250, the other RS250 – and while it is the most extreme version of a 2 stroke 250, it is a great example of all the ‘small bike’ issues you get to overcome and master after spending time on a 250 2 stroke.

    Tall gearing, minimal torque, keep the momentum up, exploit high corner speeds and insanely late braking.

    All skills that pay off in spades when you ride a bigger diesel 🙂


    As for this zero mile ‘Prila RS250 it really does put the buyer in a pickle – to enjoy a brand new 250 2 stroke on track or keep a zero mile museum piece?

  • Sold for $12,400. Congratulations to the new owner!

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