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Aprilia May 28, 2010 posted by

Announcement! RSBFS is now a Supporter of the Moto Forza Veloce Racing Aprilia Race Team!

Just a quick announcement before we hit the road for WSBK at Miller Motorsport Park: RSBFS is now a proud supporter of the Moto Forza Veloce Racing Aprilia Race Team! Jay is not only an author on our site, but is also a member of the team and was able to arrange for our partnership. The team is going to be competing this weekend at the Lucas Oil Superbike Challenge At Miller and we can’t wait to join them. Thank you Jay!

Moto Forza Team Veloce Aprilia 250

Here is the press release on RoadRacingWorld about the team at Miller:

Moto Forza, Southern California’s premier Italian motorcycle dealership, and renowned Aprilia racing outfit Veloce Racing of Portland, Oregon are joining forces to field 2007 and 2008 USGPRU champion Nobi Iso in the GTU class of the Superbike Challenge during the WSBK weekend at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, May 28 – 31.

Nobi Iso will compete on an Aprilia RSV250, owned by Moto Forza and race prepped by Veloce Racing. Continuing Aprilia’s strong tradition of 2-stroke racing, this effort will most likely be the only 2-stroke entry in the entire field. While the altitude of Miller Motorsports Park may affect the power output of the small displacement engine, the lightness and superior handling of this Aprilia GP 250 machine should make up for the loss of power over the bigger 4-stroke machines.

Here is a quick overview of the USGPRU team and their recent 1-2 finish in the 125 races:

As I mentioned we are headed out bright and early this morning and will be there for all the qualifying and race action Sunday and Monday. The main event for the team will be the Supersport event where they’ll be fielding their 250 with the 600’s.

Image gallery of the bike being prepped for Miller:

Stop by if you’re at Miller or drop us a note on the RSBFS Facebook page, where we’ll be doing some live blogging. Have a great weekend everyone and cheer on the team!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 24, 2010 posted by

Rare SportBikes Spring 2010 Update!

Good morning out there to the 11k returning visitors and 34k new ones that stop by every month! I want to start this update with a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of you. It’s great to see that what we’re doing here is inspiring so many to enjoy our site while shopping for the best in Rare SportBikes For Sale.

Now strap yourselves in for a huge update on what’s coming up next on RSBFS!

I would like to extend a very large thank you is to our advertisers next. Last month, SpeedyMoto became the first official direct advertiser on RSBFS and we are so proud to have them on our site. Check out their recently released preview photos of the prototype for their newest wet clutch cover for Monster 695’s, 848’s, and Sport Classics on their Facebook page. And remember, mention RSBFS at checkout and get 10% off your order!

MotoMemorabilia has also recently partnered with RSBFS in their ever passionate mission to share original and authentic motorcycle memorabilia, such as Anthony Gobert’s Lucky Strike leathers, or Freddie Spencer’s Arai. The owner is also featuring several very special homologation bikes for sale on our site as well and it’s worth looking for the pictures alone!

If you’re interested in advertising, please email me to discuss partnership opportunities.

If you haven’t check out our latest featured bikes, allow me: A cafe styled Kawasaki 500 H1F 2-Stroke Triple, and a wonderfully original Kawasaki GPZ900R. Good luck to both sellers!

1975 Kawasaki H1F 500 For Sale

Featured listings enjoy the highest visibility we can offer on the site and are available for only $20/mo. Email me if interested in getting your bike listed on our site.

Next I want to let you know that we’re going to be doing a lot more event coverage. Earlier we hit up the the first AHMRA vintage motorcycles at PIR, and next we’re going big — and then huge!

World SuperBike at Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City is now a proud supporter of the Portland, Oregon based Team Veloce and we are going to Miller to cheer them on and soak up the incredible racing that is WSBK! Jay and Team Veloce will of course be there as early as Thursday, but Alex and Dan arrive Saturday and Sunday. If you’re going, let us know so we can plan a meet-up and share a few drinks after the racing!

MotoGP at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

I feel very fortunate to be able to attend this year’s MotoGP races at Indy! Doug and I will both be there and we’d like to make this first annual Rare SportBikes Meetup! We’re staying at the Westin downtown and are currently considering locations for an impromptu meetup. I’m buying the first round! Doug was there last year and tells me they close one of the main streets downtown and it’s reserved for motorcycle-only parking — and it’s packed! Stay tuned for more information on what we hope to make our annual gathering at Indy!


If you’re on Facebook, join us on the official RSBFS Facebook page! You’ll never miss one of our listings and we get a better chance to talk more directly about the bikes, races, and your projects as well. Thanks to the over 100 fans that have already joined!

Press Attention

We’ve been mentioned twice this month on MCN, the world’s leading Motorcycle news magazine! This is an especially proud moment for me as I consider their publication top notch and a real honor to be mentioned. See this piece on their website about the Bimota Moto2 bikes for sale and this attached .pdf about the homogolation group for sale.

Planned New Features – Coming soon, this will be our new companion website. It will serve as the knowledge base to assist RSBFS readers when researching models for sale. We plan to author and accept guest entries to build a homegrown area that details not only the specifications, but the real history of the models, first hand accounts, and exclusive media like wallpapers and videos. This site will also have areas for reader submitted features, pictures and videos!

Price Guides – We’re building a database of asking prices and auction closes for the bikes we post on this site. In as little as 3-6 months, we’ll have some great data to work from in determining the best values in the used sportbike market. Please let us know if you spot amazing close prices, high or low, on eBay in particular so we can add these values to our database!

Thanks to everyone for your support and looking forward to making RSBFS better and better this summer!

Dan Crouch