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Doing the math: 2002 Ducati 998R

Sold before we could post it! This immaculate 998R is going to a new home after someone committed to the $26k BIN. -MI

In the game of “there’s no substitute for cubic inches” the Ducati 998 was a step above that which came before. The last of the 916 lineage, the 998R model was everything that a 916 enthusiast could hope for. More engine, with more torque and power. More suspension and more adjustment. More championships, and unfortunately, more price. Visually, the 998 (as well as the 996 that preceded it) resemble the fabled 916. But the 998 was everything that the 916 strove to be in the initial version. And the 998R? It was even more.

2002 Ducati 998R for sale on eBay

As is Ducati custom, the “R” bikes are something just a bit more special. Ignoring the limited edition numbered plaque on the headstock for a moment, the R bikes have always been equipped with the best of the best – from suspension to brakes. But even more so, the power plant of the R model has been one step ahead of current year Ducatis. The 996R model foreshadowed the 998 in displacement. And the 998R, with a revised bore/stroke combo, a model-specific oil pan, cams, and more, really displaced 999cc. That’s right folks – this is really a 999R in Tamburini clothing (for those that prefer it to the Terblance design that followed). From an engine perspective, it is mechanically closer to the 999 than the 996 (and not just numerically). Easily the most recognizable form in the motorcycling world, the 998 utilized the general bodywork, single sided swing arm and high exhaust of the 916 to create a beautiful – and terrifically potent – road missile.

From the seller:
For Sale is my 2002 Ducati 998R, #461 of 700. I have owned the bike since August, 2006. It currently has less than 6600 miles and is in excellent shape. It has always been titled and licensed in California, since new and the current registration (in my name) is good through Jan 2020. It has been stored in a climate controlled garage since I bought it 12 years ago. There is no evidence that it was ever abused or raced. I have many receipts from the previous owners dating back to early 2003.

This bike is in very original condition as a street legal model. The paint is beautiful with one noticeable scratch on the lower portion of the fairing. Everything works properly (gauges, lights, controls, horn, etc). It has Marchesini Magnesium wheels with older Pirelli tires. Ohlins suspension front and rear with an Ohlins steering damper. I have added the wiring mod to allow the bike to idle in neutral while on the side stand. Also, a new Yuasa battery (May 2018). It comes with all the additional goodies. I will include the front and rear stands, a factory 998R shop manual, a complete factory tool kit, the 998R owner’s manual, and the factory Plaque of Authenticity.

More from the seller:
The most current service to the bike (June/July, 2018) was performed by Scott Watters, owner of Motoservizio in Signal Hill, Ca. Prior to starting his business in 2002, Scott worked at Ducati dealerships as a factory trained mechanic. He also was a Fast by Ferracci mechanic for Doug Polen (AMA 1994), Vance and Hines mechanic for Thomas Stevens and Anthony Gobert (AMA 1997-98), Doug Polen (FUSA 2000), Dean Mizdal AMA 2001. All were racing Ducati MCs.

The recent servicing included:
4 valve service
New cam belts
All fluids fully changed (oil/filter, coolant, fork oil/seals/bushings, and brake fluid)
New air filters
R&R fuel pump, new filter, new hoses, and cleaned tank interior
Clean the headlight shells inside and out

Again, the bike is in excellent condition and is ready to be ridden hard or put on display.

The final model in the original 916-based line, the 998R stands out as the pinnacle example of that model. It shares all of its good looks and characteristics with the legend, yet boasts more power and better *erverything* across the line. If you are in it for the collection, this is a must-have bike. If you are in it to ride like Troy Bayliss (but undercover, without the polarizing graphics of the Bayliss Edition), this is still a must-have bike. This is a bike you can ride today and it will still be appreciated by the people you pass. Not bad for a design that reaches so far back; it is really that timeless. Check it out here, and don’t wait long. It is not cheap, but we do not see 998Rs of this caliber often. Two more than a 996, 82 more than a 916, and one less than a 999 – you do the math. Good Luck!!


Doing the math: 2002 Ducati 998R
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Radical: 2002 Ducati 998R

Of all of sport bike manufacturers, Ducati seems to have been the only one that focused on a single concept: a luscious, 90 degree twin with desmo valve actuation. From that point onward, anything goes – and Ducati went truly radical in evolving the concept. From the original two-valve, air-cooled twins to the legendary 851, to the groundbreaking 916 series, Ducati invented – and then reinvented – their version of the superbike. And since 2000, the bike to have within the Ducati lineup has always been the “R” model. The R designates something special, some mad technical wizardry under the covers, and lots of carbon fiber. Once the stuff of aerospace, carbon has become the foundation on which fast motorcycles are born. Today’s example is a 998R, the second “R” in the series (following the 2001 996R). This model is seen by the Tamburini faithful as the last of the 916-derived bikes. The oft-scorned (yet successful) Terblanche-designed 999 was waiting in the wings.

2002 Ducati 998R for sale on eBay

Unlike many badge-engineered models (i.e. branding and “limited edition” number plate), the R bikes are special; they vary drastically from the standard Ducati models. In the case of the 998R, that means a different set of engine cases with a deeper sump, a significantly different bore and stroke (104.0 mm × 58.8 mm – which actually displaces 999 cc), and trick titanium internals. This is the Testastretta engine evolution that would go on to power the 999R. Body panels are carbon (in addition to the front fender and entire tail section), and suspension components are heavily upgraded. In this case, you can expect nothing but fully adjustable Ohlins units front and rear. Wheels are Marchesini Corse, saving rotational weight over non-R pieces. Weight was down over the standard model, while power was up: expect about 403 lbs dry and 136 HP.

From the seller:
For offer here is a spectacular 2002 998R with 4400 miles.
There is tons of information and specs on this bike easily found – numbered, low production race-spec bike with Titanium Corsa internals, Carbon bodywork, etc. This is a an excellent example that is set up to ride with a Sargent seat and upright clip-on’s. Other mods include a period Casoli Carbon tail section, Woorcraft clutch cover. Full Termignoni exhaust, Marchesini Magnesium wheels, Ohlins suspension. Bike has been fully serviced by ECS in Middletown NY – fresh tires, belts, fluids and needs nothing. Truly a beast – immense power and feather light chassis and handling makes for a totally unique ride. A few original parts accompany the bike – there are minor blemishes here and there, but overall excellent original condition.

This 998R looks pretty clean for its age. The mileage is not excessive, nor has it been a garage queen. Part of the mileage equation is likely due to the aftermarket risers, making what is normally a torture rack a bit more comfortable on the street. On the plus side the seller notes a full service, including belts. This is a big deal, as Ducati services are not cheap, and skipping the service cycle can result in very expensive noises. From the sounds of the ad, this bike is ready to hit the road (just make sure you find a nice, curvy one).

The last of the 916-era R bikes do not grow on trees. They do not pop out of the woodwork every day, nor are they cheap. Like all great homologation bikes, this R is rare…and expensive. Bidding is already up to $20,000 USD, and there does not appear to be a reserve in sight. How high will this one go? We won’t know for a few days yet, but check it out here if you are interested. Good Luck!!


Radical:  2002 Ducati 998R
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Talk like a pirate day! A collection of Ducati “R” models

With all of the race bikes showing up on the pages of RSBFS, I thought these would fit right in. While not purebred GP racers, the Ducati R models represent some of the most vaunted, most rare, and most expensive of the Italian firm’s line up. Here are three examples, smallest to largest.

For Sale: 2001 Ducati 748 R

The first R bike on our list today is this great looking 748R in yellow. The 748 was first introduced in 1994 as a smaller displacement 916. SP, SPS, L (Neiman Marcus) and R models followed (as did the RS variant), as the 748 was destined for competition.

From the seller:
I was a large Ducati dealer from 1981 through 2002, and I personally sold this bike brand new. List price was $24,995 plus tax, freight, and set-up. The bike remained in this San Francisco bay area and is available again. Clear California title, but no current license plate. It is actually a 49 state bike, with California being the state that was not supposed to issue a license plate. It may have had one anyway, but it has no plate at this time. Present title is good to register it in any state except California. I rode the bike about forty miles a couple of weeks ago to test everything. The higher horse power 748R differed from the street bike with extra strong engine cases, titanium rods, different cams, shower style fuel injectors that sit high above the intake tracts, and other details. Decal kit was added, but not clear coated, in the event that you prefer the look without the stickers. Tires and battery are very recent. The brand new 50mm diameter Termignoni full exhaust system cost $2208 new and I installed a brand new factory Ducati clutch plate kit. Both the exhaust and the clutch have only my 40 test miles from new. The original gas cap with key is included, in the event that you don’t like the carbon fiber/alloy quick release item fitted. The original Marchesini light weight five spoke wheels remain, as do the genuine Brembo radial clutch and brake master cylinders.

Negative points: The original Ohlins forks and shocks went to another race bike, and stock street suspension forks and shock are currently on the bike. They work perfectly. The bike was transported on a carrier at one time, and there are scratches in the left rear side of the gas tank, as shown in the photos. The front discs were changed to include STM alloy buttons that don’t fit very well, and the discs have normal wear, and should be replaced. I can help the buyer with a special price on brand new discs at a huge discount, if desired. My test ride was with a friend on a standard 748, and we traded bikes for part of the trip. The two bikes are very different. The R model is more difficult in slow city traffic, but it pulls like gangbusters on the open highway! It is not the right bike for everyone. No reserve; $6995 buys it NOW!

The seller has represented the bike pretty well, and priced it resonably to boot. The BIN of $6995 is pretty fair money for a 748-era R bike, although this one is not perfect as noted in the details. For more information, click the link and jump over to the auction. For something more recent, read on!

For Sale: 2002 Ducati 998R

Next up is this gorgeous 2002 Ducati 998R. I just love the fairing detail on this one, with the carbon fiber on the fairing peeking out of the unpainted areas. The 998R was a step up from the base 998 model (itself a derivative of the 916/996 line), and offered better suspension, carbon fiber bodywork (not just the fender & mud guard), and uprated engine.

From the seller:
I am offering my very rare 2002 Ducati 998R Superbike for sale. The bike is in excellent condition and has been meticulously maintained. I purchased the bike from a well known collector who has an expansive collection of the rarest most valuable Ducatis. He had two 998Rs and agreed to sell me this one 6 years ago. This is my second one and I am making room in my own collection for another acquisition. I will say this is one of the more rare and elusive Ducatis….even more rare than the much sought after Desmosedici.

The bike comes with the factory plaque of authenticity from Italy that matches the plaque on the bike’s triple clamps to confirm the bike’s pedigree, the Ducati cover for the bike, the tool kit and headlight replacement cover for track use.

Of course the bike runs perfectly and provides an amazing ride. The tires have 1000 miles on them. This bike has never been on the track and has always been ridden by a responsible adult on casual weekend rides. Of course the bike has never been crashed or dropped. No damage other than possibly a minute nick here or the from normal use.

As the bikes become newer and larger displacement, the sums of money requested become larger as well. This rare 998R has been posted before on RSBFS (check it out here), but this time we have a BIN price and all new pictures. This particular bike can be yours for the super steep price of $22,000 OBO. While this makes the 748R look like a total bargain, the 998R is pretty rare and this one is in fantastic shape. Check out more details here, or read on for another!

For Sale: 2004 Ducati 999R Fila

Our final “R” bike on the list is this 2004 999R with striking Fila livery. Meant to evoke the works Ducatis racing in WSBK, this is otherwise a “standard” 999R (which is no minor steed). There are those that deride the Terblanche-styled 999 – and there is no doubt that it is missing some of the grace of the Tamburini-designed 916/996/998 models – but to many it has an appeal all its own.

From the seller:
I am selling my 999R Fila #137 of 200, 1229 miles, I originally set out to collect all 999 Race Replicas and the 998S Bayliss to show at Indy this year. I did that and now I want to change my collection around. I sold the 998S and now hope to sell this one and maybe get a 1098R Bayliss??

Ducati Performance Titanium reservoir covers, yo-yo slipper clutch, Termi full Ti exhaust, race ECU, Moto Corse rearsets, CRG levers, Carbon Fiber Tail section, Corse carbon fiber exhaust cover, STM crankcase breather, billet frame plugs, all fluids changed and new fuel pump installed when I purchased at 800 miles.

The only concern I have about this model is the cracked top tree as evidenced in the pictures. I cannot say if this is normal, or the result of an incident – but the seller has noted it in the pictures and comments. Unfortunately the repair for this will remove the limited edition numbering in that location – possibly de-valuing the bike. I love the cool bike cover too. This 999R is on sale for a BIN of $16,500. You can click here to check it out.

Here is a video of the bike, courtesy of the seller:

Well, there you have it. Enough Italian hardware to have you saying “R R R” all day long! Enjoy your Talk Like a Pirate day, and perhaps you will be lucky enough to plunder some of this fine RSBFS booty!


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The R stands for Rare: 2002 Ducati 998R Superbike

For Sale: 2002 Ducati 998R Superbike #450/700

When it comes to running with the big dogs, this ultra-rare 998R was one of the biggest dogs around. Proven in World Superbike (Troy Bayliss won in 2001 riding a 996/998 Ducati), the 998R is the last of the generational line that started with the iconic 916 nearly a decade before.

From the seller:
I am offering my very rare 2002 Ducati 998R Superbike for sale. The bike is in excellent condition and has been meticulously maintained. I purchased the bike from a well known collector who has an expansive collection of the rarest most valuable Ducatis. He had two 998Rs and agreed to sell me this one 6 years ago. This is my second one and I am making room in my own collection for another acquisition. I will say this is one of the more rare and elusive Ducatis. I have never seen another one besides the ones I’ve owned…..even more rare than the much sought after Desmosedici.

The bike comes with the factory plaque of authenticity from Italy that matches the plaque on the bike’s triple clamps to confirm the bike’s pedigree, the Ducati cover for the bike, the tool kit and headlight replacement cover for track use.

Of course the bike runs perfectly and provides an amazing ride. The tires have 1000 miles on them. This bike has never been on the track and has always been ridden by a responsible adult on casual weekend rides.

You would think that the seller is utilizing hyperbole when he waxes how rare these bikes are – but that would be unkind. We here at RSBFS have seen very few 998R models – the last being this one as posted by alumni Doug back in 2010! If this last-gen R model floats your boat, jump quickly because Halley’s Comet might come around again before we post another.

This auction is for the big boys only: the ante started at $18,000 and bidding is currently sitting at the $20k mark with a few days to go. If you can defer some house payments, put off that pool you’ve been looking into, siphon off some cash from the kids college savings funds and raid your 401K, this might be the bike for you – this is a 998R after all…. Click the link to check out the auction. Good luck with this one!


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Poser’s Delight: 2006 Ducati 999R Xerox, 2007 Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited, 2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss

Poser’s Delight: 2006 Ducati 999R Xerox,  2007 Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited, 2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss


I mean “posers delight” in the nicest way possible because I’m certainly one of them.  If there is a race replica to be seen, I’m first in line.  The Ducati replicas have always been a bit out of reach for me financially but for those that have waited for the resales, there is a considerable discount.  Below is quick snap shoot of what being offered on Ebay at the moment.


2006 999R Xerox

1,760 Miles

$18,500 BIN

I’m in the minority here but I’ve always thought the 999 was the best looking Ducati superbike.  Slap some sponsor logos on and my eyes glaze over.


The seller just cut and paste test info into the auction so there isn’t a description of what add on’s  the bike has.  I know enough to recognize that isn’t stock.


Maybe some extra goodies hiding inside there?  I’d say it is worth an email if you are interested.  Hit he auction link for many more pictures.

This auction doesn’t have a whole lot of time remaining so proceed accordingly.



2007 999S Parts Unlimited

6,729 Miles

$11,250 BIN

Maybe not as glamorous to own for us posers since it didn’t have the success of the WSB Ducati’s but it might be the bargain of the bunch.  Only 150 were produced and the original MSRP was almost $20,000.

Again, no list of what aftermarket parts are on the bike but I’m noticing small detail pieces like the clutch cover and gas cap.  The exhaust  also has a ceramic coating on it.

Do you remember who was riding these bikes in the AMA series?  That would be  Ben Bostrom and Neil Hodgson.

Snap it up here.



2002 998S Bayliss

517 Miles

Current bid of $10,000 + reserve

Is there anyone bigger in Ducati racing history than Troy Bayliss?  Is he more beloved than even Carl Fogarty?  It would be close in a popularity contest.  Even though I like the 999’s I think this would be my pick if I could only own one.


The iconic Ducati rear end.


This appears to be a true collector quality bike.  I’d seen some non collector quality Bayliss replicas go in the lower teens.  What do you think it is worth with only 517 miles?  So far, very little action on the auction, hmmmm.

Only two days remaining on the auction.




Classic Sport Bikes For Sale March 10, 2011 posted by

Italian Connection: Rare bike collection for sale in Italy!

For Sale: Ducati TT1 F1 NCR 900ss 998R NCR Evoluzione 888 916 Honda 250GP CBX RC45 Lambretta

RSBFS was recently contacted by an Italian entreprenuer who was putting his collection of rare racebikes and streetbikes up for sale. And what a collection! Above witness a Honda 250 GP racer (left) as prepped by HRC and ridden by Stefano Caracchi, a Ducati 888 NCR Superbike (middle) also raced by Stefano Caracchi, and a Ducati 916 that won the 1995 San Marino GP in Monza with Pier Francesco Chili aboard! And that is just the start of this amazing private museum.

If you like the racebike them but are more intereseted in street legal machinery, then how about this flawless Honda RC45 – better known as a RVF750R to some. Developed by Honda as a homologation bike to qualify for the Superbike World Championship, the European versions were good for a reported 118 horsepower!

If Ducati is more your speed (pun intended), how about this NCR Ducati 998R. According to the seller, this bike was the number 1 996R. It was used by Ducati for internal testing and media events. It was then sent to NCR, and was transformed into the original and unique 998R NCR Evoluzione.

What collection would be complete without the iconic Ducati 900ss? This particular bevel twin was prepped by NCR specifically for endurance racing and includes bigger valves, bigger carbs, a Conti silencer and Campagnolo alloy wheels.

According to the seller, only 7 of these Ducati TT1 F1 NCR exist! These were first produced for Mike Hailwood, and the initial 2 bikes were delivered directly to Hailwood (to commemorate his Isle of Man TT victory and the World title). This particular bike is the third one built by NCR.

In a collection of this caliber, this CBX looks positively pedestrian – although it is certainly a rare and desirable bike. This bike just does not quite have the same racing history as the others in the collection. It is in fully original condition and looks perfect.

And if all of the above beasts are too much bike for you, then here is a wonderful little Lambretta Innocenti Li125. This 4-speed scooter was introduced as a 1959 model.

From the seller:
My business activities require my full commitment and I have very little time to dedicate to my passion and to take care of my unique collection. In addition, my family does not share my same passion for motorsports and has other interests. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of having to witness the slow but inexorable decline of my “creatures”, I have decided to sell my collection. I hope that you will take care of my “precious” masterpieces.

Tel. +39 0731 245999
Mobile +39 348 3962712 (only in italian)

For more information and tons of pictures of these fabulous bikes, please visit the seller’s website (available in both Italian and English). Good luck to the seller – these beautiful bikes certainly deserve a good home. If you are interested in any of the bikes you see here, please contact the seller at the above address and tell him you saw it on RSBFS!


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2002 Ducati Superbike 998R

2002 Ducati 998R

Update 8.11.10 – this one is back on ebay for round #2 and the link is live

Location: Naples, FL
Miles: 2,060 miles
Price: $26,000.00

The 998R has proven itself to be more elusive than the $75,000.00 D16RR. How do I know you ask? Well, because we, the North American Rare Sport Bike Authority, have posted far more D16RR Desmocidici’s than 998R’s! The proof is in the pudding….okay so it’s not pudding, but it is in the RSBFS archives.

With an original MSRP of $28,995 I have to believe the asking price of $26,000.00 is a little out of range at this point and time. I know of another 998R that has been for sale a long time, is priced at $20,000.00 and is in the same condition as this one. Make no mistake I’m not saying there isn’t someone, somewhere willing to pay $26,000 for a 998R, but there is a limit for even the rarest of the rare.

2002 Ducati 998R for sale

Fully equipped with top notch Ohlins suspenders, Marchesini 5-spoke light alloy rims, and a 999cc Desmodromic engine cranking out 140hp at 10,000 rpm’s. One could make an argument that this is Ducati’s best Homologation Superbike or at least I could argue it. This is by far my favorite Ducati Superbike and although I will never own one in my current financial state, it remains on my short list for when my Lotto numbers get drawn.

Very rare 2002 998R. Perfect condition. Street legal and registered. I have all parts originally associated with bike in
order to build back to race spec. as imported. I hold a loan on the bike so please allow approx. 2-3 wks to receive all
paperwork/title. Buyer is completely responsible and liable for shipping of the bike.