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Sweet Abilene – 1999 Ducati 996 SPS

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1999 Ducati 996 SPS Sport Production Special

A surprisingly wise music producer from Podunk, Texas once told me that our voice is defined by how we translate the our thoughts into words. No shit? My translation for this post is this: I can’t come up with an interesting intro. That’s all you folks are going to get on this one. Cheers.

Alright. Alright. Fine. I don’t need the bossman coming after me. If he did, I’d politely request he get in line right behind the grammar police. The 996 was an iteration on the wildly successful 916. After 4 WSBK wins, rumor is that customers were asking dealers, “Can I get you anything while we look around your showroom? Tea? Coffee? “. Ducati pencil pushers knew there was an opportunity to sell some big ticket performance editions under the 996 moniker. The regular 996 was for the upper-middle class. They also sold an “S” version which my good buddy, Donn, just published a piece on. The “S” was for the regular rich man. Then, they sold an SPS for the abnormally rich man. The SPS was as close as you could get to the real thing and they were sold out months before they hit the showroom floors. Or at least that’s what I hear.

This intro reminds me of an old roommate’s chicken breast recipe.

The SPS was superior to other 996 models in 3 respects: weight, power, and suspension. The 996 SPS weighed in at 437 lbs dry. Numerous carbon and titanium parts helped achieve that number along with lighter Marchesini wheels. Larger valves accompanied the 4mm bore increase which resulted in 124 hp; 12 more than the regular 996S. The rear Showa unit was replaced with an Ohlins shock as well.

I’m trying to figure out how much more all of that costed the select list of customers who got the chance to purchase this new. The MSRP for the 996S was $17K at the time. I’d imagine this bike was easily $20K. Can the audience provide any guidance as to what sticker may have been? I’m sure some of you geezers were alive and kicking at the time of release.

This model has a couple of upgrades but the bike can be quickly restored back to stock. The front Showa forks, Marchesini rims, and exhaust are all stored away and will be included with the purchase. A number of other takeoffs/upgrades also come with the bike. The selling dealer seems to have completed a Desmo service at the current odo. A good sign but for this money, you should pressure test whoever is unfortunate enough to pick up the phone.

From the seller:

-...#496 of 808 in 199, 1 of 56 for USA
-Ohlins FG884 Forks
-Marchesini Forged Wheels
-50mm Termignoni Carbon Exhaust
-Brembo Racing Master Cylinders
-STM 42T Slipper clutch
-520 Chain and Quick-Change Carrier
-Nichols LW Flywheel
-Yoyodyne Clutch Slave
-Billet Corse Rear sets & Levers (GP Shift)
-Ducati Performance Carbon
     -Headlight Shell
     -Air Runners
     -Swing Arm Cover
DP “Daytona” Windscreen
Rare SPS Display Rear Stand

1999 Ducati 996 SPS

Due to the limited production, SPSs don’t transact every other day but it’s not hard to get one if you really want one. RBSFS actually sold #481 with 4.5k miles as a Featured Listing in March 2020 for $13K! Keep in mind that Featured Listing was not fully kitted like our find today. Collecting Cars auctioned one off with 7.2k mi in December 2022 for $35K. Take a look through prior auctions and it’s fair to conclude that prices have materially increased and $20K isn’t totally out of picture.

Click here to go to the CycleTrader listing.

If you want to ride these bikes, you probably shouldn’t get the SPS edition. The 996Ss are probably the way to go if you don’t want to destroy your investment as the SPSs are well into the collector phase.

Thanks for reading!


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