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Ducati September 4, 2021 posted by

1995 Ducati Supermono #12 of 27

1995 Ducati Supermono For Sale on eBay!

I said it 11 years ago and I’ll say it again- The Supermono is the ultimate collectable sport bike. There’s not a zero mile RC30, RC45, Superleggra, D16, Bimota, GSX-RR, Honda DB5 or YSR more valuable or sought after. The Supermono is at THE top of the heap- Change my mind.

I know some of you have already started arm chair quarter backing me, hammering your keyboards and screaming “THERE WERE 67 BUILT YOU BAFOON!” Yes, 67 total, but only 27 built from 1995-97 with the larger 572cc motors and shotgun style Termi canister. Ducati started the serial numbers over when they increased from the smaller 550cc motor. That makes 1995 #12 more rare than 1993 #12! Wouldn’t you agree?

Weighing in right at 300#’s wet- these are tiny machines. The wheel base and seat height are about the same as the Honda NSR250’s. Ducati achieved the 300# figure by liberally using magnesium and carbon fiber where they could and a dry clutch. I am in love with the green cast magnesium triple clamps and engine case covers.

Here’s what Rust900ss has to say about their beloved Supermono:

Ducati Supermono 572, 1995, #12. These bikes don’t come up for sale very often. Time to sell this one to let someone else enjoy the beauty of this bike. Bike fully restored. Full engine overhaul at ams ducati dallas. This bike has been maintained by ams Alvarado and dallas for the past 25 years. Sale includes front and rear stands, 24v portable starter, spares include new oem crankcases, exhaust silencer and collector, spare piston, cylinder, water pump, rear sprockets, carbon fenders, various gaskets, seals ect. Take off parts include swingarm, clutch, wiring loom ect. A lot has been written about these bikes over the years, its true they are fabulous, rare and hard to find. One of only 67 bikes built by ducati. Crating available. These bike never had titles but I have a Texas bonded title to prove ownership.

Okay, so from that description I have to assume this one’s been around the track a few times. Obviously, if the motor’s been rebuilt, #12 wasn’t a garage queen and has some hours on it. Is it an ex Jeff Nash race bike and spares or did the previous owners enjoy their little slice of heaven?
I can also safely assume if you’re actively bidding on it you have already contacted the seller and got the skinny on it.

At the time of writing this one is up to $55,300 with 43 bids by 18 bidders and 6 days to go. It has also garnered the attention of 218 dreamers watching it.

I fully expect this one will have to creep well into the 100’s to shake the reserve loose.

What say you? What’s it going to take to release the reserve? What’s it going to take to park this one in your collection?

I attached some links to appease a few of your senses. Enjoy!

AMS Ducati start up video

Fay Myers info video

Below are links to a few of my older RSBFS Supermono posts from back in the day. You know, back when they sold for a paltry $75,000.

#34 from 12.11.2010

#14 from 1.15.2010

If you’re the winning bidder and need company while driving to pick it up just give me a shout 🙂

Check out #12 Supermono here

Let us know if you pick this one up.



1995 Ducati Supermono #12 of 27
Ducati June 29, 2018 posted by

Trick Track Single: 1995 Ducati Supermono for Sale

Some bikes take time to find their audience, but the Ducati Supermono was always going to be a classic. Created to compete in the Sound of Singles race series that supported World Superbike in the mid 1990s, the Supermono was a bit of a throwback to Ducati’s past: a pure racebike with exotic components, quality suspension, some very innovative technology and, as the name suggests, just one cylinder.

Single-cylinder engines are lightweight, torquey, and mechanically simple, which makes them ideal for offroad applications and economic commuters. But they aren’t all that suited for modern sports motorcycles, since vibrations caused by one cylinder limit maximum revs and therefore horsepower, and can be more than a little unpleasant for the rider at sustained high rpm, unless numb hands and blurry vision are your thing.

Ducati had a solution and, as is typical of companies with limited resources, it made use of as much existing hardware as possible but with an interesting twist. The new engine used most of the liquid-cooled, four valve v-twin engine from the 888 and 916, but with the rear cylinder blanked off, which seems simple enough. But here’s the twist: a dummy connecting rod was fitted to approximate the force of a second piston and connecting rod of the missing vertical cylinder.

Ducati ended up with a 549cc single that could rev to 11,000rpm happily and made 65hp with a dry weight of 267lbs, although a larger, 572cc version came along in 1995. Brakes were the same as the much heavier 916,  so stopping power could be considered adequate and the bike handled as well as you’d expect. The bike was liberally sprinkled with carbon fiber: the gauge cluster, fuel tank, rearset brackets, and the self-supporting rear subframe were all made from the material. Engine cases, triple clamps, and wheels were all lightweight magnesium.

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Ducati Supermono for Sale

Probably one of the most collectible sport bikes of this generation, enter the Ducati Supermono racer. This 1995 model is one of only 25 produced in 1995. Total production from 1993-1995 was 67, rare. The most unique attribute is the way Ducati did the motor, using an 888 Corsa motor and counterbalancing system consisting of a second attached to a lever pivoting on a pin fixed in the crankcase, hence the name “doppia bielletta” [double con rod].

This is a one-owner bike out of a 60+ bike private collection. Original bill of sale, docs, etc. The bike is in stellar condition.

Approximately 67 were made between 1993 and 1995 and, as you’d expect from the mission statement, most were raced, and quite successfully: it pretty much dominated any class where it was allowed to compete. Styling was by Pierre Terblanche and is pretty much perfect: lean and efficient and spartan. You can clearly see the influence this design had on the revised 900SS, but the style doesn’t quite translate: on the Supermono it looks clean and technical and light, but on the Super Sport it looks fussy and contrived. So what price perfection? Well this one has an eye-watering $149,000 starting bid, which shockingly seems a pretty fair place to start, considering what other examples have sold for.


Trick Track Single: 1995 Ducati Supermono for Sale
Ducati July 12, 2015 posted by

Super Single: 1993 Ducati Supermono for Sale

1993 Ducati Supermono 2

Well, this certainly isn’t the best-photographed Ducati Supermono I’ve come across: those pics look straight out of some grainy newsreel footage from the 1940’s, but it’s still beautiful, and this is one of those bikes we always have to post when they come along. Perhaps the very best of Terblanche’s futuristic designs, it looks obviously part of the Ducati family, and at the same time, like nothing else.

1993 Ducati Supermono 4

Designed to compete in the Sound of Singles series that supported World Superbike, the Supermono had, as you might expect, one cylinder. But while big singles produce whomping big spoonfuls of torque, they tend to be limited in terms of how high they can rev by the fact that they vibrate themselves to pieces. And even if the engines held together, the riders’ bones would turn to dust and they wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway.

But Ducati had a better idea. Basing their engine on their usual four-valve “L-twin,” they simply blanked off the rear cylinder. Okay, simple enough so far. But then they fitted a dummy con-rod to help balance out vibration by simulating the forces generated by the missing vertical cylinder.

1993 Ducati Supermono 4

The result was a 549cc single that could wind around to 11,000rpm safely and produce 65hp while weighing in at under 300lbs dry. Fitted with brakes from the standard v-twin superbike, stopping power is never an issue, and the bike corners like a 250GP machine.

It’s hard to see, but there are many bits like top triple clamp and engine cases that are suspiciously green. Why green? #becausemagnesium.

1993 Ducati Supermono 3

Also: I just love racing tachs like this. They’re basically saying, “Look, this bike doesn’t really even make any power there anyway, so what’s the point of worrying about it? Let’s just forget about those revs, okay?”

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Ducati Supermono for Sale

Up for auction is an extremely rare 1993 Ducati Supermono.
A must have for any Ducati collector.
#16 out of 67 worldwide
Barely used, looks brand new.
Runs beautifully! I have a video upon request.

Race bikes look so good because their form obviously follows function. They’re beautiful like fighter jets are beautiful: there’s sinister purpose in that shape, and that’s the tragedy of any collectible race bike. They’re obviously wasted, sitting in collections.

But just 65 Supermonos were produced between 1993 and 1995and they weren’t cheap when new, so people tend to risk lesser machines for their racetrack outings. As the seller suggests, these are some of the most collectible modern Ducatis. it’s a shame they never made a roadgoing version: you want a streetable Italian supersports single with racing credentials, you have to pick up a Bimota BB1…


1993 Ducati Supermono 1

Ducati September 25, 2014 posted by

2.5 Supermono’s: Two Ducati Supermono’s and an Extra Engine

3supermonosThe Ducati Supermono is usually pure unobtainium, with only 65 units built between 1993 and 1995.  They seem to be mostly garage queens that get swapped between collectors and have appeared on RSBFS less than 10 times since the inception of the site.

As Tad D wrote back in June of this year,

“The Supermono may only have one cylinder, but it is one of the most valuable and collectible Ducatis of the modern era. And while the Supermono may lack in displacement somewhat when compared to what we’re used to seeing these days, it’s a heart-attack serious machine. With a dry weight of only 267 pounds and suspended with the best kit money could buy, including brakes from the 888, a much heavier machine. And those funny, army-green top triple clamp and the engine cases? They’re magnesium of course. And at the heart of it all, a 549cc single that started out making 65bhp at 10,500rpm.”

Supermonos usually trade around 100-150k and are more commonly seen at auction sites like Bonhams than on ebay or craigslist.  So the odds of two being for sale at the same time on the same website (Ebay) are pretty high.  Now add to that the odds of  a supermono engine also being up for sale at the same time on the same website and I think we should be looking for a Zamboni driven by a guy named Beezelbub to make an appearance sometime soon.  In any case, here they are in all their glory for us to enjoy and who knows, maybe be bought by a RSBFS reader!

– – – – – – – – – –

SUPERMONO #14 – Location, Italy


The first supermono is listed as a 1995 model with the 570 engine and is a very recent relist here on RSBFS.  It is located in Italy and the seller indicates it is number 14 and has never been started.  Interestingly, there do appear to be some small cracks around the bodywork.  It last sold for 145k USD but apparently the seller fell through.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

SUPERMONO#22 – Location, Dallas TX, USA



The second supermono is listed as a 1993 model but has a higher serial number (22) than the one in Italy which is a bit odd.  It is located in Dallas Texas and the seller indicates it has gone through a recent rebuild and includes numerous extra parts.     Price will probably be slightly less than the 145,000 for the one in Italy given that its had a rebuild but it I expect it still be north of 110k.

NOTE:  I am currently working up in DFW and will be going to see this bike this weekend.  This will be the 2nd Supermono I have had the opportunity to see in person, the other being out at FayMeyers in Colorado.   Gotta get my drool backet back out of storage I guess – Marty/Dallaslavowner

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


supermon3 supermon31

Interesting, the same seller in Dallas TX USA of number 22 is also offering a supermono engine, most likely the original from the supermono being sold.  Seller indicates rebuild is complete but asking price is 55k (yikes!).  Then again if you are spending 100k+ on a motorcycle anyways, money probably isn’t a big factor in your life and it might be good to have some stock parts tucked away.


2.5 Supermono’s:  Two Ducati Supermono’s and an Extra Engine
Ducati September 2, 2014 posted by

Another 0 Mile Ducati Supermono For Sale!

supermono for sale

When I first spotted this one on eBay I thought it was a relist of the Supermono we posted earlier this year, but this is #14. Doug posted this one back in 2010 actually when it was listed on eBay UK. The #33 bike that sold in June went for a cool $125k. This auction is just getting warmed up, but at least you have an idea of how much you’ll need to take this one home!


Ducati Supermono for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Ducati 570cc Supermono

model year 1995

number 14/1995

Probably the only brand new and unused Supermono in the world and it’s one of the very last models being one of the 25 1995 models with the 572cc engine, it’s a known bike to us and spent its life in the hands of just two collectors it’s never been ridden, modified or messed with in any way, not even nver started, there is as you can see some paint cracking due to age shrinkage on the original carbon fibre fairing panel but other than that is perfect and as it left Ducati, a truly unique opportunity.

Bulletproof investment.

Bike is currently located in Italy, 33080 Roveredo in Piano (Pordenone) but i can get them delivered all around the World at cost, no problem.

Another 0 Mile Ducati Supermono For Sale!
Bimota June 24, 2014 posted by

Singles Club: 1995 Bimota BB1 Racer


Earlier this month, we posted a zero mile Ducati Supermono. That bike failed to sell at $122k+, and is currently back for another round at auction. The point is that singles – especially race pedigree singles – are hot. Want a purposeful single for the track but don’t have a spare $125k jingling in your pocket? Then check out this beautiful Bimota BB1 racer instead. With looks that could kill (depending upon your appreciation of the color palate chosen), this rare Bimota is ready to rip it up at your next track day – wherever that may be. There are plenty of details to list, but first let’s enjoy some eye candy.

1995 Bimota BB1 Racer for sale on eBay UK




From the seller:

The standard bike cost £10,000 back in ’96 and you can see why! It is beautifully made with lots of CNC and billet parts and feels very light for a bike of this size (BMW 650 engine)

It was built at great cost by the Japanese importer to contest their Supermono championship and still has a number of scrutineering stickers on the frame. It sounds amazing, like a modern Manx but picks up revs very quickly, the race team reported the engine is very strong all the way to 7,000 rpm. Mods carried out by the team include:
Aluminium 5.3L fuel tank
Re-location of electrics, coils, cdi etc.
Carbon front and rear fenders
Fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock
Adjustable Tigcraft front fork internals
Stainless oil hose
(A beautifully made full Tigcraft exhaust system with carbon cans is available separately – please see other auction)

You will definitely stand out at the track with this gorgeous bike. Besides starting it and a short ride around the paddock to check clutch and gears I have not checked or tested it so it is up to the purchaser to check everything carefully for their own safety before riding.


While Bimota BB1 models are nowhere near as rare nor dear as a Ducati Supermono, the concept is the same. The resultant package is lightweight and very potent. The benefit of the Bimota is powertrain parts availability – based on the BMW F650 engine and transmission, there will be spares and upgrades available for a long time to come. If you have been looking for something different, perhaps this is the time to start acting. This particular stunner is avialable via eBay in the UK. Check it out here. Good Luck!


Singles Club: 1995 Bimota BB1 Racer
Ducati June 8, 2014 posted by

Zero-Mile 1994 Ducati Supermono for Sale

This Ducati Supermono is the bike I wish Ducati would try to build these days. Do we really need more bikes so lethal that they will literally crawl in through your window at night with a knife in between their teeth, like the 1199 Panigale that seems to scare even professional moto-journalists? Or a road-going V4 Moto GP bike with 240hp? I mean, Ducati has a rich tradition of 250, 350, and 450cc single-cylinder performance bikes they could tap into.

KTM’s RC 390 is headed in the right direction [please come to the US, please come to the US], a small-displacement bike for experienced riders, a high-spec bike that designed to provide real thrills, not overwhelm with power.

1994 Ducati Supermono for sale on eBay

1994 Ducati Supermono Dash

What’s interesting is how this trend is relatively recent. The horsepower wars have been raging since they were won and lost by actual horses, but it’s only recently that there’s been such a dearth of legitimate sporting machines with little engines. If you’re a fan of classic sport bikes, you’ll be aware that there was a whole raft of machines that handled and stopped and were built with top-shelf components, not designed as some starter-bike for a teenager who plans to buy a Hayabusa as soon as he can figure out what color Mohawk he wants to stick on his helmet.

The Supermono may only have one cylinder, but it is one of the most valuable and collectible Ducatis of the modern era. And while the Supermono may lack in displacement somewhat when compared to what we’re used to seeing these days, it’s a heart-attack serious machine. With a dry weight of only 267 pounds and suspended with the best kit money could buy, including brakes from the 888, a much heavier machine. And those funny, army-green top triple clamp and the engine cases? They’re magnesium of course. And at the heart of it all, a 549cc single that started out making 65bhp at 10,500rpm.

1994 Ducati Supermono L Trans

Keep in mind that this was in the era before balance shafts, and a 10,000 rpm single this size was basically unheard-of. Big singles vibrate, and single-cylinder sportbikes like Bimota’s BB1 can be a numbing affair. But the Supermono had a trick up its four-valve Desmodromic sleeve: a dummy connecting rod that allowed the bike to rev as smoothly as a v-twin.

This is a seller of few words, but the bike speaks for itself: 1994 Ducati Supermono for Sale

Never used Ducati Supermono motorcycle. New fluids, radiator now dry, #33,1 of 67 built, stored in heated/air conditioned garage, perfect condition, one private owner, flawless, probably the most perfect supermono. 

1994 Ducati Supermono R Front Wheel

Styled by the controversial Pierre Terblanche, you can see echoes of his later 900SS in the jutting lower fairing. In spite of customer requests for a roadgoing example, the Ducati Supermono was a pure racebike and only 65 were ever made over the course of two years, with production ending in 1995. Designed to compete in the “Sound of Singles” race series, they epitomize what people love best about Ducati. It’s light, innovative, simple, and exotic.

And this one has exactly 0 miles.

Maybe there’s another out there that hasn’t turned a wheel, but I’d bet not as the Supermono was built to race. This would represent the most awful temptation for me. It’s a perfect machine. A giant, candy-like red button just begging to be pressed…

Hey, what’s that in the background of some of those shots? Besides the dog. Huh, looks like a Bimota DB1. I wonder if it’s for sale too…


1994 Ducati Supermono R Rear

Zero-Mile 1994 Ducati Supermono for Sale
Bimota February 17, 2014 posted by

1996 Bimota Supermono with just 800 miles in Florida

1996 Bimota Supermono for sale

I know, I know… Another Bimota with hardly any miles. But this one is a bit different as it houses a Rotax single cylinder motor usually seen in the BMW F650 variants. It’s also very light and more of a momentum machine than an all out brute like we usually think of with Bimota’s. Finally, we’ve only posted 3 of these before and 2 of those were outside the U.S., so you’re not likely to see another at your local meet. Current bid is just over $4k with a reserve still in place and 6 days remaining. Thanks for the forward Steve!


1996 Bimota Supermono for sale on eBay


from the seller:

For sale is my beloved 1996 bimota supermono. There were only 148 of these produced for the worldwide market. This machine is number 71. Bimota never officially imported any supermonos to the USA so this one was purchased by me after an extensive search. It was a European spec bike but I purchased it from japan. I imported it in 1999 when I resided in upstate New York. My work had me living in Imola, Italy many months of the year so I was able to go to the bimota factory in Rimini and obtain the original factory MSO. This made it possible to legally register it for street use here in the USA. As a result, it has a clear and free Florida title and can be registered readily in all states. The machine is in fantastic condition and has been part of my bimota and other Italian bike collection for these many years. I have decided to liquidate my collection as a beginning to retirement. It only has 1481 km on the clock. This past summer it was sent up to bimota spirit in Raleigh, NC for Bob Steinbugler to give her a once over. She is ready to go but is just sitting in my house on a trickle charger. I will not go into details about the bike since you are reading this you likely are well informed. The bike, as noted is number 71 of 148 and is a bimota supermono biposto. It does have the super rare rear seat cowling and is included in the sale.

1996 Bimota Supermono with just 800 miles in Florida