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2002 Ducati Superbike 998R

2002 Ducati 998R

Update 8.11.10 – this one is back on ebay for round #2 and the link is live

Location: Naples, FL
Miles: 2,060 miles
Price: $26,000.00

The 998R has proven itself to be more elusive than the $75,000.00 D16RR. How do I know you ask? Well, because we, the North American Rare Sport Bike Authority, have posted far more D16RR Desmocidici’s than 998R’s! The proof is in the pudding….okay so it’s not pudding, but it is in the RSBFS archives.

With an original MSRP of $28,995 I have to believe the asking price of $26,000.00 is a little out of range at this point and time. I know of another 998R that has been for sale a long time, is priced at $20,000.00 and is in the same condition as this one. Make no mistake I’m not saying there isn’t someone, somewhere willing to pay $26,000 for a 998R, but there is a limit for even the rarest of the rare.

2002 Ducati 998R for sale

Fully equipped with top notch Ohlins suspenders, Marchesini 5-spoke light alloy rims, and a 999cc Desmodromic engine cranking out 140hp at 10,000 rpm’s. One could make an argument that this is Ducati’s best Homologation Superbike or at least I could argue it. This is by far my favorite Ducati Superbike and although I will never own one in my current financial state, it remains on my short list for when my Lotto numbers get drawn.

Very rare 2002 998R. Perfect condition. Street legal and registered. I have all parts originally associated with bike in
order to build back to race spec. as imported. I hold a loan on the bike so please allow approx. 2-3 wks to receive all
paperwork/title. Buyer is completely responsible and liable for shipping of the bike.




  • 26K is the starting bid! Who knows what the reserve is. Plus, the seller mentions a loan so you know he is trying to get what he owes plus a few bucks more. This bike will never sell at that price…..

  • I agree with Mark, this bike will never sell at that price. On top of that the seller doesn’t even outright own the bike, stay FAR away.

  • With a MSRP of 29K what would a fair asking price be and would it be more desirable for a collector to find a 916 SPS?

  • FL Ducatista- My guess is this won’t sell for anything above 19,000. Like I said previously, I know one that has been for sale well over 2 years now and the asking price is 22,000 and is the exact same specs as this one. Everything is down right now and the 998r aren’t immune to it. 2 years ago a fella sold a RGV250 Lucky Strike for 16,000 bucks and today they will only fetch 11 to 12 at best.

  • Thanks Doug – I’m not quite ready to give up my 1098. I would love to find a “cherry” 916 or 998. I’m new to the blog but I will check in often. That 998R is only 30 miles away from me…….would have been nice but the price is way out of line.

  • I know it is now May 2012 but is this 998R still for sale or are there any for sale that is know about? thanks.

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