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Middle Child: 1986 Ducati 750 F1 for Sale

Until pretty recently, Ducati’s 750 F1 was the redheaded stepchild of the Ducati family: it wasn’t a bevel-drive and so wasn’t really considered worthy of being considered a “classic” Ducati, didn’t have the reliability [cough, cough] of the modern two-valve twin, or the performance credentials of the liquid-cooled four-valve superbikes. But values have been rising rapidly in recent years, and the F1 represents an important bridge between two eras of Ducati sportbikes.

The 750 F1 was built around their proven trellis frame and a 749cc version of the Pantah two-valve L-twin, tuned to produce 76hp and was wrapped in bodywork designed to resemble the successful TT1 racing machines. Wheels were the height of 80s fashion, with a tiny 16″ hoop up front and 18″ at the rear. This was the very last Ducati produced before Cagiva took over and it uses a pair of carburetors configured like the older bevel-drive bikes instead of the later machines that nestled both units in the engine’s vee. Not the most efficient from a packaging standpoint, with those air cleaners jutting out bodywork.

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Ducati 750 F1 for Sale

Original surviving example with 3850 original miles. Runs very well indeed. Its tight and everything works. Toolkit and owners manual included. Will need tires if ridden aggressively. An uncompromising street legal Italian thoroughbred.

Bidding is up above $10,000 with the Reserve Not Met and very little time left on the auction. These are the very last Ducatis before the modern era that was ushered in by Cagiva, and that gives them a special place in Ducati’s history, and the uptick in values reflects that. This example looks very clean and is in excellent condition, with low miles and the seller even includes a short video of the bike roaring up the street!



  • Not a great handler out of the box, it would come up if you even sniffed the brakes in a tight bend. I still like the looks though.


  • Change that rear section to a solo and you have one of the coolest bikes on the road, IMO.

    Not the fastest…..certainly not comfortable…..but sounds great with the right pipe…..and has an iconic look that will stand the test of time.

  • I got to sit on this exact bike and fire her up… it’s a really neat bike!

  • I recon F1 prices will just increase…Rhey look super cool and once you hear one live you will never forget it…
    Very rare to find good ones too…

  • I’m in 2 minds about the prices people will now pay for old Italian bikes-it’s great they are appreciated but the price moves them out of reach of Average Joe and into collections/museums and out of use.
    The F1 was cobbled together really by a very broke small manufacturer to try and sell a few bikes-it’s only with the passing of time that we see them for gems – that said yes I’d like one.
    The TT2 is a far better thing-and it was cobbled together as well.

  • kind of hard to put faith in a seller who parks their classic motorcycle in the middle of the street and take pictures with traffic still going….

  • Too many wrong things about this example, from the wrong lower fairing to the wrong mirrors to the (probably) wrong seat cowl. The muffler is… Wrong. The tires are the wrong size, too, and I am not sure the air filters will stay in—but they rarely do. Not that I am a stickler for correctness: My own F1 is a mix of original and some improvements. The F1 was built to be turned into a racer, so piecing one together is perfectly normal. Paying anything north of $10k for this example, however, is not a wise investment IMO.

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