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Ducati May 19, 2015 posted by

Hiding in Plain Sight – Rare Ducati 748R

2001 Ducati 748R on eBay


Nobody would blame you for overlooking this one.  I almost did.  Just another guy who thinks his Ducati is worth way more than it really is, right?  Maybe not.  It turns out this is a very rare Ducati 748R.  I happen to have a good friend who is a serious Ducati collector and this is one he told me to be on the lookout for.  The 748R is a legitimately hopped up homologation special with quite a few upgrades designed to make it a serious contender on the SuperSport racing scene.  There were approximately 2000 of them made and only 100 of them were designated for import into the U.S.


The 748R had a slightly different frame to accommodate a larger carbon fiber airbox, different injectors, titanium rods and valves as well as top notch Ohlins suspension both front and rear.  I believe it also featured a slipper clutch as well as a taller first gear, similar to the Honda RC30/45 and the ZX7R homologation models.  So, street riding might be a bit of a chore.  But I wouldn’t complain!


This one appears well cared for with a number of expected modifications as well as some legitimate engine work.  Whether that’s a positive or a negative is up to you.  The seller gives some more details about the Duc’s condition below or you can read about them as well as the list of modifications on his eBay auction seen here: 2001 Ducati 748R for sale

Time to make some room in my garage so I’m going to part with this rare beast. Its an original 2001 Ducati 748R.  No. 711. Not many of these around anymore and this one’s good some nice goodies. it has 11k miles (I do ride it here and there so there may be some more)

I am the second owner and the previous owner did all of the upgrades. The bike is in very good shape, not mint there are a couple light scratches on the tank, a small scuff mark on the right fairing and the foam around the instrument panel is a bit melted from the sun. (I think this was due in party to the double bubble windscreen magnifying it). The paint is in amazing shape. It has much more power than a regular 748 and the R has a more unique sound due to the differences in the motors. Maintained at Munroe Motors Ducati in San Francisco. Head were checked at 10,000 miles and rockers/valves had no signs of issues.


Hiding in Plain Sight – Rare Ducati 748R
Bimota May 17, 2015 posted by

Race Bike for Sale: 2014 Alstare Team Bimota BB3 for Sale

2014 Alstare Bimota BB3 R Rear

Bimota’s BB3 is only the third collaboration between the Bimota and BMW. This is likely because, for most of BMW’s history, Ze Germans produced engine and drivetrain combos not really suited to the sort of lightweight sportbikes Bimota generally builds.

2014 Alstare Bimota BB3 R Front

The BB1 was powered by BMW’s Rotax single from their and, like most Bimotas was a polarizing bike: handling was predictably amazing, but it vibrated enough to blur your vision at redline… The BB2 was basically a prototype, a showbike, and only one was produced. And while the S1000RR-powered BB3 has had some teething problems, the overall package should be very potent when properly set up: imagine an even more extreme S1000RR.

2014 Alstare Bimota BB3 Dash

But set-up shouldn’t be a problem for this particular bike, since it’s been raced this past year by Alstare Racing, one of the most experienced teams in World Superbike competition. Since their start in 1992, they’ve run Ducatis and were long associated with Suzuki before briefly switching back to Ducati to run a brace of really, really good-looking Panigales before moving on to Bimota this past year.

2014 Alstare Bimota BB3 Swingarm

From the seller: 2014 Bimota BB3 WSBK for Sale

The Alstare Team is selling a 2014 WSBK Bimota BB3. We had 4 bikes for sale. Two have been sold to collectors, one will go in our museum and one still for sale.

That left machine is the one which Christian Iddon used during the 2014 WSBK season. The brakes and suspensions are stock parts and the Motec data acquisition has been removed.

The BMW engine is quite new (1200 km) and revised. The bike is in a perfect state and ready to ride.

The price is 45,000 $ excluding tax and transportation.

With the bike, front and rear red Lightech stands and two authenticity certificates, one from the Bimota factory and one from the Alstare Team.

2014 Alstare Bimota BB3 Radiator

Interested in picking this up for your collection? Feel free to contact the seller at

Honestly, their $45,000 asking price seems pretty reasonable for a well-prepared bike competing at one of the top levels of motorsport. Parts and prep alone should probably see you close to that price, and the race history, although recent, should only add to that.

2014 Alstare Bimota BB3 Engine Detail

So the question is, should this be a track day monster for a well-heeled rider, or conversation-starting, spouse-annoying living room decoration? What ever you decide, can I come over and hang out?

-tad 2014 Alstare Bimota BB3 Track

Race Bike for Sale: 2014 Alstare Team Bimota BB3 for Sale
Suzuki April 16, 2015 posted by

Mint Middleweight – 1997 Suzuki GSXR-750

1997 Suzuki GSXR-750 on eBay


1996 was a “get serious” year for Suzuki’s iconic GSXR-750.  The early 90s had seen Suzuki losing ground on the racetrack and in the dealerships to Kawasaki’s ZX7 and Ducati’s 916.  The 1996 “SRAD” was a completely new bike, with Suzuki abandoning their classic cradle frame and going to an aluminum twin spar frame and wrapping it in sleek new bodywork.  The frame and the appearance of the new GSXR were both based off of Suzuki’s RGV500 GP bikes and the results were stunning.  A weight loss of nearly 75lbs and a new high revving engine now featuring a ram air setup pushed Suzuki back to the front of the class.


The GSXR seen here came one year later in 1997 and was largely unchanged from the 1996 model aside from slightly different paint schemes.  A red and black option now replaced the awful brown and carbon scheme seen in 1996…. but let’s be honest, we all want the classic blue and white!  This one has been in the same family since day one and it’s obvious that they cared.  Despite having a healthy 25k miles on the clock, you’d never know it by looking at it.  It appears to be bone stock aside from the D&D pipe (start looking for a Yosh if you’re the lucky new owner) and some wheel tape.   You can check out the auction here 1997 Suzuki GSXR-750 on eBay.  I will be watching with great interest, as I think a minty SRAD might become the next hot commodity.

1997 Suzuki GSXR 750 SRAD in great condition . The bike has no issues runs and drives like new. has new tires on and is ready to enjoy. The bike has a D&D full exhaust and zero gravity wind screen. every thing else is all original. The bike has never been repaired never been tipped over or laid down. It has always been in the same family and adult driven. 



Mint Middleweight – 1997 Suzuki GSXR-750
Yamaha April 7, 2015 posted by

Win It or Bin It – 1999 Yamaha R7 on eBay UK

Rare 1999 Yamaha R7 on eBay UK


For many of us who remember the heyday of World Superbike racing, one of the indelible images will always be the maniacal “Win it or Bin it” style of Japanese madman Noriyuki Haga aboard his beautiful Yamaha R7.  Haga won almost as many races as he crashed out of.  While it was probably infuriating for the Yamaha Factory, it sure was entertaining to watch for the fans.


With the premise of World Superbike racing being that they were based (note: I said BASED) off of the same models you could buy from the dealer’s showroom, Yamaha was forced to sell at least 500 road-going R7s to the public.  Those lucky enough and wealthy enough to get their hands on an R7 would be rewarded with about 110hp (easily tuned to 140hp or more) pushing just 350lbs wrapped up in a gorgeous package who’s silhouette is not far from the legendary Yamaha YZR500 GP bikes


The telltale gold of the Ohlins suspension, dual filler necks in the aluminum tank, and solo seat are all very clear indicators of the R7s intended purpose and racing pedigree.  You can read a bit more about the OW-02 from the seller’s listing here – 1999 Yamaha R7 on eBay UK

YAMAHA YZF R7 OW02 2001 Covered 18,755 miles from new in immaculate condition fully original bike apart from after market Termignoni exhaust system fitted. Must be seen to appreciate condition, very rare classic, investment opportunity.


Win It or Bin It – 1999 Yamaha R7 on eBay UK
Ducati March 29, 2015 posted by

Feeling Foggy are ya? – 1999 Ducati 996S

1999 Ducati 996S Foggy Rep on eBay


I’m going to level with you RSBFS readers… this one breaks my heart.  You see, it was for sale a mere 10 miles from me for just $4,500!  After 4 hours of text begging with the wife, I finally convinced her that this bike was a sound investment and we should take money out of savings so I could buy it.  I called and the guy said “Sorry, sold it 10 minutes ago.”  My dream was crushed.  I have a feeling that I’ll be crying myself to sleep when it finally sells.

OK, on to the bike itself!  The Ducati 996 was an evolutionary step forward from the legendary 916.  It retained all of the beautiful style of the original 916 but got a bump in power from an increase in displacement, two injectors per cylinder and a redesigned airbox.  This particular one has had some additional changes including the 5 spoke Marchesini wheels, Termi exhaust as well as an SPS carbon fiber airbox. 


The seller has some maintenance information and details about the modifications that you can read that in the eBay listing here: 1999 Ducati 996S on eBay

The engine was rebuilt in 2002 under factory warranty (I have receipts for proof) by Gold Coast motorsports in New York at a cost of $5900.
At the time the bike has 10k miles. I do not know the maintenance history after this point. I cannot say if the bike was serviced or not after that point.
I can say the bike is clean, drips no oil, doesn’t smoke and it runs fantastic. Obviously is sounds great with the Termi slip ons.

This one is badged #20 of around 200 996S’s imported in 1999 ( the tailcone has a 996SPS Fogarty decal ). No shortage of confusion about the Fogarty “Foggy” replicas unfortunately, most information indicates that the 996 Foggy replicas were a UK-only deal ( to homologate the 996 engine ). Readily available replica decal kits didn’t help matters. Perhaps a dealer-applied kit ? The U.S. received a Foggy tribute Monster in 2001.


Mike M. and Donn

Feeling Foggy are ya? – 1999 Ducati 996S
Suzuki July 1, 2014 posted by

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750RK (aka the RR) in California

wsb superbike 3

The Suzuki GSX-R750RK, also known as the RR (which stood for race replica)  was a “straight-out-of-the-crate” racer and only 500 were produced.   They weren’t imported into North America, so here is a rare opportunity to pick one up here in the states.

I will admit that I was not familiar with the RR/RK model from 1989, but according to the sellers post (and wikipedia), the bike had a significant number of upgrades from the standard model

“The ‘Double R’ received a new 40mm Slingshot carburetor, a 4-into-1 exhaust pipe, a close ratio gearbox, new rear swingarm and sub frame, new aerodynamic fiber bodywork with large air intake duct, solo seating with race number box and a 19 liter aluminium fuel tank as standard equipment. The dry weight 411lbs and 120hp at the wheel rivals some modern sport bikes to this day.”

wsb superbike 5

1989 Suzuki GSX-R RK/RR (repli-racer)

Perhaps the biggest changes were in the engine which reverted back to the long stoke design while also receiving upgrades.

“The RK was designed to be a bike which could be tuned easier than its short-stroke predecessor. Racing teams which were already adept at tuning the long stroke engine and so were more familiar with this revived long stroke design,   The newly redesigned engine reverted to the original long stroke (70 x 48.7mm) configuration. Crankcase, crankshaft connecting rods and clutch were among the critical areas receiving more attention necessary for the race duty.” 

wsb superbike 2

This particular example certainly looks very clean but  the pictures indicate two different exhausts were on the bike and the windscreen may be an aftermarket piece.   Also, it does have 10k+ miles which for a repli-racer may mean some aggressive track use in the past and the seller indicates the bike is registered in California but has an EU title (???) so it may take a bit of work to get titled with the local DMV.

Prices for bikes like these are hard to figure but a bit of research shows that back in 2012 another RR was estimated to be worth 20-25.  That’s right in line with other WSBK repli-racers like the RC30 and OW01.

Note: This is my first official post as a contributing author to   Hope you enjoy!

MG (marting)

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750RK (aka the RR) in California
Ducati January 16, 2011 posted by

2001 Ducati 996R With 135 Total Miles

Here is another low-mileage 996R in fantastic condition!

Bike:  2001 Ducati 996R

Mileage:  135mi

Location:  Lincoln, Nebraska

Price:  $20,000 in stock form or $22,000 with extras

We’ve had several 996R’s on RSBFS and most have been fantastic, low mileage, examples.  This example here doesn’t disappoint either with only 135 miles total.

Here is what the seller says about additional parts with the bike:

DP carbon rear sets
DP carbon sprocket cover
Bucci carbon swing arm protector
MW corse carbon heel gaurds
Billet anodized black clip ons
1098 brake and clutch master cylinders. painted to match frame
Billet race style gas cap. anodized black
Custom carbon v guard with vents
999R carbon belt covers
DP carbon mirrors

Parts that I have but not installed

LED tail light strip. To mount under the tail
LED turn signals
DP neoprene/carbon seat
Magnesium vertical cylinder covers
Catalyst Upper fairing with RS intakes
RS intakes that fit stock air box
Smoked wind screen
Headlight assembly

The additional pieces aren’t too major and the bike should easily be returned to stock.  The seller states that this bike has also been recently serviced.  I would think it’d be the prudent move to buy this bike, completely stock, and use the additional $2k for a nice pedestal.

The seller isn’t 100% on selling this bike, but I’m sure if there is a genuine cash offer, he can be persuaded.  See the previous 996R’s we’ve posted here;  If you regret missing out on those, don’t make the same mistake twice and see the ad on here.


Ducati December 12, 2010 posted by

2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy edition #192 of 300

2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy edition – #192 of 300.

Carl “Foggy” Fogarty was one of the most successful WSBK racers of all time – not only did he bring Ducati four WSBK Championship titles, but also fame (and increased sales) to it’s 916 Superbike series.  So it’s fitting that Ducati created the “Foggy” Monster edition to commemorate his victories when Fogarty retired from racing:

Only 300 Foggy Monsters were produced as a tribute to Carl Fogarty when he retired, 75 came to North America. Titanium number plate on the tank as well as on the front and rear stands that were included with the purchase. Also includes Foggy cover. Neither the stands or the cover have ever been used. Collector owned from new, this Ducati has been kept in a climate controlled environment, on stands and covered since it was new. Comes with all original documents and even the side of the shipping crate that shows the VIN and other information particular to this bike. Never in rain, not a single mark on the bike, absolutely “as new.” Full Termignoni spaghetti tuned exhaust system makes it the best sounding Ducati I have ever owned. New Avon tires, I saved the original, dated Pirelli’s that came on the bike. I have all the original parts neatly packed in boxes. I have added Cycle Cat concentric bar risers, custom made to fit around the factory steering damper, Cycle Cat sets, STM frame plugs purchased in Italy, Rizoma mirrors, custom billet tail piece installed without cutting the frame, custom billet front piece with Alfa Romeo hallo glow headlights purchased in Italy. There is factory carbon everywhere in this model. Purchased and serviced at Fast By Ferracci. I had the 6,000 miles service (including belts) done 100 miles ago. I have over $20,000 invested in this Ducati and it really draws a crowd. It was selected for the Monster Challenge hosted by Ducati and has won 1st place at Ducati Day Daytona twice. If you are looking for a collectable Ducati, consider purchasing this motorcyle, you won’t see another one anything like it. Female owned and ridden, in truly perfect condition. Mileage is approximate. The black mark on the exhaust is from the heel of my boot melting and has now been removed.

This was one of the first special edition Ducati’s. It was sold on line only and all 300 were gone within 24 hours. They also offered a limited edition jacket that was sold only at the time of purchase and never offered elsewhere. On the jacket is a replica of the number plate from the tank and the same “Foggy Eyes” theme. Each jacket has a serial number and I’ve heard that they sold about 175. I didn’t purchase the jacket when I bought the bike because the extra $500 was more than I wanted to spend. While touring the Ducati museum in Bologne, I saw the jacket on display and told the tour guide I regretted not purchasing it when I bought the Monster. She told me that I was looking at jacket #1 and it had been worn by Carl Fogarty during the photo shoot for the MS4 Foggy. They were changing the display next week and, with a little coaxing, agreed to sell me the jacket. So I bought it and is has never been warn. It’s in new condition and included in the sale of the bike. Also included is the t-shirt Carl Fogarty wore in the photo shoot.

The Foggy Monster does sound like a very special bike, and this specific sample sounds like it has had a very pampered life in the hands of a slightly obsessive owner (‘Comes with all original documents and even the side of the shipping crate that shows the VIN’; ‘new Avon tires, I saved the original, dated Pirelli’s that came on the bike. I have all the original parts neatly packed in boxes’?!) – which is definitely a bonus for the new owner.

The list of modifications – Full Termignoni spaghetti tuned exhaust system, Cycle Cat concentric bar risers, Cycle Cat sets, STM frame plugs, Rizoma mirrors, custom billet tail piece…etc. – are very tastefully done and adds to the value of the bike, with the possible exception of the “Alfa Romeo hallo glow headlights”.  But since the owner has all the original parts safely packed away, it shouldn’t be too hard to find and install the original lights back on.  And don’t forget that it also comes with a matching “Foggy” bike cover, matching Foggy” bike stand, “Foggy” leather jacket and t shirt!  Holy matching accessories Batman!

Seriously though, I think it’s actually kinda cool… Heck, even the story about the leather jacket alone makes for a good conversation piece! If all this is talk is getting you “Foggy-ed” up, then