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Moto Guzzi February 15, 2011 posted by

It’s not easy being green: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

For Sale: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

You have to hand it to the Italians: They certainly do things their own way. Take this 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport, for example. From the engine-dominated side view, to the voluptous "naked bike" bodywork, to the electric green-paint, this bike practically screams "eclectic designer custom." Yet this is pretty much factory stock, save for a few added tidbits. All in all, this bike is a very interesting package.

View from the rear. Top section of tail can be removed to reveal passenger pillion. Can anybody make a bike's plastic flow quite like the Italians?

From the seller:
2000 MOTO GUZZI V11 Sport, Engine: 90 V-Twin, 4 stroke Cylinders: Aluminum alloy with Gilnisil treatment Pistons: Forged, 2 compression & 1 oil control ring Cooling system: Air cooled Displacement: 1064 cc Bore and stroke: 92 mm x 80 mm Compression ratio: 9.8:1 Valves & operation: 2 overhead valves with light alloy push-rods Maximum power: 91 hp @7800 rpm Maximum torque: 70 ft/lbs @ 6000 rpm Fuel system: Magneti Marelli IAW Multipoint phased sequential fuel injection Starting system: Electric Ignition: Magneti Marelli IAW electronic digital ignition with inductive spark Exhaust system: Steel, 2 tubes connected to 2 steel mufflers Gear box: 6 speed Lubrication: Wet sump, forced oil, cartridge filter Transmission: Primary: helical gears Secondary: shaft drive Clutch: Double discs, dry, with hydraulic command Electrical system: 12 V; 12 V alternator; 14 Ah battery Instruments: Speedometer with tripmeter, tachometer and warning lights Frame: Monobeam frame Trail: 4.05" (103 mm) Rake: 25 Front suspension: Marzocchi USD fork, 40 mm compression/extension adjustable Front wheel travel: 4.72" (120mm) Rear suspension: Cantilever swing arm with Sachs Boge mono shock compression/extension/preload adjustable Rear wheel travel: 5.03" (128 mm) Front brakes: Two Brembo ORO Series stainless steel 320 mm floating discs with 4 piston caliper Rear brakes: Single stainless steel 282 mm fixed disc with Brembo 2 piston caliper Wheels: Brembo spoke light alloy, Front: 3.5" x 17" Rear: 5.5" x 17" Tires: Front: 120/70 17" Rear: 180/55 17" Overall length: 84.64" (2150 mm) Width: 30.90" (785 mm) Height: 42.91" (1090 mm) Seat Height: 31.49" (800 mm) Ground clearance: 7.00" (178 mm) Handlebar Height: 36.61" (930 mm) Wheelbase: 58.66" (1490 mm) Dry weight: 487.22 lbs (221 Kg) Fuel capacity: 5.81 gallons (22 liters) Reserve: 1.18 gallons (4.5 liters). Add ons: K&N Filters & Mistral Aftermarket Pipes. This bike is one of the most unique around, especially with this rare factory paint scheme. Bike has never been down & is always stored inside.

The seller has done us the favor of listing out the book specs on the bike, but little else. The two known modifications are the pipes and the air filters - both reasonable additions to performance considering the EPA-choked stock items of that era. Otherwise, this appears to be a very clean bike with low miles in a rare color. Given, not everyone likes their bike in fishing-lure green, but you must admit it catches the eye...

Pricing on Guzzis has been hit-or-miss recently. The older bikes have gone up in value, but the newer-generation machines have been flat. This auction started at $2999 - a very fair price - and quickly rose up to $4350, which is still a bargain. There is no reserve on this auction, so some lucky bidder is going home with this beauty. To get in on the fun, click the link and !


Cafe Racer February 10, 2011 posted by

1978 Moto Guzzi 850 Lemans

For Sale: 1978 Moto Guzzi 850 Lemans

Funny how times change. When this bike was released in 1978, it was considered a heavyweight, large displacement, fast sportbike; a race replica. Fast forward some 30+ years, and what we have here is an interesting vestige of European thinking. In fact, this bike has been around long enough to where the Cafe Racer craze has come back to being cool!

The great thing about the Cafe Racer craze making a comeback is that this bike IS very cool. With the distinctive Guzzi v-twin look, decent power from 850cc, a decidedly sporty riding position and great paint, this bike really looks the business. It is no wonder that the value of these bikes are rising at auctions everywhere.

From the seller:
For sale is my 78' 850 Lemans. I bought it off the 2nd owner in Glendale California. He owned it since 81 and purchased it from the original owner, also in Glendale. It was purchased at Pro Italia in Glendale and serviced there for 31 years. I've owned it since November of 09 and had it serviced by my friends at Moto Guzzi Classics in Long Beach. I have to get rid of a couple of my toys to buy an Alfa Romeo. I did the following on 10.9.09 with 32,101 miles; - Changed engine oil and filter
- Changed gear box oil
- Rear drive service including oil
- New plugs and valve adjustment
- New brake pads
- New fork seals, dampers and fork oil
- New Conti Go tires

I also changed the oil on 8.3.10 at 34,005 miles and added a new Odyssey dry cell battery. This bike runs and brakes like it should - Sean at MG Classics said I found a strong runner. This bike has no mechanical issues that I am aware of. Cosmetically, it looks great as you can see by the photos but; please do not bid on this bike if you are expecting a show bike/concours bike. This bike looks amazing from 10ft, excellent from 5ft but upon very close inspection, it shows scratches and wear on the frame. It also has some but not all fasteners (now 33 years old) that show light rust or corrosion. The header pipe clamps have light rust too. The four areas of the bike that could be cleaned up a bit; 1. Front fender has light surface scratches (a bone headed move on my part, losing my grip on a wooden box from above and it grazed the fender), please see photo. 2. Some light paint missing from battery acid leak (right side of frame when the frame tubes form a "Y"near swing arm pivot). 3. Horn button missing (but horn works). 4. Scratches on exhaust on left under side pipe near center stand (from my boot buckle). The red paint still looks incredible, especially the tank, side panels, fenders. The fairing looks good but some of the day glo orange has sun fading. Original seat included and in amazing shape. Replacement Stucchi seat looks and feels even better. 3 out of 4 turn signals and manuals included. Marzzochi shocks original manual actually shows how to rebuild them - cool. To my knowledge, this bike hasn't been restored. It really looks amazing.

While the seller clearly states that this is not a new bike, the pictures speak for themselves. This is undoubtedly a clean and well-cared for example of a rare species. Similar LeMans models that have recently been posted on RSBFS all sold north of the $8k mark. This bike is currently in the $5k range (with reserve not met), but should certainly go up above previous bikes. Should this bike fail to ignite a bidding war, you might find yourself with a well-priced, well-loved LeMans. The only way to find out is to click the link and . Good Luck!


Cafe Racer February 9, 2011 posted by

1980 Moto Guzzi SP 1000

For Sale: 1980 Moto Guzzi SP 1000

Guzzi fans rejoice! It would appear that followers of the M/G brand are finally getting their due. People are coming around to the style, grace, and just plain "coolness" of the Moto Guzzi lineup. Collectors are driving prices higher, which makes bikes like this - a 1980 SP 1000 - more desireable and harder to find.

The SP 1000 model was intended to be the more "sport touring" variant of the Guzzi lineup. Think of it as the older brother to the upstart LeMans models. Under the covers, the two are very similar, and some riders really prefer the comfort and protection offered by the SP fairing.

From the seller:
I am selling my nice used 1980 Moto Guzzi SP with original powder blue paint, 35K miles, runs and rides excellent. It has Current California registration with insurance and title in my name. This is a nice reliable running street bike, and fun as hell to ride. I can add a one year unlimited miles warranty on the drive train for an extra fee. Brakes & clutches work excellent, new tires, all electrical works along with the Speedo and Tach. We just replaced the light switch with a new one, and did a full tune up. It has Electronic Ignition, and we set that up to work perfect with the proper advance rate. Great bike to convert into a Cafe Racer, since the motor is basically set up as a LMII. It hauls Ass!

The Bad:
Left front turn signal needs to be replaced, the original seat cover is splitting. Crack in lower fairing under right side sylinder, Needs fairing Mirrors, Front fender has badly faded paint. We can of course fix these things if a deal is worked out on doing the work.

While the LeMans models tend to be more desireable from a collector standpoint, the SP variants are well known for devouring mile after mile of ambling pavement. This particular bike is not perfect - which the seller clearly states - but appears to be a sound foundation for what will certainly be a long term investment.

This auction is live right now. The current bid is in the $1,500 range and there has been a number of interested parties. The reserve has not yet been met, but I would expect a reasonable reserve given the condition of the bike. For more info and to get in on the bidding, click the link to . Good Luck!


Moto Guzzi December 18, 2010 posted by

1983 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans

For sale: 1983 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans

I'm dreaming of an Italian Christmas - one with a 1983 LeMans III. These 1980s Guzzis are very attractive and desireable machines, combining a large V-twin with a stout chassis and brakes (linked, of course). With a long-ish wheelbase and shaft drive, the LeMans is more of a GT than flat-out sportbike - but it gets along quite well all the same!

Fom the seller:
Rare and beautiful classic - '83 Le Mans
Approximately 21,250 original miles | Dell’Orto PHM 36mm pumpers | New Metzler front tire | New plugs & NGK caps | Running perfectly, fires up immediately, even in the dead of winter | New battery | New clutch and tach cable | All original, matching numbers | New fluids ( trans, axle and engine) oil & filter | Stock except for K&N filters | Nice quality matching bar end models | Bitubo fork inserts | Tomaselli Domino 1/4 turn throttle, stock throttle included | Collector or daily driver

The value of these older Guzzis has definitely been on an upward trend as of recent years. LeMans and V7 Sport models have been the primary beneficiaries of that boost, and this bike should be no different. Clean, nearly original, and in seemingly exceptional condition, I would expect this bike to meet the BIN price of $8500. For your chance to own a classic cafe racer from the Old Country, and jump over to the auction!


Moto Guzzi November 5, 2010 posted by

The Ultimate Cafe Racer: 1977 Moto Guzzi 850 LEMANS

For sale: 1977 Moto Guzzi 850 LEMANS unrestored!

Behold the mighty Guzzi! What we are looking at here is a Series 2 machine of the original 850 LeMans production, identified by the square (as opposed to round) taillights. With big, torquey twin cylinders and shaft drive, these LeMans models are ideally suited to devoring long stretches of ambling pavement.

From the seller:
This is a 1977 Moto Guzzi Lemans original and unrestored with many new parts. Bike starts easily and all electrics work as new. Paint is factory original with some wear and a few chips seen in photos. Only the fairing orange has been resprayed due to fading. Most paint is quite strong but frame paint which is not wonderful when new is less so. All wiring is correct and intact. Carburater's are freshly rebuilt and have their original plastic velocity stacks in place but K&N filters were always used and stacks only mounted for photos. K&N's included with sale. Matched Dunlop tires are a few years old but still very nice. Brembo calipers are compleatly rebuilt including new pistons and seals all around. Brake lines are original and seem fine.Other new parts include brand new header pipe, not mounted in this photo set, new correct grips, new tubes, new rubber key switch cover, new fork boot's, new clutch and throttle cables, Also included is a NOS owners manual and factory parts book. All tune up specifacations checked and all fluids and filters replaced. There are a few flaws aside from usual wear. The fake side cover louvers have been opened up to actually function. It was very skillfully done and could be reversed. The usual stress cracks in the covers have been reinforced from the back sides. The original mufflers have been welded around hanger bracket and a series of very small holes drilled to reduce back pressure. The cross over has a pin hole or two. There is also a non stock clutch inspection hole fitted with a rubber plug in transmision case located on the top and quite hidden. Another case without inspection hole is included with the bike. The saddle has an abrasion mark on the right rear which can be easily repaired. Over all a very nice example of this fast appriciating classic Guzzi.

The Guzzi LeMans series has become more valued from a collector perspective in the past few years. These are really solid, classic motorcycles and this one could make a great additions to your collection. This is a bike that you can ride and enjoy while it appreciates. The seller has offered many pictures and good detail as to the current condition of the bike, and it appears to be a good bike in rideable condition.

Your chance to own this great cafe racer is now -


Moto Guzzi September 9, 2010 posted by

1997 Moto Guzzi Daytona RS 1100 In Alabama

A rare Moto Guzzi Daytona RS on eBay!

Bike:  1997 Moto Guzzi Daytona RS

Location:  Foley, Alabama

Mileage:  6,200mi

Price:  $9,000 opening bid with reserve and $13,000 BIN.

The seller states that this bike is museum quality with the majority of the 6,200 miles put on by them.  The bike is cosmetically and mechanically perfect with a recent major service including valve service, fluid flush, and new Michelin Pilot Power's.  The pictures reflect the claims and this bike looks fantastic.  The seller states that the only modifications from stock are a FI re-programming and polished head guards.

The 1997 Daytona RS is a continuation of the 1996 model which featured the 1100cc motor and chassis tweaks compared to the earlier RS'.  This bike has a claimed output of 102bhp with 71lb-ft of torque which results in a top speed of 145mph.  The suspension is comprised of WP suspension with Brembo brakes.

The Daytona--and 1100 Sport--is easily my favorite road going Moto Guzzi.  It may be because I'm younger and these came out in my formative years but, I still find these dead sexy compared to what is usually released from Lombardy.  I imagine the odd V-Twin and shaft drive was never attractive to anyone who wasn't a Moto Guzzi fan already--making it difficult to convert new buyers.  If you think 900SS Ducati's are too prevalent, I'd absolutely consider one of these gorgeous machines.

See this bike on eBay .