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Track Rat: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

1993 Yamaha TZ250 R Side

This Yamaha TZ250 is not a bike for collectors, so “those aren’t the correct fastener” pedants should probably just move along to the next bike… Everyone looking for a bargain should look elsewhere as well, because the seller is definitely thinking of this as a “race team in a box, just add rider” package. Which is a fair way to think of it: the TZ250 is a production-based race bike and is not simply a TZR250 with the lights and mirrors removed. It was intended for entry-level racers and is relatively durable, but two-stroke racebikes still need regular rebuilds and sourcing parts, while possible, will require time and effort.

1993 Yamaha TZ250 L Side

But for riders who prefer the lightness and simplicity offered by a little 250, there is nothing else that will satisfy. The TZ250 was powered by a liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin. With a host of internal changes to porting, improved cooling, and a counter-balancer, the new powerplant was narrower and smoother-running than the pre-1991 bikes’ parallel-twin engine. Upside-down forks and a classic asymmetrical “banana” swingarm helped the bike keep pace with rivals from Honda, Suzuki, and Aprilia.

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

The bike is a ’93 4DP. 4TW cases and a mix of parts of both models.
(Video of the bike at an STT trackday Advanced group https://youtu.be/INQwEqEP_yE)
Bike was not ridden/raced in 2015, I personally owned and raced it from 2009 to 2014.
Top end has about 100 miles on it. Crank was checked to be in tolerance at that point.

No shipping, local pick-up only

Spares are (see photos);
Extra wheels,
2 sets of front rotors
Misc sprockets
New set of Bridgestone slicks
Tire warmers Chickhawks
New Radiator,
Used Crank,
2 cylinder heads
2 cylinders plating on the bores are in good shape
10 base gaskets
1 ECU and 2 ignition rotors (one rotor needs to be rewound),
Exhaust servo
2 sets of coils
2nd set of Bodywork,
and jets, other gaskets, pins, o-rings and misc bits.

1993 Yamaha TZ250 Wheels

With a Buy It Now price of $10,950, the seller obviously knows that the bike and its package of important spares would take time and real effort to accumulate. But bidding is barely half that amount, suggesting that while the seller is expecting premium money, buyers are more realistic about this little racetrack refugee.

Any TZ250 is a very desirable and relatively rare motorcycle. But this example is a tool, and nothing more, a turn-key racebike, ready to rock.  It has no real collector value or racing history and it’s far from original, a very pragmatic mix of bits from different bikes. That makes it a very effective bike for an amateur racer or serious trackday enthusiast, but will likely leave everyone else out in the cold. $11,000 will buy a lot of motorcycle these days, and I think the seller might be aiming too high…


1993 Yamaha TZ250 R Side Naked


  • Now, this sporty! My favorite bike in 250 class, but not this year, or (gasp) color, but I’d ride the hair off it!

  • Agreed, the bodywork on the ’91 was more attractive and has aged better as well. Still a sweet bike even in the awful paint.

  • This is a bargain no matter how you add it up.

    The 4DP/4TW/5KE are still easily (but expensively) serviced with almost new cranks, almost new barrels coming up for sale every now and again and new pistons/rings/gaskets readily available. This one has spare wheels and some spare parts.

    This bike is at that rare point where it is still usable, you can still get most of the bits to do a full model correct restoration if you decide to park it as a show piece after enjoying if for a couple years as a track day toy AND still affordable enough to buy in running form.

    If I wasn’t so (foolishly) committed to the 1980’s TZ’s (1987 2KM) and RS’s (1988 NF5) which currently fill my budget (and garage) – this would be a no-brainer purchase at this price for anyone who wanted a usable track bike and cool show bike that in the future if put back to stock factory form will be able to return the money spent and then some.

    Bugger – anyone want to buy a basket case 3MA, an NS400 track bike and a 350YPVS powered 3XV?? hehe

  • how much for the tzr 350?

    • It will probably be sold as a roller ready for a donor 350 as I am putting the 350 into an ’86 TZ250 1RK 🙂

  • The spares package is worth an easy $3000 alone on ebay, and the bike will only go up in value. The guys who had one or always wanted one are getting to that age that really drives thd collector car and bike market.

  • Sold for just over $7000… that was the bargain of the decade 🙂

  • I passed up its baby brother when I was a young gun. Get this…as a 17 year old highschool kid with a motorcycle license I owned a 99 Debi GPR all worked over, and a cafe inspired Honda cb550 Supersport “the daily.” My parents bless their dumb souls pretty much allowed me get whatever I worked for and when I’d saved up enough and sold off the Derbi, I found a few year old bone stock 2nd Gen Red white and black 02 Yamaha R1 with like 6k miles on it. The seller also had a perfect late 90’s TZ125, but alas I could not afford both. “Side note it’s all gravy got a RS125 now!” How I made it through my post pubescent years with that Yami I to this day cannot figure out. God bless the angel who continues to save my dumb ass!

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