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Classy: 1978 Yamaha TZ250

When it came to Grand Prix racing, the Yamaha TZ250 was a class-leading act. Through the late 1970s and early 1980s, Yamaha was a force to be reckoned with, and the privateer racer was the prime beneficiary. Mere mortals – with some racing creds and a pile of cash – could purchase something very close to a factory race bike. Spares were available from your dealer. And the checkered flag was only a small investment away…. Fast forward to today, and the privateer factory GP race bike is all but extinct. Thankfully some still exist in preserved condition. Today’s model does more than that. This example gives you the full TZ250 experience, yet is licensed for the street (!).

1978 Yamaha TZ250 licensed racer on eBay

The 1978 model TZ250 was officially known as a “Series E.” What began in 1972 as an experiment in a water-cooled 250 racer blossomed into a multi-generation product run of a decade or more. The E model is relatively unchanged from the previous gen “D” spec (why fix what isn’t broken?), and touts 53 HP in stock configuration pushing a total package of 260 lbs. The result is certainly enough to get your attention, provided the tach has cleared 7,500 RPM or so. What this was NOT intended for is street bike usage. Regular TZ250 racers lack the electrical system (headlight, tail lamp, etc) and the instrumentation (i.e. speedo) necessary for street use. There are other considerations as well, including the need for an auxiliary radiator fan when stopped – race bikes are not normally designed to hang out at traffic lights.

From the seller:
1978 Yamaha TZ 250 Very rare to have a Title to a TZ250. Looking to sell a couple of my bikes to make space for something else. The TZ runs and rides good. Have a few extras that go with the bike such as pistons, piston rings, extra cylinder jug, another windscreen new, original Mikuni carbs. Any question please ask.

Not a lot of detail as to what went into this street conversion. The pictures definitely show a headlight and tail lamp, so the basics are met. Not sure how – or if – the electrical system was upgraded as a result. No turn indicators shown, so better get some practice in with your hand signals: Left arm straight out to signal left, left arm bent upwards at 90 degrees to indicate right, and middle finger waving way up high to indicate your love for DOT, EPA, and (most likely) the DMV.

Some pretty serious bidding is underway on this one, with the current price below $5k and below reserve. TZ250s are not exactly a dime a dozen these days, so there is some element of rarity right there. TZ250s that are plated for the street?! That is a whole new ball game of rare. Californians (and others in restrictive states) best do their homework first, but if you live in a state that allows it this could be the street bike to beat as far as unique might go. Check it out here, and then jump back to the Comments. Would you rock a GP racer on the street? Let us know!


Classy:  1978 Yamaha TZ250
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Everybody Loves a Winner: 1998 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale


Just so we’re clear: this 1998 Yamaha TZ250 is not to be confused with the road-going but also very cool TZR250. The TZ250 was Yamaha’s over-the-counter GP machine, a pure race bike. As such, “originality” is a relative thing, and these things have typically evolved over their racing careers with the goal of winning at any cost. This particular TZ250 has obviously been thoroughly developed, as it was the AMA 250 GP Championship winner in 1999…


Like the later versions of the TZR250, the TZ250 was powered by a liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin, backed by a six-speed gearbox, with a classic “banana” swingarm out back. The bike was designed to appeal to entry-level racers and is relatively reliable for a pure racing machine, but it will obviously need regular rebuilds and much more maintenance than a roadbike.


The 1998 TZ250 seen here featured revised plastics, including that tapered tail that looks a bit like the later Aprilia RS250. The new bodywork also featured a sealed airbox and a ram-air intake to feed the updated carburetors, along with a host of minor upgrades to the rest of the bike.


From the original eBay listing: AMA Championship-Winning 1998 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

You’ve heard of Barn Finds… Time Capsules…  Museum Liquidations….   well today, have I got one for you! This is THE 1999 AMA 250 GP Championship winning machine as piloted by Chuck Sorensen.  Exactly as it ran, with factory spares to boot!  It was, and possibly is still today- one of the fastest 250s in the country.

I purchased this in early 2003, directly from James Siddall- owner of World Sports Imports.  This was James’ trophy bike.  He mentioned that after it crossed the finish line, it went directly to his office to set behind his desk.  The only hands that have touched the motorcycle since purchase were those of Perry Melneciuc -who, if you know him- besides his being a Factory Mechanic for Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, AMA Race Teams- is considered the most correct, fastidious, compulsive Gran Prix mechanic alive.  All that, PLUS he was a World Sports’ team member/rider.  Perry went thru it from tip to tail and made certain everything was correct, fresh and set to their true running settings.  (Perry’s notes are included in the sale as to what World Sports ran and what it is set for now -including upper/lower, unleaded/leaded, head volume, deck height, squish, carb settings, transmission selections, etc.)
After Perry’s meticulous go-thru, fluids were drained and it went into storage/display.  Until now….
The motorcycle is completely outfitted with very rare and otherwise unobtainable parts.  Almost every single nut, bolt, axle and pivot is either titanium or aluminum.  Forks and shock are the state of the art (for the time) Ohlins.  Expansion chambers/pipes are factory “A” kit titanium.  Wheels, are five spoke Marvics.
The spares package is rich and thick:
*Complete set of later model Corbin  #1 body work (seat, two lowers, two uppers, tank (un-dented) (left over from the 2000 campaign)
*Extra set of Factory “A” kit steel expansion chambers
*Sprockets (front and rear) and carriers
*Clutch basket (inner, outer) rod, gear, bearings etc
*two cyclinders
*at least three sets of heads (8.1cc, 8.3cc w/ deto sensors, etc)
*2 Ohlins alternate shock springs
*alternate Ohlins fork springs
*throttle sleeve
*New side cover with new gasket in package
*TEN brand new matched pistons with rings, wristpins, etc.
*4DP-40 CDI (black box)
*one World Sports Imports Team Polo shirt!
*two (matched L/R set of brake rotors)
*19 spark plugs (11 in bag, used, 8 in holder used but entirely serviceable.
*foot pegs, clutch springs, etc
*electrical umbilical cord for exhaust valve setting
*spare battery, charger
*the SEVENTY-FIVE (not including the ones in the motorcycle) individual gears/alternate ratios that make up the UNOBTAINABLE FACTORY RACING TRANSMISSION KIT.
*tire warmers, f/r stands
To further document things, the photos should take over from here.  I tried to photograph all the spares so you can paw thru them…  but one photo got missed -showing the two alternate rate Ohlins shock springs. The only thing that has happened to the bike in the years on display is the right aluminum clip-on split due fatigue/time under load.  (You can actually see it in photo #6, right clip on…  a small white line, about 3/4″).
Outside of that- the motorcycles’ internals are fresh and as set by Perry.  With fluids, tires, battery and a proper set up for you- the bike is ready to ride.
There are no takers yet at the $17,500 starting bid. The listing includes a huge amount of spares as described by the seller, something that can make or break the deal on a bike like this, unless you’re just planning to simply display it. Two-strokes, especially highly-strung, tuned-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives racing two-strokes consume parts regularly. Folks racing on a budget are likely familiar with that and comfortable wrenching but, when you’re running a nearly twenty-year-old, limited-production motorcycle with parts you likely could never have simply picked up on the shelves of your local dealer, the chances of finding what you need are vanishingly small.
And not only are maintenance parts included, but go-fast bits are in the mix. I can’t imagine there’s a track in the world you couldn’t configure those seventy-five gears to tackle, which is probably the whole point, and I have no idea what the trick front end and shock would be worth on the open market. $17,500+ is a lot of money, but considering the race-winning history and the fact that it’s basically a complete race-bike kit in a box (just add rider) that suddenly starts to seem pretty reasonable.
Everybody Loves a Winner: 1998 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale
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No Titles, No Problem: Pair of Race 1991 Yamaha TZ250Bs for Sale

1991 Yamaha TZ250B R Front

Looking to start your own vintage race team? Well today’s brace of 1991 Yamaha TZ250s and a whole raft of included spare parts is ready to help you do just that, just add trailer.

And talent.

Sports two-strokes from the 80s ands 90s are very rare and desirable these days, with fresh imports from Japan making their way here regularly. And as always, the issue of titling them comes up. In some states, it’s easy to get grey-market bikes titled. In others, particularly California, it’s very difficult without spending years gathering incriminating information about prominent politicians or spending a small fortune to bribe public officials.

Fortunately, today’s pair of TZ250Bs solves that problem for us nicely by being pure racebikes that never had titles in the first place. Obviously, there are some rough similarities between the TZR250 and TZ250, but the TZR was a sporty roadbike meant to ape the real-deal, “closed-course only” TZ.

1991 Yamaha TZ250B L Front

Powered by what was basically half of a V4 from the TZ500, the 1991 TZ250B was the first v-twin powered TZ250: earlier bikes used a parallel-twin configuration, long after competitors from Honda and Suzuki had switched to v-twin engines. The B also featured upside-down forks for the first time and a distinctive banana swingarm to clear the right-side expansion chambers, something that wasn’t required on the “reverse-head” parallel-twin TZs from 1988-1990.

1991 Yamaha TZ250B L Side Rear

From the original eBay listing: Pair of 1991 Yamaha TZ250Bs for Sale

Rare opportunity: for sale two very nice Yamaha 250B’s, VIN#3YL000397 and 3YL000409. Both bikes are race ready and have two races on new top ends.

I do not know the miles on either bikes’ cranks but when I did the top ends they checked OK.

I have approximately $10,000 in spares, mostly new, not a bunch of junk. I will provide an inventory list upon request and I have included photos of them.

The bikes are sold on a BOS, there were no titles for these bikes. I had to put something in the eBay listing for title condition and miles.  

1991 Yamaha TZ250B Parts

These are very nice machines, I love the color scheme, and a big box of spares to keep a pair of obsolete racebikes running sounds like a peach of a deal… But at $30,000 Buy It Now for the pair, you’re looking at a lot of cheddar for this package.


1991 Yamaha TZ250B L Side

No Titles, No Problem: Pair of Race 1991 Yamaha TZ250Bs for Sale
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Track Rat: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

1993 Yamaha TZ250 R Side

This Yamaha TZ250 is not a bike for collectors, so “those aren’t the correct fastener” pedants should probably just move along to the next bike… Everyone looking for a bargain should look elsewhere as well, because the seller is definitely thinking of this as a “race team in a box, just add rider” package. Which is a fair way to think of it: the TZ250 is a production-based race bike and is not simply a TZR250 with the lights and mirrors removed. It was intended for entry-level racers and is relatively durable, but two-stroke racebikes still need regular rebuilds and sourcing parts, while possible, will require time and effort.

1993 Yamaha TZ250 L Side

But for riders who prefer the lightness and simplicity offered by a little 250, there is nothing else that will satisfy. The TZ250 was powered by a liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin. With a host of internal changes to porting, improved cooling, and a counter-balancer, the new powerplant was narrower and smoother-running than the pre-1991 bikes’ parallel-twin engine. Upside-down forks and a classic asymmetrical “banana” swingarm helped the bike keep pace with rivals from Honda, Suzuki, and Aprilia.

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

The bike is a ’93 4DP. 4TW cases and a mix of parts of both models.
(Video of the bike at an STT trackday Advanced group
Bike was not ridden/raced in 2015, I personally owned and raced it from 2009 to 2014.
Top end has about 100 miles on it. Crank was checked to be in tolerance at that point.

No shipping, local pick-up only

Spares are (see photos);
Extra wheels,
2 sets of front rotors
Misc sprockets
New set of Bridgestone slicks
Tire warmers Chickhawks
New Radiator,
Used Crank,
2 cylinder heads
2 cylinders plating on the bores are in good shape
10 base gaskets
1 ECU and 2 ignition rotors (one rotor needs to be rewound),
Exhaust servo
2 sets of coils
2nd set of Bodywork,
and jets, other gaskets, pins, o-rings and misc bits.

1993 Yamaha TZ250 Wheels

With a Buy It Now price of $10,950, the seller obviously knows that the bike and its package of important spares would take time and real effort to accumulate. But bidding is barely half that amount, suggesting that while the seller is expecting premium money, buyers are more realistic about this little racetrack refugee.

Any TZ250 is a very desirable and relatively rare motorcycle. But this example is a tool, and nothing more, a turn-key racebike, ready to rock.  It has no real collector value or racing history and it’s far from original, a very pragmatic mix of bits from different bikes. That makes it a very effective bike for an amateur racer or serious trackday enthusiast, but will likely leave everyone else out in the cold. $11,000 will buy a lot of motorcycle these days, and I think the seller might be aiming too high…


1993 Yamaha TZ250 R Side Naked

Track Rat: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale
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Purity of Purpose: 1981 Yamaha TZ250H

1981 Yamaha TZ250 R Front Naked

The 1981 Yamaha TZ250 more than just an evolution of their 250 GP machine, it was a complete reworking that shared almost no parts with the older bike. It included an entirely new engine designed around features from the proven TZ500 that were intended to increase both power and reliability.

1981 Yamaha TZ250 L Side

Keep in mind: the TZ250 is no production-based entry-level racer, and running one is not for the faint of heart or mechanically inept. “Improved durability” is a relative term: the TZ250 will still need rebuilds every few hundred miles, making it a very expensive hobby or a labor of love, depending on your level of mechanical aptitude… But the feeling you’ll get from riding a genuine race bike, combined with the emotional and historical link with famous riders who got their start on a TZ makes the cost and effort worthwhile.

1981 Yamaha TZ250 Dash

Racing motorcycles embody such an interesting duality to me, the contrast between the simplistic, almost primitive bodywork wrapped around beautiful mechanical bits. The sand-cast cases look very exotic if you know what you’re looking at, and that dry clutch adds another touch of race-tech bling. And those dull grey wheels? Magnesium.

1981 Yamaha TZ250 R Engine

The completely new 180° water-cooled two-stroke parallel-twin featured a shorter stroke than the earlier machine, reducing piston-speed and improving durability. Carburetors were generally Mikuni, although this bike features a set of period-correct Lectrons in their place.

1981 Yamaha TZ250 R Rear Naked

From the original eBay listing: 1981 Yamaha TZ250H for Sale

This TZ250 is a very good and complete survivor and is in a fantastic condition for a 34 year old race bike with corresponding frame and engine/motor numbers. The bike was in storage since 1990 and was started once a month and driven around the block by previous owner to circulate fluids. The bike has a new aftermarket fairing and the seat is a “New old stock (very old)” seat. Tank (original) and front mudguard (original) are in white primer ready for paint. The fairing and seat are in white gel coat finish. Tank has a few imperfections, but will take very little work to get it perfect. The tank does not leak!   This bike is fitted with a set of very rare lightweight Magnesium race wheels. The original full fairing and seat are included in the sale. The screen on the bike fits the original fairing, but is not a perfect fit for the new Airtech fairing and will have to be replaced by buyer for a better fit.

The frame was chemically stripped of all old paint and re-painted, see pictures. The wheels were also chemically stripped and now are in un-painted magnesium finish.

The bike is fitted with a set of racing LECTRON carburetors. The LECTRON manual is included with the sale.

1981 Yamaha TZ250 L Engine

Bidding is very active and is currently north of $6,800, with just 24 hours left on the auction. It could use some graphics to decorate those bare fairings. With so many cool parts on it, not the least of which those magnesium wheels and the Lectron carbs, this needs to be decked out in some vintage racing Yamaha racing colors, with maybe some period sponsor logos, then flogged mercilessly on track…


1981 Yamaha TZ250 R Side

Purity of Purpose: 1981 Yamaha TZ250H
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Track Day Mongrel: 2009 Yamaha TZ450 for Sale

2009 Yamaha TZ450 R Side

So you’ve been badly bitten by the track-day bug, and you want something that will really teach you to go faster, something you can beat the living hell out of and it will just ask, “Please sir, can I have some more?” Or maybe you’ve decided that track days just aren’t enough, and you want to go racing. But not being a 16 year old kid with delusions of immortality and a boatload of cash to build a competitive Supersport machine, you need something cheap to buy, simple to run, and easy to maintain. You may not impress your riding buddies, but you can’t beat something like this Yamaha TZ450 single for riding thrills.

Now right now, you’re probably thinking, “But Yamaha never built a TZ450.”

No they didn’t. But in the past few years, it’s become popular to use off-road engines and even whole motorcycles as the basis for lightweight track machines. The formula is simple: take a stock dirt bike engine, frame, and swingarm, add a modern sportbike front end or modify the existing forks, rear shock, add rearsets and bodywork. Companies like Roland Sands Design and GP Tech sell kits to help you along, or can even build you a complete machine.

2009 Yamaha TZ450 L Side Engine

Finished machines have a dry-weight of about 250lbs. It’s a nearly perfect package for track junkies, with easy parts availability, a flexible powerband, and extreme light weight. All-in, if you build it yourself? Under $5,000, plus your time and effort.

Or you can just buy a bike someone else built. Maybe one that features the race-winning prowess of Yamaha’s GP-framed TZ250, stuffed full of thumper torque.

From the original eBay listing: 2009 Yamaha TZ450 for Sale

Motor: 2009 YZ 450 four stroke single with: bored cylinder,  Hot Cams camshaft, Vertex piston, ported and polished head, lightened and knife edged crank, oversized custom aluminum radiator, GTYR slipper clutch, revised internal gearing, and custom Graves motorsports exhaust.

Chassis:1994 Yamaha TZ 250 Grand Prix Race motorcycle chassis with: Brembo front calipers, Brembo 19mm radial master cylinder, Marvic magnesium wheels, Ohlins steering damper, Mychron4 digital dash, and good condition body work.

Spares: stock TZ 250 wheels, tail cowl, new vertex piston, clutch plates and springs, new gasket set, new base gasket, rear stand and external gearing.    Sprockets front steel: size 14 and 15.    Rear aluminum: 32,35,36,37,39,40,41, and 42.

Title and Mileage: This is a race bike and has never been titled.  It also has no device to indicate mileage. It will be sold with a bill of sale only.

The seller is asking $8,500 for his creation. You could certainly build your own for cheaper, but obviously this is a bit of a step up from a converted dirt bike and features some very trick bits, along with geometry honed in the crucible of racing. Also it’s pretty cool to have a TZ with a big single stuffed into it.

2009 Yamaha TZ450 R Side Engine

Earlier this summer, I spoke with a guy who ran a MZ Skorpion Sport in AHRMA’s Sound of Singles series who told me, “I’ve been riding for years, but the Skorpion is the bike that taught me to go fast.” Learning to ride something light that stresses handling over straight-line speed really is the best route to really fast riding. They don’t stick budding racers on Superbikes and hope for the best. Those kids have generally spent years on small, lightweight machines that teach them more than “get the bike upright, twist the throttle to the stop, and hang on.”

This bike sounds like just the ticket to faster, safer riding!


2009 Yamaha TZ450 Dash

Track Day Mongrel: 2009 Yamaha TZ450 for Sale
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Back to the Track: 1997 Yamaha TZ250


OK folks – it is Christmas, which means that the end of the year is looming large. That mean New Year resolutions. And the most common resolution seems to be the lose weight / get in shape sort of personal goal. That, and adding to the motorcycle collection. As in years past, we at RSBFS have found you the perfect item that helps you to achieve both. In this case, it is a 1997 Yamaha TZ250.


1997 Yamaha TZ250 GP Racer for sale on eBay


Small bike. Light weight. Good horsepower. Great handling. This is a track bike that you can grow into – and one that demands that your waistline recede a bit post holiday gluttony. This is a bike that rewards aggressive, determined riding. It also rewards a rider in good physical shape. See? This is THE perfect New Years resolution you can make. Convince the significant other that this is really just a health club membership and you will be on your way to a terrific 2014! But honey, it comes with spares!


From the seller:
1997 Yamaha TZ250 Race bike
Thank you very much for looking. This is a purpose built two-stroke GP race bike. I bought this a few years ago from a guy who raced it in AFM and took impeccable care of it. I only raced maybe four or five races with it but never finished off the podium, it has to be hands down the most fun bike I have ever ridden. Like any race bike, it has been down a couple times in practice so there are some typical cosmetic scratches on the fairings and and a dent to the top of the gas tank (no leaks and never had any problem with the tank). Personally I think it adds character haha.

Honestly, I would rather never sell the bike but I am an air force pilot and on a 1:1 deployment/dwell ratio. Spending every spring/summer in Afghanistan and only being home for the winters has made it extremely difficult to find opportunities to ride this INCREDIBLE bike out of season….and I hate making it sit in my garage when it should be getting thrashed around a track. If you aren’t familiar with two-stroke gp bike you should look into them first as they aren’t your typical track bike, but I’ve never ridden anything as rewarding to ride hard around track. Also, don’t let the 250cc fool you, its got 80-somethin horsepower and weighs under 225lbs. thats TWO HUNDRED pounds less or HALF the weight of any 600cc bike on the street (I can lift the bike in the air by myself). Straight line acceleration is more than capable but with such light weight the cornering speeds are truly jaw-dropping.


Back to the Track:  1997 Yamaha TZ250
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Another NEW racebike?! 1983 Yamaha TZ250K


Today’s brand new racer is brought to us by the same dealer selling this new Honda NSF250R. It seems incredible that this bike is even available, much less still for sale in the US. Located in Southern California (where every day is a great track day!), this is one very clean, very chic vintage TZ racer. How can one seller have so many great bikes? Some guys seem to get all the luck. But if you act soon, you could be the next (first?) lucky owner!


From the seller:
New 1983 Yamaha TZ250K located at our shop in California. This bike is NEW, and comes with the full factory spares kit. As you can see in the pictures, there are some scratches on the bike from sitting around all of these years. We removed the front brake pads, because the brake was locked up from sitting. This is a very rare find! If you looking for a good investment, this is it. Ever wonder were all the old racers went in the USA? Most were exported to other countries. If it does not sell here in the states, for sure it will end up going overseas. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Bike is sold as is, no returns! Sold with a bill of sale only, No title. I can export this bike no problem. I have all the import docs needed to export this bike.


With no odometer or hobbs meter, it is very difficult to tell if a bike has been used or not. This one looks very clean, but could it have been cleaned up after the fact? Did Yamaha safety wire their bikes from the factory? Could all of the superficial damage on this bike occur from storage and transit issues? As a potential buyer, I woudl be concerned as to how to verify it is really new. I have no reason not to believe the seller – but would love to know how to check for something in this situation. How would RSBFS readers verify authenticity?


The opening ask for this bike is not cheap: $17,200. There is a BIN on the auction as well, and like the auction for the above mentioned NSF250R, it is set as the same as the opening ask: $17,200. Any way you look at it, $17,200 seems to be the price for this one. Check it out here. RSBFS nearly never sees this kind of hardware in this sort of condition – if this is your kind of thing, take note and act accordingly. Good Luck!